Download Astra Pro Plugin v4.6.3 GPL(Addons + Templates V4.0.13+ Astra Theme v4.5.2)


what is Astra Pro Plugin?

Astra Pro is a quick and easy WordPress theme that gives you the option to disable page titles and sidebars.

The Astra Pro theme is designed for speed. It is the lightest theme available in the market and offers the fastest performance.

Astra’s codebase architecture follows SEO best practices. It even comes with the essential markup you need. Astra is made to work with Page Builder like with Beaver Builder, Elementor, Site Origin, Visual Composer, Divi builder, etc.

The unlimited creative subscription

Astra Pro Features– Fast, Lightweight & Customizable WordPress Theme

  • No jQuery: jQuery render-blocking goes in a performance-optimized way. So Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript instead.
  • Under 50 KB: Astra is light feathers. It requires less than 50 KB of resources while most other WordPress themes require at least 300 KB.
  • Loads in just 0.5 seconds!: With default WordPress data, Astra loads in less than half a second. It is built for speed and fully optimized for performance.
  • Pre-built website
  • Customize without code
  • Super fast performance
  • Color & Typeface
  • Blogs & Archives
  • ..
features Astra Pro

Astra Pro Changelog- Extend Astra Theme With the Pro Addon Nulled Free

v4.0.13 – 21-February-2024
– Fix: Resolved an issue where the AI description won’t get generated on sites.

v4.0.9 – 05-February-2024
– Fix: Resolved an issue where the category was not assigned after import.

Download Astra Premium Sites v4.0.7 Nulled Free
v4.0.7 – 29-January-2024

– Fix: Resolved an issue where the Premium Template Kits won’t get imported.

“Download Astra Pro v3.9.4 – Extend Astra Theme With the Pro Addon Nulled Free

  • Fix: WooCommerce – Variable product is not working with quick view.
  • Fix: WooCommerce – Product gallery is not working in quick view.
  • Fix: Custom Layout – When WPML Multilingual CMS plugin is active custom header/footers are not working. ( Props –…oading-scripts-added-in-the-header-or-footer/ )”

“Download Astra Premium Sites v3.1.15 Nulled
v3.1.15 – 23-Aug-2022

  • Improvement: Install Spectra while importing Block Patterns and Wireframe Patterns.

v3.1.14 – 18-Aug-2022

  • Fix: Block editor templates are not imported correctly.”

– Fix: Improvements as per WordPress coding standards.
– Fix: Header – Menus – Box Shadow not applying for submenus from customizer options
– Fix: Single Product Quantity not working for decimal numbers.
– Fix: Elementor page with Motion effect jerks on scroll when header is set to sticky and animation is None.
– Fix: Submenu items expanded initially in offcanvas, when Toggle Button being used for desktop header.
– Fix: Astra theme version number missing in Rollback section.


New: Header Builder
Introducing a new visual Header Builder that gives a flexible and advanced header designing experience.
It offers different layers for header – Above Header, Primary Header, and Below Header.
You can drag-n-drop elements in different sections of the header. It gives you the freedom to place elements at any location in the header quickly.
It offers different essential header elements like Button, HTML, Widget, Social Icon, Search, Menu, etc. So that you can add all the required information easily with few clicks.
Get background and height options for Above, Below, and Primary header.
Spacing options for each element in the header.
You can design a completely different header for responsive devices with handy mobile header options.
Refer to a detailed comparison of features available with Astra free and Pro. (
New: Footer Builder
Introducing a new visual Footer Builder that gives the ability to design unique footers for your website.
It offers different layers for the footer – Above Footer, Primary Footer, and Below Footer.
You can drag-n-drop elements in different sections of the footer. It gives you the freedom to place elements at any location in the footer quickly.
It offers different essential footer elements like Copyright, Button, HTML, Widget, Social Icon, Search, Footer Menu, etc. So that you can add all the required information easily with few clicks.
It provides a flexible columns-based structure where you can select column count and column layouts. This lets you manage the footer look easily.
Create responsive layouts for the footer.
Spacing and alignment options for each element in the footer.
Refer to a detailed comparison of features available with Astra free and Pro. (
Improvement: Improved Customizer
Experience faster loading customizer. Astra customizer is now upgraded with ReactJS that gives a quick and swift customizer experience.
For quick access and faster editing, customization options are segregated and served with two different tabs – General and Design.
Now get a faster customizer preview than before. Header and Footer sections will be partially refreshed on any change in the customizer.

