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what is WP Schema Pro?

WP Schema Pro – used to markup structured data.

With a simple interface and options, you can customize the layout in minutes. All markup settings you set are automatically applied to all selected pages and posts.

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WP Schema Pro demo

WP Schema Pro – Automatically bookmark your website easily

Creating a schema markup is no longer a task! With a simple click and select interface, you can set up bookmarks in minutes. All markup configurations you will set will automatically be applied to all selected pages and posts.

Automatically bookmark your website easily

Outperform your competition in Search Engines with WP Schema Pro


Additional information like reviews, ratings, time, etc. will make your code stand out from the rest.


Displaying positive information including ratings and votes will encourage users to visit your page.


With a large number of schema types, you are completely free to use them on all post types on your website.

Always follow and update the latest Google algorithm

WP Schema Pro Plugin
  • JSON-LD Structure: We have implemented JSON-LD in Schema Pro, keeping up with the latest technology and trends.
  • Highly optimized code: With clean and minimal code, Schema Pro definitely meets Google’s guidelines.

WP Schema Pro is easy to use and intuitive

  • Schema Pro gives you complete freedom to map required fields with existing values or add custom values to them.
  • With easy-to-use filters, you can add additional fields and expand the markup with the details you want to display.

Changelog WP Schema Pro – Add Schema With Out Writing Code Nulled Free

# New:`wp_schema_pro_exclude_logo_optimize` Filter to to disable default logo size changes.
# Fix: Skip Rendering Invalid Schema option not generating schema markup on page or post.
# Fix: The Brand field type warning issue in the Product item review type in the review schema
# Fix: Fixed author URl fetch issue in the Article schema.
# Fix: Fixed syntax issue inthe WPML config file.

– Fixed syntax error on the schema configuration page.

>>> v2.6.5
Fix: Fixed image field markup issue in the Review schema.

>>> v2.6.4
Improvements: Compatibility with the latest Sonarlint PHP code standard.
Improvements: Added multiple fields option for job applicant Location Requirement.
Fix: Other custom field image map issue in the Review Schema.
Fix: Removed deprecated Professional Service business type from Local Business Schema.
Fix: Duplicate Breadcrumb schema visible with Yoast SEO pluign.
Fix: Woocommerce plugin conflict on the setup wizard.
Fix: Fixed array offset error on multisite websites.
Fix: Updated deprecated block category hook in schema blocks.

>>> v2.6.3
# Improvements: Compatible with WordPress v5.8
# Fix: Fixed Custom schema markup showing issue on the frontend.

>>> v2.6.2
Fix:- Fixed Person schema markup null error issue.

>>> v2.6.1
# New: Implemented Lazy loading for the SCSS.
# Improvements: Loading the minified JS and CSS in the back-end and front-end.
# Fix: PHP notice due to undefined index issue in the Sitelink schema.
# Fix: Typography is not working on the editor for How-to steps.
# Fix: Removed unnecessary Inherit from theme option for How-to steps link.
# Fix: Markup issue into the FAQ Block schema.

>>> v2.6.0
# New: Added Dynamic fields option for Social profiles setting.
# New: Implemented Lazy loading functionality for Schema blocks.
# Improvements: Optimized blocks JS loading on the editor page.
# Improvements: Refactor FAQ and how-to blocks code-based structure.
# Improvements: Compatibility with the latest JavaScript standard rule.
# Improvements: Compatibility with the latest CSS standard rule.
# Fix: Fixed UI icon issue on the post or page.
# Fix Trim function console error issue in the FAQ schema.
# Fix: The URL warning issue in the Product item review type in the review schema.

>>> = v2.5.2 =
# Improvement: Remote work fields in job posting schema as per google guidelines.
# Fix:- UI is not working properly on posts/pages in the RTL mode.
# Fix: The toggle button is not working properly for Enable/Disable schema type filter.
# Fix:- Fixed half rating issue on the frontend.

>>> = v2.5.1 =
# Fix: Decimal value is not accepted into the Geolocation fields of Local Business Schema.
# Fix: FAQ block schema accessibility issue.

