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FREE Download Total Nulled Theme is a modern and responsive WordPress theme designed to be customized. Total Wordpress Theme was created with many different niches and professions in mind bloggers, online stores, lawyers, agencies, wedding planners, hosting companies, nonprofits and more. Total theme is one of the few top selling themes that actually includes direct support from the developer!

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Total WordPress Theme Changelog

“Download Total v5.6.0 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v5.6.0 – November 30, 2022
Important: The theme hasn’t been updated to include WPBakery 6.10 at this time due to a couple bugs we’ve found in the plugin. Once those bugs have been fixed by the developers we will include this version. This version doesn’t have any major fixes or security patches so it’s not a crucial update anyway, we rather wait till it’s working 100% to send it over to you.
AddedNew Demo Nick Miller.
AddedYou can now enter a custom breakpoint for the Transparent/Overlay header in the Customizer.
AddedNew jaxedfilter style for the Navigation Bar element (so instead of sorting visible posts the new filter method will pull the posts from the database and replace the grid with items from the selected term). See docs.
AddedNew umbered (Ajaxed)pagination option added to the Post Cards element which will display the standard numbered pagination but it will load items without refreshing the page.
AddedNew sticky functionality so you can add the classname pex-js-stickyto any element to make it sticky.
AddedNew dropdown added to the Custom Field element to make it easier to select from the theme or ACF custom fields (sample screencast).
AddedNew Styling options for the Countdown element.
AddedPreload option added for Google & Adobe fonts in the Font Manager (the option will only display when the font is set to load globally).
AddedThe WooCommerce Template Part theme element has been updated to include Entry parts so you can create custom cards via Theme Panel > Custom Cards for WooCommerce products.
AddedNew how Button?option added to the the Teaser and Icon Box elements with options to customize the button colors, font size, text, etc.
AddedNew uery Typeoption added to the Post Cards element instead of the on/off switches for Auto and Advanced Queries.
AddedNew ink Typeoption added to the Teaser element where you can choose from efault or Whole Container
AddedLink color and decoration (underline) options added to the Post Meta element.
AddedMin-Height option added to the Section element.
Addedhow Term Countoption added to the Navigation Bar element (will only show when using the new AJAX filter type).
AddedText Transform option added to the Navigation Bar element.
AddedActive Color/Background options added to the Navigation Bar element.
AddedBehance to the list of Social options for the Social Links element and Widget.
AddedAnimation Speed option added in the Customizer for the header menu underline (select 0ms to disable the animation).
AddedWeChat, SnapChat and Weibo added as a social profile options.
AddedMore customization options added to the Post Next/Previous element.
AddedSome pre-build Product Card styles now available for use.
AddedOption added to the Post Cards so you can control the load more button text on a per-element basis.
AddedThe theme now removes the WooCommerce c-cart-fragmentsscript when working in the Customizer which speeds things up and allows you to preview changes to the cart icon.
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to choose from a few different header menu search icon choices.
AddedSupport for the Easy Notification Bar plugin sticky option so if you are also using the sticky theme header or top bar they won go over your notice.
AddedNew Aria Label option added to the Navigation Bar element.
AddedOptions added to the Navigation Bar element to change the link underline (default/hover) when using the PlainText button style.
Addedide Scrollbaroption added to the Post Cards element when using the lex Itemsdisplay type.
AddedNew scroll to top button arrow icon choices to choose from in the Customizer.
AddedNew shopping cart icons to choose from for the header cart icon in the Customizer.
AddedCustomizer option added that allows you to vertically align the WooCommerce product gallery and side content.
AddedCustomizer option added that allows you to select the text alignment for the WooCommerce product ummary
AddedCustomizer option added that allows you to flip the WooCommerce single product so the gallery is on the right and the text on the left.
AddedCustomizer option added that allows you to select a Card style for your WooCommerce products to apply globally.
AddedCustomizer option added for the Full Screen Mobile menu to display it below the header (if you want to keep the header visible while the mobile menu is open).
Added Customizer on/off switch added for the Header Menu search instead of setting the style to isabledwhich was not as intuitive.
AddedCustomizer options added so you adjust the font size of your header cart and search icons (some of the new icon choices are fairly small by default so you may want to make the icon font size larger than the menu font size).
AddedCustomizer on/off switch added that allows you to use the econdary Imageas the page header title background.
AddedCustomizer on/off switch added for the Sticky Header instead of having to choose isabledfor the sticky header which was a bit confusing.
AddedReddit & Print options added for use with the Social Share buttons.
AddedVisibility & oomoptions for the WPBakery Row self hosted video background.
AddedPrefix and Suffix options have been added to the Custom field element (this is useful for example if showing a testimonial rating you could add ut of 5for the suffix).
AddedYou can now select the HTML tag for the custom field element (div, h1, h2, h3, h4, etc).
AddedCSS added to prevent focus styles on mobile devices when tapping on the mobile menu to fix Safari bugs with :focus-visible.
AddedThe theme will now use javascript to automatically add the ocal-scroll-linkclass to any link on the page that is linking to a section on the page. There is a Customizer option as well to disable this functionality if for any reason at all it conflicts with 3rd party plugins.
UpdatedThe Slider Revolution plugin has been updated to their latest version.
UpdatedjQuery Easing is now disabled by default (learn more).
UpdatedThe Transparent/Overlay Header CSS is now loaded conditionally via its own CSS file to slim down the main style.css for any site not using it and so the new breakpoint setting can function.
UpdatedThe Post Cards load more button javascript has been updated to use Vanilla JS instead of jQuery.
UpdatedThe Total Author Bio and Cart Link elements are now available in Elementor.
UpdatedThe Countdown element now allows you to choose what blocks to show (days, hours, minutes, seconds).
UpdatedThe Pricing element now uses flex styles so when pricing tables are added inside the Grid Container element the elements will all be the same height and the buttons will all bottom align.
UpdatedThe Navigation Bar element when used as a filter will apply the hover styles to the active item.
UpdatedWhen selecting the ain Page(which is used for the theme breadcrumbs) for a custom taxonomy created with the Post Types Unlimited plugin you can now select a Post Type archive as the main page.