– Improvement: Removed jQuery dependency from Blog Pro Infinite Scroll addon.
– Improvement: Removed jQuery dependency from WooCommerce Infinite Scroll addon.
– Improvement: Added activate UAG notice in Custom Layout editor sidebar.
– Improvement: Compatibility with PHP 8.0.
– Fix: Gravity form checkbox not accessible when WooCommerce Quick View option is active.
– Fix: Accessibility – href attribute is missing in the Anchor element for Scroll to top.
– Fix: W3 validation – Removed unwanted CSS value set for content property for Quick View summary section.
– Fix: Navigation menu was not scrollable for the sticky header.
– Fix: Dropdown Mobile Menu – unable to open submenu on Sticky Header with Max Width – Site Layout.
– Fix: Elementor Pro popup not triggered when WooCommerce Single Product gallery layout is set to vertical.
– Fix: Scroll to top – Icon not appearing properly on responsive devices.
– Fix: Inside post/page content breaking the page when Yoast SEO and Beaver Builder plugins are active.
– Fix: Custom Layout – Inside Post Content – appearing in the sidebar.
– Fix: Builder – Language Switcher – WPML – all langauges appearing as active.

– Fix: Custom Layout’s meta fields not saving when editor type is Code Editor.

Versionthree.6.4Decemberember ii1,twenty21
Added characteristic to enable or disable specific Custom Layout. ( https://w )
Added like shooting fish in a barrel filte band tabs for customfiftyayouts 50ists.
Moved Custom Layout be inwardg set upt inwardsgs 1nto a sort out thouu 10berg sidebar panel.
Add Custom Layouts on pages/posts us inwardsg curtcode characteristic.
Imageplainmistake 1n the CreativeWork Type.
Re displaced unw pismireedchampionship and desc tag exhibit foroceanrch 1con.
– Fix: Builder – Offcanvas content directly visible on frontend even ‘Toggle Button’ component is not added in builder area.
– Fix: Full Size & Wide Size block layout options missing from core/image block.
– Fix: Button Preset preview not working for an edge case.
– Fix: Global color palette – customizer preview for Elementor pages not working.
– Fix: Customizer – Block Settings area getting irrelevant round shapes.

– Fix: Gutenberg – Group Block appearing full width on frontend.

– Improvement: In the font size option, users cannot set the value ‘0’.
– Improvement: Introduced filter to exclude anchor links from text-decoration style. ( )
– Improvement: Clear asset cache of theme and addon on every new update of the theme.
– Improvement: Moved addon related Toggle for Desktop frontend-pro.js file from theme to the addon.
– Improvement: Moved the ‘Site Icon’ control to a separate section, ‘Site Identity’.
– Fix: Auto-scroll not working on clicking Footer Builder in the customizer preview.
– Fix: WooCommerce – Cart icon not appearing correctly on Tablet & Mobile devices.
– Fix: Dropdown target as a link not working if the menu item has a link.
– Fix: WooCommerce – Cart count is overlapping on submenu section.
– Fix: The submenu toggle is not working when ‘Flyout Menu’ is used, and the page is resized.
– Fix: Customizer color group control’s reset position misaligned.
– Fix: Desktop logo width is applying on the mobile devices during page load.
– Fix: Social icon does not change in the customizer preview.
– Fix: Gutenberg Editor content area showing white background color when Full-Width Contained / Stretched layout is active.
– Deprecated: Builder – Account Element – Deprecated transparent header’s responsive options for menu colors.

