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What is Zion Builder?

Zion Builder is the quickest page builder on the market, built and developed by Hogash team, the creators of the popular WordPress theme Kallyas. The user-friendly features in Zion Builder make the process of creating WordPress websites easier than ever.

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Zion Builder Pro – The Fastest WordPress Page Builder Features:

  • Templates and elements right at your fingertips
  • Elements with independent complace
  • A uniform options system
  • Styles from around the world
  • Responsive live editing
  • On click, custom rich text
  • An extremely slope background
  • Manage overwhelmed resourcess
  • Actions in the past
  • Features of the design
  • System of library
  • Size and space are dragging
  • Elements in transition
  • Shortcuts on the keyboard
  • Throw away changes
  • Shortcuts on the top right of the toolbar
  • Personalized workspace
  • Actions with the right click
  • Options that can be searched
  • Control of the flexbox
  • Pseudo-selectors
  • Motion control of elements
  • Revisions after posting
  • Options that can be extended
  • Element renaming
  • Support for rtl
  • 25+ free elements for wordpress page builder
    • Section — Provides a plethora of layout customization choices.
    • Create a column and fill it with other content items to create your first construction.
    • Text Editor – On your website, you can write, edit, and format text, as well as use WordPress shortcodes.
    • Custom HTML — If needed, you can put HTML code in the element area.
    • Shortcode – Use shortcodes to add sophisticated features or content blocks to your website.
    • Google Maps — Include this item anywhere you believe it is of import to direct users to a certain location.
    • Counter – Count up a value of your choice incrementally.
    • Visually show the progression of a process, skills, and project progress with progress bars.
    • Image Slider — Use this to display a collection of photographs, portfolio items, or client logos.
    • Anchor Point — A one-page navigation system or a documentation-style page on your website.
    • Testimonials – Testimonials are a great method to demonstrate potential clients what type of work you can do.
    • Icon List – Assign an icon to each list element and set the element’s content.
    • Alert – Inform the user of something of import, such as danger, success, info, or a warning.
    • Display info other than the primary content of the web page in the sidebar.
    • SoundCloud — Use an embedded SoundCloud module to play a SoundCloud-hosted audio file.
    • Create highly configurable interactive price tables with a variety of customization possibilities with Pricing Box.
    • Tabs are ideal for showing a big quantity of well-organized data in a compact space.
    • Accordions — Display the content similarly to the tabs element and make better use of the available space.
    • Image Box – Add images quickly and easily, with a lot of flexibility over how they look and behave.
    • Picture — Add an image to the layout from the media library or your PC.
    • Icon — Each icon is made exclusively using vectors, making them very crisp and retina-ready!
    • Icon Box – Make a box with an icon and fill it with text.
    • Create a responsive and attractive picture gallery quickly with Gallery.
    • Heading — Simple to use, with some unique customizing options.
    • Users may simply publish self-hosted, YouTube, or Vimeo video clips to their websites using this feature.
    • Button — Allows for a wide range of buttons with several choices.
    • Separator – This very versatile separator lets you to customize the border size, color, width, alignment, margins above and below, and even add icons.
  • Access to the full range of style options
  • Fonts can be uploaded customized
  • Experience with adobe fonts
  • Custom icons can be uploaded
  • Manager of roles
  • Css customization
  • Javascript created to order
  • Elements of complex squeeze boxs and tabs
  • Pro templates and elements access
  • Access to colors from all over the world
  • Global slopes access
  • Dynamic content for many applications
  • Pro shape dividers access
  • Advanced pro elements
    • Countdown
    • Share on social media
    • Search
    • Tabs for professional persons
    • Accordions in favor
  • Features on the way
    • Builder of Themes
    • Theme builder with WooCommerce constituents
    • Builder for the Header and Footer
    • Builder of Popups
    • Multi-Layer Backgrounds + Parallax
    • Smart Cities Around the World
    • Typography in the World
    • Display in a grid
    • Paste/Copy/Paste/Copy/Paste/Copy/
    • Options for importing and exporting pages
    • New Professional Templates
    • New Professional Elements

Zion Builder Pro – WordPress Page Builder Changelog:


Improved shortcut keys for MacOS
Added missing animate.css animations
Added integration with Yoast
Made tabs accessible by keyboard
Added proper aria labels to tabs element
[UX] Added search input for animations option
[UX] Improvement: Keep only one options panel open at the same time
[UX] Added tooltips to main panel icons
[UX] Added element name to context menu
[UX] Added shortcut keys to context menu
[UX] Reduce the spacing around “has changes” green dot
[UX] Set default selector when deleting all additional selectors from an element
[UX] Show hover states visually when editing the options
[UX] Added confirmation popup before deleting a css class
Fixed compatibility with Blocksy template areas
Fixed Section masks not working on certain hosting companies
Fixed opacity bullet follows mouse on Firefox browser
Fixed dynamic colors not working for border option

September 15, 2021
* Added add-onal info for licensing activation error
* Fixed API key cannot be activated due to SSL error
* Improvement: Element custom css is now copied when copying element styles
* [Accesibility] Made Menu element accessible by keyboard
* [Accesibility] Added aria label to search form element
* Fixed global colors not working inside custom css classes
* Fixed page custom css not applying
* Added add-onal order by options for Query Builder ( name, type, date, post modified, parent, random and comment count )
* Fixed PHP notice appearing when using Dynamic data ACF integration in certain statuss
* Fixed WooCommerce product ratings tab not rendering properly in edit mode
* Fixed WooCommerce images element not rendering properly in edit mode
* Fixed several WooCommerce elements not working properly in editor mode

