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Share one Drive OneDrive plugin for WordPress v1.15 Nulled

Share-one-Drive | OneDrive plugin for WordPress v1.15 Nulled Free Download

Say hello to the most popular WordPress OneDrive plugin! Share-one-Drive is a user-friendly, highly customizable, innovative OneDrive integration plugin for WordPress that displays your OneDrive PersonalOneDrive Business and Sharepoint Library files in a beautiful way. No coding skills required!

Say hello to the most popular WordPress OneDrive plugin! Share-one-Drive is a user-friendly, highly customizable, innovative OneDrive integration plugin for WordPress that displays your OneDrive files in a beautiful way. No coding skills required!

It is really easy to start building your WordPress website with Share-one-Drive – there are just a few clicks to make:

  • Link your OneDrive account to the plugin with just 1 click!
  • In the WordPress Page or Post editor, open the Share-one-Drive Shortcode Builder and choose a pre-configured mode
  • Select the OneDrive Folder which should be used as starting point for the plugin
  • Simply adjust the shortcode in the Shortcode Builder via intuitive controls and options
  • Insert the Shortcode and publish your page!

Share-one-Drive is the #1 Ultimate OneDrive plugin for WordPress on the market – and part of a series of Cloud Plugins already powering 10.000+ company websites improving their workflow. Join now and start using your OneDrive even more efficiently by integrating it on your website!

The #1 OneDrive plugin Share-one-Drive | OneDrive plugin for WordPress

Say hello to the most popular WordPress OneDrive! Share-one-Drive is an innovative, highly customizable, user-friendly OneDrive integration plugin for WordPress that beautifully displays your OneDrive files. No coding skills required!

Getting started building your WordPress site with Share-one-Drive is really easy – it only takes a few clicks to do it:

  • Link your OneDrive account to the plugin in 1 click!
  • In the WordPress Post or Pages editor, open the Single Drive Share Shortcode Generator and select the pre-configured mode
  • Select the OneDrive Folder to be used as the starting point for the plugin
  • Simply tweak shortcodes in Shortcode Generator through intuitive controls and options
  • Insert Shortcode and publish your page!

Share-one-Drive is the #1 ultimate OneDrive plugin for WordPress on the market – and part of the Cloud Plugins series that have powered over 10,000 corporate sites improving their workflow. Join now and start using your OneDrive even more efficiently by integrating it on your website!

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Feature Share-one-Drive

File Browser

Looking for the best solution to manage your Documents on your WordPress site? Just use this File Browser and manage your documents easily through the OneDrive platform. The File Browser will ensure that your files are automatically displayed on your WordPress site.


Tired of the process of uploading, selecting and building your gallery on a WordPress site? Share-one-Drive Libraries automatically build a great Library from your OneDrive Folder.

Audio player & video player

Stream media from your OneDrive with an HTML 5 middle layer with flash fallback. Supported formats: mp3, mp4, m4a & m4v (AAC / H.264), oga & ogv (Vorbis / Theora), webmv (Vorbis / VP8).

Upload to the cloud

The plugin comes with a beautiful Upload Box that allows users to upload files directly to your OneDrive. This box is extremely powerful when combined with the User Folders feature, allowing you to create a Client Area on your OneDrive.

Search files by name and content

Allow users to search your files by filename and extension. You can also use full-text search that allows you to search beyond the names of your files.

Inline preview

Directly view your Documents or Photos in the awesome Lightbox included with the plugin. Share-one-Drive can also show almost any type of your Documents so people don’t need to download them before they can see the content.

File embedding

Just want to embed Docs directly into your WordPress Page or Post? You can use the Share-one-Drive Embed button in the WordPress Editor and the plugin will ensure that your selected documents are nicely integrated into your site.

Shared link

Create a shared link if you want anyone to be able to click the link to access your file. People don’t need a OneDrive account to see your files.

User Directory

Share documents easily and securely via OneDrive with your customers. The User Folders feature allows your customers to preview, download, and upload documents to their own folders. You can manually link your WordPress Users to their own directory, or let the plugin handle this for you!