UpdatedYou can now select ost Secondary Thumbnailfor the Image element ourcesetting.
UpdatedYou can now select eatured & Secondary Imagefor the Image Before/After Source setting.
UpdatedThe Image Swap and Before/After Image elements will now display a placeholder image in the front-end editor when using a dynamic source to make it easier when creating custom cards or dynamic templates.
UpdatedWhen using the o to internal pagevalue for the n click actionsetting found in various Total elements, the theme will now try and automatically translate the URL for multi-language sites (WPML/Polylang).
UpdatedThe Social Profiles widget admin UI has been updated to make things easier to use.
UpdatedThe Customizer WooCommerce cart icon selector has been updated to use the popup icon chooser instead of a select dropdown so you can see what the icon will look like before selecting.
UpdatedThe Visibility select field when editing WPBakery elements has been updated to group items to make it easier to use.
UpdatedA default bottom margin has been added to the p-block-imageGutenberg block so when used within a post there is space between the images and the text (WP changes how some things worked that made previous spacing go away).
UpdatedThe Color Palette panel has been updated to display fields for easily selecting the utility class or css variable of any color.
UpdatedThe Post Next/Prev element can now be added inside the Grid Container.
UpdatedYou can now link to a theme Toggle Element and it will open when the page loads and scrolled into view.
UpdatedThe Toggle element will now set the toggle element id attribute based on heading rather than using a dynamic ID (you can still enter a custom ID value if you want though).
UpdatedWhen clicking on the eviewslink on WooCommerce product pages and using the Accordion style product tabs the theme will now scroll down and open the reviews toggle.
UpdatedWhen linking to any theme Toggle element from within the same page the theme will now open and scroll to the toggle (do NOT use the local-scroll-link class on these links, no classes needed).
UpdatedThe WooCommerce Product Entry Customizer options have been moved into its own tab outside of hop & Archives
UpdatedThe Font Icon element is now available for use when creating custom cards.
UpdatedThe theme social share buttons now open in a new tab instead of a iniwindow since the former was often blocked by popup blockers.
UpdatedThe Customizer option that allows you to use the featured image as the page header title background will now display regardless if the page header has a default background or not.
UpdatedThe Heading element has been updated to work with ACF keys and you can now select from registered fields when showing custom fields.
UpdatedThe Image, Image Swap and Before/After Image Elements have been updated so when displaying images from custom fields you can select from registered fields (theme or ACF) and they now support any ACF return value (url, id or array).
UpdatedThe n click actionmethod found in elements like the Icon Box has been updated to support ACF links when set to return an array.
UpdatedThe Custom Field element will now parse ACF links.
UpdatedWhen using the Custom Field element via the frontend editor when building templates/cards the theme will try and display a better placeholder rather than generic text. For example if you are displaying a numeric ACF field the theme will display a number as the placeholder. If you are using ACF the theme will display the default value.
UpdatedPost Types Unlimited integration to make use of new methods added in version 1.1 of the plugin which prevents the need for extra database queries.
UpdatedWhen using Image elements like the Image Grid, Image Slider or Image Carousel and enabling the Post Meta option you can now still assign some custom images to display as a fallback when working with the WPBakery front-end editor or Elementor making it easier to build your template and preview the result.
UpdatedDemo importer to fix deprecated notice when using PHP 8.0.
FixedThe reCAPTCHA link in the Theme Panel was not working anymore.
FixedLightbox not working correctly when clicking on just the icon for the Icon Box element when not using the pply Link To Entire Element?setting.
FixedSpacing was not working correctly inside the Pricing Table content (features list) when inserted on the page via the Templatera element.
FixedThe Check List post format was not being properly formatted in the backed-editor.
FixedThe Caption Visibility setting was not rendering when editing the Post Types Slider via WPBakery.
FixedThe height option was not working for the Divider Multicolor element.
FixedThe Row ontent Positionoption was not working when used with the Equal Height option when creating custom cards with WPBakery.
FixedWhen using the Landing Page template with the vertically header style set globally the site was still adding the spacing for the header even though it wasn being shown.
FixedThe Vimeo icon was using the incorrect brand color when displayed via the Social Profiles widget.
FixedThe Templatera shortcode was no longer adding the emplatera_shortcodediv around the content and the extra classnames were hence not working.
FixedWhen using the se Content/Sidebar LayoutRow setting when creating dynamic templates and also using WPBakery for the posts that are using the dynamic template the sidebar width was being applied to the columns inside the post content element.
FixedNumbered Pagination was not working when using the Advanced Query and the Post Cards element.
FixedThe main header menu would disappear when using the Toolkit plugin along with the Bootstrap 4.
FixedAdded some extra checks to fix some layout issues caused by bugs in the latest version of the Events Calendar plugin.
FixedThe Post Content element when used inside a dynamic template was not reflecting changes when using the reviewbutton.
FixedThe Gallery Lightbox theme button function was not working.
FixedCustom cards registered via a child theme to the root ardsdirectory were not working.
FixedWhen entering a custom flex basis in the Post Cards element for the lex Itemsdisplay style it wasn working.
FixedYou couldn change the theme button text when using Gutenberg.
FixedPaginated pages/posts were not working when using dynamic templates.
RemovedThe (deprecated) Social Links widget which used to display custom images (which was deprecated many years ago) has now been removed completely.”

“Download Total v5.5 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v5.5 – September 9, 2022
You can now create your own custom Cards via Theme Panel > Custom Cards (sample video)
If you are using Elementor, we’ve got great news! You can now access many of the Total elements in Elementor including the popular Post Cards element (although we still prefer and recommend WPBakery).
Header styles that previously did not support a sticky header on mobile including the Vertical Header now support it! So you if this is something you wanted simply go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Sticky Header and enable the “”Sticky on Mobile”” option.
There has been a complete re-haul of the “”Page Animations”” (Customize > General > Page Animations). The functionality has been re-coded from scratch with all new classes, vanilla javascript, custom loaders, optimized for speed and more settings! It is very unlikely you were modifying this functionality via a child theme but if you were for some reason, be advised.
Updated The Bottom Padding on the #primary container is now removed for archives using dynamic templates to be consistent with the singular dynamic templates (new Customizer settings allow you to adjust this).
