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what is BoomBox?

Boombox – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme is a multipurpose viral magazine theme with a top notch design and extremely customizable layout, full of viral snacks and exclusive features, powered by The most powerful things viral content builder.

Take news, articles, polls or quizzes, spread them through social sharing, trends, reactions and up/down voting system, boost community of bloggers and earn money with any kind of advertising. Let’s go viral now!

BoomBox demo

BoomBox dark mode
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BoomBox Features– Viral Magazine WordPress Theme


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Extremely customizable Layout & Design

  • Advanced WordPress Customizer Options
  • Full width or boxed layout
  • 2-layer header with unlimited layout and behavior variations
  • 2-layer footer with 3 widget areas
  • Shape templates for header and footer (e.g. rattan, rattan, grass, none)
  • Advanced sidebar management
  • 8 post list types with infinite scrolling, “load more” or numerical pagination
  • 2 sizes of post strip slider & 3 featured post area types
  • Fully customizable color scheme, styles and fonts
  • Hide/Show any element on any page
  • Create a prototype of BuzzFeed, BoredPanda, 9Gag or any other viral magazine

Configurable article rating system

  • 4 types of post ratings: Views, Shares, Votes, Comments
  • Configure trending criteria by one of 4 rating types
  • Trending (24 hours), Popular (last 7 days) & Popular (last 30 days)
  • Trending, popular and hot fancy badges
  • Create a list of most viewed, most shared, most voted and most discussed posts
  • Create best post listing pages by any criteria in different time period
  • Configure all sections of the post list by one of 4 criteria (featured posts, strips, widgets)

Engage reactive voting system

  • Allow visitors to vote by reaction right after reading
  • Mark the 2 most frequent reactions on the post
  • Engage other visitors by displaying fancy reaction badges
  • Custom color options for reactive badges
  • 24 reaction emojis – 2 craft sets
  • Ability to add custom react emojis (svg files)
  • Create post list by react category
  • Set a minimum response score to categorize posts by that reaction
  • Set the maximum number of reaction types per vote
  • Restrict voting by login or only by visitor’s IP

Attractive multipurpose badge

  • Category badges (ex: quiz, poll, music, video, etc.)
  • Create any badge with 600+ icons
  • Badges that react to text or emojis (e.g. lol, omg, wtf, geeky, etc.)
  • 24 reaction emojis – 2 craft sets
  • Ability to add custom react emojis (svg files)
  • Trending, popular and trending badges
  • Set independent custom colors for all badge types
  • Create badge navigation
  • Disable all badges

Zombify Front-end Uploader is included

  • Enable pre-submit and build a community of bloggers
  • Simple news and numbered lists
  • Voting open/ranked list
  • Personality Quiz, Quiz Quiz and Poll
  • Audio and video formats
  • Social media embedding
  • Meme generator and more
  • Dispatch system

Powerful social sharing system

  • Powered by MashShare plugin
  • Remove call-to-action buttons
  • Fully customizable styles
  • Editable button labels
  • Fixed share bar
  • Adjustable share button positions
  • Fake share count to get started easily
  • Ability to 25+ networks via Mashshare add-on (including WhatsApp for mobile)
  • Force test sharing before viewing results with Viralpress

  • ads are included in the post list
  • ads in sidebar with fixed option
  • ads before/after header area
  • ads before / after the content area
  • pre-advertisement “You May Also Like”
  • pre-advertisement “More from”
  • advertisement before the “Don’t Miss” section
  • ad in front of comments
  • ads in footer widget area
  • ads in places like “before the first paragraph of the article” and so on.

Other features

  • SEO Optimization
  • Valid / semantically correct HTML code W3
  • Cross-browser compatible (IE 9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.)
  • Fully responsive design
  • Ready for Retina
  • support RTL
  • WPML compatible
  • Advanced GIF control
  • Support and Oppose
  • Newsletter with MailChimp . subscription
  • All social media icons from Font Awesome
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Contact Form 7 compatible

BoomBox Changelog:— Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

 v2.8.3 - 14.12.2021
- New: Dark/Light mode logo option addded
- Fixed: Minor fixes on the dark mode
- Update: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
v2.8.2 - 09.11.2021
- New: NSFW functionality for the AMP version added
- Fixed: Logo for the AMP version
- Fixed: Minor front-end fixes
- Fixed: BuddyPress notifications for the openlist (Zombify)
- Improvement: minor front-end improvements (Zombify)

v2.8.1 - 20.09.2021
- Fixed: AMP support minor fixes
- Fixed: Deprecated functions in BuddyPress
- Fixed: Dark / Light minor color fixes (Gamify)
- Fixed: "Vine" icon removed from embeds (Zombify)
- Fixed: "Vidme" icon removed from embeds (Zombify)
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

v2.8.0 - 03.08.2021
- Update: WordPress 5.8 support
- Update: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
- Update: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
- Improvement: "Gamify" plugin v1.3.1 (minor fixes)
- Improvement: "Zombify" plugin v1.6.5 (instagram embed bug fix)
- Improvement: "Boombox theme extensions" plugin v1.6.8
- New: "TikTok" support for boombox social icons
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

= v2.7.9 - 10.06.2021 =
- Improvement: Dashboard minor improvements
- New: Post Ranking System reset option is added
- New: ESSB share settings are added to the native Boombox pop-up
- Update: Instagram API updated for embedding content

= v2.7.8 - 21.04.2021 =
- Improvement: Translation strings Updates

= v2.7.7 - 19.04.2021 =
- Update: WooCommerce Mini Cart template
- Fix: Single post template, related articles section: ads appearance fixes
- Improvement: Kirki customizer minor fonts optimizations
- Fix on Zombify: Covertation fixes for CloudConvert with Amazon S3

= v2.7.6 - 31.03.2021 =
- Update: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
- Fix: Google reCaptcha front-end fixes
- Improvement: minor improvements

= v2.7.2 - 21.12.2020 =
- Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
- Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
- Improvement: Theme capability information added

= v2.7.1 - 15.12.2020 =
- Fix: WordPress 5.6 compatibility fixes
- Fix: Facebook Comments Plugin reinstal
- Fix: Paginated post small fixes
- Fix: Facebook Embed
- Fix: Post Formats assignment to user roles
- Improvement: WordPress Dashboard small improvements
- Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version

v2.7.0 - 05.11.2020
- Fix: WordPress 5.5.3 compatibility fixes

v2.6.9 - 05.11.2020
- New: WP media file attachment template /SEO orientated improvement/
- Fix: Icons
- Fix: video mute/unmute button

v2.6.8 - 30.10.2020
- Fix: Customizer fixes
- Fix: Easy Social Share plugin for WordPress update fixes

v2.6.7 - 29.10.2020
- Improvement: Easy Social Share plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
- Improvement: H1 added to the archive pages when the title is hidden
- New: Discord was added to Boombox socials
- Fixed: Customizer/Home/Main - Share Bar Elements - now always shown
- Improvement on Zombify: minor Front-end improvements
- Fixed on Zombify: Paginated posts bug for lists post formats

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Download BoomBox v2.8.4 Nulled – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme:

Instructions to activate BoomBox if there is a license error

Open the functions.php file at line 20 (may vary depending on version)

  1. After function boombox_is_registered() {
  2. add the following code if it doesn’t exist yet: return true;
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