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what is Formidable Forms Pro?

Formidable Forms Pro is the most advanced form builder for WordPress.

Create a complex multi-page contact form or form with conditional logic, calculations, and file uploads. Then display the collected data in a graph.

Formidable Forms Pro Free Download has all the features you need to build powerful WordPress forms and data-driven web applications. Take a look at the features that make Formidable Forms the best online form builder software for your project. Formidable Forms is the most advanced WordPress form builder anywhere. Build a single contact form or complex multi-page forms with conditional logic, calculations, and file uploads. Then display the collected data with views and graphs.

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Features of Formidable Forms Pro

  • Formidable Forms Pro has all the features needed to create a powerful managed WordPress forms and web data application. Take a look at the features that make Formidable Forms the best form builder in WordPress.
  • Display form data with views: Format, filter, and display the data submitted through your form in the user’s view. Create dynamic views referencing personal information records or filter by current user ID.
  • Designer: WordPress visual forms Create complex forms simply with the simple WordPress visual form editor. Simply click or drag a new field onto the form without editing the HTML code.
  • Automatically add a form field: Need to collect multiple sets of information from a single record? Repeatable fields allow your users to add a new set of fields quickly.
  • Forms to add user messages: Add forms to add user posts and pages. Set custom fields, captions and even favorite images. Accept new messages from users as drafts to allow admins to moderate them.
  • Multi-page forms with progress bar: Split complex data entry into manageable multi-page forms that automatically save drafts every time you turn the page. The progress bar and rootlines also provide a great user experience.
  • Front End Form Editor: Allows users to edit entries, submissions, and user-generated pages or posts – all from the external interface of your site. Editing forms from the interface is quick and easy.
Features of Formidable Forms Pro

Formidable Forms Pro Changelog- WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder Nulled Free

Formidable Forms v6.8.2

Fix: Submit buttons would not stop spinning after uploading a file because of a JavaScript error introduced in last release.

Download Formidable Forms Pro v6.8 – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder Nulled Free
= v6.8 =

* Security: Nonce validation was missing when saving changes on the form settings page.
* New: A new dashboard landing page has been added with a list of recent entries, access to your inbox, and a payment summary, all in one place.
* New: New fields will no longer appear on the front end until the form builder is saved. This way a form can be used without partial incomplete changes while a form is being worked on.
* New: An HSL color value can now be used in the visual styler. Previously these values would be prepended by # and PHP warnings would cause styles to break.
* New: Stripe subscriptions will now cancel at period end by default instead of cancelling immediately. This can be reverted to the previous behaviour using add_filter( ‘frm_stripe_cancel_subscription_at_period_end’, ‘__return_false’ );.
* New: Summary emails will no longer send by default on multisite for sites that are not the main site.
* New: Summary emails can now be disabled from your profile on your Formidable Forms account for Pro users.
* Fix: On some sites, while using Google Chrome, some style card menu options would be missing. This includes the option to Delete a style or to Set a style as default.
* Fix: Long forms loaded with AJAX were loading in smaller batches than intended, usually pulling only a few fields at a time. This has been restored to the intended batch size of 15 fields at a time.
* Fix: A styling issue in some search search inputs has been fixed.
* Fix: The view payment page was appearing blank, and table column options were missing when editing a table view.
* Fix: An error message wouldn’t properly appear when using a 3D secure card and failing the payment.
* Fix: A subscription with a failed payment would incorrectly redirect like a confirmed payment.
* Fix: The toggle to disable form styling would still appear active when disabled through the Manage Styling global setting.
* Fix: Encoded characters would appear in plain text summary emails.
* List tag types include ul, ol, and li are now allowed in form input HTML by default.
* Form input HTML will no longer be filtered to strip most HTML on display if the entry was created by or edited by a privileged user.
* Summary emails are no longer sent when there are no new entries.