Various elements that display theme icons have been optimized for SVG icon support which in some cases required small html/css changes. The main elements affected are the slider arrows, modern menu widget and the accordion style menu widget.
Please make sure to update your Post Types Unlimited plugin to version 1.0.8 if you are using it for full compatibility with this version of the theme.
AddedNew Demo (Pottery).
AddedMany of the Total elements are now available for use in the Elementor Page Builder so if you prefer to use that builder you can still access the theme modules just like in WPBakery. This integration has been done in such a way that it uses the same output for the elements to prevent added bloat and allow for the same filters/hooks. If you don use Elementor none of integration files for Elementor will be loaded on the site (visa-versa if you don use WPBakery). More elements to come! (note: current and future Total demos will be based on WPBakery which is our builder of choice but will consider making some Elementor demos if requested).
AddedDynamic Templates for WooCommerce are here! Set your Single Product & Product Archive templates in the customizer.
AddedNew Theme Panel > Custom Cards page allows you to create templates to use for your post Cards (WPBakery, Gutenberg & Elementor Supported)
AddedNew Theme Panel option VG Theme Icons (experimental)sort by Optimizations to locate quickly.
AddedWooCommerce card style so you can display WooCommerce products using the theme Post Cards element.
AddedNew vcex_woocommerce_content]shortcode which can be used in dynamic templates to display the current archive/post WooCommerce content (this is the equivalent of the woocommerce.php file output).
AddedNew Navigation Bar option allows you to automatically displays terms from any taxonomy without having to create a custom WP menu (screenshot).
AddedNew Customizer options under Layout > General allows you to disable the default bottom padding added to the #primary container, alter the default size of the bottom padding as well as enter a conditional string to define where it should be added if enabled.
AddedNew Customizer options allow you to select the pagination type (standard, load more, infinite scroll, next/prev) for Portfolio, staff and testimonial archives.
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to disable the default link on the header logo.
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to disable the default full-width Page Header Title Background/Border.
AddedNew Customizer option added under Typography > General so you can set the default theme oldfont weight which is 600 and controlled via the pex-bold CSS variable.
AddedCustomizer setting lets you select between the default up/down, plus/minus or disabled WooCommerce quantity input buttons
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to enable ull Widthfor the WooCommerce Add to Cart buttons.
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to disable the flex container around the WooCommerce product quantity input and add to cart button which is used to vertically align them incase you are running into conflicts with 3rd party plugins.
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to select the font-weight for the WooCommerce product price.
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to disable the sticky header drop-shadow.
AddedNew Customizer options allows you to customize the page animations loader icon size, width and speed.
AddedNew Customizer option isible Headeradded to the age Animationtab which can be used if you want to enable page animations but only animate the main content and keep the header visible.
AddedNew Customizer options allow you to choose the output for the Portfolio & Staff default page header title (Post Type name, Post Title or Category Name).
AddedOptions to the Post Media & Image Elements to control Lazy Loading this way it can be disabled if the image is showing above the fold.
AddedOption to the Post Excerpt element so you can enter a custom length to trim the excerpt.
AddedLast modified date format for the default blog meta blocks.
AddedYou can now select your pagination style for post types and taxonomies added via the Post Types Unlimited plugin.
Addedo to current postOn Click option for the Image and Button elements.
AddedAdded Shadow and Hover Shadow options to the Image Grid element.
AddedThe theme now loads a CSS file for Elementor to fix some issues.
AddedRefresh button added to the Demo Importer page.
UpdatedSlider Revolution & Total Theme Core Plugins.
UpdatedVarious customizer fields to use new control type to allow sorting and easier addition of custom blocks.
UpdatedYou can now sort the post meta blocks in the Customizer.
UpdatedThe Sticky Header Customizer options will now be visible always regardless of the chosen Header Style. This way if you are using a header style that has a sticky menu on desktop (like Header Style 2) or the Vertical Header style you can use the sticky header functionality for mobile.
UpdatedYou can set a comma separated string for arrays when using the Advanced Query field in Total Elements to slim things down (this only applies to parameters that support arrays). Example &post_type=post,portfolio,staff or &tax_query[0][terms]=term1,term2
UpdatedThe backend WPBakery view for the theme Toggle element has been updated so it doesn show the content by default (click the heading/icon to reveal) in order to keep the backend slim if your toggles have a lot of content.
UpdatedAdvanced Query to support the eaturedparameter for products (see docs).
UpdatedAdded a link to the Total elements Advanced Query field that goes to the theme documentation for quick reference.
UpdatedThe Spacing element now supports CSS variables.
UpdatedThe theme now uses it own version of the WordPress comments-reply.js file to fix the oes not use passive listeners to improve scrolling performanceerror displayed in Google Page Insights.
UpdatedExternal images (when using the Image element) now have the load=azyattribute by default.
UpdatedBetter Icon selector for customizer icon select fields.
UpdatedOptimized the Page animation loader so there isn any delay in showing the icon.
UpdatedNew options added to the Contact Form element to select the loader icon svg and color.
UpdatedThe Page Animations function has been revamped and the Customizer setting now reads age Animations (Site Loader).
UpdatedYou can now disable the Page Animation ut Animationthis way the Page Animations function can now work as a simple page loader
UpdatedModernized the default arrow icons for the Nav Menu & Modern Menu Widgets and made them filterable so you can easily change via a child theme.
UpdatedOptimized the javascript used to create the custom WooCommerce input quantity up/down icons to make them easier to style and added attributes for accessibility.
UpdatedThe theme Font Manager now integrates with Elementor so you can you don need Elementor Pro to register custom fonts.
UpdatedYou can now enter {{title}} into the WooCommerce age Header Title TextCustomizer setting to display the product title.
UpdatedThe WooCommerce product add to cart button will now display under the quantity input when the WooCommerce Payments plugin is enabled to prevent potential conflicts.
UpdatedThe Theme Panel menu tab will remain open when editing Color Palette colors and Custom Fonts.
UpdatedYou can use {{post}} for the Theme button URL when using it via Gutenberg to link to the current post.
UpdatedYou can now access the dit with WPBakery Page Builderlink in the WP admin when viewing Templatera templates.
