Free Download Calendarista Premium v15.6.4 GPL- Reservation Booking & Appointment Booking Plugin & Schedule Booking System


what is Calendarista Premium?

Calendarista is software that allows you to give your consumers with a faster and more efficient online booking experience.

Our objective is to make it super-simple and quick for companies to add their services and start taking online bookings. If you want a full hotel reservation system, car rental, apartment rental, travel agency, beauty salons, restaurants, and so on, you will be able to quickly and simply allow your website for online reservations.

The plugin comes with 12 booking modes, 2 payment gateways, and, if that isn’t enough, it also supports Woocommerce, a custom form builder, flexible optional extras, Google Maps to setup departure and destination and calculate route distance and cost, and a backend calendar to view your appointments, to name a few features.

Calendarista Premium demo

calendarista screenshot
calendarista screenshot 2

Calendarista features


  1. Bookings with a single start date.
  2. Bookings with both a start date and start time (optionally enable selecting multiple time slots).
  3. Bookings with both a start date and start time with padding.
  4. Bookings with a start date and time range.
  5. Bookings a date range.
  6. Booking a date and time range.
  7. Booking a date range with partial day charge (Half day booking).
  8. Bookings a round trip.
  9. Bookings a round trip (with time).
  10. Booking one or more packages.
  11. Payments through Paypal, Stripe, Twocheckout and WooCommerce.
  12. Collect payment offline.
  13. Enable online payments.
  14. Enable online payments and offline mode.
  15. Enable or disable payments (perfect for free bookings).
  16. Create seasonal rates for day based bookings
  17. Autogenerate timeslots.
  18. Duplicate a service.
  19. List of custom date formats to choose from.
  20. AM/PM or 24h time format.
  21. Set tax.
  22. Enable single booking or multiple bookings of the same date or same date/time.
  23. Customize any piece of string displayed to customer directly from the plugins back-end.
  24. Translation ready, either manually through PoEdit or via WPML and Polylang.
  25. Customize the data capture fields in a way that suits your business via Custom form fields.
  26. Unlimited Categorized extras to add elements that carry extra cost and can be in limited quantity.
  27. Define departure and destination dropdown fields with predefined locations and cost.
  28. Calculate price by travel distance.
  29. Charge only an upfront deposit(percentage or fixed fee). Pay reminder upon arrival..
  30. Booking can have an obligatory minimum and maximum days selection.
  31. Restrict from booking too soon or too late in the future with min/max notice.
  32. Turn over days to set prep time needed before and after the next booking.
  33. Choose your check-in and check-out days of the week.
  34. Multiple services can be grouped in a dropdown list.
  35. A single service can have one or more availabilities. Multiple availables will be listed in a dropdown list.
  36. Each availability can include an image.
  37. An availability can contain an area displayed on a map in the front-end.
  38. Calendar legend, set custom colors for available days, unavailable days and selected days.
  39. Style by choosing from a predefined color list to allow a more natural integration with your website.
  40. Auto repeat daily, weekly, montly, yearly etc.
  41. Emails send out by plugin include: New booking received, Booking received successfully, Booking confirmation, Booking cancelled, Booking reminder, Booking payment received, Discount coupon awarded, Payment required and Booking has changed.
  42. Booking cancel link sent via email.
  43. An availability can contain an area on map displayed in the front-end.
  44. Set up Email reminders.
  45. Easily add staff members to existing availabilities.
  46. View sales, request payment or confirm payment.
  47. View appointments in your back-end calendar.
  48. Edit appointments, cancel appointment or confirm appointment.
  49. Set up holidays and take time off, where you can make any date or time slot unavailable for booking.
  50. Import and export iCAL feeds, making your business always up to date and avoid overbooking.
  51. Departure and destination input fields with google maps autocomplete support.
  52. Booking with both departure and destination input fields.
  53. Booking with single departure input field only.
  54. Booking with both departure and destination dropdown fields.
  55. Booking with single departure dropdown field.
  56. Set waypoints between departure and destination.
  57. Enable direction on a live google map within your site (no redirect).
  58. Enable options such as avoid highway, avoid tolls and show traffic.
  59. Select departure and destination directly on google map using right click context menu.
  60. Export to CSV.

Calendarista changelogs

= v15.6.4 = Posted on 29/01/2024
Fix: regression bug, updating or deleting items in the backend broken.
Fix: regression bug, editing time slot from the backend did nothing.

“Download Calendarista Premium v15.0.4 – WP Appointment Booking Plugin and Schedule System Nulled Free
= v15.0.4 = Posted on 04/11/2022
Added: new option to delete all coupons in bulk.
Fix: overall small miscellaneous improvements and fixes.”

= v15.0.1 = Posted on 13/09/2022

Added: booking form tabs are now responsive.

Fixed: round trip with return being optional displayed the booking in the backend as having return on the same date.

Fixed: miscellaneous issues when using departure and destination fields and waypoints.

Fixed: miscellaneous improvements to backend appointment creation/editing.

“Download Calendarista Premium v15.0 – WP Appointment Booking Plugin and Schedule System Nulled Free
= v15.0 = Posted on 10/09/2022
Added: updated bootstrap library to latest Bootstrap v5.2.0
Added: google maps autocomplete predictions can now be bound to a location and radius in meters.
Added: new option to hide map when departure and destination fields are enabled.
Added: holidays page now allows taking full day off on services that are timeslot based.
Fixed: with multi date range, when chosing a period with a holiday in between does not block anymore.
Fixed: adding a waypoint did not display the added waypoint within the same tab summary
Fixed: adding multiple waypoints did not display each waypoint within their individual row in the booking summary
Fixed: single day and time range mode with turnover eforeapplied allowed booking a slot within the turnover range.
Fixed: total time in booking summary count ignored the minutes.
Fixed: miscellaneous css fixes to colors, paddings, summary info callout etc.”

= v14.20 = Posted on 14/04/2022
Fixed: wp roles such a shop manager did not get admin access to the plugins settings.
Fixed: when checking out with woocommerce, a service with optional extras, an error occurred.

= v14.19 = Posted on 11/04/2022

  • Fixed: removed limit on the number of availabilities to syncronize.
  • Fixed: not able to create new appointments from the backend with the package mode and multiple availabilites
  • Fixed: package mode did not multiply optional cost by number of days.
  • Fixed: cancel_page_url token sometimes did not print the url in the email notification sent to the customer.
  • Fixed: imported and exported feeds had the wrong time.
  • Added: new wordpress action is exposed: calendarista_personal_fields. You can use this to add any custom content in the booking form via code.
  • Added: new email token for optional extras that includes the cost as well: {{{optionalsWithCost}}}
  • Added: round trip with time mode now allows enforcing return on the same day only.
  • Added: round trip with time mode now allows generating a different set of slots for return.
  • Added: new option for search filter short-code: exclude-end-date-time=”true”
  • Added: you can now allow different wp roles to access the admin back-end. new option in settings -> general page.

Free Download Calendarista Premium v15.6.4 GPL- Reservation Booking & Appointment Booking Plugin & Schedule Booking System

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