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what is Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium?

Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium finds the best material and posts it to your WordPress blog automatically. Shortcodes or simple widgets can be used to display RSS feeds in posts and pages.

The most powerful RSS aggregator for WordPress, allowing you to manage content, log, import, and display endless RSS feeds in minutes.

The unlimited creative subscription

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Feedzy – A Powerful Rss And Content Aggriller Plugin For Automatic Blog Writing

FEEDZY RSS Aggregator allows you to aggregate an unlimited number of RSS feeds and post them on your website automatically in minutes.

You can sit back, have your site auto-login, and stay up to date with fresh content with FEEDZY RSS Aggregator, which can help you enhance your content marketing, raise your SEO, increase audience engagement, and earn more money.

What You Can Do With Feedzy RSS Aggregator:

  • Feed to Post (our favorite feature) turns RSS feed items into pages, articles, and custom post types in WordPress.
  • Import and combine an unlimited number of RSS feeds from an unlimited number of sources automatically.
  • Multiple feeds with similar subjects can be imported and organized in bulk into Categories. Here’s how one of our users, Barry Seward, feels about this feature.
  • Use shortcodes, Gutenberg blocks, or widgets in your third-party page builder like Elementor to easily show RSS feeds.
  • Use your own photos/logos for a no-image feed or import images with your RSS feed. We understand the importance of images and don’t want your site to be just a collection of text and links.
  • You can choose how many items to display in the stream. Do you only want to see 1 or 20 articles in a block? With only one click, you’ve got it.
  • Are you concerned that the names of the articles in the imported feed are too long and will not display well on your site? Using the Title Character Limit function, you can change them.
  • To get the greatest performance for your site, choose your own caching time and how often you want to pull RSS feeds.
  • Make a sidebar with the items from your imported feed.
  • You can choose which meta information, such as the author, date, and time of the RSS feed, to display.
  • Content that adapts to different platforms.

You Should Use The Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium Aggregator If:

  • You own a news site and need a WordPress news aggregator to keep your site up to date with the latest news.
  • You have a blog; you’ll need a WP content aggregator to keep track of new content and keep your readers engaged.
  • You want to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. MOZ, an SEO specialist, discusses 10 reasons “How new content might effect Google results” in this video.
  • You’re building a website for a customer and all you want to do is rapidly display a news feed with constantly updated material.
  • You’re creating a corporate website and want to add a news site/blog to boost your SEO and reputation. Concentrate on your business while the FEEDZY RSS Aggregate handles content marketing.
  • You own an affiliate business or wish to use affiliate marketing to supplement your income. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds
  • You’ll need a simple yet comprehensive solution to manage anything related to your expertise, such as property listings for a real estate website, product listings for a licensed e-commerce site, and so on.
  • It makes no difference what industry or topic your website is focused on. Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium is already used by over 30,000 people to curate content from a variety of sources, including finance, technology, food, home furnishings, e-commerce products, religion, sports, and more.
  • Because of the advantages listed above, you desire to make more money.

Powerful With Feedzy’s Premium Features RSS Feeds Premium

Why not take your website to the next level with more powerful tools to increase SEO and retain your visitors on your site longer if you liked the FEEDZY RSS Aggregation Tool?

  • You can opt to import feeds to post and show content based on whether or not they include or exclude specific keywords.
  • Fully control and modify how your feed posts, such as using feed images or your photo as a featured image, importing either the text of the feed or both the body and the image into the post body, creating a draft post first for rapid approval or publication, and more.
  • Import full text of RSS feeds (with images): you can import entire text content to posts, not only the feed citation area, by extracting the full HTML from each feed item.
  • Choose the optimal feed template for each feed, such as a normal grid style, a blog layout, an online store layout, or an audio playback layout (soundcloud).
  • To avoid duplicate material, combine WordAI and SpinnerChief.
    Values for online retailers and product feeds are parsed and displayed.
  • For your affiliate business, add affiliate links and referral settings.
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Technical Notes

To ensure great efficiency, Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium supports any extra libraries and takes up minimal space in your cache/CSS. This insures compatibility with any WordPress hosting provider, but if it doesn’t work for you for any reason, feel free to build a new support theme.

