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what is Houzez theme?

Houzez is a worldwide popular WordPress theme for real estate agents and companies. Houzez Theme is an ultra-lightweight starting point for professional designers to create first-class designs.

It has features that your client – an agent or real estate company – could wish for. The latest Houzez update has been loaded with many important new features.

Highly Customizable Real Estate WP Theme: Houzez Theme is an innovative real estate WordPress theme that helps ensure your website’s success in this super competitive market.

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Features Houzez – Real Estate WordPress Theme

features Houzez Real Estate WordPress Theme

Changelog Houzez – Real Estate WordPress Themes Nulled Free

Houzez v3.0.1 Released on February 01, 2024
[Important] Install Houzez Studio Plugin, Update required plugins, Clear Cache, CDN
[Improved] Header builder navigation for tablet and mobile
[Improved] Houzez WooCommerce addon
[Fixed] Incompatible Archive issue on some hosting
[Fixed] Property title no break on mobile
[Fixed] Listing layout v7 mobile view
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality Plugin
[Updated] Languages PO files

Houzez v2.4.0 Released on October 20, 2021
Please update all plugins and save theme options after update.
[New] Stripe’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliance to Memberships and Per Listing payments. Documentation
[New] Automatic creation of Stripe Products and Plans according to Houzez Packages plans.
[New] Tax ID for stripe – Documentation
[New] Photo Swipe Popup gallery option. Screenshot
[New] Option to delete insights data older then X number of days. Screenshot (Favethemes update plugin required)
[New] One column option for property carousel v1 WP Bakery widget.
[New] Property video option for top area for property detail page.
[New] Property 360 Virtual Tour option for top area for property detail page.
[New] Media manager for property detail top area. and
[New] Cancel PayPal subscription button
[New] Back to top option, it can be enabled in Theme Options → General
[Improved] WPML compatibility. Check documentation…real-estate-sites-with-houzez-theme-and-wpml/
[Improved] Property Meta code and review meta code
[Improved] Review system, allow author, editor review to be assigned from admin panel.
[Improved] Stripe recurring payment
[Improved] PayPal recurring payment
[Improved] Single property Open Street Map for mobile devices.
[Improved] Houzez CRM plugin
[Improved] Favethemes Insights plugin
[Improved] Message detail page access
[Improved] Print property code
[Improved] Login/Register Modal elementor widget
[Improved] Space between the lead prefix and the contact name. For example: Dott. Mario Rossi.
[Fixed] Matched Properties email footer content show default content
[Fixed] Property Grids elementor module, item tools not clickable
[Fixed] Buyer role can access leads with direct link
[Fixed] Leads date translation
[Fixed] Multi Agent only show first agent for print property
[Fixed] Land Area break layout when comma use as input.
[Fixed] Properties expired before recurring payment complete
[Updated] Stripe API
[Updated] PayPal API
[Updated] Houzez CRM plugin
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin
[Updated] Houzez Login Register plugin
[Updated] Favethemes Insights plugin
[Updated] Slider Revolution Plugin
[Updated] WP Bakery plugin.

Houzez v2.3.8 Released on July 26, 2021
[New] White Label theme, allow you to replace the Houzez name by your own brand name, screenshot, logo, author url, description etc.
[New] Option to allow review for loggedIn users only.
[Improved] WPML multi-language compatibility. Retested houzez with WPML team and made it 100% compatible
[Improved] Free membership package using woocommerce
[Improved] Invoice for free membership for woocommerce
[Improved] Property archive layout
[Improved] Compare properties
[Improved] Login to view property
[Improved] WPML Translation
[Improved] CRM pagination
[Fixed] User phone register not show in email
[Fixed] Duplicate h1 for property detail page.
[Fixed] Custom icons show array() text in listing preview
[Fixed] Slashes from email content
[Fixed] Search Builder price range show/hide on device basis not work
[Fixed] 3rd level taxonomy now show for search
[Fixed] Overview section show empty value for custom field
[Fixed] Required fields in add new property form
[Fixed] Lead detail social links not show
[Fixed] Double title for SEO
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin
[Updated] Houzez Login Register plugin
[Updated] Houzez CSV/XML Importer addon
[Updated] Slider Revolution plugin
[Updated] WP Bakery plugin

Houzez v2.3.7 Released on May 20, 2021
[New] PHP 8 compatibility
[New] HubSpot CRM integration. Documentation
[Improved] If the agent or agency has no social link or URLs then it will show only the blank title on the frontend
[Improved] Rating code when rating is empty
[Improved] Clear search checkbox for search v3
[Improved] Print property code
[Improved] Contact widget, made phone clickable
[Improved] WPML autocomplete
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality Plugin
[Updated] Houzez CRM plugin
[Updated] Favethemes Insights plugin

Houzez v2.3.6 Released on May 05, 2021
[New] Compatibility with elementor 3.2.x
[Improved] Demo18, Demo19 & Demo19 import
[Improved] PHP 8.0 compatibility
[Fixed] Dropdown Hierarchical Issue with edit property when taxonomy has more then 2 levels
[Fixed] Downgrade email styling issue
[Fixed] Energy Class responsive issue
[Fixed] iHomefinder CSS issue
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin

Houzez v2.3.5 Released on April 21, 2021
[New] Demo19
[New] Demo20
[New] Halfmap search url update when make search
[New] Terms limit option for houzez taxonomies widget
[New] Default placeholder for property detail page v1, v2, v3, v4
[New] Login/Register widgets for elementor
[New] Create Listing button widget for elementor
[Improved] CRM Paginations
[Improved] Email footer – social icons visibility
[Fixed] After re-list the property it shows expire on same day again.
[Fixed] Invoices translation
[Fixed] Disabled featured image option for blog posts not working
[Fixed] when an agent selects a city, that city no longer appears related to its state
[Fixed] Icon Box elementor styling issue
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin
[Updated] Houzez login register plugin