“Download Formidable Forms Pro v5.5.4 – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder Nulled Free
Formidable Forms v5.5.4
New: Rich text fields can now be set to read only.
New: Rootline pagination will now be kept to a single row. Mobile widths without enough space to fit every page will hide extra page numbers in a dropdown toggled by a new rootline item with an ellipsis.
New: Currency format settings for Slider fields will now also be applied to the min/max labels that get appended when a Before/After Input option is set.
Fix: HTML in options for radio buttons and checkboxes using the Images display format was being escaped in summary fields and when viewing entries. It is now filtered instead to support some HTML elements.
Fix: Character limit validation wasn’t accurate for UTF-8 strings that include characters such as 脝, 脴 and 脜.
Fix: Integer shortcodes will no longer match for a form for field IDs that don’t exist. This was causing issues with the sanitize_url=1 option getting added to success URLs for shortcodes like [0] that should be left alone.
Fix: Progress bars were not appearing on the “”Edit Entry”” and “”View Entry”” admin pages since the v5.5.1 update that added pagination position options.
Fix: Avoid a PHP8 deprecation message passing a null value when calling kses while displaying an entry value shortcode that does not exist.
Fix: Repeater form field transients will now be deleted when a field is moved from the repeater to somewhere else in the form. Old transient data not being updated would result in cases where a field may appear twice, both inside and outside of the repeater.
Fix: The option to format a number as currency was not working for repeated and embedded slider fields if no fields in the parent form had a currency defined.”

“Download Formidable Forms Pro v5.5.3 – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder Nulled Free
Formidable Forms v5.5.3
NOVEMBER 3, 2022
New: Formidable-styled submit buttons will now appear at half opacity with a disallowed cursor pointer when disabled.
New: Draft pages can now be selected when adding existing items to an application.
New: Password field strength will now validate in JavaScript when the setting is enabled.
New: Added a new “”page”” option to form shortcodes. For example, [formidable id=454 page=2] will begin on the 2nd page of a form, and [formidable id=pages page=start-page] will begin based on the value of a start-page get param.
Fix: Some application templates would fail to import because of an unexpected conflicting attribute in newer XML exports.
Fix: Fields inside of a duplicated section were not properly wrapped in a field group in the form builder until after refreshing the page.
Fix: Views wouldn’t appear in Applications when Polylang was active because of a filtering conflict.
Fix: Calculations weren’t triggering on page load after hitting the back button on Chrome and Edge.
Fix: A regex pattern was growing too large when importing an XML file with thousands of fields resulting in a “”Compilation failed: regular expression is too large at offset”” warning.
Fix: Additional checks were added to import to prevent warnings when tracking child entries and when importing an unexpected date value.
Fix: Cascading look up field options were not appearing (this was already patched in some versions of the previous release).
Fix: Taxonomy rows in post actions would disappear from post actions after changing taxonomy type.
Fix: The “”Exclude options”” checkbox for taxonomy rows in post actions would remain checked after saving unless all options were also unchecked.
Fix: All fields will be hidden again when using a form shortcode with the fields=”””” option like in previous 5.0.x versions of Pro.”

“Download Formidable Forms Pro v5.5.2 – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder Nulled Free
Formidable Forms v5.5.2
New: Scale fields now use open fields for defining a min and max range value, and include a new step option.
New: Page break fields can now be filtered using the frm_display_break_value_custom filter. See for examples.
New: Dynamic fields now have a option order setting similar to Look ups.
Fix: Forms made with Gutenberg blocks were not working with [frm-set-get] shortcodes.
Fix: Prevent a warning when duplicating fields with array data, like check boxes.
Fix: Batched requests for dynamic field data were processing too frequently in some cases.
Fix: Updated scale field styling on the Edit Entry page to fix visual issues at mobile screen sizes.”

“Download Formidable Forms Pro v5.5.1 – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder Nulled Free
Formidable Forms v5.5.1
New: Added a new Rootline / Progress Bar position setting to Pagination settings.
New: Labels that fall outside of x_min, x_max, y_min, and y_max range values will no longer be included in graphs.
Fix: The value of a disabled time dropdown will be cleared after the date is changed. Previously the value would still appear selected but submit as empty possibly resulting in missing time values or unexpected required field errors on submit.”

