Download SMS Gateway V9.0.2 nulled– Use Your Android Phone as SMS/MMS Gateway (SaaS)

Codecanyon SMS Gateway Use Your Android Phone as SMS MMS Gateway SaaS v7.2.2
SMS Gateway

what is SMS Gateway?

Turn your mobile phone into the SMS Gateway for your applications. Send bulk SMS and MMS using your Android device SIM.

SMS Gateway Features

  • Send bulk messages :- Use CSV or Excel file containing numbers to send bulk messages.
  • Send bulk MMS :- It supports sending MMS too. You can send normal text messages as MMS or you can also attach image files with your messages. It also provides an API, so you can send MMS messages programmatically. This feature relies on MMS availability in your country and support from your network operator. The receiver must be capable of receiving MMS to receive it. If you can send MMS normally then it should work. This feature should not be confused with RCS or any other messaging capabilities provided by the device manufacturer (e.g. Samsung message, Mi message etc.). It is a good idea to try out the demo from here to check MMS compatibility.
  • SaaS Ready :- You can sell it as a service with regular license. You can add plans with messages limit, contacts limit and devices limit. It provides PayPal integration which allows you to process credit cards and debit cards. You can also accept offline payments (Cash, Cheque etc.) and start the subscription manually. The manual subscription will renew itself at a defined interval until you cancel it, or it reaches the expiry time.
  • Resource friendly and Scalable :- Unlike most app like this that uses long polling to send the messages, SMS Gateway uses the Firebase Push Notification. This allows it to work without overloading the server with requests even if you have millions of connected devices. It also saves your devices battery life by only contacting the server when there are new messages to send.
  • Complete White Label Solution :- You can completely white label Android app by changing its logo, name and server URL using our build server. You will be able to create up to 3 custom APKs for each new version.
  • Works in background :- You don’t need to keep the Android app open on the device for it to work. This makes it easier to use it with your regular device. You won’t need a dedicated device for it.
  • API :- Send SMS from your application developed using any programming language.

SMS Gateway Demo Online

SMS Gateway changelogs

“v9.0.2 – 18-07-2022
New Features
Unlocked support for more MMS attachments file formats (.aac, .3gp, .amr, .mp3, .m4a, .wav, .mp4, .txt, .vcf). You can only send it if your network operator supports it.
Now it is possible to send only attachment without message while sending MMS.
v9.0.1 – 20-05-2022
New Features
Added ability to share devices to only demo/trial users.
Added ability to change web panel skin from Settings.
Now admin can set Max Contacts and Max Devices to 0 while creating or editing plans. Setting Max Devices to 0 will force users to use only devices shared by Admin.
Now, the system will also return USSD responses matching the search term while searching.
Now SMTP auth and encryption fields are optional in Settings.
Fixed some minor issues.
Fixed an extremely rare issue preventing user from login to the web app on certain servers.
Fixed an issue causing wrong default delay, credits, devices limit and contacts limit to be shown in Settings when they are set to 0.
Fixed an issue causing wrong default language to be shown in Settings after installing the web panel.
v9.0 – 28-04-2022
New Features
Now Admin can share devices to other users. Shared devices can be used only for sending messages. Users can’t use shared devices to receive messages or USSD calls.
Added ability add mobile numbers to blacklist.
Added option to use progressive queue while sending messages. You can enable “”Send next message in campaign only after current message is processed by network operator”” on profile page and keeping some delay between messages is not necessary when this is enabled.
Added ability to get list of available devices using the API.
Made it compatible with PHP 8.1.
Now it is possible to resend messages in Delivered status.
Now subscription will be cancelled if recurring payment fails.
Fixed an issue causing multiple confirmations while doing datatable action on certain datatables.
Fixed an issue causing a previous name value to be assigned to the name field when importing contacts using Excel file with empty name values.
v8.0.2 – 27-01-2022
New Features
Added ability to search messages using message type.
Added ability to remove plans.
Fixed an issue causing error when enabling PayPal if logo url is unreachable.
Fixed an issue causing html encoded name to be shown in navigation drawer of app after updating name.
v8.0.1 – 22-11-2021
New Features
Added ability to regenerate API key.
Now admin can add a new plan even if a plan with that name already exists.
Fixed an issue causing edit plan form to not open if plan was in disabled state.
v8.0 – 18-10-2021
New Features
Added ability to send USSD requests using API and web panel. This feature requires a device with Android 8.0 or above.
Settings page has been revamped to make it easier to use.
Added option in the API to search for messages using device ID and sim slot.
Added ability to move contacts from one contacts list to another.
Added ability to reply to Sent or Delivered messages from messages page.
Assigned default column for sorting on all data tables.
Fixed an issue in upgrade script that prevented users from upgrading from very old versions.”

Download SMS Gateway V9.0.2 nulled– Use Your Android Phone as SMS/MMS Gateway (SaaS)

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