– Improvement: Added WPML translation support for all customizer’s strings through wpml-config.xml file.
– Fix: Elementor Pro’s Header-Footer theme builder layouts does not override theme’s Header-Footer builder layouts.
– Fix: Bulk action selection not working on any WordPress list table when theme’s “Get Started” notice is active.
– Fix: Header Footer Widgets: Off-canvas content is displaying over Legacy widget’s preview in the customizer for WordPress 5.8.
– Deprecated: Header Footer Widgets – Deprecated design specific options for better compatibility with WordPress 5.8.

– Improvement: Rendered Addon dependent toggle code conditionally and removed unwanted code.
– Improvement: Changed the screen reader text tag from ‘h2’ to ‘span’ for better SEO.
– Fix: Changing Off-canvas flyout close button color not reflecting on frontend.
– Fix: Broken layout WooCommerce Shop/Archive page on mobile view when using elementor template or Product archive widget.
– Fix: Next and Previous pagination button is not aligned with page numbers for mobile view.
– Fix: Added dynamic breakpoint support for the responsive view of the sidebar and main content.
– Fix: Heading color h1-h6 of customizer not working in the Gutenberg editor.
– Fix: Global headings font family not working in the Gutenberg editor.
– Fix: Footer Builder – Widgets – Right margin space not working. ( )
– Fix: Search icon color is not applying to the Standard and Transparent Header Search Box style.
– Fix: Removed the spacing applied for the menu items in the customizer section.
– Fix: Builder – WooCommerce & EDD cart – Cart and Checkout buttons not visible when multiple products added to cart flyout.
– Fix: Builder – Social Icons – Tiktok icon not appearing in customizer and on frontend.
– Fix: ‘Disable Footer’ option is missing in Page meta settings for new Header Footer builder.
– Fix: Removed ‘Disable Footer Widgets’ option in Page meta settings for new Header Footer builder.
– Fix: Sidebar block editor width changes on the widgets page.
– Fix: Off-canvas menu closes on scrolling on mobile devices.
– Fix: Customizer builder section not scrollable when multiple elements dropped in builder area.
– Fix: Theme’s default margin space of OL tag apply to Elementor’s TOC widget. ( )
– Fix: Menu dropdown icons showing at incorrect position in RTL languages.
– Fix: “Search” string in Search Form is not translatable.
– Fix: Transparent header showing border even if it is not set from customizer in FireFox browser.


– Fix: Installing the Starter Templates plugin notice’s “Get Started” button not working.

– Improvement: Astra menu settings button made accessible to users with ‘edit-theme-options’ capability.
– Improvement: Clear asset cache of theme and addon on every new update of the addon.
– Improvement: WooCommerce & EDD cart – Introducing Cart product count color option.
– Fix: Fatal error `Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function astra_get_tablet_breakpoint()` in some cases.
– Fix: Search – Added Accessibility for Search Box style of Search Button.
– Fix: EDD – Cart count is overlapping on the submenu section.
– Fix: Builder – Account Element – Sticky header menu color not working.
– Fix: Builder – Account Element – Menu Font not working.
– Fix: Builder – Account Element – Deprecated responsive options for menu colors.
– Fix: Builder – Account Element – Login menu notice only visible when WooCommerce or Lifter LMS plugin activated.
– Fix: Sticky Header shrink option not working in new Header/Footer builder.

– Fix: Previous & Next arrow icons not appearing for product gallery in Quick View layout.
– Fix: Compatibility with WPML plugin version 4.5.
– Fix: Console error while editing in the beaver builder editor view when “CSS File Generation” is enabled with Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plugin.
– Deprecated: Header Footer Widgets – Deprecated design-specific sticky header options for better compatibility with WordPress 5.8. ( )