>>> = v2.5.0 =
# New: Custom schema markup on post or page.
# Improvement: Ajax-based schema type required field validation.
# Improvement: Added Geolocation fields in the Local business schema.
# Fix: Fixed tab index issue in the FAQ block schema.
# Fix: Fixed undefined index notice issue in the review schema.
# Fix: ‘unstableOnSplit’ property warning issue in the How-to schema.
# Fix: ‘onnRemove’ Unknown event handler property warning issue in the how-to schema.
# Fix: Fixed the border issue on the setup wizard.

>>> = v2.4.0 =
# New: How-to block schema.
# Improvement: Added Review fields in the product schema.
# Improvement: Added filter to automatically fetch schema markup for WooCommerce product reviews.
# Fix: Fixed review count field visible issue in the Review Schema.
# Fix: Added missing recommended field inside the Event type of Review Schema.
# Fix: Removed deprecated Item name, Review image, and URL field in the Review Schema.
# Fix: Fixed different language string translation issues in the plugin.
# Fix: Fixed HTTPS not showing in test schema URL.

>>> = v2.3.0 =
# New: Dynamic repeater fields on the post or page.
# Improvement: Added optimised Logo image size in the Organization schema.
# Improvement: Added Validation on published date and modified date in the Article schema.
# Fix: FAQ Schema – Fixed child block not inheriting question tag from the parent block when adding a new question.
# Fix: Bulk schema type select issue in the schema dashboard.
# Fix: Fixed schema markup error issue in the about page and contact page schema.
# Fix: Fixed Event attendance mode option select issue on the event schema.
# Fix: FAQ console error when accessing child by id in the FAQ block schema.
# Fix: Select other custom field option issue on the post or page.
# Fix: Fixed online location markup issue inside Course schema.
# Fix: Fixed test link is not shown on the admin bar.

>>> = v2.2.3 =
# Improvement: PHP Deprecated: Required parameters follows optional parameters in get meta markup function – Compatibility with PHP v8.0
# Improvement: Compatible with WordPress v5.6
# Improvement: Added Preview of FAQ block schema.
# Improvement: Added how to fields missing in the Recipe schema.
# Improvement: Added the Brand field type into the product schema.
# Improvement: Skipped loading of dependent JS file for Grid layout into the FAQ Block Schema.
# Fix: Fixed the General tab UI issue into the Dashboard.

>>> = v2.2.2 =
# Improvement: Added the Publisher SameAs field in the Review schema.
# Improvement: Added none option for search specific page fields in the configuration settings.
# Fix: Fixed Front page target rule issue in the schema type settings.
# Fix: Publisher type error issue in the about page and contact page schema.
# Fix: The Event Attendance Mode field warning issue with event schema types.

>>> v2.2.1
# Fix: Undefined constant SECURE_AUTH_COOKIE warning issue with multisite fixed.
# Fix: array_intersect warning issue on plugin activation fixed.
# Fix: The dashboard logo was not visible in the multisite fixed.
# New: FAQ block Schema.
# New: Added multiple FAQ block schema support.
# New: Added WPML compatibility for FAQ block.
# Improvement: Added post or page schema fields setting visible only for the administrator role.
# Improvement: Added `wp_schema_pro_role`filter to visible schema configuration setting on post or page.
# Fix: Updated required fields status for Product and Organization item review type as per google guidelines.
# Fix: Fixed JSON-LD code format issues with different languages.
# Fix: Fixed exclude category fields configuration issue in the target rule setting.
# Fix: Fixed the border issue after WP5.5 at the backend.
# Fix: Fixed notice show position issue on the schema settings.
# Fix: A knowledge base section is not showing on the settings tab.

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Download WP Schema Pro v2.7.3 Nulled do our best to share Free(GPL and nulled)WordPress Themes,Plugins and other PHP Scripts.We always try our best to serch the best Pro Version WP Themes/plugins/scripts so that you could always Download files and could remain update with more latest updates. All files are collected from the internet, if you find that the file cannot be downloaded, please Contact us by our telegram and we will fix the links within 48 hours.If you encounter some files that cannot be installed, Perhaps you need to unzip the plugin before installing it.

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