Free Download Codecanyon – Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin v4.15.5

Codecanyon – Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin v4.14.4

what is Pinterest Automatic Pin?

Codecanyon – Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin v4.15.5 Nulled

why we have coded this plugin that will pin images from your posts automatically to

Just install and forget your Pinterest account as Pinterest Automatic will do all the pinning work for you.

Pinterest Automatic Pin Key Features

Pin unlimited number of images: Pinterest Automatic can pin from one image to all images from the posts directly to your Pinterest account.

Bulk Pin: Posts can be queued for pinning in bulk. Select the desired posts, and the plugin will pin them one by one according to the set schedule. Number of images to pin per post can be set from one to all.

Automatic Images detection: Pinterest Automatic auto-detects images from your post then list them, where you can decide which images should be pinned.

Automatic boards detection: Pinterest Automatic will auto-detect boards in your Pinterest account so that you can choose which board you want to pin images to.

Queuing System: The Plugin queues images that are eligible for pinning in the queue and pin them separated by a random interval. That allows the pinning of an unlimited number of images without any problem.

Pinterest Automatic Pin Demo Online

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Pinterest Automatic may pin a limitless amount of photographs to your Pinterest account, ranging from one image to all images from the postings.
  • Masse Pin: You may queue up posts to be pinned in bulk. Choose the posts you want to pin, and the plugin will pin them one by one according to the timetable you choose. The number of photographs that will be pinned per post might range from one to all.
  • Automatic Image Detection: Pinterest automatically finds and lists photos from your article, allowing you to choose which ones to pin.
  • Pinterest Automatic will automatically discover boards in your Pinterest account, allowing you to pick which board you wish to pin photographs to.
  • The Plugin queues photos that are eligible for pinning in the queue and pins them one after the other at a random interval. This makes it possible to pin an endless number of photos without any issues.
  • All pins are immediately hyperlinked to your posts, so when a Pinterest user clicks on the pin, it takes them to your site’s content. A fixed set link or a link from a custom field can still be used as a pin link. Like photos submitted from a computer, the image can also be uploaded without a link back.
  • Default pin text and pin board: You may specify a default pin text or a default pinboard to which all pins will be pinned so that you don’t have to type it in every time.
  • Tags that may be used in the pin text: There are 9 tags that can be used in the pin text, and each tag will be substituted with its corresponding value from the pinned post.
    • [image alt]: the image alt text is replaced.
    • [post title]: the title of the post is replaced.
    • After converting it to pinterest hash tags, [post tags] are substituted with post tags.
    • [post excerpt]: the post excerpt is replaced.
    • [post link]: the post link is replaced.
    • [post author] should be updated with the author of the post.
    • [post category]: the post category is replaced.
    • [product price] is substituted with the price of a WooCommerce product.
    • [customFieldName]: is substituted with the value of the custom field.
  • Support for custom post types: If you have a portfolio, gallery, or any other sort of post, Pinterest will automatically support it.
  • Support for WooCommerce: If your website is built on WordPress eCommerce or WooCommerce, Pinterest Automatic can pin your items to Pinterest.
  • Pinterest Automatic can pin posts from bots, just like it can pin posts from WordPress Automatic. It can pin the main picture, a set of images, or all of the photographs in a post.
  • Image support for custom fields: if you have a picture URL saved in a custom field, you can instruct the plugin to pin that image.
  • Recognize photos to pin from the front end: Pinterest Automatic can still detect images from the front end if they don’t exist in the backend. Some galleries, for example, are shown in the backend utilizing a shortcode.
  • From thumbnails, pin full-sized WordPress images: Pinterest automatically determines if a full-sized image, rather than a thumbnail, is accessible to pin.
  • Support for Pinterest boards in a WordPress category: According to the image’s category, you may choose which board it will be pinned to. Set an infinite number of categories as board rules *Note that the picture will only be displayed on one board.
  • Support for Pinterest boards through a WordPress tag: According on the image’s tags, you may choose which board it will be pinned to.
  • Custom jQuery selection: If the photos are displayed elsewhere on the editing page but not in the editor, a custom jQuery selector may be used by the plugin to capture the images.
  • Custom Taxonomies: The plugin may list categories from custom taxonomies in the category to board section.
  • Spintax Form can be used for pin text such as awesome|cool|nice, however only one word will be picked at random for each pin.
  • Pin the featured image: The plugin allows you to pin the featured image to Pinterest.
  • Support for scheduled posts: Select photos to be pinned, and they will be pinned after your scheduled post is published.
  • Cron job: The plugin may utilize both the WordPress internal cron job and a separate cron job.
  • Option to only show to admins: The plugin offers an option to only show to administrators.
  • Proxy support: Pinterest atuomatic may connect to Pinterest via proxies.
  • Pinterest can automatically prevent a content from being pinned if it belongs to a specified category.
  • Automatic excerpt generation: Pinterest Atuomatic can automatically produce an excerpt from your material with a pre-determined length of characters.
  • Exclude photos that are less than a certain width from being pinned: Pinterest Atuomatic may exclude images that are smaller than a certain width from being pinned.
  • Skip duplicates: There is a setting that allows you to avoid pinning the same image from the same post again.
  • Pinterest Automatic might avoid pinning from certain categories that you choose.
  • Exclude photographs with the following text: If you specify a specific text, it will be omitted from pinning if it is discovered in the pinned picture URL.
  • Number of Flixible tags: In the pin description, Pinterest can automatically add the post tags as Pinterest hashtags. It can also specify the number of tags to include.
  • Replace the following in the picture src link, pin link, or pin tags: In the final values supplied to Pinterest, you can swap out certain components.
  • Random pin interval: Starting at 3 minutes, you can choose a random pin interval between pins. With a random interval between photos, the plugin will pin them.
  • Plugin visibility filter: You may make the plugin only visible to admins if you like.
  • Auto-add parameters to pin links: For tracking reasons, the plugin can automatically append pre-defined parameters to the pin link.
  • Automatic updates: You may update the plugin right from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Detailed action log: An action log that is automatically updated and lists each action taken by the plugin.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin Changelog:

Version 4.14.4 (23 August 2021)
– Fix: Urgent core bug fix, all users must upgrade

Version 4.14.3 (2 May 2021)
– Fix: WPBakery JS composer integration updated

Version 4.14.2 (14 August 2020)
– Fix: Plugin updated to work with WordPress 5.5

Version 4.14.1 (27 December 2019)
– Fix: fetch boards now works again without the need to reload the page

Version 4.14.0 (15 November 2019)
– Urgent: Fetch boards back to work after a recent Pinterest change
– NEW: option to set pin link as the attachment image link
– NEW: Search and replace in link now supports regular expressions
– NEW: Pin link points to now accepts multiple links comma separated
– Fix: Polylang integration back to work

Version 4.13.0 (17 August 2019)
– NEW: Additional queue processing interval
– NEW: PolyLang plugin support
– Improved: Pin URL from a custom field now can detect URLs inside Arrays
– Fix: Titles with new lines/carriage return was showing 404 error, now sorted

Version 4.12.3 (17 July 2019)
– Fix: Now detects all images from WP Automatic eBay/Amazon posts
– Fix: Titles with new lines/carriage return was showing 404 error, now sorted

Version 4.12.2 (21 June 2019)
– Urgent: Code updated to cope with new Pinterest changes
– NEW: SOCK5 proxies support

Version 4.12.1 (12 June 2019)
– Fix: Check more text now returned to the pin description
– Fix: remove extra spaces/carriage returns from added proxies

Version 4.12.0 (6 May 2019)
– NEW: added support for fooGalleries plugin
– Fix: Excerpt auto generation for non-latin chars now works correctly
Fix: Title trim for non-latin chars now works correctly

Version 4.11.2 (21 April 2019)
– Fix: tags as hashtags now works for queued pins
– Fix: Queue now displays correct pin text

Version 4.11.1 (13 April 2019)
– NEW: option for the pin title
– Improved: capture images uploaded option now gets the image alt
– Fix: tags as hashtags now back to work
– Fix: blob images when uploading now get skipped

Version 4.11.0 (10 April 2019)
– NEW: option to capture images uploaded to the post even if not visible in the admin area
– NEW: option to skip images lower than a specific height
– Fix: post_tags now only consider added tags taxonomies added to the plugin settings
– Fix: image from the custom field now work when the option to skip the featured image
– Fix: Checked images now display pending icon when clicking publish using the block editor

Version 4.10.4 (14 Mar 2019)
– NEW: Queue button to reset the update interval and force cron trigger
– Fix: Proxies now back to work

Version 4.10.3 (6 Mar 2019)
– Urgent: Code updated to cope with a new change from Pinterest that stopped fetching
– NEW: Sections support, fetch boards button now returns the sections
– NEW: page break support so images from multi-page posts now get pinned
– Improved: The plugin can now revert to the default board if the selected board was deleted

Version 4.10.2 (9 January 2019)
– Urgent: Code updated to cope with a recent Pinterest change that removed the cookie
– New: description new tags product_cat, product_categories, post_categories
– Fix: Correct pin link now get reported to the plugin log/queue page

Version 4.10.1 (21 November 2018)
– Fix: the recent version of Yoast SEO conflicted with the plugin UI. now sorted

Version 4.10.0 (28 October 2018)
– NEW: option to skip queuing already pinned images from the same post
– Improved: Now displays a notice if the queue processing time was configured improperly
– Improved: Now the plugin can detect images after next page tags when bulk pinning
– Fix: post_excerpt tag now removes the shortcodes
– Fix: successful pin link in log page now is correct

Version 4.9.0 (22 September 2018)
– NEW: Gutenberg support
– NEW: WooCommerce product attributes can now be added to the pin description
– Fix: Idle time is now 1 hour

Version 4.8.0 (02 September 2018)
– NEW: Complete random a new option to post randomly from the queue
– NEW: option to skip images from bulk pinning if the image URL contains a specific word
– NEW: option to skip the featured image from pinning
– NEW: Alternate cron command was added
– NEW: Now the queue feature can detect images coming from shortcodes
– Fix: Auto check first image now works for all post types
– Fix: Code updated to cope with a minor change from the Pinterest side
– Improved: exclusion rules now get applied to the featured image as well

Version 4.7.0 (10 March 2018)
– Change: Now the plugin does not require a username and a password, but a cookie session.
– Fix: Parse front-end now supports the “more” tags.
– Fix: image alt text for gallery images now gets captured

Version 4.6.1 (14 November 2017)
– NEW: new tag [post_category]
– Fix: conflict with divi icon sorted.
– Fix: [post_tags] back to work

Version 4.6.0 (10 October 2017)
– NEW: Custom fields support in pin text
– Fix: Pin text now supports quotes

Version 4.5.2 (26 August 2017)
– Fix: recent Pinterest change resulted in boards not found issue now sorted
– Fix – failed to be pinned images now gets automatically removed

Version 4.5.0 (5 August 2017)
– NEW: option for the number of images to pin when added to the queue & auto pinned
– NEW: excluded categories
– NEW: Now captures the images from the text editor
– NEW: option to exclude small images from being pinned
– NEW: option to limit the number of tags added to the pin text
– NEW: option to set pin link from a custom field or a fixed link
– improvement: log and queue page now stop updating when not active
– fix: log page now auto updates

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