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what is EventOn ?

EventOn is a WordPress event calendar plugin. The plugin can be configured to display events as a minimal grid calendar. EventOn comes with an interactive shortcodes generator that simplifies calendar settings.

EventOn Plugin is packed with 200+ useful features like highly customizable recurring events, multiple event images, event locations and advanced features like multiple data types and events corresponding language, etc.

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EventOn  demo

EventON – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin Features 

Features EventON – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin
  • Supports single and multi-day events
  • Create an event in a day
  • Create events with no end date or time
  • Create an all-day event
  • Duplicate events in wp-admin
  • Exclude some events from the calendar
  • Event lasts until the end while hiding the end time
  • Set event location image
  • Set location in latitude longitude
  • Save locations and reuse them for events
  • Set event organizer contact information
  • Save event to reuse in events
  • Learn more about event linking support
  • Various options for how users can interact with the event
  • Use date and time formats common through your website
  • Schema SEO content support for calendar events
  • Ability to automatically store past events
  • Easily add custom CSS styles via EventON Settings
  • Customize month/year format
  • Customize date and time format
  • Ability to reset calendar view to default easily
  • Ability to open eventCards on load
  • Show list of upcoming events by month
  • Preset ASC / DESC event calendar order
  • Show featured events above other events in the calendar
  • Show only calendar with featured events
  • Create a calendar with featured images in the list
  • Show calendar for a fixed number of months
  • Ability to set open eventCard to work in accordion style
  • RTL support – (right-to-left text)
  • Show limited number of events per month on the calendar
  • Events are categorized based on custom taxonomies
  • Create a calendar with only events from certain event types
  • Fully customize all the data on the event rows in the calendar
  • Customize google maps interactive features like scrolling, zooming, etc.
  • AJAX smooth navigation monthly
  • Add calendar to your theme via shortcode or PHP template tag
  • Integrated PayPal to accept payments for events
  • Supports custom language text and includes a POT file for further customization
  • Set events to display in random order
  • Show events only for logged in users
  • Personal email to receive payment via paypal each event
  • Make certain custom fields visible only to admins or logged in users
  • Prioritize month- and year-long events over other events
  • Add multiple images to an event
  • EventON diagnostics and environments through settings
  • Automatically set past events as complete
  • Virtual event venue
  • Various event status values
  • Online or physical event mode

EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin Nulled Free Changelogs

“Download EventOn v4.2.2 – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin Nulled Free
= v4.2.2 (2022-11-3) =
ADDED: pluggable filter evodata_taxonomy_terms to EVO_Event()->get_taxonomy_data
ADDED: instagram, whatsapp, tiktok to organizer social links
ADDED: Ability 4 more date ranges to WP Query method in settings
FIXED: organizer more info to pass repeat interval
FIXED: organizer more info with no address not showing anything in lightbox
FIXED: saving virtual event settings not showing confirmation message
FIXED: location address not saving
FIXED: Location names with quotes not showing in edit lightbox
FIXED: Location name over image not centered
FIXED: font awesome icons getting override by older versions
FIXED: widget area image stretching
UPDATED: fontawesome version 6.2.0
UPDATED: made EVO_Event class public on event edit page
UPDATED: Get directions layout and design
UPDATED: for online events, pass virtual event link as LOCATION value for ICS file”

= v4.0.6 (2022-4-5) =
ADDED: support for eventon element color picker with input field
ADDED: Tabbed view support into shortcode generator using shortcode [add_eventon_tabs]
FIXED: virtual moderator not saved showing user as moderator
FIXED: event type taxonomy archive page error
FIXED: multiple eventON gutenberg blocks not working properly on same page
FIXED: quick edit time pm value save as am
FIXED: text error for healthcare guide
FIXED: repeat events link not sharing correct on social share
FIXED: search not passing correct $_POST values for sanitizing
FIXED: schedule view showing end time for hide end time
FIXED: virtual event HTML content getting stripped of tags
FIXED: hide end time still shows on edit all events page
FIXED: eventcard location text not all caps
FIXED: Google fonts not loading in backend
FIXED: ICS add to calendar all day events saving as different date
FIXED: all day events saving adjust set times
UPDATED: virtual stream url is optional now

= v4.0.5 (2022-3-1) =
FIXED: end time was saving as end hour
FIXED: syntax error on class-meta_boxes-health.php 74
UPDATED: Do not delete eventon settings changed to not delete by default