UpdatedYou can now use the default Theme Icons with Elementor (screenshot).
UpdatedThe default visibility for the Header Aside area (headers two, three, four) was updated to ide-at-mm-breakpointinstead of isible-desktopfor consistency.
FixedPost Cards modal link type not working correctly.
FixedLine-height issue with the Social Share element when both the ustom Design& how Labelsoptions are enabled.
FixedIssues with searching by post types not working when using the Search & Filter plugin.
FixedThe Page Animations n SpeedCustomizer option wasn working.
FixedWooCommerce product gallery not displaying correctly in RTL.
FixedPotential sizing issues when using the Social Links element and a custom height/width.
FixedStretched sections were not working properly when using Elementor and the theme Header/Footer builder function.
FixedImage Bottom margin not working correctly for the Teaser Box element.
FixedDisplay issues with the Image slider when the thumbnails carousel setting is disabled.
FixedDisplay issues when using a Dynamic template and password protecting the post.
FixedThe Post Types Unlimited page header style was overriding the heme Settingsmetabox page header style option.
FixedThe Shrink sticky header functionality was not working on mobile for certain mobile menu toggle styles.”

v5.3.1 – January 18, 2022
AddedNew Blog Style Demo (Olivia)
AddedDiscord icon to the Theme Icons (ticons font family).
AddedNew social share style named “magazine”.
AddedAbility to display the “meta” via the Post Types Grid element (screenshot).
AddedTheme Lightbox support for the Gutenberg Gallery block (simply set the gallery “Link to” setting to “Media File”).
AddedCustomizer options to define your Overlay/Transparent header custom logo and retina logo when enabled conditionally.
AddedCustomizer Option under General Theme Options > Pagination > Load More so you can toggle the stretching (100% width) of the load more button on and off.
AddedCustomizer option to control the Heading html tag (h2, h3, h4, etc) for the Author Box heading, related posts heading and comments heading.
AddedCustomizer options for the Top Bar social links size and spacing.
AddedCustomizer option to control the Theme Heading alignment (left/center/right).
AddedCustomizer subtab “Author Archives” under the “Blog” tab.
AddedCustomizer option to select a Template for your author archives.
AddedCustomizer option to select your page layout for your author archives.
AddedOption to the Under Construction page so you can select the user “roles” that have access to the site while logged in. This way if you only want administrators to be able to view the site while logged in you can limit the access to administrators only.
AddedOption to the Total Toggle Element to enable FAQ microdata schema markup for use with the FAQ schema page type (yoast seo screenshot).
AddedShadow option to the Teaser element.
AddedAlign option for the Social Share element (settings added in both the Customizer and in the builder element).
AddedSeparator option to the Post Meta element (choose from empty space, dot, forward slash, backslash, dash or pipe).
AddedAbility to Author Avatar + Author name in the Post Meta element.
AddedOption to the Post Meta element for the “Comments” section to enable a link (for creating a local scroll link to the comments section).
AddedCSS for WordPress gallery columns that is used when the theme’s WP gallery output is disabled or for galleries created in WP Calypso.
AddedA link to the Card Styles preview page in the Customizer when selecting a card style for your blog, portfolio, staff or testimonials entries.
AddedAbility to the Image Grid & Image Carousel elements to link the photos to the “Uploaded To Page” (aka attached or parent page).
UpdatedWPBakery plugin to the latest version.
UpdatedMoved javascript dependent on 3rd party scripts (fancybox, isotope, superfish) out of the main total.js file so they are loaded only as needed and help prevent potential issues with delayed js execution (WPRocket function).
UpdatedRequired PHP version to 7.0
UpdatedPost Dashboard Thumbnails to use the same dimensions as the media library (60×60) for consistency (was 80×80).
UpdatedHeader megamenu function so when using the “hide-headings” class it will also hide the headings on the mobile menu (add class “show-headings-mobile” if you want things to function as they did previously).
UpdatedSocial Share labels to say the actual brand name, for example instead of “share” it says “Twitter” now.
UpdatedOptimized the Social Sharing element CSS and branding colors.
UpdatedPage Header Title with Background min-height option now allows vh and vw units.
UpdatedPortfolio 6 Card Style to use flex styles so the borders line up when entries are different heights.
UpdatedAuthor Box, Related and Comments headings to use an h3 html tag by default for SEO/accessibility reasons.
UpdatedCSS for image overlays so they will display when tabbing via the keyboard.
UpdatedRead more button capitalization to be consistent across elements and archives.
UpdatedBlog entry custom read more text to allow shortcodes (for example if you wanted to use the ticon shortcode to add an icon to your readmore button you can now).
UpdatedSocial share “email” background for better a contrast.
FixedAccessibility issue when using the nav-no-click classname on parent menu items not allowing you to tab to the items.
FixedMissing loader icon in Contact Form 7 due to recent changes in the plugin.
FixedIssues with local scroll sections that start with a numerical value and are being linked to from the main menu or a different page.
FixedIssue where you couldn’t select a dynamic template on a per-post basis for Custom post types created with the Post Types Unlimited plugin that had a default dynamic template selected.
FixedIssue with the “Main Page” selection in the Post Types Unlimited plugin not properly displaying the translated page when using plugins like WPML or Polylang.
FixedPotential WooCommerce debug notice when activating or updating the theme.
FixedImage Grid showing lightbox titles when the “Link Title Attribute” is enabled.
FixedDebug notice when first inserting the Social Profiles element.
FixedCustom Post Type UI theme integration issues (not being able to save edited post types correctly) due to recent plugin changes.
FixedStaff Grid custom read more button hover not working with color palette.
FixedHeading Tag setting in the Feature Box element not working.
Fixed“wc-block-style” and “wc-blocks-vendors-style” WooCommerce CSS files not being removed when using the Classic editor or disabling Gutenberg since WooCommerce renamed the script handle in a recent update.
FixedCustom Sticky Header logo not taking on the correct width/height attributes.
FixedMissing second argument ($post) for the get_the_excerpt filter.
FixedCrop setting not working for the custom WP gallery image size.
FixedTop Bar Full-width setting not correctly showing preview in the Customizer.
