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what is EduMall ?

EduMall – Professional LMS Education Center WordPress Theme help create a specialist website Mega Education Center is the best way to connect more with your students. Whether you want to create a website for e-learning platform, educational institute, education center, education center, EduMall is the best way to go.

EduMall demo

The ALL-in-One solution for online learning centers

Integrated Tutor LMS Pro

EduMall powered by Tutor LMS Pro – A smart, simple and complete LMS solution for building courses and managing your education center.

Built with Elementor – The world’s best page builder

You can create any website you can imagine with 100% word visual design Elementor Page Builder. Plus, it’s easy to control every aspect of your educational web design process from one place.

Integrated Zoom Video Conferencing

With Zoom integration, schools and other educational institutions can enhance their online programs. It allows learners to access high-quality online video sessions through desktops, mobile devices, and instructors can interact with learners in real time.

Advanced question settings

Our advanced quiz settings let you choose question types, set time limits and much more. Supported by Tutor LMS Pro, EduMall is equipped with 10 predefined question types including Image Match, Image Answer, Match, Order, Short Answer, Open and Essay Question, True or False, Single Choice , Multiple Choice, Fill in the blanks.

The administrator or instructor can also randomize and reorder the questions, limit the number of attempts and answer time, and display the passing scores for the questions.

Frontend Course Builder

Users can create course content, quizzes, or add more instructors right in the user interface. The Tutor plugin uses a drag and drop system for the course builder. Users can assign tasks using the assignment feature, attach video and multimedia to courses, set course prices, and more.

eLearning management system

EduMall helps you manage your eLearning platform easily and take charge of all your course settings: control all learner registrations, create custom certificates, ensure content security , set prerequisites for the course…

Drip content

A must-have feature for an online course topic, it prevents students from accessing the next lesson until they have finished the previous one. Users can also lock lessons until the start time and customize lesson sections and sequences.

Certificate Generator

You can choose from pre-designed certificate templates or customize your own certificate to fit your organization’s style.

Unlimited instructors

A course can be administered and taught by multiple instructors. EduMall allows users (admins, trainers) to add unlimited instructors to a course.

Powerful report

All types of users will have powerful reports and analytics with advanced filters for enrolled courses, reviews, try tests, sales… to track progress and make a number of reviews and changes needed.

Prerequisites of the course

With this function, instructors can set courses that need to be completed before enrolling in a particular course. This function ensures instructors get the right target students for the course.

Monetize by WooCommerce

With WooCommerce integration, administrators and instructors can make money from selling courses to students. EduMall allows both admins and instructors to manage money easily with advanced settings of earnings options and commission and withdrawal allocation.

BuddyPress (Coming Soon)

EduMall also provides users with the most complete social networking platform ever integrated into an educational theme. With BuddyPress integration, users can register on your website to create user profiles, chat privately, create social connections, create and interact in groups, etc. BuddyPress helps you build a home for your company, school, sports team or other appropriate community.

Related Courses

At the course details page, we show similar courses related to those categories. This allows learners to have more choices in the categories they are interested in.


The document attachment feature allows instructors to attach different types of files to courses and lessons. Instructors can upload audio, video, different materials to help learners better understand the course.

Earnings & Commission Allocation

Use Tutor LMS Pro, admin can set the commission percentage between admin and instructor, fee deduction, and manage the process with time-based earnings statistics.

Withdrawal options

Manage the withdrawal of all earnings from this elearning platform. Set your own minimum withdrawal amount and method in the withdrawal settings Tutor LMS Pro.

Online payment

EduMall provides users with a variety of online payment methods. All types of users can make transactions seamlessly on the website via PayPal, E-Check or Bank Transfer.

Course ratings and favorites

Learners can rate the course they have signed up for and it is displayed in the course preview. Course ratings help learners make purchasing decisions and help instructors improve course content based on ratings.

Features EduMall – Professional LMS Education Center WordPress Theme

  • Integration Tutor LMS Pro
  • Intuitive course builder
  • Advanced question generator
  • Unlimited instructors
  • Dashboard for students & faculty
  • Course Review
  • Content security
  • Time up
  • Limited number of tests
  • Automatic results
  • Built-in zoom
  • Certificate Template
  • Powerful report
  • Prerequisites of the course
  • Multimedia attachments
  • mail notification
  • Submit homeworks
  • Drip content
  • Classification system
  • Make money
  • Integration BuddyPress
  • Commercial support
  • Paid Membership Pro
  • Restrict Content Pro
  • Free and Paid Courses
  • Course Rating
  • Buy courses with PayPal, Bank Transfer
  • Course package
  • Notification
  • Buy once
  • Filter by category
  • Course wish list
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Revolution Slider consists of
  • Pixel Perfect & Responsive Layout
  • Google Fonts
  • FontAwesome icon
  • WPML Ready
  • Theme Options
  • Speed ​​Optimization
  • Import custom 1-click demo
  • Documentation included
  • Video tutorials included
  • Dedicated support

Changelog: EduMall – Professional LMS Education Center WordPress Theme

“Download EduMall v3.3.1 – Professional LMS Education Center WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v3.3.1 – November 02 2022

  • Updated:
    Tested up with Tutor LMS 2.1.1″

v3.2.4 – July 14 2022

  • Updated:

add pagination for dashboard my courses.