“Download Formidable Forms Pro v5.5 – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder Nulled
= V5.5 =

  • New: Paragraph fields now support a new Limit Length setting for limiting a Paragraph field to a maximum number of words or characters.
  • New: Date pickers initialized from a Formidable date field will now use a prefixed class to avoid styling conflicts with other date pickers. Styling for month and year dropdowns has been modified to improve compatibility with the Astra theme on WooCommerce pages.
  • New: Added a new frm_check_file_referer filter to give better control of the referer check for protected files.
  • New: Added a new Autocomplete setting for setting the autocomplete attribute for password and number fields.
  • Fix: A 0000-00-00 date will no longer be used as the entry creation date when creating a form entry from a draft post.
  • Fix: The entry updated time will now use the current time instead of being left blank when creating a form entry from a draft post.
  • Fix: Prevent a warning when saving a draft on a form with only a single page.
  • Fix: The frm_date_field_options filter previously would not work for disabling the changeMonth and changeYear options with the unique option set on the date field.”

“Download Formidable Forms Pro v5.4.4 – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder Nulled
= 5.4.4 =

  • New: Exported application XML files will now also include form entries.
  • New: The import files checkbox is now available when importing XML files.
  • New: Imported application templates will now import images from the template.
  • New: Fields with [auto_id] shortcodes will now auto-increment when an entry is duplicated.
  • New: Added a new frm_should_import_files filter so importing files is easier to toggle on and off.
  • Fix: Application relationship tags were not appearing when the embedded shortcodes used form and view keys instead of ids.”

= v5.2.05 =
* New: Added a new frm_focus_first_error filter to toggle of the behavior of the auto-focus that gets triggered on the first field with an error.
* New: Added a new frm_include_alert_role_on_field_errors filter to toggle the alert role that gets added to field errors.

= v5.2.01 =
* New: Added new checkboxes to toggle form title and description visibility. The form preview page will no longer always show title and description by default, and will use these checkboxes instead.
* Fix: In-Theme Previews trigger a fatal error in WordPress 5.9.1.
* Fix: Checkbox fields were appearing as broken vertical lines when using the Enfold theme.
* Fix: A deprecation message was occasionally logged in PHP8 when trying to decode null values.

= v5.2 =
* Increased WP version requirement to 5.2.
* New: Added a new Embed Form modal and a new Embed button that appears in the form builder and form settings pages beside Preview and Update. Now a form can be embedded into a new page or an existing page with just a few clicks.
* Fix: A Notice was being logged that wp_enqueue_script() was called incorrectly when loading the new Widgets editor since WordPress 5.8.
* Fix: An unexpected array value in form data would cause some text fields to break in PHP8.
* Fix: Some AJAX calls for API loaded forms were occasionally targeting the wrong site, causing unwanted redirects.
* Fix: Dropdown field options were including redundant class=”” HTML that has been removed.

= v5.1 =
– Updated Bootstrap Multiselect to version 1.1.1, fixing issues with the accessibility of backend multiselect dropdowns for blind users.
– New: Inputs with errors will now add the aria-describedby attribute during JavaScript validation for more accessible errors.
– New: Form errors will now always include the role=”alert” attribute for more accessible errors. New fields will now also include role=”alert” in custom field HTML.
– New: Added a new frm_entries_column_value filter hook.

= v5.0.17 =
– The embedded CodeMirror code for compatibility with versions of WordPress before 4.9 has been removed.
– New: The ctype PHP extension is no longer a requirement.
– Fix: The custom CSS page would appear without any textarea on some configurations where CodeMirror may be disabled.
– Fix: Removed padding styles from radio buttons because of a conflict with the Sensational theme.