FixedWooCommerce social share buttons potentially not taking on the default set social share style.
FixedTeaser element media border radius not being applied to videos.
FixedIssues with the Custom Post Types UI plugin not saving the Total settings (we recommend switching to the Post Types Unlimited plugin)
FixedPotential issues with the visibility setting not working with the Toggle Bar when the default state was set to Open.
RemovedLegacy hidden → (html arrow) from blog entry buttons (this can be added in the Customizer if wanted – rather than using CSS to unhide it).
Dev Notes:
Updated – Optimized CSS for the social sharing buttons (to slim down the CSS but also allow for SVG icons). Be sure to check your social sharing if you have applied any custom CSS to modify the buttons as the wpex-{brand} class has moved from the list element to the link.
Added – “wpex_has_block_gallery_lightbox_integration” filter which can be used to disable the newly added lightbox support for the Gutenberg gallery block.
Added – “wpex_loop_shop_columns” filter (sample usage).
Added – “wpex_theme_icon_html” filter which allows you to modify the html of any icon used in the theme’s main design.
Added – “wpex_is_overlay_header_global” filter which determines if the overlay/transparent header is currently set globally or it’s displaying conditionally.
Added – “wpex_staff_archive_columns” filter.
Added – Object Fit CSS utility classes.
Added – rel=”author” to the author box author link.
Updated – Optimized the auto lightbox javascript function. If you are using custom code in your child theme hooked into “wpex_auto_lightbox_targets” it will may need to be adjusted accordingly (please ask for help if you aren’t sure how).
Updated – Total custom Customizer controls to use TotalTheme namespace to make use of autoloader and added “for” attributes to labels.
Updated – Social Sharing filter to allow you to define an SVG icon when adding custom options for the social sharing.
Updated – Top Bar Social Icons to use em values for the dimensions to allow for new font-size option for controlling the icon size.
Updated – Post Meta element “horizontal” style uses flex styles now so items can be vertically aligned (such as the new author + avatar meta section).
Updated – Various code to use newer PHP 7+ methods.
Updated – Slimmed down CSS used for the Total Customizer tab icons.
Removed – Functions no longer used: wpex_header_logo_img_retina_height, wpex_overlay_header_logo_img_retina_height, wpex_sticky_header_logo_img_retina_height

AddedMany new section template designs.
AddedNew Card Styles (simple 7,8,9 | numbered list 5,6 | portfolio 4,5,6 | testimonial 8, 9 | search 1,2,3,4,5,6 | News 1,2,3,4,5,6).
AddedNew category colors functionality (screencast).
AddedNew advanced Widget Areas dashboard (screencast).
Added3 alternative video overlay styles (screenshot).
AddedNew toggle (show/hide) functionality for elements so you can create your own “tabs/toggles” (screencast).
AddedNew Toggle element so you don’t have to use the WPBakery FAQ (screenshot).
AddedNew toggle Group element for grouping the new toggle elements and create an accordion style toggle.
AddedNew shadow option to the WPBakery columns (screenshot).
AddedCustomizer option for choosing how the header menu dropdowns open – superfish, css hover or click (screenshot) – WOW – if you choose one of the new styles (css hover or on click) it will remove 2 scripts from your site speeding things up.
AddedCustomizer option for the new header menu CSS and onclick hovers to “animate” the dropdowns (screencast).
AddedCustomizer option for setting a padding for your header menu dropdowns.
AddedCustomizer option for setting the minimum width for your header menu dropdowns.
AddedCustomizer option to allow you to define your conditional logic for the Overlay/Transparent header via a query string (screenshot).
AddedCustomizer option so you can enable/disable the default megamenu “stretching” which makes megamenus the same width as your header.
AddedCustomizer option for entering a custom “gap” (spacing) between the WooCommerce single product gallery thumbnails.
AddedCustomizer option for enabling/disabling the WooCommerce product gallery slider arrows.
AddedCustomizer option for disabling the single WooCommerce product page header title.
AddedCustomizer option to enable the WooCommerce product category page header background image by default (like the blog).
AddedNew shadow option to the Image Banner element.
Added“Relevance” as an orderby option for Total post based elements.
AddedSupport for Advanced Parallax to the WPBakery Section element.
Added8 columns option for use with grid elements.
Addedhome_url shortcode which may be useful to dynamically link to your homepage (such as in your footer copyright text).
Added“Stack Gap” option to the Flex Container so you can specify a different gap when the elements stack.
AddedBottom Icon style to the Icon Box element.
AddedButton border-width option to the Pricing Table element.
AddedDevice max-width to the Column selectors in the Customizer to make it easier to understand where the breakpoints are (screenshot).
AddedExtra class name option to the Post Cards element for the card entry, image and featured entry (screenshot).
AddedNew order CSS utility classes (view classes).
AddedCustom max-width option to the WPBakery rows so you can constrain the row content (great when creating dynamic templates if you want a narrower content for the post such as this example).
AddedMax-width option to Total post elements (Post Comments, Post Meta, Post Terms, Author Bio, Post Series).
Added“Stack at Breakpoint” option to the Icon Box (blurb) element when using the left or right styles. This is especially useful when displaying larger images instead of icons where you may want the image to stack on top at smaller screen sizes.
AddedTitle Tag option to the Post Cards element so you can choose the html tag (h2, h3, h4..etc) to use for the entry titles.
AddedResponsive option to the Total spacing element if you wanted to set a different space at different breakpoints.
Added“Go Back” option to the Theme Button element “On click action” options.
AddedSome new options to the Image Slider element (caption color, caption font weight, caption “none” style, overlay option, etc).
AddedExtra options to the Custom Login page admin panel.
AddedNew max-width CSS utility classes.
AddedParse Callback field to the Custom Field element so you can enter a callback function name that will be used to pass your custom field value through.
UpdatedOptimized and converted most of the theme’s jQuery code to vanilla js. Only a few features require jQuery now (such as the sliders & carousels) all core js no longer requires any dependencies.
UpdatedTotal Dynamic Resizing for images now supports the native WP srcset functionality.
UpdatedTheme retina functionality to use srcset instead of javascript (retina.js) this means your retina images will display instantly, they will be responsive and there is one less file being loaded on the site.
