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Automatic CSS For Oxygen Builder

what is Automatic CSS?

Automatic CSS For Oxygen Builder Free Download 1.0.3 – automaticcss | Automatic CSS For Oxygen Builder v1.0.3 provides control for a wide range of CSS properties, however sometimes it’s possible to create additional, custom CSS that aren’t possible to create using the visual controls of Oxygen. When you write your own custom CSS, Oxygen displays the outcome right inside the editor.

Automatic CSS features

Automatic Typography

Any content that you place on the Automatic.css driven website, which has text, be it a heading, paragraph form field or something else that is mathematically correct, will follow a precise scale of hierarchy that is represented by twelve different size options that are all fully mobile responsive and automatic. The best part is that everything is at your control via your Automatic.css dashboard.

Automatic Colors

Create your own brand colors and Automatic.css automatically creates six shade variants for each color. Classes allow you to color any part (including overlays and backgrounds) using these variations and even apply them with your own classes and IDs using Automatic.css Color utility variable.

Automatic Spacing

Similar to the typography of Automatic.css padding, margins, and gaps are all based on an exact mathematical scale, giving the user access to 6 hierarchical spacing values as well as six section spacing values that are hierarchical each of which is instantly adaptable. In addition spacing utility variables will ensure that even elements with custom-designed spacing have a consistent spacing.

Automatically Responsive

Automatic.css utilizes sophisticated CSS Clamp as well as Calc methods to ensure that all fonts, margins padding, gaps, and typography are fully responsive to the minimum and maximum size of the viewport on your site. There is no need to mess with breakpoints even if you modify the system to match the specific layout and design.

Automatic Grid

Automatic.css was the initial software framework that offers dynamically responsive grids. You can set the desired number of columns on the desktop and Automatic.css manages the rest. Developers who want total control of their grid at every breaking point, Automatic.css gives full control through traditional grid classes for utility.

Insane Customizability

You think a fully automated framework locks you into using the same values for every website? Don’t! Automatic.css provides you with amazing precise control over typography, color, spacing and more, so it is easy to reproduce designs created with Figma Sketch, Figma, and XD without any issues. It’s great for agencies as well as teams.

Automatic Fallbacks

Certain browsers aren’t compatible with Clamp or Calc functions which form the basis of Automatic.css its responsiveness. There’s no need to be concerned however, as Automatic.css provides near-perfect fallbacks using Calc in browsers which do not support Clamp as well as “pure” fallbacks with px or rem for browsers that do not support Calc. You do, however, have complete control over the true fallback values.

Finally, A True Utility Framework

Doesn’t Do Too Little

The majority of utility class systems require users to use classes for all things. Automatic.css takes over the slack by automatically setting specific elements such as sections padding, heading sizes and so on. By the default (without overloading the system). There’s no need to include a class in every single section or heading.

Doesn’t Do Too Much

Many utility class systems attempt to do too much with a granular, obscure class such as “.pt-10” which makes your site more difficult to manage and more difficult to adapt to the world at large. Automatic.css can be designed to aid whenever needed without putting the user within Utility Class Hell.

Keeps Up With You

One of the major drawbacks of the majority of utilitarian class system is that you need to abandon them once you design custom elements. With Automatic.css variables, you can connect custom classes to the Automatic.css spacing, sizing and color schemes to ensure unbeatable design uniformity.

Gives You Control

Others utility classes force you to certain variables, and making adjustments can be time-consuming and dangerous. Automatic.css is the only system that allows you to adjust the entire system to meet your individual design needs. From site to site Automatic.css follows your instructions.

Lightweight & Bloat-Free

Because Automatic.css is still an utility system It’s not awash in the unnecessary bloat of various other utility-class frameworks. Yes, we’re sure that we’ll adhere to a philosophy of utility first to make sure that Automatic.css will not fall prey to the burden of unending feature requests and cheap extensions.

Designed for Actual Devs

Using pre-designed layout packs and design kits included with other utility programs is uninteresting and binds clients and you to a site that appears identical to all the other websites you have. Automatic.css is designed for those who create their own designs and make use of custom classes in a way that is appropriate and would like to be able to swiftly and easily design any kind of website.

The unlimited creative subscription

Automatic CSS Demo

Does the framework alter my site’s font size?

Most frameworks have an initial font size for the root font that is typically 100 percent or 62.5 percent (the latter is what makes using Rem units much easier to use). This may cause problems for those who choose one size of root over the other. Automatic.css stands out in the sense that you can change the font size of your root to whatever you would like to have it and Automatic will calculate the entire system in order to adjust to your preferences.

Can I alter the color?

You can totally modify the colors of your website in the dashboard with Hex, RGB, or HSL. In the future, you’ll be able to add more colors as well as their variables with the click of a button.

Can I alter the shades created for every color?

You can modify the value of lightness for each shade generated from the framework. This lets you alter the shade to fit your brand’s style or style. Soon, you’ll be able to alter the saturation level to get the perfect control of color.

Download Automatic CSS For Oxygen Builder v2.1.3.1 Nulled

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