= v4.0.3 (2022-2-24) =
ADDED: evo_helper->sanitize_array()
ADDED: download all events as ICS to include event url in description field
ADDED: pluggable filters to expand healthcare data
ADDED: select2 dropdown for virtual event moderator field
ADDED: Option to set virtual event end time (BETA)
ADDED: ability to hide next events in live now calendar
FIXED: repeat event all day showing time
FIXED: tiles with ux_val=3a causing eventcard to not load
FIXED: colorful eventtop text color in appearance
FIXED: font family missing some classes for secondary font
FIXED: repeat events settings not showing with translations
FIXED: event custom meta field dynamic data link value not working
FIXED: gutenberg editor not updating in real time
FIXED: widget area layout issues via block based widgets
FIXED: js > evo_cal_get_basic_eventdata() passing event name as html
UPDATED: backender placeholder font color for input field
UPDATED: virtual event eventtop tag to be shown based on event attendance mode
UPDATED: virtual event settings configuration for event edit moved to separate lightbox
UPDATED: backend lightbox styles and functions

= v4.0.2 (2021-11-11) =
ADDED: ability to set default eventtop_style for calendars via settings
ADDED: related events to be sortable and draggable
ADDED: support for dynamic values for custom meta data for event
ADDED: 3:1 event card row for event card designer
FIXED: archieve pages showing events as white all
FIXED: eventon settings menu access to non admin roles using manage_eventon
FIXED: tiles with 4 in a row responsiveness
FIXED: featured image as direct image not showing extra images
FIXED: live now calendar not loading with featured images
FIXED: smaller screen content cut off
FIXED: JS evo_append_lb() function to support CAL value and set lightbox color
FIXED: eventon Settings zoom tooltip thanks @OvereatersAnonymous
FIXED: recursive_sanitize_array_fields() sanitation thank you @jamiolee
FIXED: lightbox event countdown timer not active
FIXED: lightbox eventtop color not syncing with rest of the calendar
FIXED: cancel event text not showing on non list events
FIXED: event card cell responsiveness
FIXED: quick edit to hide event time for month/year long events
FIXED: in mobile screen event data box content to spread evenly
UPDATED: Lightbox close button to stay sticky on top while scroll

= v4.0.1 (2021-10-13) =
ADDED: eventtop_style=’4′ clean eventtop with gaps
ADDED: legacy tile detail under image with clean style using tile_style=’2′
FIXED: learn more link showing without a link
FIXED: Responsive styles and various other style conflicts
FIXED: single event box styles
FIXED: undefined function EVO_Error() caught via wordpress
FIXED: Live now calendar responsive issues
FIXED: PHP8 compatibility

= v4.0 (2021-10-7) =
ADDED: shortcode hide_cancels=yes to hide all cancel events from calendar events
ADDED: view_switcher to allow switching between different calendar views quickly using view_switcher=’yes’ – addons required
ADDED: event card designer via Settings
ADDED: Event image and color for related events in new bigger layout
ADDED: support to hide various parts of eventtop via shortcode hide_et_dn, hide_et_tags, hide_et_tl, hide_et_extra
ADDED: support for showing only certain parts of an event using [add_single_eventon event_parts=’yes’]
ADDED: virtual events filter for event filtering
ADDED: event type filter for event filtering
ADDED: event attendance mode option for event edit settings
ADDED: settings option to hide below eventtop tags
ADDED: Option to select event query method via Settings > WP EventON Core Settings
ADDED: new event health field Vaccination Required
ADDED: new eventtop date design style via eventtop_date_style=’1′
ADDED: Schedule View as part of eventON
ADDED: pluggable filter eventon_event_title_editbtn for edit button on eventtop
ADDED: Ability to select single event eventtop style via settings > Single Events
ADDED: Event location coordinates generation via wp_remote_get
ADDED: Generate location coordinates button
FIXED: event type widget not working correct
FIXED: past and future event text translation error
UPDATED: calendar filtering function for post_tags specific only to events to show
UPDATED: Live now calendar styles and layout with show_et_ft_img=’yes’
UPDATED: tiles event details below design and layout refresh
UPDATED: cancelled events display style
UPDATED: Shortcode generator layout and styles
UPDATED: EventON Settings page styles and layout
UPDATED: Handlebar.js library to latest 4.7.7 version
UPDATED: Moved most of ajde library to EVO_Settings() and EVO()->elements
IMPORTANT: default calendar eventtop style to colorful eventtop with gaps