  • Fixed:

dashboard my courses delete action not working

dashboard my courses responsive

single quiz responsive

v3.2.3 – Jun 16 2022

  • Updated:

Insight Core plugin – v.2.4.6

Tutor LMS plugin – v.2.0.6

Revolution Slider plugin – v.6.5.24

  • Fixed:

Dashboard analytics style

Question not saved in Tutor 2.0.6


Updated:Insight Core plugin v.2.2.7
Insight Swatches plugin v.1.2.3
Fixed:External Product Add to cart
Added:Course Tag Filter widget.
Updated:Hide complete lesson button for unenrolled users.
Fixed:Course single style
Added:Tutor LMS Certificate Builder plugin
Updated:Tutor LMS plugin v.1.9.11
Test up BuddyPress 9.1.1

v2.9.10 – January 28 2021
– Updated :
Insight Core plugin v.2.2.8
Revolution Slider plugin v.6.5.14
Tutor LMS Pro plugin v.1.9.14
– Fixed :
Lesson sidebar toggle bug
Out-date BuddyPress templates

Version 2.9.9 – Dec 27th, 2021
Update plugins
Quiz complete status on Lesson single.

v2.9.8 – December 03 2021
– Updated :
Insight Core plugin v.2.2.7
Insight Swatches plugin v.1.2.3
– Fixed :
External Product Add to cart

Version 2.9.7 – Nov 19th, 2021
Course Tag Filter widget.

Hide complete lesson button for unenrolled users.

Course single style

v2.9.5 – October 28 2021
– Added :
Tutor LMS Certificate Builder plugin
– Updated :
Tutor LMS plugin v.1.9.11
Test up BuddyPress 9.1.1

v2.9.4 – September 29 2021
– Updated :
Revolution Slider plugin v.6.5.8
Tutor LMS plugin v.1.9.9
– Fixed :
Single quiz attempt info.
Product Variation Add to Cart

v2.9.3 – September 09 2021
– Added :
Show Course Attachments, Q&A, Announcements, GG Class Room in Single Course for Admin and Course Owner when Course Content Access enabled.
– Fixed :
Instructor list not showing.
Compatible with Tutor 1.9.8

v2.9.2 – August 01 2021
– Fixed :
Review rating can’t select.

v2.9.1 – August 31 2021
– Updated :
Insight Core plugin v.2.2.4
Tutor LMS plugin v.1.9.7
Revolution Slider plugin v.6.5.7
Insight Swatches plugin v.1.2.2
– Fixed :
Course loop title collapsed style
Widget Course Grid Filter not working properly.

v2.9.0 – July 09 2021
– Updated :
Revolution Slider plugin v.6.5.6
Tutor LMS plugin v.1.9.6
BuddyPress test up to 9.0.0
– Fixed :
UI Date picker css

v2.8.11 – July 29th, 2021
Revolution Slider plugin v.6.5.5
Fix Compare, compatible with WPC Smart Compare 4.0.0 (Requires WooCommerce Smart Compare plugin v.4.0.0 to be installed)

v2.8.10 – July 27 2021
– Fixed :
Profile page missing phone number.
Previous attempts responsive style
Single Quiz responsive

v2.8.9 – July 17 2021
– Added :
Zoom added to the Frontend Dashboard
Field to add Course Tags in Frontend course builder
– Updated :
Jetpack compatible.
Tutor LMS Pro plugin v.1.9.4
Update Dashboard menu icon.
Move Zoom’s settings form Dashboard – Settings to Dashboard – Zoom – Set API

v2.8.7 – July 05 2021
– Updated :
Rev Slider plugin v.6.5.4
– Fixed :
Forgot password page of Events Manager show php code.
– Improvement :
Boost up site loading
Dashboard Create Course page.
Single Course Rating show long percentage number.
Preview Lesson do not required log in to view content.

v2.8.5 – June 21 2021
– Updated :
Revolution Slider plugin v.6.5.2
– Fixed :
Some text in Dashboard Settings untranslatable.
Product Variable SKU not change on variation changed
Smooth Scroll Links not working for anonymous users.
– Improvement :
Show Wishlist button in Single Course for Admin role when Course Content Access setting enable.

v2.8.3 – June 11 2021
– Improvement :
Dashboard Withdrawals style in Dark mode.
Dashboard Settings Withdraw style in Dark mode.

v2.8.2 – Jun 9th, 2021
Tutor LMS Pro plugin v.1.9.1
Zoom Meeting lesson redirect 404.

