Free Download 66biolinks V45.0.0 Regular GPL- Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener (SAAS Ready) 

what is BioLinks?

Biolinks is a problem solver for Instagram and TikTok linking problem and a URL Shortener at the same time! Have you ever wanted to manage multiple links through your instagram account and you found out you can only put one unique link in your bio? If so, then this is the solution for you and your users. Create a great website where you register and add as many links as you want and only paste your custom profile’s url in your instagram’s bio and never change it again.

BioLinks features

Stripe Recurring / One Time Payments – Latest Stripe V3 Implementation ( SCA Ready )

PayPal Recurring / One Time Payments

Facebook Login – Facebook Login / Registration system configurable via the Admin Panel.

Account Settings – Users can fully manange their account settings and current package.

Account Extra Details – Users can see the extra details available related to their account, such as Payments List History.

Renew / Change Package – Users can any time renew, upgrade or cancel their current package.

Unlimited Projects – That users can create to manage multiple Biolink Pages & Shortened URLS and differentiate them easily.

Multiple Biolink Pages – Users can create multiple Biolink Pages from one single account.

URL Shortener – Your users can use the product as an URL Shortener as well!

Highly Customizable Biolink Pages – Just check out the demo and you will see for yourself 


Biolink Pages Embeds – Including YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitch & Vimeo!

Advanced Statistics – All links get detailed statistics regarding their visitors which access their pages.

Invoicing System – Users can see all the payments they made and get invoices.

and many many more..

Administrative Features
Fully Translatable via 1 File – Everything that you see on the frontend is translatable via a 1 JSON File.

Custom & Unlimited User Packages – Create / View / Update / Delete custom user packages and their available features.

Custom pages and pages categories system – Easily create and manage your static pages from the admin panel

Dashboard – Check out what is happening on your platform with great statistics at a glance.

Users Management – Create / View / Update / Delete all the users on the website.

Full SMTP Configuration

Statistics – See how your website is growing by checking out the Great looking charts and tables with different types of statistics based on your website.

Payments List – View and check out all the payments that happened on your website.

Set Default Language – Directly from the admin panel.

Payment Settings – For your Paypal and Stripe implementation.

Captcha / Google Recaptcha – Comes with a simple default captcha and has the option to implement Google Recaptcha.

Custom Administrative Emails – Configure emails content for Account Activation / Account Lost Password emails.

Admin Email Notifications – When your platform gets a new user or registers a new payment you will be notified.

Disable Index Landing Page – And replace it with your own.

Disable Registration – To completely lock down the website if needed.

Custom Header JS / CSS – To easily implement Header Javascript codes like Google Analytics, Fb pixel..etc and to easily add small CSS styling changes.

Custom Multi Domains – Allow your users to use multiple domains that you give them access to for Biolink pages or URL Shorteners.

Phishtank & Google Safe Browsing Integration – Is implemented to help you fight phishing, malware or any threats from sites that spammers will try and link to.

Discount & Redeemable codes system – To easily run promotions and give your users discounts or redeemable codes.

BioLinks demo

Biolinks Demo
Username: admin
Password: admin

BioLinks Plugins

These plugins are not included by default.

BioLinks changelogs

Update 45.0.0 – 20 February, 2024

In case you use the Theme functionality on the Admin panel – settings – theme, you must re-add your theme values after the update.

  • Implemented QR Code Custom Background Branding feature.

  • Implemented QR Code FRAMES feature – coming with 8 different frames.

  • Implemented QR Code responsive & resizable frame text feature.

  • Implemented QR Code frame text fonts selector feature.

  • Implemented QR Code frame custom colors for the frame and text.

  • Implemented UPI payment – QR code type.

  • Implemented EPC payment – QR code type.

  • Implemented the ability to enable/disable AI scraping on your website content – from the admin panel.

  • Implemented the ability to configure and set background Blur for the biolink pages & themes in the admin panel.

  • Implemented the ability to configure and set background Brightness for the biolink pages & themes in the admin panel.

  • Implemented the ability to set a default biolink theme or template via the admin panel.

  • Implemented the ability to configure biolink templates on a per plan basis.

  • Implemented new handler for pages that do not show data because of filtering for better UX.

  • Reworked many file image uploaders to support image preview & look better.

  • Added the currency parameter to the Thank You page URL after a successful payment.

  • Improved Offload plugin – region can now be edited in all cases.

  • Improved Static Pages Links to handle different uploaded file types, for a more robust static pages system.

  • Added more fonts to biolink pages selector.

  • Static Pages Links are now featured in the default landing page.

  • Removed deprecated AI models – AIX plugin.