August 18, 2021
* Added ability to open the modal element when clicking on a selector
* Added sticky elements option
* Improved compatibility with PHP 5.6.20
* Improved Countdown element not showing labels if they are not separated by a comma
* Fixed theme builder template aplied for a specific category not working
* Fixed repeater provider terms select options shows only 25 items
* Fixed pagination element not working in certain statuss
* Fixed ACF fields not showing outside the repeater
* Fixed start and end options for repeater consumer not reflecting in editor mode
* Various under the hood optimisations

July 23, 2021
* Set minimum Free plugin version required

July 22, 2021
* Added ACF integration for dynamic content fields
* Added ACF repeater as a repeater provider source
* Added dynamic data repeater field
* Improved Post custom field inside a repeater. It will now populate the options based on the query and post with the ability to manually add a post custom field as an option
* Improvement: Keep dynamic data buttons visible even after selecting a dynamic data tag
* Improvement: Allow the user to add an add-onal post custom field in case the desired field is not automatically populated
* Fixed cannot edit theme builder constituents
* Fixed 404 errors on the Theme builder constituents edit page.
* Fixed color picker not working on theme builder edit screen
* Fixed dynamic background image not working for repeated elements
* Fixed White label image too big in admin menu

2.7.0 beta1
June 30, 2021
* Added dark mode
* Added Dynamic data repeater field value
* Added dedicated ACF dynamic data field
* Added image ALT text and sizes to gallery element images
* Improved Post custom field inside a repeater. It will now populate the options based on the query and post with the ability to manually add a post custom field as an option
* Set mask options as collapsed when opening the element options panel
* Improvement: Keep dynamic data buttons visible even after selecting a dynamic data tag
* Improvement: Allow the user to add an add-onal post custom field in case the desired field is not automatically populated
* Improvement: unified clone element texts throughout the builder
* Improved: Reordered icon box options
* Fixed: Deleting a parent element while having a child element options panel open, doesn’t close the panel
* Fixed: Element CSS id not visually updating inside styling tab after changing it
* Fixed changing page template requires a page refresh
* Fixed icon list links not working properly
* Fixed cannot edit theme builder constituents
* Fixed 404 errors on the Theme builder constituents edit page.
* Fixed image not showing properly in a responsive mode in certain statuss
* Fixed color picker not working on theme builder edit screen
* Fixed icon element not printing mobile device styles
* Fixed some options that cannot be found when using the search from the elements panel
* Fixed dynamic background image not working for repeated elements
* Internal code cleanup
* Improved internal API
* Many smaller fixes

June 24, 2021
* Fixed Mega menu doesn’t show the display tab properly
* Fixed cannot select post terms in repeater

June 22, 2021
* Added option to select the page to use for “post/page” dynamic field
* Fixed featured image dynamic data not working as the background image in certain statuss
* Fixed input shape divider value cannot be deleted

June 15, 2021
* Improved: The theme builder can automatically set the dynamic data source based on the template statuss
* Added WP filter so other plugins can exclude certain post types from the theme builder statuss
* Added option for the repeater provider to use the current page query
* Added responsive optio for slider builder slides to show option
* Added compatibility with SEO press plugin
* Added compatibility with Facet WP plugin
* Added order by and order options for the post terms dynamic data option
* Added “Function return value” option to all dynamic data types ( images, text, links )
* Improved Dynamic data source option by adding add-onal sources and new design
* Excluded Zion Builder templates from the theme builder post types
* Fixed typo in slider builder option title
* Fixed mega menu responsive button doesn’t open the menu in certain statuss
* Fixed mega menu not opening submenu links in certain statuss
* Fixed theme builder edit constituent not working in certain statuss
* Fixed dynamic data options popup can exit the browser window

May 14, 2021
* Added mega menu system
* Added menu element
* Fixed dynamic color not working properly in certain statuss

April 12, 2021
* Fixed theme builder generates unused CSS
* Fixed Free plugin install link not working

April 12, 2021
* Added style options for modal close button
* Added CSS Object Fit options to display options
* Added WooCommerce product tabs element
* Added ability to set a template for single post types that belong to a specific taxonomy
* Added inner content element
* Added error message that appears when a license key is not valid ( invaid or expired )
* Added: In white label options you can now change the plugin slug ( the slug that appears in various admin pages )
* Added add-onal style options for various WooCommerce elements
* Added style options for WooCommerce sale badge
* Improvement: Removed outline from slider builder navigation buttons
* Improvement: Elements generated from server are now Automatically refreshed when the current post id is changed from page options
* Improvement: Slider builder now has 100% width by default
* Improved: All elements that show data for a specific post now automatically refresh when chaning the post
* Improved theme builder modal UI
* Improved: The pagination element will not appear if there are no pages to show
* Removed PRO label for various pro elements
* Fixed Slider builder slides to show not chaning live in edit mode
* Fixed dynamic data not showing correct value in edit mode in certain statuss
* Fixed dynamic content not showing featured image in certain statuss
* Fixed dynamic contentimage not working for background image in certain statuss
* Fixed autoplay option for Slider builder not working in certain statuss
* Fixed White label plugin name change breaks theme builder admin page
* Various code cleanup and fixes

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