Download BetterLinks Pro V1.4.0 Nulled Shorten, Track and Manage any URL

BetterLinks Pro Shorten, Track and Manage any URL

What is BetterLinks Pro Shorten?

BetterLinks Pro Shorten, Track and Manage any URL Free Download 1.2.0 – | BetterLinks Pro Shorten, Track and Manage any URL v1.2.0 offers you the possibility to make, shorten, or manage any URL, allowing you promote cross-promotion of your brands and products. With its stylish User Interface that allows you to cut anything down without breaking any sweat and keep track of the results of your campaigns with ease.

Why do you need better links plugin?

  • Simple-to-use WordPress link shortener
  • Instantly create attractive links
  • Include multiple link redirect types (301 302, 302, and 307)
  • Track and analyze your marketing efforts
  • Develop Your affiliate marketing strategy
  • Directly manage your link within Gutenberg Editor
  • Reducing the load time of links with optimized queries
  • Monitor marketing campaigns by using UTM Builder
  • Stop bots from gaining access to your website and clicking by using Bot Blocker

Make Unique Branded Links, Create Unique and Shortened Links

Set up quickly BetterLinks on your site to manage and create short beautiful, attractive, brand-named URLs

Send Your Shortened Links to the World With One Click

You can distribute your shortened links via Your WordPress dashboard in just a few seconds by only a single click

Manage Your Links Using An Interactive Interface

BetterLinks is a user-friendly drag and drop interface which allows you to manage your links in a much faster way

Create UTM Code Automatically In A Second

Input the parameters into the UTM builder, and it will automatically generate and include the code in your URL.

Monitor and track your link’s Analytics

Keep track of your click rate and analyze it to evaluate every one of your marketing campaigns and evaluate your effectiveness easily using BetterLinks

Customized Short Links

Making a customized, branded redirect link is as easy as a couple of seconds using BetterLinks and you can control the affiliate and campaign hyperlinks in a speedier and easy way

Built-in Link Analytics

The integrated analytics system will provide you with detailed information on your links that are shortened, and assist you to assess the effectiveness of your campaign quickly

One Click Migration

You can now move to BetterLinks without difficulty by the import of the data of other plug-ins. If you’d like to import the link data directly

More Link Options

You’ll get more options for linking to your campaign as well as affiliate links. You can enable options like ‘No Follow’, ‘Sponsored’, ‘Parameter Forwarding’ & ‘Tracking’

Custom Tags and Categories

Now , you can connect your links to the category you want to include tags to the redirects you make. The management of links is much simpler when they are properly categorised and tagged

Drag & Drop Interface

Manage links much more easily by using the drag and drop interface. It will increase your efficiency and manage your links that are shortened quicker

Multiple Redirect Types

It is possible to create three kinds of redirects to links (301, 302 and 307). Today, managing branded links is now much more simple

Create Link Expiration Date

The user can also set the time limit for a link redirection that will expire. You can also set an the expiration date and time in order to monitor your campaigns more effectively

Google Analytics Integration

You can activate Google Analytics on your BetterLinks to gain more detailed and insightful information about your audience and campaign

UTM Code Generator

BetterLinks allows you to automatically create the UTM codes , and then save the UTM as template which means you can reuse them to create future campaigns.

User Role Management

BetterLinks provides total control over managing the roles of your users. You can set your user’s permissions to edit, view and create, as well as check and modify settings

An optional Dark Mode Interface

You will now have the option to switch to dark mode in BetterLinks interface. Make it available for an easier and more relaxing watching experience when working

Advanced Split Testing

Perform split tests to determine which campaigns are doing better, and also make URL rotations that use advanced dynamic redirects.

Broken Links Checker

Make a note of your URLs and look for broken links without going off your dashboard to ensure that your users don’t encounter the 404 error page

Block Bot Traffic

You can enable the option to block bot clicks and , thus, block bots from gaining access to your web pages by using BetterLinks.

Secured HTTPS Redirects

You can disable the forced HTTPS redirects, which allows your desired URLs to be directed with secure SSL certification

Advanced Dynamic Redirects

Create dynamic redirects based upon geographical location or time, as well as rotation. even the device or even browser

Redirect Folders with Wildcards

You can easily redirect all the files in the directory or folder with an extremely powerful wildcard feature that comes with BetterLinks

The unlimited creative subscription

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BetterLinks Pro Shorten, Track and Manage any URL Changelog

“Download BetterLinks Pro Shorten, Track and Manage any URL v1.2.5 Nulled Free
= v1.2.5 – 06/07/2022 =

  • Fixed: Auto-Links keywords causing single quotes (鈥? to convert to smart quotes
  • Fixed: Auto-link keywords not opening in new tabs
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements”
January 19, 2022 v1.2.9
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements
January 11, 2022 v1.2.8
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements
November 30, 2021 v1.2.7
  • Added: Option to generate random strings for shortened links
  • Added: Translations for missing strings
  • Improved: Import functionality to overwrite existing links
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements
October 28, 2021 v1.2.6
  • Added: QR Code Generator for shortened links
  • Added: Sample CSV export option
  • Improved: Security enhancement for CSV
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements
October 19, 2021 v1.2.5
  • Added: Thirsty Affiliates Migration
  • Added: Translations compatibility
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements
October 07, 2021 v1.2.4
  • Improved: Query optimization for better performance & security enhancement
  • Added: Default Link Prefix option
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements
September 29, 2021 v1.2.3
  • Added: CSV Import/Export option
  • Fixed: CSS conflict with Yoast SEO
  • Fixed: Import/Export Category relation issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements
September 21, 2021 v1.2.2
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements
August 31, 2021 v1.2.1
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements
August 24, 2021 v1.2.0
  • Fixed: Tags not updating & creating
  • Fixed: Category not updating properly
  • Added: Link title automatically being converted to Shortened URL
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements
August 23, 2021 v1.1.9
  • Added: AJAX Fallback when REST API is disabled
  • Fixed: Sanitized REST API data
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

Download BetterLinks Pro Shorten, Track and Manage any URL v1.4.0 Nulled

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