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what is Swift Performance?

Swift Performance – Super Fast Cache and Fast Site v2.3.6.6 Nulled Free Download

Swift Performance is an excellent caching plugin, which is critical for your website since caching speeds up and improves the performance of your WordPress site. A quicker website improves the user experience and encourages more page visits.

In terms of picture optimization, Swift Performance excels. Images often account for the bulk of bytes downloaded on a web page, as well as a substantial proportion of image space. Because images might cause your site to load slowly, it’s critical to have all of your photos optimized for the web.

Swift Performance excels at dealing with complex CSS. You may receive warnings about optimizing your CSS delivery by inlining crucial CSS and loading render-blocking style sheets asynchronously if you go to Google PageSpeed Insights and study one of your web pages.

Browsers won’t render a web page’s above-the-fold content until they’ve loaded all of your CSS files. When a large number of files must be loaded, this can be a significant issue. That is why you require it, and you already possess Swift Performance.

The Speed Of Your Site Increase 440%

What impact does a one-second delay in page load time have:

  • Page views are down 11%.
  • Customer satisfaction has dropped by 16%.
  • Conversions dropped by 7%.

Every second counts since you are losing site visitors, readers, clients, and buyers with each passing second. Swift Performance, which requires no technical or programming experience, will improve the performance of your website with only one click.

The unlimited creative subscription

Swift Performance demo

Demo: htps://

Features Swift Performance – WordPress Cache & Performance Booster

Installation in a flash

Swift Performance offers a simple, step-by-step Setup Wizard that includes automatic setting.


Swift Performance also has pre-configured presets, which can be a great way for newbies to get started.

Exporting and Importing

You can export and import your settings, so if you find the perfect one, you can easily transfer it to a production environment or even another site.


You can quickly rebrand Swift for your clients using the Whitelabel capability.


Swift Performance makes heavy use of filters, actions, and constants, thus it may be readily adjusted for your project if you are an advanced user.

CSS Optimization

Optimizing the allocation of static resources is one of the most critical aspects of performance. Swift Performance not only merges and minifies CSS files, but it also creates important CSS for each page automatically.

Optimization of Javascript

Without causing any problems, Javascripts (even inline scripts) can be concatenated, minified, and moved to the footer.

Javascripts are executed in asynchronous mode.

Render-blocked javascript files might be quite large. Swift Performance has a unique Async Execution feature: you can still combine scripts, but each chunk will run separately as soon as it is downloaded, resulting in highly fast and enhanced JS execution. Improve your SEO score as well as your user experience.

Image Optimizer

Swift Performance has an unlimited image optimizer built in. Using our Image Optimizer API, you may optimize/lossy optimize your JPEG and PNG images and create a WebP version.

Lazyload images

Swift Performance has a fantastic feature called slow loading. Swift Performance loads heavily compressed versions of your photographs (which will appear blurry) and only fully loads images that are in close proximity to the camera. A different option for lazy loading background pictures is also available.

Smart Youtube embedding

The browser won’t load extraneous assets until the visitor starts the video (or before embedding on mobile mode) with smart Youtube embedding, resulting in a better user experience. apply the same

Pushing data from the server

If your site uses HTTP2, this feature will aid in resource optimization and page loading speed.

support for CDN

Swift Performance can assist with the setup of any CDN that uses the pull method. If you select this option, WordPress will use the CDN to load static files. Custom file types can also be specified to be served by the CDN. Swift Performance also has a better Cloudflare integration.

Cache of the page

Swift Performance generates static versions of your sites to make them load faster in browsers. Page caching lowers TTFB while also conserving server resources.

Caching in the Browser

To enable browser caching, Swift Performance inserts the required headers. Browser caching will reduce traffic on your server while also speeding up page loading.

Cache of proxy servers

If your site uses a proxy, such as Cloudflare, proxy cache is an advanced option. It has the potential to drastically lower the TTFB behind the proxy server.

Cache preloading

Swift Performance has a caching preload feature that will preload all of your cacheable pages and cache your visitors. It can also identify changes (publish/update a post, page, or product, new comment, updated stock/price of goods, etc.) and rebuild the cache automatically.

Ajaxify the lazyload element

The lazyload element is a more advanced option. You can use this to define which pieces of content should be loaded using AJAX after the page has been loaded. Because of this functionality, you don’t have to ignore the entire page just because a little dynamic section exists.

Minicart cache

If the static cache is empty, you can use this feature to serve WooCommerce minicart. It will shorten the time it takes for someone to interact with your website for the first time.

Cache for AJAX

You can provide cacheable AJAX operations that can be cached like your pages using Swift Performance. It will reduce the time it takes for your visitors to load the entire website.

Caching in real time

You can supply cacheable query strings that can be cached like normal pages with Swift Performance. If your site uses query strings for sorting, language, or other purposes, this can be useful.

Users who are logged in have a cache.

You may activate caching for logged-in users, making your site speedier for real visitors rather than just speed testing.

Download as soon as possible.

Swift Performance will be the first plugin loaded when the Early Loader feature is enabled, allowing it to optimize the response before any other plugins have an impact.

404 Not Found. Cache

404 pages can also be cached by Swift Performance. If your server is overburdened with 404 requests, you can use this option to lighten the load.


Swift Performance fully supports Varnish and can flush and preload the cache automatically.


Using the browser’s Application Cache, you may pick individual pages (or even entire websites) to be preloaded for first-time users. It can considerably improve the speed of your website’s navigation. Appcache can be configured individually for desktop and mobile.

Exception was made.

Exceptions to caching can be set. You can exclude specific post types, pages, or URLs, as well as add exceptions based on the user agent and crawler. You can also exclude archive pages (author, category, etc.) or even the entire page if it contains a specific string.

Swift Performance – WordPress Cache & Performance Booster Nulled Free Changelog

v2.3.6.4 – 25/10/2021
[FIX] Minor fixes
[NEW] Clear Cache on Update Post by Custom Rule

v2.3.6.1 – 20/07/2021
[FIX] Minor bugfixes
[NEW] Autocomplete for settings
[NEW] Lazyload Template Parts
[NEW] Lazyload Nav Menus

v2.3.5 – 2/06/2021
[IMPROVE] Minor improvements
[IMPROVE] Ability to remove redirected URLs from Warmup table
[IMPROVE] Error logging for server side scripts

v2.3.4.1 – 20/05/2021
[FIX] Minor fixes

v2.3.3 – 28/04/2021
[FIX] Minor fixes
[IMPROVE] Clear opcache
[NEW] Server Side Script
[NEW] Smart Render HTML

v2.3.1.1 – 24/03/2021
[FIX] Keep original headers 500 Error

v2.3.1 – 22/03/2021
[FIX] Minor bugfixes
[IMPROVE] Minor refactor file structure

v2.2.3 – 25/01/2021
[FIX] Minor fixes
[IMPROVE] Dynamic and AJAX cache management
[IMPROVE] Ability to disable toolbar menu
[IMPROVE] Lazyload elements features
[IMPROVE] Handle 404 pages
[IMPROVE] Compatibility improvements

v2.2.2 – 30/09/2020
[FIX] Apply exclusions for sitemap based warmup table[FIX] Minor fixes
[FIX] Disable image lazyload for data URLs
[IMPROVE] Autoptimze compatibility improvements
[IMPROVE] Increase max URL length in Warmup table
[NEW] Custom footer javascript

download Swift Performance V2.3.6.7– Super Fast Cache and Fast Site

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