Version 2.8.1 – June 3rd, 2021
Terms & conditions + Privacy Policy link on Register Popup.
Insight Core plugin v.2.1.1
Tutor LMS Pro plugin v.1.9.0
Profile Cover Upload not working properly.
Breadcrumb hidden by default on Title Bar.

v2.8.0 – May 26 2021
– Fixed :
Contact Form 7 Widget broken layout
Single Course Continue Button Link
Lesson Preview Sidebar Style
Lesson Quiz Previous Attempts Style

v2.7.7 – May 24 2021
– Fixed :
Course Topics Description Toggle broken in Tutor LMS ver 1.8.10
Frontend Course Builder Lesson Popup style.
– Improvement :
Allowed instructors add HTML tags for Bio field in Dashboard Settings.

= v2.7.6 =
– Added :
Header Category: add setting control category number.
– Fixed :
Allowed HTML tags in Dashboard/Profile bio field.
Missing Grid Layout script for Search Result page.
– Updated :
Revolution Slider plugin v.6.4.11
– Improvement :
Woo Checkout Coupon toggle animation.

= v2.7.5 – May 11 2021 =
– Fixed :
Fix a critical error in 2.7.4 raising on BuddyPress Group inactive

= v2.7.3 – May 04 2021 =
– Updated :
Tutor LMS Pro plugin v.1.8.9
– Fixed :
Google Map link in Single Event broken.
Woocommerce checkout billing form style broken in 5.2.0
WP Widget: Course/Faq/Event show draft posts.
Elementor Widget: Animated Headline show js bug on some cases.
Single Course Rating Meter display wrong percent.
– Improvement :
Product variation selection.
Enqueue Grid Layout on used for better performance.

= v2.7.1 – April 19 2021 =
– Added :
setting Number of Courses in Header Category Menu
– Updated :
Revolution Slider plugin v.6.4.8
Edumall Add-on plugin v.1.1.0
Out-date templates of Woocommerce 5.2.0

= v2.7.0 – April 13 2021 =
– Added :
new Page Template “Content Boxed” that Content section use small layout.
new WordPress widget: Course Name Filter
– Improvement :
Woocommerce Checkout Payment Icon for more gateways.
Course/Shop Layout Switcher Buttons loading animation.
WordPress widget: Course Sorting
WordPress widget: Course Price Filter
Course loop meta icon & order in Course List style.
Shop Quick View popup style + support variation product.
– Fixed :
Add username input field to Instructor Registration form to avoid 404 error on profile page.
Blog number posts option not working properly.
Missing icon for Out-of-stock product
Missing icon for External product

= v2.6.2 – April 05 2021 =
– Fixed :
PHP warning showing in ver 2.6.1

= v2.6.0 – Mar 25th, 2021 =
Course Duplicator feature in Dashboard My Courses.
Tutor LMS Pro plugin v.1.8.6
Revolution Slider plugin v.6.4.6
Wishlist button text on single course.
PHP warning in Media Gallery widget.
Events Manager not showing properly for role Admin on some edge case.
Course Level Filter missing All Level option.
Social Login Button style broken in latest version.
UX & Style in Dashboard Enrolled Courses page.
Style of instructors in single course page.
Change default user avatar from First Letter to Avatar.
Consistently all user avatars across the pages.

= v2.5.0 – March 05 2021 =
– Added :
New filter: edumall_pre_user_login
New filter: edumall_pre_user_register
New filter: edumall_pre_user_reset_password
New filter: edumall_pre_instructor_register
New filter: edumall_elementor_widget_pre_user_register
– Fixed :
Cart empty message not showing when last item removed.
Header 01 style
Header Category Menu style
Image Resizer framework
Wrong Courses ordering in Course Tabs widget
– Updated :
Insight Core plugin v.2.0.0
Tutor LMS Pro plugin v.1.8.4
Revolution Slider plugin v.6.4.2
– Improvement:
Content Importer
Theme Auto Updater

= v2.4.2 – February 26 2021 =
– Fixed :
Zoom Settings saving is not working.
FAQs capability for Admin.
– Improvement:
Course Prerequisites in Single Lesson.
Performance for single course page.

= v2.4.1 – February 23 2021 =
– Fixed :
Disabled user choose site skin by default.

= v2.3.2 – February 17 2021 =
– Added :
setting allows instructors create event posts.
– Fixed :
Course Rating filter widget.
– Updated:
Tutor LMS Pro plugin v.1.8.2
Revolution Slider plugin v.6.3.9
Edumall Addons plugin v.1.0.2
Insight Core plugin v.
capability for Instructor.

