Amazing Uses of VPS: Building Websites to Make Money

Using VPS to build a website is perhaps its most common use, but without me mentioning it, you would probably find it difficult to connect website building with making money. Even if you have heard about similar projects, you may not necessarily take action. Today, I will write an informative article for you.

1. Types of Website

First, website building is simple. Almost all knowledge-sharing bloggers have published articles or videos like “Build a WordPress Website in 3 Minutes.” The reason why there are few views is that 90% of people don’t know what WordPress is, and 99% of people don’t know that there are over 18,000 plugins in the WP database. It can do anything you can imagine.

Second, if you want to create a website similar to Amazon or Shopify, there are also many open-source e-commerce programs available. You can sell phones, televisions, furniture, and everything else.

Although Amazon and eBay dominate the majority of traffic, they have strict regulations because they are platforms. So you can check the prohibited items list and try building a website targeting different products.

To summarize the two types mentioned above: blogs and online stores. Both can attract traffic and generate sales through SEO. Many people make thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan per day. If you still feel contemptuous at this point, please close the webpage!

Website building goes far beyond that. Popular web tool sites are also profitable. Here are a few examples: short video analysis and downloads, multilingual translation and conversion, art font generation, PDF to DOC conversion, image to PDF conversion, PDF to text conversion, and more.

Well-developed sites of these types can generate monthly revenues of 100,000 to 200,000 yuan or more. And web tool sites are not limited to just these examples. Personally, I consider any online web site that can perform specific functions as a tool site, but the ones I mentioned above are the ones I commonly use, so I’m not familiar with other types of sites.

2. Common Sources of Income

Once you have your own website, you need to consider how to generate monthly income, as mentioned earlier.

The most common method is through advertising alliances. Simply put, you can place ads on your website, and when someone views the ads and clicks on them out of interest, you earn a certain amount of income, ranging from a few cents to several tens of yuan per click.

This is your net income. Personally, I believe that 80% of the existing websites and applications primarily generate income through advertising alliances, with some earning several hundred yuan per month and others earning millions.

In addition, e-commerce websites rely on the profits from selling products. For example, using Shopify to create an online store and sell goods can be quite profitable if done well.

The third source of income is affiliate marketing (AFF), which I am also involved in. The principle is similar to CPS (Cost Per Sale) in advertising alliances, where you earn sales commissions.

If someone is interested in our topic and purchases services from other vendors through my website, I receive a certain sales commission. Don’t underestimate affiliate marketing. Website owners who do well in this area can achieve financial freedom with just one website!

3. Sharing Ideas for Website Building

As mentioned earlier, some websites generate millions of yuan in revenue per month, and this is indeed true. I have personally seen a WhatsApp emoticon website with a monthly traffic volume in the tens of millions. I will use a simple formula to represent this, which I came up with:

10 million page views is approximately equal to 2 million unique visitors (IP). Multiply 2 million IP by $0.1, and you get around $200,000. Multiply $200,000 by 30 days, and you get around $6 million. So the monthly income is about 40 million yuan.

This is not a fantasy; it is real data.

The biggest problem you need to solve is not technical or cost-related but rather the idea behind website building.

What kind of website should you create? Should it be an online store? What products should you sell? How large is the target audience? How do you attract traffic?

Should you create a blog? Should it be about technical sharing or product reviews? What kind of products? Are they high-demand products?

Web tool sites are profitable, so can I create one? What kind of tools should I create? Which target audience should I focus on? Are they willing to subscribe or pay?

I have considered all these questions. However, due to the limitations of individual thinking, I simply cannot understand the needs of other industries. I can only come up with a few ideas for starting a website business in the future:

1.Choose a target audience, preferably English users.

Reason: English users are loyal and have good payment habits. The market is not monopolized yet, and traffic has not been completely dominated.

Advertising is easier, as for less specialized industries, you can easily promote them on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, and other English-based platforms.

2. Special Notes

No matter what kind of website you are creating, it is essential to follow the rules. If you are selling products, you must not deceive customers, and if you offer downloads, you should not engage in hotlinking. It is crucial to avoid copyright infringement…

If there is time, I will select a few good websites to analyze their traffic and earnings to help everyone. If you find it helpful, please leave a comment below.

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