– Security Fix: Replaced AJAX post request with simple JS request for Infinite pagination from WooCommerce & Blog Pro addon.
– Fix Builder – Submenu & sticky header colors not working if the “Header Sections” addon is deactivated from the old header. ( )
– Fix: Search – In the ‘Search Box’ style search icon missing when Astra CSS icons are available on site.
– Fix Category archive title showing extra 1em space around when the “Add Space Between Posts” option is disabled.
– Fix: Showing old footer copyright section on the checkout page when distraction-free checkout option is enabled for WooCommercce, EDD and LifterLMS.
– Fix: Stack-On option for footer Social Icons not reflecting correctly as per setting in customizer.
– Fix: Search icon color is not applying to the Sticky Header Search Box style.
– Fix: Builder – WooCommerce & EDD cart – Outline cart type has transparent background. ( )
– Fix: Page Headers and Custom Layouts for specific Pages/ Posts/ Taxonomies, etc. do not work in customizer.
– Fix: Swap Section feature not working for mobile in Old Header Footer. ( )
– Deprecated: Filter ‘astra_infinite_pagination_post_type’ deprecated as AJAX request handled by simple JS request. ( )

– Fix: Fatal error on the widgets page when Learndash module is active.

– Fix: Customizer not working due to conflict with block editor JS.

– Improvement: Added headings font-weight support to widget-title headings. (
– Improvement: Removed jQuery dependency in Scroll To Top addon.
– Improvement: Custom Layout – Added close button for multiselect selected items for Display On field.
– Fix: Builder – Account Element – Sticky Icon Color creates color patch on sticky header active.
– Fix: Builder – WooCommerce cart – 0 Border width count removes default cart icon’s border.
– Fix: WooCommerce cart – Color option not working in old header layout.
– Fix: Megamenu – Clicking on any item causes a short gray blink on the items in other columns.
– Fix: Customizer’s font & color settings not reflecting in Gutenberg editor. (
– Fix: ‘Page Header: Center Aligned’ layout not working for new users.
– Fix: Core Web Vitals – WooCommerce add to cart plus/minus buttons increasing CLS score.
– Fix: Sticky Header – Transition effect of headers when Shrink Effect is enabled.

= v3.5.0 =
– Improvement: Frontend optimization by reducing static CSS and loading it conditionally. (
– Fix: Version compare updated to v3.5.0 to support Site Title & Tagline pro color controls dependency.

= v3.4.2 =
– New: Builder – WooCommerce & EDD Cart – Border width option for cart outline style. (
– Fix: WooCommerce – Grid column layout not working for upsell products.
– Fix: Builder – WooCommerce & EDD cart – double icon appearing when icon selected from Addon.

= v3.4.1 =
– Fix: Fatal error `Uncaught Error: Class ‘Astra_Builder_Helper’` not found when footer build with custom layout.

= v3.3.2 =
– Fix: Previous & Next navigation icons not appearing on WooCommerce single product page.
– Fix: Close icon not appearing for WooCommerce Quick View on Shop Page.

= v3.3.1 =
– Fix: Builder – Illegal offset warning for footer divider with invalid vertical size.
– Fix: Icons not appearing for WooCommerce Off-Canvas filter on Shop Page.

= v3.3.0 =
– New: Builder – Introduced new element Toggle for Desktop. (
– New: SVG Icons support ( deprecating astra.woff font file ). (
– Improvement: Redesigned the image resize control UI in customizer for better user experience.
– Improvement: Builder – Menu – Added box shadow option for submenu container.
– Improvement: Code quality improvements for better performance.
– Improvement: WordPress 5.7 compatibility.
– Improvement: Frontend optimization – WooCommerce – Shop Page, Single Product Page. (
– Improvement: Frontend optimization – EDD – Shop Page, Single Product Page.
– Improvement: Frontend optimization – LifterLMS – All Courses Page.
– Improvement: Frontend optimization – LearnDash – All Courses Page, Single Course Page.
– Fix: Builder – Account Element – Added better notices for user understanding when Profile Action is set to Menu.
– Fix: Above Header and Below Header compatibility in Page Header.
– Fix: Menu container width not caculated properly when Mega Menu Width is set to Menu Container Width.
– Fix: Vertical Alignment for Above, Below, and Primary footer not working when the addon is active.
– Fix: Divider being invisible in some cases due to invalid width/height references.
– Deprecated: Footer Divider – Deprecated the vertical layout size in percentage and added it in px.
– Deprecated: Header Divider – Deprecated the horizontal layout size in percentage and added it in px.

