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What is The7 theme?

The7 WordPress Theme Free Download features full and seamless integration with WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) and Ultimate Addons. Most our buyers agree that The7 is the best theme to be used with these plugins, up to date. Its 1000+ Theme Options allows to craft almost any imaginable design. And Design Wizard feature lets you create a boutique-grade website design in mere minutes.
Both Wizard and advanced Theme Options can work in visual WP Theme Customizer-like and old-school backend editing modes. The7 comes bundled with WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer), Ultimate Addons, Slider Revolution, The7 Elements, Go Pricing Tables and ConvertPlus. It is also fully compatible with most popular plugins like WooCommerce, WPML, Yoast SEO, All in One WP Migration, W3 Total Cache and many others. You get the ultimate website building toolkit for as low as $39!

And the greatest thing about bundled plugins in The7 is that (unlike in other themes) they will not nag about purchasing them. This is especially important when you are building a website for a customer and do not want to waste time explaining that “plugins that come with the theme are perfectly legal to use without dedicated licenses; simply ignore all those warnings and purchase-me messages”.

Тeedless to say, The7 and all bundled plugins are mobile friendly (certified by Google)SEO and GDPR ready. To make your workflow as productive as possible, we’ve created 40 (and counting) high quality pre-made websites that you can use as a foundation for website you are building. They can be imported in a single click. And The7 will take care of installing all required plugin, content and sliders automatically!

Do not need an entire website or want to combine pages from different demos? No problem! Copy a link (URL) to a page from our demo and use Pages > Import interface to get only pages you need. As an additional bonus you get the access to ever growing library of premium Revolution Sliders and Visual Composer templates (created by us)!

The unlimited creative subscription

The7 theme Demo

The7 Theme Core Features

  • 1000+ Theme Options – Never shall you say “we can’t do that, the theme does not permit it” again! The7 features over 1000 Theme Options, making it the most customizable theme on the market. With The7 you have the power to customize even tiniest details of your website appearance!
  • Design Wizard – Even a beginner can easily handle The7’s wast array of appearance customization options thanks to the Design Wizard feature. Choose preferred site layout, upload your logo, select the desired color scheme, set up preferred fonts and click the “Create” button. Wizard will create a pro-grade design based on these settings automatically. Design Wizard is also extremely handy for rapid design prototyping.
  • Design Library – 25 versatile designs out of the box. You can use them “as is” or as a solid foundation for your unique design.
  • WPBakery Page Builder with Ultimate Addons and The7 Elements – According to most of our buyer The7 is the best theme to be used with the WPBakery Page Builder and Ultimate Addons. Furthermore we’ve enhanced and extended the WPBakery Page Builder with the set of exclusive post types, page templates and shortcodes/elements:

The7 WordPress Theme Changelogs:

“Download The7 v11.2.1 – Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress Nulled Free
v11.2.1 (Nov 25, 2022)
Vertical Menu widget. The option to show/hide menu items icons was added.
Bug Fixes:

  1. Margin settings are not working correctly in the Shop Categories widget.
  2. Issue in Testimonial Carousel widget with navigation arrows positioning.
  3. Simple Products Carousel and Grid widgets. The sale price is not displaying correctly.
  4. Shop login form. Minor visual issues with the button.
    Other (even more minor) fixes and changes”

“Download The7 v11.1.1 – Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress Nulled Free
v.11.1.1 (Nov 3, 2022)
Bug fixes:

  1. Elementor templates are not working when used inside tabs more than once.
  2. “”Tribe Events 小alendar”” plugin compatibility issue.”

v10.13.1 (Aug 30, 2022)

New Feature:

A “gap” element was added to the text editor to give more control over spacing between paragraphs of text.


  1. “Search” widget now has four separate border-radius settings instead of one.
  2. “Up” button positioning and spacings are now responsive.
  3. General accessibility improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  1. “Mini Cart” custom empty link URL does not work.
  2. “Posts Grid” images fade-out on scroll with certain settings combinations.
  3. “Search”. Icon shape and background displays incorrectly if it is outside the search field.
  4. “Search”. Placeholder text looks different in the editor and the front-end.
  5. “Mini Cart”. Spacing changes when the quantity field is being disabled.

Other minor improvements and changes.

v.10.11.0 (July 8, 2022)
New Demo:
Elementor Company –
New Features:

  1. Image Box widget.
  2. Grid Image Box widget.
  3. Import of Single Posts with Elementor templates.
  4. Post Grid widget can now display custom fields of custom post types.
    Bug Fixes:
  5. Layout issues in Filter by Price widget.
  6. “Fashion Store” demo content cannot be removed.