= v5.0.16 =
– New: Field shortcodes now support sanitize_url=1 and sanitize=1 options which were previously only processed in Pro. For more information on how these options work, see
– New: The sanitize_url=1 option will now be inserted automatically when inserting most field shortcodes to a redirect url. This is to avoid issues with redirects stripping characters like ‘ and @ which may cause a redirect to fail in some cases.
– New: Updated styling for radio buttons and checkboxes, with improvements to appearance on mobile devices as well.
– New: Extended the FrmCSVExportHelper::generate_csv function so it has the option to generate a CSV file in a temporary directory, and pass along an array of meta information to most CSV filter hooks.
– New: A new action_id variable has been added to the arguments passed to the frm_notification_attachment filter to make it easier to filter attachments by email action ID.
– New: Added new frm_entry_formatter_class, frm_prepend_and_or_where, frm_entry_formatter_format, frm_formatted_entry_values_content, and frm_entries_show_args filter hooks.
– New: Allow more colors in the styler to be transparent including background colors and border colors for active, hovered, and disabled inputs.
– Fix: Selected radio buttons were appearing incorrectly when using the Twenty Twenty One theme in Chrome or Safari.
– Fix: Radio buttons and checkboxes were appearing overlapped with labels when using the H-Code theme.
– Fix: Field pop ups were displaying upgrade messages even for licenses that had access to the add on.

= v5.0.15 =
– New: Added a v3 reCAPTCHA type option and reCAPTCHA threshold slider to global reCAPTCHA settings. When using v3 the score will be compared to the threshold and marked as spam if it is lower than the threshold. The default value is 0.5. For more information on setting a score, see

= 5.0.13 =
– FrmAppHelper::jquery_ui_base_url and an unused dropdown view file have been deprecated.
– Security: Back end form settings will now always filter on render when the DISALLOW_UNFILTERED_HTML constant is on.
– Security: Added additional sanitizing when saving a custom style, added additional filtering to icons, and improved how some content is escaped.
– New: Added a new frm_disallow_unfiltered_html filter that will always filter back form settings without having to set the DISALLOW_UNFILTERED_HTML constant.
– New: A name field will always be used when sending comment author information to Akismet if one is set to avoid false positives that could cause another field value to possibly get sent instead.
– Fix: When importing a grid or table view, [/if x] and [/foreach x] shortcodes were not properly being replaced.
– Fix: Too much was being stripped from custom submit button HTML for underpriveleged users or when disallowing unfiltered html.
– Fix: Too many calls were being made to Akismet for forms with multiple pages.
– Fix: A conflict with WooCommerce was sometimes triggering an error when checking for addon updates.
– Fix: The comment author information sent to Akismet was not getting set if the author information was set in a name field.

= v5.0.12 =
– New: When the frm_inline_submit class is added to custom Submit Button HTML if frm_inline_form is missing from the form it will now be automatically added to allow for the submit button to become inline.
– Fix: Many Formidable addons were not properly displaying update details from the plugins page.
– Fix: Fewer API requests will be sent to Formidable when inbox notice cached results expire and when a request results in an error.
– Fix: Added additional validation to CSV export so it fails more gracefully when the form does not exist.
– Fix: The style setting for Margin under Field Settings as been renamed to Bottom Margin to avoid confusion as it only updates one margin value.

= v5.0.09 =
– The option to check entries for spam using JavaScript is now on by default for all new forms. We recommend turning this on for older forms that may be receiving spam entries, especially forms that include file uploads. After turning this feature on, make sure to also clear any caching plugins to avoid issues with cached pages with missing tokens.
– New: Pre-determined option data will no longer be sent to Akismet to help reduce the number of false positive results.
– Fix: Significantly reduced the amount of memory required to load form settings for websites with fewer than 50 pages with a lot of data.
– Fix: Author email, url, or name are no longer included in comment info when sending data to Akismet so that duplicate information is not sent.
– Fix: Field groups could not be moved because of a missing class on the drag handle.

= v5.0.08 =
– Deprecated: Calls to FrmFormsController::preview will no longer try to load WordPress if it is not already initialized. This could cause issues for users that still use old preview links (see for an example).
– Security: Unsafe HTML will now be stripped from global message defaults, whitelabel settings, and when importing forms and fields with XML if the user saving HTML does not have the unfiltered_html permission or if the DISALLOW_UNFILTERED_HTML constant is set.
– Updated Bootstrap used in back end to version 3.4.1.
– A few images that were being loaded from S3 and CDN urls are now included in the plugin instead.