UpdatedHeader logo will now use srcset for the retina version instead of javascript so the retina logo will display instantly now.
UpdatedWooCommerce grids now use a modern CSS grid layout so we don’t have to add individual classes to each product which isn’t efficient and may cause issues with 3rd party plugins due to issues with the plugin. This will also allow for theme cards to be used with product entries.
UpdatedSnippet for WooCommerce shop masonry grids support to work with the new changes to the products grid.
UpdatedWooCommerce product entries to use new flex styles for keeping items the same height (by default) without the need for javascript (also prevents CLS) and renamed the “Equal Heights Entries” setting in the Customizer to “Bottom Align Buttons” which will only display if the “Always Visible Add to Cart Button?” setting is enabled.
UpdatedWooCommerce product entries add to cart button to switch to “view cart” after adding an item (screencast).
UpdatedWooCommerce cart overlay background to match the search overlay background.
UpdatedWooCommerce single product add to cart button to respect the default and customizer button styles for consistency and easier modification (aka it no longer has its own unique styling).
UpdatedDefault author box to use the gap property for spacing between the avatar and text instead of margin to slim down classes and make it easier to adjust.
UpdatedDemo importer so if the same demo is imported multiple times the theme will remove any duplicate menu items added by WordPress automatically.
UpdatedNavigation bar so the custom side margin is removed from the last item to prevent issues when adding menus on the right side of an element.
UpdatedWordPress gallery (when used in the classic editor or text block) to use modern CSS grid classes to slim down code.
UpdatedMoved the javascript for theme post elements masonry (isotope) grids to its own js file so that it can be loaded only if needed on the page.
UpdatedAdded Styling for the default widget blocks added by WordPress when first installing WP.
UpdatedTheme button styles to also target the Gutenberg search block and file block buttons (since WordPress, for some reason, adds custom styling to these elements instead of inheriting button element styles).
UpdatedThe Title Push Up overlay style to use CSS only (previously required javascript) and will now also work on the Post Cards element when links are disabled.
UpdatedSmaller thumbnails on the category/term admin page that match the same size used for WooCommerce categories.
UpdatedWhen using the nav-no-link in your menus the theme will now automatically add a tabindex value of -1 to the links for accessibility reasons.
UpdatedFull-screen mobile menu will no longer add duplicate menu items if there is a parent menu item that has both a link and a dropdown, instead if you click the menu item once it will open the dropdown and if you click it a second time it will go to the link.
UpdatedDemo importer so it will automatically search/replace the demo URL with your site URL so any potential links used in a demo to link to itself won’t link out to the demo after import but rather link to your own site.
UpdatedOptimized header style 5 (centered logo) rendering on mobile so the logo displays immediately on page load.
UpdatedAccessibility improvements for the search and cart popup overlay “x” (close) button.
UpdatedThe “Remove Emoji Scripts” theme panel setting will now also remove the WordPress “convert_smilies” function that is hooked into the_content.
UpdatedFont size options in Total elements to support the “vh” unit.
UpdatedIt’s now easier to drag items in and out and around the Flex and Grid containers.
UpdatedPDF attachment page to display text if the browser doesn’t support PDF’s.
UpdatedSearch Bar element so you can use term=current_term and author=current_author when using the search bar within dynamic archive templates.
FixedIssue where if you set your mobile menu breakpoint to 9999 the sticky header wouldn’t work unless you enabled sticky header on mobile. The theme will now set a mobile breakpoint for the sticky header of 960px instead so you can still control if the sticky is enabled or not on small devices when using 9999 for the mobile menu breakpoint.
FixedFont size issues with the icon box when using responsive font sizes (delete and re-install the Total Theme Core plugin for an instant fix)
FixedStray closing link element in the Icon Box element (delete and re-install the Total Theme Core plugin for an instant fix).
FixedIssues when using the Boxed site layout combined with a Vertical Header and the “Fixed” vertical header style (the fixed header will now properly remain inside the boxed area and “fixed” by using the new modern “sticky” positioning).
FixedIssue with the load more button in Total grid elements when using custom hover styles on buttons affecting other elements on the page with custom hovers.
FixedPotential issues with certain Customizer settings not displaying.
FixedIssues with the Templatera shortcode not properly displaying on archives (fix added in the theme until the plugin developers fix the issue on their end).
FixedThumbnail column showing in the WP admin for post types created with the Post Types Unlimited plugin when the post type did not support thumbnails.
FixedPadding & Background options not working properly in the Teaser Boxed element when selecting the Boxed Rounded style.
FixedText Blocks not displaying correctly inside the Grid Element in the WPBakery front-end editor.
FixedToggle bar closing when clicking on the site (not toggle button) when the “Remember State” setting is enabled and the display is set to “Overlay” making it impossible to actually keep it open.
FixedPotential issue with local scroll links when resizing the browser window if the sticky header gets taller or shorter.
FixedMobile menu issues when using the Navbar mobile menu toggle style set to “Top of Site” Menu Position and the sticky header enabled on mobile.
FixedShop cart link not showing on the Full Screen mobile menu style.
FixedMissing close icon on the cart overlay.
FixedIssue where if you changed the crop location of your thumbnails defined in the Image Sizes panel it wouldn’t work without regenerating your thumbnails.
FixedIssue where the entry equal height option for blog archives was being enabled for the masonry layout when it should only be allowed on the Fit Rows layout and you couldn’t disable it in the Customizer as the setting would hide once the masonry layout was selected.
FixedLogo top/bottom padding not working when using the centered logo header style.
FixedTheme element icons display in the WPBakery grid builder.
FixedLine-height issue with the Font Icon element when adding a custom size resulting in empty space above the icon that shouldn’t be there.
FixedBlog Card 3 background issue.
FixedAccessibility issue with the load more button so when you load new items the focus is placed on the first loaded post.
FixedCustom 404 page not taking on the correct default page layout.
FixedDisplay issue with the Image element when a border radius is set and an Image Overlay.
FixedCustom spacing with the list item element adding extra space.
FixedCustom logo not getting removed when using the reset button under Theme Panel > Import/Export due to recent WP changes.
