Download JoomUnited WP Table Manager –The WordPress Table Editor Plugin v3.5.2

JoomUnited WP Table Manager - The WordPress Table Editor Plugin
JoomUnited WP Table Manager

what is JoomUnited WP Table Manager?

JoomUnited WP Table Manager – The WordPress Table Editor Plugin Free Download 3.1.1 – Joomunited | JoomUnited WP Table Manager v3.1.1 – The WordPress Table Editor Plugin is the only WordPress table plugin that provides a complete spreadsheet interface for table management. Make a table, choose a theme, and begin modifying tables right away.

The HTML cell editing, table copying, computation, Excel, Google Sheets, and Office 365 synchronization are among the powerful table editing options available. Editing a table as an end user is as simple as clicking on a cell and editing data with or without a visual text editor.

WP Table Manager now has a new look and table editor!

WP Table Manager has been completely rewritten, with improved responsive custom modes, streamlined synchronisation with Excel and Google Sheets, and many other improvements. Let’s make some fantastic tables!

JoomUnited WP Table Manager featuers

Google Sheets Import/Export and Synchronization Plugin

Select any Google Sheets from Google Drive and the data will be synchronized automatically. You can import full data plus some Google Sheets styles, or just the data while keeping your table design.

Each table also has a Google Sheets import and export tool. Save time by importing your Google Sheets file, creating your layout, and publishing it. Customers can also use an export button from the interface.

Table Colors and Themes

WP Table Manager includes six themes. Because the themes were created using the plugin, everything is modifiable. Add the planning theme, adjust the hours with your data, and you’re done. Because tables can be copied with a single click, you can even design your own from start. You can also make your own alternate two-line colour scheme and apply it to a subset of table cells.

Table Edition will save you time

Tables are difficult to handle in HTML, and WordPress does not provide a native tool for doing so. What does it sound like to edit tables in a spreadsheet? All it takes is a click on a cell, some data tweaking, and voila! It is automatically stored. You save time, and no human error can ruin your table layout.

Powerful & Responsive

Simple does not imply uncomplicated. To edit your table, you have a plethora of options at your disposal, including visual tools for color, borders, border radius, tooltips, and more. Each cell can also be edited using the WordPress visual editor, which includes all accessible capabilities. There are numerous responsive settings to control how your tables appear on mobile devices.

Excel Synchronization / Online Office 365 Excel documents

Each table has an Excel import and export function. Save time by importing your spreadsheet file, creating your layout, and publishing it. What am I able to import/export? You can import entire data plus some Excel styles, or just the data while keeping your table layout. Import/Export styles include cell background color, font color, font size, borders, and links (HTML format).

You can also synchronize an excel file with a WordPress table. You simply need to choose an Excel file on your server and enable automatic data synchronization.

WordPress Database Tables

WP Table Manager now includes a tool for creating tables from a variety of database data. Select any tables and columns from the database, apply some appropriate filters, and then administer the table using the WP Table manager interface. When the database is updated, your table is automatically incremented! You also get some sorting, filters, automatic design, and pagination implemented automatically.

Data from a table was used to create this chart

Chart.js integration is included with the WordPress Table Plugin. Choose a data range, then one of six styles (pie, bar, etc.) and place it wherever in your content. Last but not least, graphs are immediately updated when you alter your table data! A single table can also be used to generate several charts. Aren’t you adaptable?

JoomUnited WP Table Manager Demo

Changelogs JoomUnited WP Table Manager Nulled The WordPress Table Editor Plugin

“Download JoomUnited WP Table Manager v3.4.1 – The WordPress Table Editor Plugin Nulled Free
= v3.4.1 =

  • Fix : Wrong HTML cell type after removing rows
  • Fix : Update JU translation tool”

Download JoomUnited WP Table Manager –The WordPress Table Editor Plugin v3.5.2

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