= v2.3.1 – Feb 2nd, 2021 =
support self-hosted video type for Popup Video widget.
setting disable breadcrumb for Title Bar type 01, 02, 06, 08
setting Title Bar type for single Event post page.
widget Counter thousand separator show comma when disabled
Course home link in Zoom Meeting lesson
Course home link in Quiz lesson
Event Date filtering open keyboard on mobile.

= v2.3.0 – January 28 2021 =- Fixed :
Minor RTL style.
Tutor LMS Pro plugin v.1.7.9
Compatible Tutor 1.7.9
Event Tags not display properly template.
Single Quiz layout.
Insight Core plugin v.
Tutor Revolution Slider plugin v.6.3.6
– Improvement :
Course/Lesson zoom meeting countdown
Dashboard Settings page layout.
Lesson breadcrumb.
Page Loading Speed

= v2.2.0 – January 21 2021 =
– Added :
Login redirect url setting in Customize => Login
Ajax handler for Add To Cart in single Product/Course page.
Notification on product added to cart for single Product/Course page.
– Fixed :
Profile page show wrong info.
Tutor Zoom Meeting saving problem.
Create Course RTL style.
Insight Core plugin v.
Edumall Addons plugin v.1.0.1
Tutor LMS Pro plugin v.
– Improvement :
FAQ breadcrumb.
Show View Cart button instead of Add to Cart button when the course in cart.

= v2.1.0 – January 18 2021 =
– Added :
Notification on product added to cart.
– Fixed :
Preview lesson layout.
Tutor Dashboard layout broken when edited with Elementor.
Header style in Create Course page.
– Updated :
Insight Core plugin v.1.7.9
– Improvement :
Gutenberg Editor.

= v2.0.0 – January 12 2021 =
– Added :
3 homepages: Dark, Dev, Online Art
Dark mode.
Loop course level badges in style Grid 01 + 02 & Carousel 02 + 03.
German translation.
– Updated :
Italian translation.
Insight Core plugin v.1.7.8
Tutor LMS Pro plugin v.1.7.8
Testimonial Carousel 3D widget
– Fixed :
PHP warning when use BuddyPress < 7.0.0
Course Tag & Course Language template.
Layout switcher button style on Firefox.
Elementor loading on old browsers.
Course Tabs broken layout after window resize
Course Grid Layout alignment in RTL
– Improvement :
Change default title bar type single shop 05
Course Tabs widget
Course Search Form widget
Course Category Cards widget
Shapes widget
Icon Box widget
Course Grid widget
Testimonial widget
Modern Heading widget
Accordion widget
List widget

v1.3.7 – Dec 31, 2020
Added: Instructors listing page.
Fixed: Create course page layout.
Improvement: Course Google Classroom Stream style.

v1.3.6 – Dec 28, 2020
Fixed: PHP warning on Tutor LMS Pro not activate.
Fixed: BuddyPress Group Courses tab.
Updated: out-date BuddyPress templates.

Version 1.3.5 – Dec 25, 2020
Added: Zoom settings on Dashboard page.
Fixed: Course Tabs widget not showing title after version 1.3.4

Version 1.3.4 – Dec 23, 2020
Fixed: minor style of Datetime picker.
Fixed: minor style of Header.
Fixed: Course Tabs widget not showing courses of other instructors for logged instructor.
Improvement: Speed up theme when cache plugins not installed.

Version 1.3.3 – Dec 22, 2020
Fixed: minor style in single course.
Fixed: Dashboard My Course page missing sidebar.

= v1.3.2 – Dec 21, 2020 =
Added: Off canvas menu for Dashboard page.
Fixed: php warning on Create Course page.
Fixed: minor style issue on Create Course page.
Fixed: single lesson layout.
Fixed: broken plugin link.
Improvement: style of Dashboard page.

= v1.3.1 – Dec 18, 2020 =
Added: style settings for widget Course Category Cards.
Improvement: Header components template overrideable.
Improvement: Top bar components template overrideable.
Improvement: UX of left navigation of Dashboard page.
Fixed: widget Course Tabs still loading when no courses found.
Fixed: php warning when Buddypress User Groups not activate.
Fixed: login popup responsive style.
Fixed: social login buttons style.
Fixed: header search form style on mobile.

= v1.3.0 – Dec 16, 2020 =
Added: Italian translation.
Fixed: minor style of Dashboard pages.
Fixed: wishlist button style.
Fixed: archive layout switcher js.
Fixed: time field of Zoom Meetings not working properly.
Improvement: mobile header style in Create Course page.
Improvement: zoom meeting popup in Create Course page.
Improvement: more settings for widget Tabs.
Updated: French translation.

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