download marketing V1.7.80- Ultimate Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin For WooCommerce

what is marketing?

MarketKing is the ultimate multi-vendor marketplace solution for WooCommerce, with everything you need to set up your dream marketplace.

Grow a thriving marketplace business, while earning commission and subscription fees. Whether you’re building a marketplace for fashion items, foods, arts, toys, jewelry, electronics or even digital software downloads, MarketKing can do it all!

There are 137+ features and modules, plus dozens of integrations: a powerful seller dashboard, branded vendor invoices, a complex commissions system, seller registration, single product multiple vendors, badges, seller staff, earnings reports, and so much more!

The unlimited creative subscription

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marketing changelogs:


  • Vendors can now display youtube videos on their about us page.
  • Improvements to store url verification during registration
  • Product slugs are now based on product names


  • Fix for [marketking_vendors_list] shortcode
  • Error fix when submitting reviews
  • Error fix related to REST API
  • Fixed bug where team members were not able to add new products”



  • Added compatibility with ‘WooCommerce Name Your Price’ plugin.
  • Additional panel options for integration with B2BKing
  • Now possible to disable vendors’ ability to sell products on backorder at the group level


  • Errors and Deprecation Fixes”


“New Features :

  • Added ‘Store Categories’ module, allowing you to organize vendors by custom defined categories:

Enhancements :

  • Added setting that allows existing users to apply for a vendor account
    (setting in MarketKing -> Settings -> Registration)
  • Added option for admin to receive all tax
  • Tax now visible to vendors in orders table when vendor receives tax
  • Improvements to profile icons in bars and messages

Fixes :

  • Fix for [marketking_vendors_list] shortcode
  • Fixed product import issue with SKU
  • Update with fix for Coupon creation in latest WooCommerce 6.9.4 version

Template changes :

  • stores-list.php updated to 1.0.2 (adds support for store categories module)
  • store-page.php updated to 1.1.5 (adds support for store categories module)
  • sidebar.php (adds support for store categories module)
  • profile-sidebar.php updated to 1.0.1 (improvements to profile icons)
  • orders.php updated to 1.0.1 (adds support for tax options)
  • header-bar.php updated to 1.0.2″


MarketKing Core and Pro:

New Features:

  • Added setting to allow adding store URLs to base URL (e.g.
    allows direct store URLs such as
  • Added [marketking_dashboard_header] shortcode, which allows showing the dashboard header
    with messages, announcements, profile anywhere on your site.


  • Added Vendor ID to WooCommerce Products Importer and Exporter
  • Added automated image resizing for faster image loading
  • Implemented simplebar for better sidebar scrolling


  • Fixed issue where vendors could not connect to Stripe while in Live mode.
  • Minor error fixes in MarketKing Pro

Template changes:


  • To prevent naming conflicts, MarketKing templates now have to be added under the theme folder
    within a folder named ‘marketking’. If you have existing templates under your theme folder,
    please create a ‘marketking’ folder and moved them inside that folder.

OR alternatively, you can allow the previous behaviour (directly under theme folder),
by adding this PHP snippet to the site:

  • Added image resizing functions for better performance to:
    — store-page.php, Store Page template updated to 1.1.0
    — products.php, Dashboard products template updated to 1.0.1
    — stores-list.php, Stores list page template updated to 1.0.1
  • Updated sidebar.php, Sidebar template to 1.0.1, implemented simplebar for scrolling

Version 1.0.76
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MarketKing Core and Pro:


Introduced support for new filters in the vendor dashboard
General improvements to links display


Fix for issue where the stores list page was not searchable for logged out users
Fixed issue with country / state selector connection in registration
Fixed CSS issue in products page in dashboard
Fixed issue where vendors could see products they did not own
Fix for directory overwriting templates for child themes
Fixed issue with the display of order items on the manage order page
Fixed issue where vendor did not display in admin orders page
Fixed conflict with Elementor on product page in some situations
Fixed ‘select multiple options’ bug for registration fields in backend.
Fix for Primrose theme
Fixed error in the vendor dashboard product section related to the Image Gallery section.

download marketing V1.7.80- Ultimate Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin For WooCommerce

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