= v5.0.07 =
– Security: Unsafe HTML will now be stripped from field labels, descriptions, and custom HTML, as well as form titles, descriptions, custom submit text, custom submit HTML, before HTML, after HTML, and success message if the user saving HTML does not have the unfiltered_html permission or if the DISALLOW_UNFILTERED_HTML constant is set.
– New: Added new frm_akismet_values filter to help improve Akismet integration.
– Fix: The Akismet API was getting called if Akismet was set up even if the form had Akismet turned off.
– Fix: Updated the styling when a field option is being dragged and dropped.

= v5.0.06 =
– New: Added new frm_export_csv_headings filter to make it easier to add and remove exported CSV headings.
– New: When clicking an inactive action that requires pro, the required pro license will be properly shown in the popup.
– New: Added new frm_fields_to_validate, frm_submit_button_html, and frm_fields_for_csv_export filters.
– Fix: Improved the accessibility of field group dropdowns and field group row layout pop ups.
– Fix: The caret icon on the dropdown was not positioned properly for the Formidable Gutenberg block.
– Fix: When clicking the Formidable media button in Elementor, the pop up was appearing as empty with no content.
– Fix: Required radio, checkbox, and name fields were not including the aria-required=”true” attribute or the aria-invalid attribute when JavaScript validation was enabled.
– Fix: Required name fields were not showing error messages when JavaScript validation was enabled.

= 5.0.05 =
* Deprecated the option to disable CSS Grids in form layouts.
* Fix: JavaScript validation was failing to validate for many fields with custom patterns because extra conflicting HTML was sometimes being added to the check.
* Fix: Field dropdowns are now more accessible and it should be easier to delete and duplicate fields with a screen reader.
* Fix: Updated form padding on admin page so forms with custom padding don’t appear small in the back end.

= v5.0.03 =
* New: Added an Elementor widget.
* New: When duplicating fields, most unsaved changes will now duplicate as well.
* New: Next button label and slider field label previews will now update as soon as the setting is changed in the form builder.
* New: Slider field previews will now update when the min and max values are updated in the form builder.
* Fix: The search dropdown was getting cut off on pages with no search results.
* Fix: When legacy views or visual views are active, both versions were appearing active on the add ons page.

= 5.0.02 =
* New: Field groups can now be duplicated and deleted.

= 5.0.01 =
* New: Updated styling and icons in the back end builder.
* New: Added search to form fields in the builder to make finding a specific field easier.
* Fix: Toggling a page to collapse was not working properly, causing the first page break to collapse the whole page and the other page break fields to do nothing.
* Fix: Added truncation to long form keys during duplication to avoid issues with duplicating when the generated key was too long.

= 5.0 =
* Increased WP version requirement to 5.0.
* New: Fields can now be dragged beside each other and grid layouts will be automatically applied.
* New: Added the option to quickly set layouts for a full row of fields at once.
* New: Fields can now be multiselected using the command, control, and shift keys. Selected field groups can be merged into rows and deleted in batches.
* New: Added additional formatting to calculations to avoid issues with comparisons getting stripped when spaces are left out.
* New: Permissions are now updated right away when a formidable license is activated to avoid issues with certain pro features not being available right away.
* Fix: Updated styling rules for repeater button icons to avoid issues with file upload icons getting styled as well.
* Fix: The confirmation pop up title was displaying as inline when trying to delete a section.
* Fix: Updated styling for new fields that are about to be dropped into a form.

= 4.11.05 =
* New: Improved support for importing grid and table view content.
* Fix: The update and preview buttons in the form builder would wrap to two lines for some longer translations including German and Dutch.

= 4.11.04 =
* New: The first field with an error will now automatically get focus when a form is submitted for better accessibility and improved user experience.
* Fix: The reply to value of an email would default to the admin email instead of the from email when a shortcode with an empty result was used.
* Fix: When switching between the dropdown and text lookup types, the watch lookup option not properly toggle back on.
* Fix: The autocomplete page dropdown was not consistent with other styles.

= 4.11.03 =
* New: Name fields now work in the To and From settings for email actions.
* Fix: Images were not properly loading when styles were loading via an AJAX request.
* Fix: Zeros were not appearing in the entries list for repeaters.

= v4.11.02 =

* New: The padding for form descriptions can now be customized when editing styles.