= v3.1.7 (2021-7-27) =
ADDED: option to disable csv export all events formatting chracters
ADDED: shortcode option to hide happening now events only
FIXED: paypal third party button supporting currencies
FIXED: widget arrow positions
FIXED: several settings related translation strings missing
FIXED: event type widget not saving correctly
FIXED: compatibility with wordpress 5.8
FIXED: live now events with featured image styling
FIXED: widget live now icon styles
FIXED: taxonomy archive page styles formatting issues
FIXED: tooltips to use global object using elements
UPDATED: event edit page UI styles

= v3.1.6 (2021-5-20) =
FIXED: organizer page social links not working
FIXED: ux_val 4a loading event card content
FIXED: event time remaining calculated incorrectly
FIXED: location page layout issue
FIXED: schema information not showing in event
FIXED: add to google calendar only link not working
FIXED: EVO()->elements->print_date_time_selector() date_format_hidden field not working
UPDATED: eventon_ics_download input sanitation

= v3.1.5 (2021-4-16)
ADDED: option to disable event URL encoding in social share items
FIXED: further all day event issues on ICS file
FIXED: event bubble styles for event lists
FIXED: Cal date range fixed month and year value format to int
FIXED: email not sending issue using evo_helper send_email()
FIXED: default image not showing on some rare cases

= v3.1.4 (2021-4-8) =
ADDED: option to set custom email character type encoding method via settings
FIXED: all day events correction for ICS file
FIXED: email encoding changes causing errors on emails

= v3.1.3 (2021-4-6) =
ADDED: basic text area field as custom meta field for event data
FIXED: minor style changes
FIXED: year long events not showing correctly
FIXED: repeat events set for sunday not working
FIXED: health guidelines not showing when shows after virtual info
FIXED: add to google calendar not working
FIXED: add to calendar not working and time corrections
FIXED: default event image not working

= v3.1.2 (2021-3-10) =
FIXED: repeating events from future showing in wrong months
FIXED: get_event_time() not using utcoff
FIXED: widget styles changes

= v3.1 (2021-2-18) =
ADDED: zoom meeting with meeting authentication ability
ADDED: social media links support for event organizer
ADDED: pluggable filter for ics download for an event
ADDED: jitsi complete integration for virtual events
ADDED: moderator role selection option for virtual events
ADDED: all language strings duplicates to be updated when editing duplites
ADDED: event starting shortly notice for virtual events 30 minutes before
FIXED: live now bar showing NAN for days
FIXED: repeat events skipping certain months on monthly generator
FIXED: _convert_ssl_url() for urls without protocol
FIXED: colorpicker to have unique class
FIXED: undefined class error evo_admin()
FIXED: search showing same events multiple times
FIXED: event details ul ol formatting
FIXED: live bar layout issues on tile
FIXED: post event content display issues
UPDATED: color scheme for over all plugin backend
UPDATED: virtual events access section on eventcard

= v3.0.8 (2021-1-26) =
ADDED: related events to be orders in ascending order & minor style update
ADDED: jitsi, vimeo, twitch, wistia & RTMP stream as options for virtual event streaming
FIXED: font awesome backward icon compatibility
FIXED: open location in new window not saving value
FIXED: live now calendar d text translation for countdown timer
FIXED: Eventon element date picker start opening end time
FIXED: shortcode generator icon missing from classic editor

= v3.0.7 (2021-1-12) =
FIXED: number of repeats value creating 1 more than needed
FIXED: schema image url missing
FIXED: translation strings missing
FIXED: color eventon element not showing saved value
FIXED: add new event to reflect timezone set via settings
FIXED: adding custom repeats on 24 hour adds undefined value
FIXED: live now calendar with ux_val 3 clicks not working
FIXED: google map not working on ux_val 3a
FIXED: saving location showing as tags
FIXED: map scroll disable not working
FIXED: disable google maps not working
FIXED: disabling location info over image not working
FIXED: google maps API to not load on none eventon pages
FIXED: custom repeat to reset date range lock after adding
FIXED: arrow color settings not working in appearances
FIXED: zoom event image not working
FIXED: fourth week of month not saving repeat values correct
FIXED: new link to generate lanlat for locations
UPDATED: replaced repeat and featured icons on wp-admin with dashicons
UPDATED: font awesome fonts to 5.15.1

