Codecanyon – Bravo v2.3.0 – WooCommerce Points and Rewards – WordPress Plugin

Codecanyon – Bravo v2.2.3 – WooCommerce Points and Rewards – WordPress Plugin

what is Bravo plugin?

Now, reward your customers for their purchases through reward points they earned which they can easily redeem on their next actions/purchases.

Using our Bravo – WooCommerce Points and Rewards extension you can set how many reward points you want to set for a specific amount of purchases. You can set this threshold reward point per purchase as per your convenience i.e. per product, category or globally. It gives you control over the reward point/loyalty point management using Bravo – WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin.

You can also set what each point will be worth. For instance, you may set one point equivalent to 1$, or 100 points could be equal to 1$, or any other value you wish to set. This way your customers can earn their reward points over time and can decide when and how they want to redeem their reward points for a discount. You can also adjust your customers’ point balances manually. Bravo – WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin is a great way to develop your store credit amongst your customers.

It’s time to reward your customers for giving feedback in your support forums or for detecting a bug! Just give away some points that they can redeem when they buy next..

Bravo Demo Online

Bravo features

Reward Customer Purchases With Points Redeemable For Discounts!
Earn Points for Purchases
Customers can redeem points for discounts based on the conversion rate you set.
points can be earned for selling products based on the conversion rate set by you.
you can simply allow your customers to buy points as per the conversion rate set by you. just create a
product with product type?& customers can buy it and redeem points for discounts later.
Control the maximum discount.
Include previous loyal customers in your system.
Award points to customers for actions like signing up.
Manage Customer Points.
Let your customers check their points information and remove points for refunded orders.
Reset points for all or specific users from the users list using a bulk action.
Provide previous information about points and rewards on a product page.
Please check the documentation of the plugin from to learn how to use the plugin.

Bravo changelogs

“Download Bravo WooCommerce Points and Rewards v2.3.0 – WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.3.0 (2022-10-21) =

  • [*] Fixed an issue of per product price setting not working.
  • [*] Fixed an issue of getting product page break while point conversion is blank in the settings.”

Bravo v2.3.0 – WooCommerce Points and Rewards Download

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