  • Improved the QR code creation and update page with a new and intuitive QR code type selector.

  • Improved short URL app linking feature to have a fallback in case the particular app is not installed on the phone.

  • Improved short URL app linking feature – Added Twitter, Reddit, Amazon, TripAdvisor detections.

  • Improved the biolink page settings/blocks – when a new collapsible block is opened, the rest will close.

  • Added the ability to set a default tab (settings or blocks) for biolink page editing from the admin panel.

  • Branding section for custom pages can now contain dynamic variables, such as the affiliate tag of the user.

  • Fade in animation for all pages is now reduced from 1s to 500ms for a faster and snappier feel.

  • Removed complex fade animations for the hero section on the landing page to improve LCP for SEO purposes and UX.

  • Improved Pixels feature look on the landing page.

  • Improved header text and buttons in some app pages not being consistent and responsive properly.

  • Improved Spotify block to support playlist links as well.

  • No data, Thank you, Affiliate, 404 svg images now support dynamic colors – based on the theme color.

  • Improved the affiliate page, now it will show a range of potential commissions (ex: “10% – 50%” instead of “variable commission”).

  • Improved the admin panel theme page to be a bit easier to understand.

  • Fixed language creation/updating when using certain characters in the name of the language.

  • Fixed broadcast statistics viewing page issues.

  • Fixed statistics pages navigation styling inconsistencies.

  • Fixed AI Documents creation issues with old models (token limitations) – AIX plugin.

  • Fixed splash pages title not being saved when creating a splash page.

  • Fixed biolink favicon not being deleted when deleting the actual biolink page.

  • Fixed biolink image slider duplication or usage via a template, leading in some cases to randomly removed image slider images.

  • Fixed SSO issue when using it with a logged in team member.

  • A lot of other behind the scenes things that have been changed and improved.

BioLinks 44.0.0 – 27 January, 2024

  • Implemented the ability to enable and display latest Blog posts on the homepage footer.

  • Improved the top menu dropdown when being logged in, showing all internal app links.

  • Reworked the whole discounts system to be able to choose the Plans for the discount, directly on the discount creation page in the admin panel.

  • Cookie consent dependancy upgraded and improved to support RTL.

  • Improved the admin panel language update page – added scroll up / down floating buttons.

“Update 26.0.0 – 3 November, 2022

Implemented Image Slider Block for the Ultimate Blocks plugin.
Implemented Timeline Block for the Ultimate Blocks plugin.
Implemented Review Block for the Ultimate Blocks plugin.
Implemented Alert Block for the Pro Blocks plugin.
Implemented List Block for the Pro Blocks plugin.
Implemented more customizability features for the FAQ block.
Implemented the ability to change the referred by id of a user from the admin panel.
Implemented the ability to have multiple phone numbers for Vcards (vcard links, vcard block & vcard QR).
Implemented Text Alignment options for multiple blocks.
Implemented user deletion email notification for admins.
Implemented the ability to export domains data from the admin panel to CSV & JSON.
Implemented a custom way to export data from the Data page to CSV dynamically.
Implemented gravatar checker tool.
Implemented Celsius to Kelvin tool.
Implemented Fahrenheit to Kelvin tool.
Implemented Kelvin to Celsius tool.
Implemented Kelvin to Fahrenheit tool.
Implemented Code Redeemed webhook in the admin panel.
Now you can also upload Webp images in most image upload related forms.
Image & Image Grid blocks now have the same hover animation if they contain URLs.
Image & Image Grid blocks now have the option to open in new tab if they contain URLs.
Improved performance of the whole script & cron job by not running queries to the database when not needed.
Improved RSS feed block to support automatic thumbnails.
Improved user experience on biolink block deletion, page is no longer reloaded.
Improved the overall look of the colors & dashboard.
The New Users Webhook now sends the source data of the creation of the user as well.
The New Payments Webhook now sends the plan expiration date as well.
Taxes set from the admin panel can now contain decimals.
Cleaned up similar & redundant translations.
Fixed block statistics page bugs.
Fixed a few bugs and small issues from the past update.
Fixed captcha for biolink pages settings not saving in the admin panel.
Fixed item duplication when using offloaded storage (such as S3).”

“Update 25.1.0 – 14 October, 2022

Implemented color picker tool.
Implemented number to words tool.
Implemented file mime type checker tool.
Implemented random number generator tool.
Implemented text to upside down text tool.
Implemented text to old english text tool.
Implemented text to cursive text tool.
Implemented list alphabetizer tool.
Implemented reverse list tool.
Implemented reverse words tool.
Implemented reverse letters tool.
Implemented emoji remover tool.
Implemented list randomizer tool.
Improved theme switcher: now the logo will automatically switch as well.
Blog category pages now also show a sidebar with widgets, for consistency purposes.
Fixed blog post not properly setting the opengraph image for social networks.
Fixed a few bugs and small issues from the past update.”