Houzez v2.3.4 Released on March 10, 2021
[New]Currency Field for search Builder
[Fixed] Currency field not save as draft
[Fixed] MapBox API for property detail page, submit property page, elementor widget
[Fixed] Per Listing, re-listed listing expiry issue
[Fixed] Some words spellings
[Fixed] Image caption not translate using WPML
[Fixed] State and country being removed as children from their parent when property save as draft
[Fixed] Access notice when agency add new agent.
[Fixed] Search price change depend on multi status
[Fixed] Auto Complete search first taxonomy image not show.
[Fixed] Packages tax not include in PayPal payment
[Fixed] Search builder price not change for selected status tab
[Fixed] Property detail v5 top area visibility issue
[Improved] Some Styling and CSS code
[Improved] JS code
[Updated] WP Bakery Page Builder
[Updated] Slider Revolution plugin
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin
[Updated] Houzez Login Register Plugin

Houzez v2.3.3 Released on December 25, 2020

[Improved] Draft properties image delete function
[Improved] Half map auto complete keyword search
[Fixed] WPML, Houzez search auto complete shows both language
[Fixed] Random option for agent and agency template
[Fixed] Currency switcher cron job
[Fixed] Multiple emails on package expiry
[Fixed] jQuery Migrate conflict in WordPress 5.6
[Fixed] MapBox tiles not loading
[Update] Open Street Map to latest version
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin

= Houzez v2.3.2 Released on December 12, 2020 =
– [Fixed] WordPress 5.6 Compatibility issues
– [Fixed] Slider Revolution jQuery conflict
– [Fixed] jQuery not found for some elementor widgets after WordPress 5.6
– [Improved] WPML
– [Updated] Slider Revolution plugin

Houzez v2.3.0 Released on November 23, 2020

[New] Demo18
[New] Options to change energy efficiency classes and colors. Screenshot
[New] Limit Title length for add listing. Screenshot
[New] Studio option for searches, 0 will represent studio. Screenshots and
[New] Typo style options for Property by ID widget
[New] Webhook url support for contact form widget. Screenshot
[New] Webhook url support for inquiry form widget. Screenshot
[New] Webhook URL support for Property Agent Contact form, Add New Property form, Now forms data can be feed to services like Zapier, Zoho CRM etc.
[New] Properties Carousel v5 & V6 for WP Bakery
[New] Input price option for min and max price. Screenshot
[New] Compatible with Custom Permalinks plugin
[New] Option for headers height
[New] Floor plan widget – Typo options
[New] Garage and Year Built search fields for searches
[New] Property status and label for Property Cards v5
[New] Recently viewed properties elementor widget
[New] Property detail page mobile view, Added property status and label
[New] Tour Type for schedule a tour form. Screenshot
[Improved] Mobile menu, now top level menu is clickable, submenu open on icon click
[Improved] Theme Options code
[Improved] Team Elementor widget description, now it accept HTML tags
[Improved] half map search, Half map update search url in browser
[Improved] Single property elementor widgets
[Improved] halfmap search radius slider
[Improved] Open street map code
[Improved] Duplicate property and delete property JS code.
[Improved] FloorPlans placeholders show on front-end
[Improved] User Profile delete, when user with role agency/agent deleted, all associated data with user will be deleted too.
[Improved] Listing quick preview
[Improved] Match listings email HTML
[Improved] Property top area v3, v4, v5
[Improved] Save as Draft for add new property
[Improved] Mobile right menu close by clicking outside
[Improved] Overall CSS
[Improved] RTL styling
[Improved] Keyword search
[Fixed] Stats for agent & Agency profile
[Fixed] Page specific sidebar option not show
[Fixed] Splash template search auto-complete not work.
[Fixed] Property detail page top area default map view option not working
[Fixed] Luxury homes layout, multiple fields all data not show.
[Fixed] Similar listings preview js error
[Fixed] Rooms not showing in the Listing Version 2 List and grid view
[Fixed] Number field show as text in search
[Fixed] Number custom field not show in search builder
[Fixed] Disclaimer Text not show for luxury homes layout.
[Updated] Slider Resolution plugin
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin
[Updated] Houzez-login-register plugin
[Updated] WP Bakery plugin

= v2.2.4 =
– [Fixed] Price issue after v2.2.3
– [Fixed] Luxury homes features section layout issue
– [New] Allow decimal for prices, now price can be added like 59.99 etc
– [Improved] Blog post grids widget, add typography options
– [Improved] Google reCaptcha code
– [Improved] Agent/agency page tabs code
– [Fixed] Agent Name missing for agent contact form
– [Fixed] Add new review from admin panel, properties dropdown show record not found
– [Fixed] Auto complete for Open Street map for mobile
– [Fixed] Admin panel listing templates tabs not show

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Free download Houzez v3.0.1– Real Estate WordPress Theme

Fix license Houzez to import demo

Open the functions.php file at line 37 (may vary depending on the version), right after the code below

if ( ! function_exists( 'houzez_setup' ) ) {

Add the following code to fix license import demo

update_option( 'houzez_activation', 'activated' );

The result is as follows, the fix is complete

Fix-license-Houzez do our best to share Free(GPL and nulled)WordPress Themes,Plugins and other PHP Scripts.We always try our best to serch the best Pro Version WP Themes/plugins/scripts so that you could always Download files and could remain update with more latest updates. All files are collected from the internet, if you find that the file cannot be downloaded, please Contact us by our telegram and we will fix the links within 48 hours.If you encounter some files that cannot be installed, Perhaps you need to unzip the plugin before installing it.

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