No changelog as still only showing previous v10.10 details, will update once released.

v10.10.0 (Jun 17, 2022)
New Features:

  1. “Tabs & Accordion” widget.
  2. “Menu Cart” widget.
    Horizontal Menu. The toggle icon is now responsive.
    Changes under the hood:
  3. Pre-made websites data is not being imported/exported in JSON instead of being base64-encoded.
  4. All REQUIRED notices in the Envato Theme Check plugin are being fixed.
    Bug fixes:
  5. Mobile menu doesn’t close with specific settings combinations.
  6. Close button doesn’t work for the Contact Form 7 popup message.

v.10.9.1 (Jun 2, 2022)

Bundled plugins update via WP CLI.

Bug Fixes:
1. Issues with various WooCommerce addons due to “display: flex;” in cart.
2. Posts hover icon issue when blurred bottom overlay layout is selected.
3. Custom Menu widget options are not being saved correctly.
4. Purchase Summary widget does not update the field names.

v.10.9.0 (May 26, 2022)

New features:

  1. “The7 > Post Type Builder” feature was added to The7 Elements plugin. It allows easy creation and editing of Custom Post Types and their integration with the theme. It is also compatible with the ACF plugin for easy custom fields creation.
  2. Elementor Theme Style > General Appearance, “Scroll to Top Button” settings section was added.


  1. Ensured compatibility with WordPress 6.0 and WooCommerce 6.5.
  2. Categories in filter bars are now being ordered by slugs.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Widget appearance issues on mobile devices when a Toggle widget is inserted into Tabs.
  2. Date/time form fields have no placeholders on mobile devices.

v.10.8.0 (May 20, 2022)

New Features:

  1. “The7 Add to Cart” widget.
  2. (Beta feature) Sticky effects for Elementor Containers.


  1. (Beta feature) We have fixed Elementor’s migration from rows/columns to containers. Now it actually works

Bug Fixes:

  1. Hotel plugin. Accommodation thumbnails don’t open.
  2. Variation drop-down is vertically shifted in FF.
  3. Sorting widget. Placeholder line-height issue.
  4. “Open link in new tab/window” does not work for posts with an “Overlay background” layout.
  5. String translation doesn’t work for “portfolio-breadcrumbs-text”.
  6. Touch events not working correctly in submenus of The7 Horizontal Menu widget with specific settings combinations.


Fixed: issue with incorrect line heights in headers fonts on tablets and mobile devices.
Fixed: issue with a default box-shadow of posts in masonry widgets in “classic” layout.
Fixed: styling issues with WooCommerce price filter.
Fixed: issue when the header is totally disabled in the Theme Options, floating header will also be disabled.
Fixed: issue with headers missing on archive pages when Elementor templates for archives are not being created.
Fixed: issue with NaN values in photo-scroller classes when “lite mode” is enabled in The7 settings.
Fixed: issue with first anchor link leading to a wrong place on the page when there is a slideshow in the header and “header below slideshow” option is enabled.
Other minor improvements and fixes.

v.10.7.0 (Apr 20, 2022)
New Feature:
Theme Style > Contact Forms settings added in Elementor.

  1. “Roboto Serif” font added to the fonts list.
  2. Standard filters added the “Add to cart” button.
  3. Option for arrows positioning relative to widget box or images was added to carousel widgets.
  4. “Missing modules” info added to The7 System Status.
    Bugs Fixed:
  5. Product info tabs widget. Button in comments height adjusted.
  6. Photo Albums post type sometimes causes PHP errors in the edit screen.
  7. Spare space removed in product filters in popups.
  8. Missing animation added to the WooCommerce Categories List widget.
  9. Old “register_control” replaced in query-control/class-the7-query-control-module.php.
  10. Posts carousel & masonry/grid. The “Open in new tab/window” option is not always available.

v.10.6.0 (Mar 29, 2022)
New Features:
Product Categories List widget.


  1. Minor changes to comments styling.
  2. Active submenu branch is now opened in the mobile view of the Horizontal Menu widget.
  3. Opening a submenu will collapse other submenus in the mobile view of the Horizontal Menu widget.
  4. Paragraph Spacing setting now influences lists, quotes, etc.
  5. Large mega menus are now properly scrollable.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. “theme-color” tag doesn’t pick up The7 Accent color.
  2. The mobile menu is not scrollable in the Horizontal Menu widget.

Free Download The7 theme v11.10.0 GPL– Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit

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