= v3.2.0 =
– New: Introduced Inside Post/Page content option in Custom Layouts.

= v3.1.0 =
– New: Ability to clone and delete elements from Header/Footer Builder. ( )
– New: Added new color options for Add to Cart Tray.
– New: Language Switcher element for Header & Footer Builder.
– Improvement: Redesigned the entire customizer UI for better user experience. ( )
– Improvement: Added design options for Builder – Toggle Menu in Sticky header.
– Improvement: Builder – Search – Placeholder text and color options.
– Improvement: Builder – Search – Box height, Icon color and Background color options.
– Improvement: Builder – Button – Added button size options.
– Fix: Builder – Social Icons – Added ability to show the social icons in vertical layout for mobile devices.
– Fix: Builder – Sticky Header – Social icon, label custom color & official color not working.
– Fix: Corrected position of ‘Last Menu Item’ typography controls inside ‘Primary Menu’ section.
– Fix: Builder – Menu – Megamenu container get hides when hover in between Top Offset spacing.
– Fix: Sticky Header – Page scrolls to top in customizer when user switch to responsive mode.
– Fix: Submenu colors are not working in the frontend.
– Fix: Menu font size not working with old Header.
– Fix: Sticky Header – Menu link, background and hover colors not working for old header.
– Fix: Sticky Header – Site title and tagline color not working.
– Fix: White Label – Not able to white label the theme author and theme name in footer builder.
– Fix: Added missing widget title font family option.
– Fix: Product count value in cart element not aligned.
– Fix: Custom Layouts – Removed unwanted blank CSS while using spacing option.

= v3.0.1 =
– Fix: Mobile Header – Flyout Menu does not work for Sticky Header.
– Fix: Hide label description option not working in Mega Menu.

= v3.0.0 =
– New: Account element for Header Builder. ( )
– New: Divider element for Header & Footer Builder. ( )
– New: Mega Menu container custom width option.
– New: Mega Menu container margin & padding options.
– Improvement: Added customizer partial refresh support in a few options.
– Fix: Sticky Header background color not working in some cases.
– Fix: Page Header – Display Below Header option not working.

= v2.7.3 =
– Fix: ‘Enable Code Editor’ button not appearing in Custom Layout editor when no Page Builders were active.
– Fix: ‘Enable Code Editor’ & ‘Enable WordPress editor’ button text mismatch issue when Classic Editor plugin is active.

= v2.7.1 =
– Fix: ‘Display on Mobile Devices’ option dependency added with all the options in Section 1 & 2 of Above and Below headers.
– Fix: Submenu icons having wrong position in RTL view on responsive devices.
– Fix: MegaMenu background image option not working.
– Fix: PHP fatal error while previewing themes other than Astra in customizer when Astra Pro is activated.

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The unlimited creative subscription

Download Astra Pro Plugin v4.6.3 GPL(Addons + Templates V4.0.9+ Astra Theme v4.5.2)

Note: For the reason that Cloud Server is unstable, the nulled fix cannot be updated at this time, please follow these steps to nulled Astra Pro

– Find and open the file astra-addon.php and after line 12 add this code:

$brainstrom = get_option( 'brainstrom_products' );
$brainstrom['plugins']['astra-addon']['status'] = 'registered';
update_option( 'brainstrom_products', $brainstrom );

Astra WP Portfolio v1.11.3 do our best to share Free(GPL and nulled)WordPress Themes, Plugins, and other PHP Scripts. We always try our best to search for the best Pro Version WP Themes/plugins/scripts so that you could always Download files and could remain update with more latest updates. All files are collected from the internet, if you find that the file cannot be downloaded, please Contact us by our telegram and we will fix the links within 48 hours. If you encounter some files that cannot be installed, Perhaps you need to unzip the plugin before installing it.

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