= v3.0.6 (2020-12-4) =
ADDED: shortcode livenow_bar to hide live now bar and time via shortcode for calendar
ADDED: new filter function evo_event_desc_trig_outter_styles
ADDED: new filters to support for repeat customizer addon
ADDED: new method is_future_event() to EVO_Event Object
ADDED: back custom event timezone text string
ADDED: repeat increment field to have typable input field for large numbers
FIXED: number of repeats maxed at 4
FIXED: date store running the_content filter causing conflict with other plugins
FIXED: future repeats on eventcard separate end time with dash
FIXED: repeats time not correct as initial event time
FIXED: _generate_events() return data after pluggable filter is run
UPDATED: to use EVO_Event class to fetch event image

= v3.0.5 (2020-11-23) =
FIXED: ux_val 4 not working
FIXED: event list calendar with gap between events not working
FIXED: enabling load eventon scripts only on eventON pages showing lightbox elements on page
FIXED: cancel event color on colorful events
FIXED: loggedin only events not showing
FIXED: yes no button in event edit not showing boxes

= v3.0.4 (2020-11-14) =
– FIXED: eventtop custom field textarea set to unsupported
– FIXED: eventtop custom fields user role & login validation
– FIXED: custom meta field icon not showing in event edit page
– FIXED: styles for event map on lightbox eventcard
– FIXED: undefiend author id in data_store object
– FIXED: various repeat intervals not creating correct repeat days
– FIXED: data store post_type value not passing through
– FIXED: switched handlebar.js back to v4.4.3
– UPDATED: repeat events edit user interface
– UPDATED: user interface for event edit

= v3.0.3 (2020-11-12) =
– ADDED: option in event edit to hide live event progress bar
– ADDED: new central data store object for all eventon based custom post types
– ADDED: repeat event header appearance editing into setting
– ADDED: EventON system log in eventon diagnose settings
– ADDED: event postmeta database entries count to EventON environment data in settings
– FIXED: feature event yes no button value not showing as saved
– FIXED: shortcode generator collable sections
– FIXED: cancelled events showing live now bar
– FIXED: open single event in new window opening 2 tabs in firefox
– FIXED: location archive page is_yes error
– FIXED: event edit timezone GMT value adjusted to current time and event start time
– FIXED: GMT value to be adjusted based on event start on frontend
– FIXED: day lights savings time not taken into effect for view in my time
– FIXED: minor styles fixed for frontend
– FIXED: location link open new window not working
– FIXED: future repeat event times showing past events
– FIXED: Location archive page location image error
– FIXED: cancel events still showing virtual event details in eventcard
– FIXED: event taxonomy archive page templates
– FIXED: year & month long repeat event times showing full time
– FIXED: live now bar super long for year long repeat events
– FIXED: location image styling
– UPDATED: all location information in eventcard to be linked if a location link given
– UPDATED: handlebars.js to v 4.7.6

List of 37+ EventOn Addons – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

  1. EventON – Event Slider v2.0.3
  2. EventON – ICS importer v1.1.3
  3. EventON – Speakers & Schedule v1.0.3
  4. EventON – Action User 2.2.8
  5. EventON – Action User Plus v1.1.2
  6. EventON – API Events v1.0.2
  7. EventON – Dynamic Pricing v0.6
  8. EventON – Lists and Items v0.10
  9. EventON – PDFer v0.6
  10. EventON – Reminders v0.4
  11. EventON – Event Reviewer v1.0.4
  12. EventON – RSVP Events Invitees v0.5
  13. EventON – Yearly View v0.5
  14. EventON – Bookings 1.3.1
  15. EventON – Countdown timer v0.17
  16. EventON – CSV Importer 1.1.8
  17. EventON – Daily View 1.0.12
  18. EventON – Event Lists Ext 0.21
  19. EventON – Event Photos Plus 1.0.4
  20. EventON – Full cal 1.1.13
  21. EventON – QR Code 1.1.6
  22. EventON – RSVP Events 2.7.2
  23. EventON – RSVP Events Waitlist 0.3
  24. EventON – Seats 1.0.9
  25. EventON – Subscriber 1.3.6
  26. EventON – Event Tickets 1.9.6
  27. EventON – Ticket Variations & Options 0.10
  28. EventON – Weekly View 2.0
  29. EventON – Daily Repeats 0.3
  30. EventON – Event Map 1.4.7
  31. EventON – RSS Feed 1.1.3
  32. EventON – Event Search 0.7
  33. EventON – Single Event 1.1.6
  34. EventON – Slider Addon 3.0.1
  35. EventON – Sync Events 1.2.3
  36. EventON – Wishlist v0.8
  37. EventON – Include Anything v0.1

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