FixedSpacing issues at the bottom of the shop/blog page when using a dynamic template for standard pages.
RemovedCSS vendor prefixes which are no longer needed to greatly slim down the CSS (you may want to check any child theme edits to remove them as well and slim down your code).
RemovedTheme no longer loads a vcex-shortcodes.js file when using the Total Theme Core plugin – all JS is now conditionally loaded if needed.
RemovedThe “X-UA-Compatible” meta tag and headers for IE which are no longer needed.
RemovedRetina Logo Height options in the Customizer and theme settings metabox as they are not needed with new srcset methods for setting retina logos.
Dev Notes:
Added – wpex-js and wpex-no-js body classes.
Added – “wpex_header_menu_dropdown_method” filter.
Added – “wpex_card_template” filter so you can override a Card template before it’s rendered.
Added – “wpex_hover_button_overlay_position” filter if you want to modify the hover button style so that you can click on the entire overlay not just the button (sample snippet)
Added – “wpex_header_logo_img_html” filter for overriding the header logo img html.
Added – “wpex_card_more_link_url” filter for overriding the link URL on the read more card element.
Added – “wpex_grid_columns_class” for modifying the grid column class which controls the grid-template-columns property added to CSS grids in the theme (currently only used for WooCommerce grids but may be used elsewhere in the future).
Added – “wpex_grid_columns_class_auto_responsive” filter which is used in the new “wpex_grid_columns_class” function which will automatically make grids stack on small devices (479px and under). Columns have always stacked in the theme on mobile when using the wpex-row class so this functionality was implemented so the new grids behave the same as the previous rows but now with the ability to to disable it.
Added – PHP Classes for adding video, parallax, overlay and divider settings to WPBakery sections and rows instead of adding settings separately for each element (DRY principle).
Added – PHP Class “TotalTheme\Conditional_Logic”.
Added – align-self utility classes
Added – “vcex-isotope-grids” script for theme element isotope grids.
Added – .product-actions element around the WooCommerce product entry add to cart button for easier styling and prevent potential flex-box issues.
Added – has_thumbnail_overlay WPEX_Card class method.
Added – window.vcexIsotopeGridFilter js function to handle filter links.
Added – Helper classes “wpex_get_term_color_class” and “wpex_get_term_background_color_class” which will return the classname “has-term-{term_id}-color” or “has-term-{term_id}-background-color”.
Added – “wpex_term_colors_supported_taxonomies” filter so you can filter the taxonomies that support the new term colors functionality (by default it returns ‘category’ only).
Added – Helper functions “wpex_register_sidebar” and “wpex_register_footer_widget_area”.
Added – Filters “wpex_sidebar_widget_class” and “wpex_footer_widget_class”.
Added – “footer-reveal” ID to the “footer-reveal-visible” element.
Added – “toggle-bar-button” ID to the “toggle-bar-button” element to slim down the JS needed to swap the icons when clicking the button.
Added – Some javascript so when linking to WPBakery tabs the theme will scroll to the top of the tabs container with an added 20px spacing above instead of scrolling to the tab content, this way the tabs are visible to the end user which is especially useful when linking to tabs from other pages.
Added – aria-controls attribute to the header search icon and cart icons.
Added – wpex-first-border-none and wpex-last-border-none utility classes.
Added – “wpex_attachment_object_content” filter for overriding the new text displayed on PDF attachment pages when the browser doesn’t support pdfs.
Updated – Now if you disable minify JS in the Theme Panel it will also load un-minified versions of all the Total Theme core scripts and 3rd party libraries used by the theme and Total Theme Core. Previously this option was used for the main total.min.js file only.
Updated – Demo Importer will now process the xml data last.
Updated – You can now override shape dividers via assets/shape-dividers/ in your child theme.
Updated – Advanced Parallax is no longer hidden (via opacity 0) until page is loaded.
Updated – Advanced Parallax no longer loads the scrolly2 js file but uses new JS in the theme which has also been optimized.
Updated – CSS used for the products hover button placement to use transformY instead of a negative bottom position to allow for easier mods (for example adding a spacing around the button is now possible using a padding without affecting the hover effect).
Updated – Optimized the way the custom sticky header logo works so instead of it overriding the img src value on scroll the theme now inserts a new image tag to the header for the sticky logo and then uses CSS to show/hide the different logos.
Updated – WooCommerce product entry alignment now uses utility classes instead of inline CSS.
Updated – WooCommerce product sale badge will no longer be hidden until site is fully loaded.
Updated – Posts Thumbnail Grid & Users Grid widgets now uses a modern CSS grid and divs instead of a UL list.
Updated – The “wpex_grid_class” function has been renamed to “wpex_row_column_width_class”.
Updated – CSS for the WooCommerce single product gallery thumbnails to use a CSS grid and greatly slim down the CSS needed to create the columns for these thumbnails.
Updated – Various theme functions to use $post instead of $post_id params to be more efficient.
Updated – TotalThemeCore\Meta\Term_Thumbnails class renamed to TotalThemeCore\Term_Thumbnails.
Updated – Optimized CSS used to hide stretched rows before WPBakery stretches them.
Updated – The outline button style now uses currentColor for the border color to slim down the CSS and so when you change the color of any outline button the border will adjust automatically.
Updated – The “nav-no-click” function now works with css via pointer-events instead of JS.
Updated – The Overlay Header Offset function for WPBakery rows to hide the row until the offset is calculated for a better initial rendering.
Updated – wpex_get_post_thumbnail function so if the image size being returned is not set to “full” but the width/height values are either empty or greater than or equal to 9999 to return the full image size via wp_get_attachment_image_src instead of passing the image through the cropping class. This optimizes the display of full images and provides support for the WP srcset function on non-cropped theme defined image sizes.
Updated – Theme javascript that uses the easing.js plugin to check and make sure the script is loaded and if it’s not fallback to “swing” for the default easing. This way you can remove the script from your site if wanted without breaking local scroll functions.
Updated – Theme button element so if you give it a custom width the “wpex-flex-shrink-0” is also added to ensure the correct width is used when placed inside flex containers.
Updated – Sidr script used for the sidebar mobile menu to the non-jQuery version which also uses CSS animations instead of js.
