Download Newsomatic V3.2.6– Automatic News Post Generator Plugin for WordPress

Codecanyon Newsomatic Automatic News Post Generator Plugin for WordPress v3.1.6 Nulled

What is Newsomatic ?

Newsomatic – Automatic News Post Generator Plugin for WordPress v3.2.0.1 Nulled.#1 WordPress Plugin to create self-updating and monetizable News Sites.

Welcome to the future! This breakthrough WordPress Plugin Will Create Self-Updating News Sites and Will Drive 100% Free Organic Traffic For Passive Recurring Commissions!

Newsomatic Automatic News Post Generator Plugin for WordPress is a breaking edge news related content importer, using NewsomaticAPI. It is ideal for auto blogging and automatic news related content post publishing. It uses NewsomaticAPI’s services to turn your website into a auto blogging or even a money making machine!
Using this plugin, you can automatically generate posts based on a set of predefined rules.
Works in ANY niche – turn your hobbies & interests into self-updating news sites!

Newsomatic Demo:

Newsomatic – Automatic News Post Generator Plugin for WordPress Features:

  • You can use HeadlessBrowserAPI to scrape JavaScript Generated HTML Content from any website on the internet without having to install anything on your server (apart from this plugin).
  • Instead of NewsAPI, we’re now utilizing NewsomaticAPI – This specialized API is used by the plugin to acquire material from a variety of news sources.
  • – Video instruction on how to replace original post photos with images imported from royalty-free image sources (Pixabay, Flickr, Pexels, MorgueFile).
  • Using the link shortener service, you can shorten outgoing (post source) links (and monetize them) – here’s an example of a shortened link.
  • The option to search articles by KEYWORD has been added (highly requested feature)
  • Many new news sources have been added; a complete list may be seen here.
  • The ability to search by article language/country has been added.
  • The option to search all articles in the API database has been added (not just latest ones)
  • Run a regex on the material and replace it with another regex.
  • A fantastic replacement for the Google News API.
  • Support for Google Translate – choose the language in which you wish to publish your content.
  • Support for DeepL Translation – choose the language in which you wish to publish your content.
  • Support for Content Spinners — automatically alter created text by replacing terms with synonyms – built-in, The Best Spinner, SpinRewriter, SpinnerChief, WordAI, and others – excellent SEO value!
  • Automatically generate post categories or tags from imported news items with customisable produced post status (published, draft, pending, private, trash).
  • Add post categories or tags to individual items individually.
  • create a post, a page, or any other form of custom post
  • possibility to include a “rel=canonical” meta tag to produced posts that links back to the original post
  • Set publication constraints: don’t publish articles without photos, and don’t publish posts with a short or lengthy title/content.
  • create a featured image for the article automatically
  • For the created post, enable or disable comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks.
  • change the title and text of the post (with the included wide variety of relevant post shortcodes)
  • ‘Keyword Replacer Tool’ – Its goal is to establish keywords that are automatically swapped with your affiliate links wherever they occur in your site’s content. For example, you may define the keyword ‘codecanyon’ and have it replaced with a link to name anywhere it appears in the content of your site.
  • ‘Random Sentence Generator Tool’ is a program that generates random sentences. (relevant phrases, as defined by you)
    comprehensive monitoring of plugin activities
  • planned rule execution
  • Limitations on title length (maximum/minimum) in the post
  • Post-limitation content length maximum/minimum
  • Only add a post if the title/content has the preset necessary keywords.
  • Only add a post if the title/content does not contain any of the specified forbidden keywords.

Newsomatic – Automatic News Post Generator Plugin for WordPress Changelog:

“Download Newsomatic v3.2.5 – Automatic News Post Generator Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free
V3.2.5 Release Date 2022-11-11 Big Thanks To @phpcore
Improved results paging queries in the plugin, resulting in more seamless post importing when post caching is used”

Version 3.1.8 Release Date 2021-11-25
Added the ability to assign categories to posts, based on keywords from content and title

Version 3.1.7 Release Date 2021-09-30
Featured image importing improvements

Version 3.1.6 Release Date 2021-09-15
Added the ability to set the WPML language to created posts

Version 3.1.5 Release Date 2021-08-30
Added the ability to skip spinning of content for posts imported by specific rules’

Version 3.1.4 Release Date 2021-07-18
Added Microsoft Translator support to the plugin (next to Google Translate and DeepL Translator)

Version 3.1.3 Release Date 2021-07-15
(Highly requested update) Added multiple Regex expression support (for content stripping and replacing)

Version 3.1.2 Release Date 2021-05-04
(Highly requested update) Added autocomplete keyword suggestions to keyword search query input fields

Version 3.1.1 Release Date 2021-03-29
(Highly requested update) Added visual content selector when selecting full content source for articles

Version 3.1.0 Release Date 2021-01-17
Added support for HeadlessBrowserAPI to scrape JavaScript rendered content with ease
Added support for PhantomJS and Puppeteer to scrape content from sites (if they are installed on the server)

Version 3.0.5 Release Date 2021-01-16
PHP 8 compatibility update

Version 3.0.4 Release Date 2021-01-03
Added the ability to strip content by HTML id or class in the rule settings (not just globally)

Version 3.0.3 Release Date 2020-12-30
Importing rule pagination update – makes much easier to manage multiple rules that are setup in the plugin

Version 3.0.2 Release Date 2020-10-15
Added the ability to filter news by country and by language on both ‘Top News to Posts’ and ‘Latest News to Posts’ plugin menus

Version 3.0.1 Release Date 2020-09-15
Fixed all reported bugs
Improved functionality and features

Version 3.0.0 Release Date 2020-05-28
Using a new decicated API to get content: NewsomaticAPI

Download Newsomatic v3.2.6 – Automatic News Post Generator Plugin for WordPress

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