Shortcode Parameter

* feeds
* max
* feed_title
* target
* title
* meta
* summary
* summarylength
* thumb
* default
* refresh
* size
* keywords_title

The plugin is now using the TinyMCE API to improve the user interface and make it easy to insert shortcodes!

Basic Example

[feedzy-rss feeds=""]

Advanced Example

[feedzy-rss feeds="" max="2" feed_title="yes" target="_blank"  refresh="12_hours" title="50" meta="author, date, time, tz=local" summary="yes" summarylength="300" thumb="yes" size="100" default="http://your-site/default-image.jpg" keywords_title="WordPress"]

Hook Available

* feedzy_feed_items
* feedzy_item_keyword
* feedzy_item_attributes
* feedzy_thumb_output
* feedzy_title_output
* feedzy_meta_args
* feedzy_meta_output
* feedzy_summary_input
* feedzy_summary_output
* feedzy_global_output
* feedzy_thumb_sizes
* feedzy_feed_blacklist_images
* feedzy_default_image
* feedzy_default_error
* feedzy_item_filter
* feedzy_author_url
* feedzy_item_url_filter
* feedzy_feed_timestamp
* shortcode_atts_feedzy_default

Changelog: Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium WordPress Plugin

“Download Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium v2.0.5 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.0.5 (2022-10-26)

  • Fix keyword filtering not working on the full content text.
  • Fix full content filter is available as an option in Elementor’s widget”

v2.0.4 (2022-09-27)

  • Fix custom tags that do not retrieve content if the Feedzy category is used instead of the URL of a feed
  • Update dependencies

v2.0.1 (2022-07-19)


  • Fix import custom field value issue with underscore key

v2.0.0 (2022-07-14)


  • Adds Translation support on imported content.
  • Adds built-in paraphrasing service.
  • Adds Spintax text support.
  • Major UI update to make the plugin much easier and cleaner to use.

[v1.8.1](…v1.8.1) (2021-12-20)
– Have a fallback for [#item_image]
– Conflict with Elementor editor
– Warnings when using Feedzy Elementor Widget and Elementor PRO
– Keyword Filtering when Excluding Posts

#### [Version 1.8.0](…v1.8.0) (2021-10-19)
– Adds compatibility for [Elementor Template Builder]( and Dynamic Tags support.
– Adds compatibility [Enhanced keyword]( filtering support for grouping keywords with or/and
– Adds new global setting for deleting imported items
– Add more features to magic tags that allow exporting custom values from the feed
– Add filter by date and time support

[v1.7.6](…v1.7.6) (2021-08-04)
Add wpautop tag support before importing content
Fix feed import issue when using spinner chief magic tags

[v1.7.5](…v1.7.5) (2021-07-14)
* Fix WordAI rewrite content issue

[v1.7.2](…v1.7.2) (2021-04-28)
* Fix save credentials issue for WordAI and SpinnerChief

[v1.7.1](…v1.7.1) (2021-04-21)
* Fix broken language dropdown issue

[Version 1.7.0](…v1.7.0) (2021-04-20)
### Fixes
* Fix randomness in custom tags retrieval
* Improve compatibility when Lite is not active and the Pro version is
* Improve compatibility with the latest PHP and WordPress versions

v1.6.13 – 2020-07-23
* [Feat] Feed2Post – Add support for non-English text while extracting full content
* [Feat] Feed2Post – Update REST endpoint for full content import
* [Fix] Feed2Post – Missing Last Run Status option

v1.6.12 – 2020-05-28
* [Fix] TGMPA conflict with the Newspaper theme
* [Fix] Check Spinner Chief/WordAI account status before spinning
* [Fix] Error in parsing custom tags
* [Fix] Custom tags in ATOM feeds

v1.6.11 – 2020-01-30
* If feeds don’t have images, inform the user instead of failing silently
Add the ability to show the post author for imported posts both in the frontend and backend
Fix: Uncategorized is automatically added to all imported posts
Fix: Additional Class(es) in Gutenberg were not used
Fix: Youtube feed always shows a summary even if a summary is off in the shortcode
Fix: Typo in tags available for use in the import to post feature
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