Updated – Sidebar mobile menu uses prefixed classes now “sidr-right” and “sidr-left” instead of just “left” and “right” – this is part of the non-jquery updated sidr script version used in the theme.
Updated – Javascript used to provide keyboard support for WPBakery tabs is now conditionally loaded only if tabs exist on the page as opposed to being added to the global total.min.js file.
Updated – Mobile menu dropdown arrow active state no longer changes the icon content property but instead rotates the icon making it easier to customize the icon via custom CSS and provides nicer animation.
Updated – CSS to target the sidebar mobile menu search input field to target the input type (input[type=”search”] to prevent any possible conflicts with child theme CSS targeting search inputs.
Updated – Percentage/Skillbar to remove any JS dependencies and use CSS for the animation.
Updated – Hover Animation CSS file (hover-css.min.css) to remove vendor prefixes and code that was used to fix old browser bugs which is no longer needed reducing the file size to only 14kb from 33kb.
Updated – @font-face in the wpex-woocommerce.css file to use font-display: block; to suppress Google Insight warnings.
Updated – Icon Box element to add the image width and height attributes when the “Resize” option is disabled.
Updated – scroll and touch events to make them “passive”.
Removed – The “vcex_row_video” function has been deprecated.
Removed – The “vcex_row_overlay” function has been deprecated.
Removed – The “vcex_supports_advanced_parallax” function has been deprecated.
Removed – The “vcex_supports_shape_dividers” function has been deprecated.
Removed – The “vcex_parallax_bg” function has been deprecated.
Removed – The “vcex_offset_vc” function which was deprecated in 4.0
Removed – The data-style attribute added to row overlays as it wasn’t being used for anything.
Removed – The “wpex_vc_modify_params” filter and optimized the way the theme alters WPBakery params.
Removed – Some old CSS that was used for overriding WooCommerce styles which is no longer needed as the theme removes the default plugin stylesheets.
Removed – The “match-height-content” and “match-height-grid” classes are no longer used for the WooCommerce shop.
Removed – window.vcexHovers js function and moved the code to wpex.hoverStyles
Removed – wpex_vc_add_params filter and TotalTheme\Integration\WPBakery\Add_Params and optimized the way in which the theme was adding custom parameters to default WPBakery elements.
Removed – margin:0 CSS from buttons as it wasn’t doing anything and could conflict with some gutenberg block buttons.
Removed – slash at the end of self closing element tags (img, inputs, etc)
Removed – wpex.overlayHovers() js fuction as it’s no longer needed.
Removed – CSS that was hiding WP video shortcode videos until the window was loaded.
Removed – CSS fallback colors for rgba declarations.
Removed – “wpex-woo-entry” classname from product entries which wasn’t being used for many years now.
Removed – “wpex_maybe_add_woocommerce_entry_grid_class” filter no longer needed.
Removed – “wpex_filter_woocommerce_post_class” filter no longer needed.
Removed – “wpex_woocommerce_custom_post_class” filter no longer needed.
Removed – width “auto” property from the header logo image so that the new retina logo functionality using srcset works without having to calculate a max-height for the image.

Total WordPress Theme Features

  • Built using WordPress PHP best coding practices & standards and CSS built with SASS
  • Modern Design
  • SEO optimized
  • WPML Certified
  • Clean & Valid Code
  • Responsive Theme
  • Retina Image Support
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Child Theme Compatible
  • Parameters and Cleanup WP Head
  • Awesome premium Bundled Plugins
  • Option To Set Default Page Layout
  • Optional Back To Top Button
  • Styled Custom CSS Field
  • TranslatePress Compatible
  • WooSidebars Unlimited Custom Sidebars Supported
  • Contact Form 7 Supported
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast Supported
  • Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugin Included for FREE!
  • Custom Visual Composer Extension
  • Layer Slider Premium WordPress Slider Plugin Included
  • Slider Revolution Premium WordPress Slider Plugin Included
  • WooCommerce Compatability
  • Custom Post Types: Portfolio, Staff and Testimonials
  • Unlimited Blog, Portfolio, Staff and Testimonial Pages
  • Filterable Blog, Portfolio, Staff and Testimonial Pages
  • 1-4 Column Portfolio, Staff and Testimonial Page Layout Options
  • Masonry Blog, Portfolio, Staff and Testimonial Pages
  • Custom Black & White Filter Option
  • Custom Hover Effects
  • Symple Mega Menu
  • Local Scroll Option
  • Add Icons To Menus
  • Select Specific Navigation Menus Per Page
  • Custom Parallax Image Row Backgrounds
  • Custom Row font colors
  • Custom Theme Rebranding Option
  • Custom Logo Upload
  • Custom Favicon Upload
  • Custom iPhone & iPad Icon Uploads
  • Google Analytics Field
  • Boxed Layout
  • Full-Width Layout
  • Option To Select Layout On A Per Page Basis
  • Left, Right and No Sidebar Post/Page Layouts
  • Full-width Post/Page Layouts
  • Option To Select Sidebar Location On A Per Post/Page Basis
  • Custom Container Width Options
  • Custom Sidebar Width Option
  • Responsiveness Toggle
  • Custom Responsive Width Option
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • 3 Header Styles
  • Optional Fixed Header
  • Optional Header Search
  • Optional Header Overlay Navigation
  • Custom Header Padding Options
  • Custom Logo Margin Options
  • Custom Page Title Styles: Default, Centered, Centered Minimal, Image
  • Custom Header Video Support
  • Page Title Subheading Options
  • Page Setting Options To Disable Title, Disable Header, Select A Layout And Add A Slider On A Per Page Basis
  • Google Font Options
  • Custom Blog Page Template
  • Custom Blog Post Series Option
  • Custom Post Formats For Images, Galleries, Quotes, Audio and Video
  • Custom Image Cropping For Blog, Portfolio, Staff, Testimonials, WooCommerce Products, and
  • Custom WP Gallery
  • Footer Callout
  • Footer Widgets 1-4 Columns
  • Custom Copyright Text
  • Built-in Social Sharing For Posts
  • SEO Options For Sidebar Headings, Footer Headings, Breadcrumbs, Versio

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