Best DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting Providers in 2024

For those with specific needs, some may be interested in finding DMCA Ignored VPS hosting and servers.

This article aims to compile and share a list of the major offshore DMCA Ignored VPS hosting options available in the market.

While many providers state on their product pages that they offer “Offshore DMCA Ignored VPS locations,” it does not guarantee absolute DMCA Ignorance.

In the event of a copyright complaint, these providers may still take action, although not as swiftly and decisively as mainstream VPS hosting providers.

Therefore, when using DMCA Ignored VPS hosting and servers, it is important to adhere to a crucial principle: backup.

Regardless of the hosting provider, data security cannot be guaranteed 100%, so it is essential to regularly backup your data.

If you are a beginner and unsure how to properly backup a WordPress website, you can refer to our previous article: WordPress Automatic + Manual Full Site Backup + MySQL Export + Restore Recovery + FTP Migration.

ServerPriceRAMDiskTranferLocation€ 6.99512M10GB SSD50GBDronten, Netherlands$4.001536 M10 GB NVMEUnlimitedMoldova,Netherlands$9.991GB20GB SSD1tB@1GbpsBulgarian$2.99256MB10GB SSD256gbNetherlands,Romania,USA$2.65768MB20GB SSD500GBUSA,UK,Netherlands,China,Australia, Singapore$12512M512g HDDUnlimitedSwitzerland,Russia,Romania,Ukraine,Iceland,Netherlands€3,991GB40GB ssd5TBNetherlands$1.302GB20GB SSDUnlimited@100Mb / sBulgaria,Latvia,Luxenburg, Netherlands,Poland,Romania,USA,Ukraine,Czech Republic,Estonia,Switzerland$11.901GB25GB SSDUnlimitedMalaysia,Bulgaria ,Holland,Germany$51GB10 GB SSDUnlimitedEurope$181GB10 GB SSDUnlimitedUkraine,Netherlands & usa€ 4.491GB5GB NVMEUnlimitedUkraine, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Netherlands & Bulgeria$7.234GB50gb NVME1TBUSA and India


Abelohost was established in 2012 with the aim of providing high-quality offshore hosting services. Its data center is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Since its inception, AbeloHost has been dedicated to offering more powerful features, excellent security, speed, and a better user experience than its competitors.

It has two independent systems and an additional backup system. Servers utilize 2.4GHz Intel Xeon E5 processors and RAID 10 SSDs with 100Mbps connections, ensuring 99.9% uptime for websites.

With free control panels, extensive automated OS installations, 24×7 server monitoring, Anti-DDoS protection, a 30-day refund guarantee, and full root access, AbeloHost accepts Bitcoin, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.

It excels in handling politically sensitive, adult content, and other aspects. If you are looking for an affordable yet powerful VPS host that disregards DMCA takedowns, AbeloHost is highly recommended.

Impreza was launched in Brazil in 2013 and is the only company in the world actively contributing to the Tor network and an active member of the Internet Defense League.

Impreza is passionate about and advocates for a free internet and privacy. It was registered in Seychelles in 2015 and established with decentralized management to avoid intervention by governing bodies, providing greater privacy and confidentiality to users.

It is one of the most trusted web hosting providers, offering fast and reliable hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes, with 21 data centers worldwide, 6 of which directly disregard DMCA takedown requests in 99% of cases.

Offshore data centers are primarily located in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Switzerland, Iceland, and the Netherlands, among other important locations. All servers are compatible with the Tor network, meaning enhanced privacy, anonymity, and better network security.

Impreza accepts various cryptocurrencies for payment, does not require any documents during registration, and does not store any personal information to ensure hidden identities and privacy. It also provides free DDoS protection to effectively safeguard users’ network assets.


QloudHost is a reliable and trustworthy VPS hosting provider that disregards DMCA and prioritizes security and privacy.

QloudHost has a data center in the Netherlands and offers offshore Litespeed servers and advanced Softaculous, capable of quickly launching over 400 applications.

They provide a range of hosting plans optimized for various needs, from personal websites to enterprise-level applications, without worrying about content being removed due to copyright requests.

To boost performance by 5 times, the host offers NVMe SSDs and free migration, along with the DirectAdmin panel to ensure easy and error-free web property transfer and management.

They have robust security features, including DDoS protection, firewalls, SSL certificates, and offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, with 24/7 technical support available through live chat, phone, and email communication.

In summary, QloudHost’s VPS hosting offers a range of features and benefits. If you are looking for a VPS hosting server that disregards DMCA complaints, it is a good choice.


Founded in 2000, Shinjiru is the only offshore web hosting company globally certified with ISO 9001:2008.

Headquartered and registered in Malaysia, Shinjiru has 8 top-tier data centers worldwide and specialized networks for anti-DDoS and anti-hacking protection.

Shinjiru provides multiple offshore locations to maximize anonymity and privacy, with data centers in Moscow, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Sofia, Vilnius, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

Offshore hosting in these data centers can protect your website from DMCA and other legal jurisdictions, allowing discretionary removal requests without respect for others and ensuring complete anonymous hosting and user protection.

Shinjiru offers high-performance and reliable hardware, secure data storage, 24/7 customer support, unlimited bandwidth and storage space, and includes a range of additional features.

In addition to accepting conventional payment methods like credit cards and debit cards, PayPal, Shinjiru is also a VPS service provider that accepts Bitcoin payments and supports other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum to ensure anonymity.


UltaHost is an online hosting company founded by Doughouz Group Ltd in 2004 and headquartered in Delaware, USA.

They offer a variety of packages, including unlimited bandwidth and storage, as well as a range of other features, using high-performance NVMe solid-state drives.

UltaHost has reliable hardware, secure data storage, excellent performance, and 24/7 customer support, ensuring 99.99% server uptime.

UltaHost has its own Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers and is one of the top offshore VPS hosting providers that disregards DMCA content removal.


WebCare360 is a privacy-driven hosting company that strongly advocates for net neutrality, anonymity, and privacy. Setting up an offshore server requires only an email.

To maximize anonymity and privacy, WebCare360’s data centers are located in countries not subject to DMCA regulations, such as the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, and Bulgaria.

In addition, these servers are equipped with fully automated DDoS protection, Octa Core processors, mirrored systems, and RAID-10 SSDs to prevent all known types of Layer 4 and Layer 7 DDoS attacks, ensuring high reliability and powerful performance.

WebCare360 guarantees not to monitor any content on its servers and ensures complete confidentiality of all information. However, it does not allow mass mailing, hacking activities, phishing websites, botnets, or any other illegal activities to be deployed on its servers.

To ensure the privacy and discretion of transactions, WebCare360 accepts various payment methods, and its transaction system is fully automated and can accept encrypted payments, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


The above are some VPS hosting servers that are well-suited for resisting complaints and helping you minimize digital disputes.

Using these VPS servers can protect your digital assets from misuse and improper use by other users, providing you with better protection.

While many web hosting providers claim to allow DMCA-protected content, the important factor is their actual response when receiving website removal notices.

Some administrators may yield and shut down your website to avoid legal disputes, as they often do not want to take on additional risks in handling disputes between conflicting parties.

On the other hand, constrained by various laws, many hosting providers may not have a clear understanding of what content they endorse and are less likely to sympathize with the issues you encounter.

If you are looking to establish a website and want to protect your content from copyright issues, it is essential to choose a server that can effectively safeguard your digital assets.

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