= v4.10.03 =
* New: Improved the performance of the style editor preview.
* New: You can now sign up for free form templates directly from your inbox.
* Fix: Date fields were not properly detecting duplicate entries.
* Fix: Conditional forms were not properly fading in when the form block was added to a page.
* Fix: Actions would occasionally conflict if multiple were added too quickly.

= v4.10.02 =
* New: Added support for in-theme previews for more themes including Twenty Twenty and Customizer.

= v4.10.01 =
* New: Include the full email header when an email is sent using the mail function.
* Fix: After opening the popup to add a layout class to a field, the field would no longer be selectable.
* Fix: Prevent the url from getting too large when repeatedly bulk deleting or searching entries.

= v4.10 =
* Fix: Some fields, including signatures, were not properly detecting duplicate entries.
* Fix: Zeros were not appearing when used as a placeholder value.
* Fix: Prevent a warning when previewing a form with no fields.

= v4.09.08 =
* New: If you add or remove an action from a form and try to leave the page without saving, there will be a warning.
* Fix: The style editor save button was hidden in WordPress 5.7.
* Fix: There were a couple of words misspelled on the welcome page.

= v4.09.04 =
* Fix: The form builder page wasn’t always loading all fields correctly when loaded with ajax.
* New: frm_global_switch_fields and frm_maybe_switch_field_ids hooks for changing field ids in a form action when a form is duplicated.

= v4.09.03 =
* New: Added frm_run_honeypot hook to turn off honeypot. Return false to disable or ‘limit’ to hide from screenreader.
* Moved honeypot back to front of form to catch more spam.
* Fix: dropdown fields were cut off in the admin area in WordPress 5.6.
* Fix: Update a few deprecated jQuery functions.
* Fix: Prevent some duplicate database queries on the back end.

= v4.09.02 =
* Show a warning when leaving the form settings page with unsaved changes.
* Make the process for using free form templates more clear.

List of Formidable Forms Pro Addons

  • Formidable ActiveCampaign
  • Formidable AutoResponder
  • Formidable API V1.1.2
  • Formidable AWeber
  • Formidable Bootstrap
  • Formidable Constant Contact
  • Formidable Dates
  • Formidable Export View
  • Formidable Forms Datepicker
  • Formidable Forms for AMP
  • Formidable Forms MailChimp
  • Formidable Form Quizzes
  • Formidable GetResponse
  • Formidable Highrise
  • Formidable Locations
  • Formidable Logs
  • Formidable MailChimp
  • Formidable MailPoet
  • Formidable Modal
  • Formidable Payments
  • Formidable PayPal
  • Formidable PayPal Master
  • Formidable Polylang
  • Formidable Quizzes
  • Formidable Registration
  • Formidable Signature
  • Formidable Stripe
  • Formidable Twilio
  • Formidable User Tracking
  • Formidable Views
  • Formidable WooCommerce
  • Formidable WPML
  • Formidable Zapier
  • Formidable Form Lock

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download Formidable Forms Pro v6.8.2 GPL(+Addons) – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder

Formidable ActiveCampaign v1.08

Formidable API v1.1.3

Formidable AWeber v2.0.1

Formidable Bootstrap v1.03

Formidable Campaign Monitor v1.04

Formidable Datepicker Options v1.0.3

Formidable Export View to CSV v1.04

Formidable GetResponse v1.05

Formidable HubSpot v1.09

Formidable MailChimp v2.06

Formidable Registration v2.0.8

Formidable Signature field v2.0.4

Formidable Stripe v2.05

Formidable Views v5.3

Formidable Multilingual v1.09

Formidable Quizzes v2.0.01

Formidable WPML v1.12 do our best to share Free(GPL and nulled)WordPress Themes, Plugins, and other PHP Scripts. We always try our best to search for the best Pro Version WP Themes/plugins/scripts so that you could always Download files and could remain updated with more latest updates. All files are collected from the internet, if you find that the file cannot be downloaded, please Contact us by our telegram and we will fix the links within 48 hours.If you encounter some files that cannot be installed, Perhaps you need to unzip the plugin before installing it.

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