Update 25.0.0 – 7 October, 2022
Implemented statistics latest entries page.
Implemented biolink OpenSea NFT block.
Implemented the ability to see the source of registration of an account (social, API, normal).
Implemented new payments webhook in the admin panel.
Implemented tools searchbox.
Implemented tool page similar tools suggestion entries.
Implemented BMP to WEBP, GIF, ICO, PNG, JPG tools
Implemented GIF to JPG, WEBP, ICO, PNG, BMP tools.
Implemented ICO to JPG, GIF, PNG, WEBP, BMP tools.
Implemented roman numerals to numbers tool.
Implemented numbers to roman numerals tool.
Implemented gallons to litters (Imperial + US) tool.
Implemented liters to gallons (Imperial + US) tool.
Implemented reverse IP lookup tool.
Implemented JPG to WEBP, GIF, ICO, PNG, BMP tools.
Implemented WEBP to JPG, GIF, ICO, PNG, BMP tools.
Implemented PNG to JPG, GIF, ICO, WEBP, BMP tools.
Implemented Kg to Lb converter tool.
Implemented Lb to Kg converter tool.
Implemented Mph to Kph converter tool.
Implemented Kph to Mph converter tool.
Implemented signature generator tool.
Implemented Km to Mi converter tool.
Implemented Mi to Km converter tool.
Implemented 11 new SHA generator tools.
Implemented MD2 generator tool.
Implemented MD4 generator tool.
Implemented Whirlpool generator tool.
Reworked, improved and fixed a few already existing tools.
Reworked the admin panel user view page to see all the details available for a user account.
Improved upload type fields: now it will specify the maximum size allowed.
Updated some external libraries to their latest versions.
Now you can install the product and use it on PHP 8.1 as well (please report if there are any related bugs).
Blog posts featured image is now considered the opengraph image as well.
Blog posts pages now also have a sidebar with widgets, for consistency purposes.
Improved the QR code reader to work better on different browsers.
Improved the API for QR Codes, now you can specify the style of the QR as well.
Improved the duplication system, now it will also duplicate the assets (images, videos) as well.
Multiple code cleanups & improvements throughout the product.
Fixed specific email sending with default webhost settings for Email notifications.
Fixed Two Factor Auth not working in some cases.
Fixed Vcard export not properly displaying some UTF8 characters.
Fixed Biolinks settings iconpicker not displaying in certain cases.
Fixed biolink block scheduling not working for embeddable blocks.
Fixed QR code inner color being reversed with outer color.
Fixed biolink background being removed automatically in certain cases.

Update 24.0.0 – 10 July, 2022

Implemented the ability to enable/disable the QR codes system from the admin panel.
Implemented the ability to enable/disable the Biolink system from the admin panel.
Implemented PayPal link generator tool.
Implemented text size calculator tool.
Implemented BBCode to HTML converter tool.
Implemented HTML tags remover tool.
Implemented decimal converter tool.
Implemented octal converter tool.
Implemented morse converter tool.
Implemented ASCII converter tool.
Implemented fahrenheit to celsius converter tool.
Implemented celsius to fahrenheit converter tool.
Implemented new payments webhook in the admin panel.
Implemented the ability to duplicate vcard & file links.
Improved all file input fields to better looking ones.
Improved landing page content and web vitals, making it load faster.
Fixed image optimizer tool not opening.
Fixed biolink themes background related issues.
Fixed duplication of links while being logged in as a team member.
Fixed Vcard Block avatar not being deleted when requested.
Fixed image uploading bugs on biolink blocks.

Update 19.0.0 – 30 March, 2022

  • Implemented the Teams system & released the ?‍? Teams Plugin.
  • Implemented duplication feature bio link pages (except image content).
  • Implemented duplication feature shortened URLs.
  • Implemented duplication feature for all bio link block types.
  • Implemented cookie consent logging feature to store proof of given consent.
  • Implemented cookie consent logging export to CSV.
  • Implemented cookie consent settings link in the footer, so that people can change their given consent at all times.
  • Implemented cookie consent on biolink pages as well.
  • All user sessions will be logged out if the account changes password (security improvement).
  • All user sessions will be logged out if the account changes password (security improvement).
  • Fixed language preference not persisting when doing certain actions while logged in.
  • Fixed language preference of a user being reset when re-logging in.

Free Download 66biolinks V45.0.0 Regular GPL- Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener (SAAS Ready) 

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