All in the cloud

OneDrive can ease the burden on your server, reducing disk space by hosting your website heavier than external elements. Instead of copying files to your server, this plugin will manage files directly on OneDrive. Users will download files directly from OneDrive to increase performance and save you bandwidth!

Great media player

Media Player has a great interface and supports powerful features like: playlists, playback speed, subtitles, etc.

User Permissions

The plugin integrates perfectly into the WordPress User system allowing you to choose which User Role will have permission to view, download, upload, rename, delete files or folders.

Shortcode generator

Adding Share-one-Drive has never been easier! While it has an impressive number of options, even beginners will manage to implement the plugin according to their wishes with our intuitive workflow.


Do you want to track whether someone downloads and uploads files? The notification system can send you customizable emails when this happens! Combined with OneDrive App notifications, you’ll instantly know when a customer needs your attention!

Optimized performance

Good looks aren’t everything, so we make sure Share-one-Drive loads lightning fast too! Our smart caching system will ensure that everything runs smoothly!

Object-oriented code

Share-one-Drive uses the most advanced and efficient programming patterns to deliver the best results for your website.

WooCommerce ready

Share-one-Drive integrates nicely into WooCommerce and it allows you to select your Digital Products from OneDrive!

Gravity Forms integration

Do you want more flexibility Included Upload Form? Useyourdrive seamlessly integrates into Gravity Forms allowing you to create the perfect Form!

Multilingual ready

Includes .po and .mo files, for easy translation. Would you like to contribute to the plugin? The cost of purchasing the plugin will happily be refunded if you submit a new translation

Responsive Design

Your content will look great on both desktop and mobile sites whether it’s the File Browser, Gallery, Upload box, or Media Player.

Smart download

To save your time and bandwidth, it only includes javascript files used on the page – no more traffic and faster loads!

Object-oriented code

Share-one-Drive uses the most advanced and efficient programming patterns to deliver the best results for your website.

Requires configuration settings

  • WordPress 4.5+
  • jQuery 1.11+ (any site running WordPress 4.5+ should use this)
  • At least PHP 5.4 with cURL extension (available on most servers). Recommended PHP 7.0+.

Changelog Share-one-Drive | OneDrive plugin for WordPress Nulled Free

>>> v1.15.2 11 November 2021
Added: New setting: ‘From’ for email notifications. Can be set globally or per module.
Added: New setting: Advanced -> SharePoint Site Libraries which you can use to enable/disable access to SharePoint libraries.
Fix: Not reading available memory correctly on servers with memory_limit set to -1 which could cause issues with download streams
Fix: New WooCommerce download urls not set correctly
Fix: Shortcode Builder not showing up in the Form Field configuration for some WP Forms plugin versions
Fix: Shortcode Builder not loading folders on SharePoint drives correctly when editing module configuration.
Improved: Removed some unused javascript libraries

>>>v1.15 – 14 October 2021
Added: Support for the Divi Page Builder added
Added: %usermeta_{key}% placeholder for name templates, to get your users custom meta value. {key} is the meta key to retrieve.
Fix: Move dialog not loading File Browser for selecting new location
Fix: ‘Allow Preview’ setting incorrectly displayed for the Gallery module configuration
Fix: Private Folders not generated when users are registered via the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On
Fix: Fix: Resolved issue with SharePoint Document Libraries in the same site having the same IDs. Till now, only the first document library would show up in the plugin.
Improved: Added a global upload progress indicator for the Upload Box module
Improved: Changed layout of the WooCommerce Upload integration on both Front-End and Back-End
Improved: Layout and functionality of the Gutenberg block
Improved: Various layout changes
Improved: Replaced Font Awesome icons library with lightweight and fastEva Icons

>>>v1.14.10 – 19 July 2021
Fix: plugin could crash when trying to list/access trying to list inaccessible SharePoint Sites or Document Libraries
Fix: API updates not always clearing cache data
Fix: Enqueue scripts and styles in Gravity Form integration in a different way
Fix: Scroll event on mobile devices could open the lightbox unexpectedly
Improved: Added embed support for files with previews supported by OneDrive API

>>> = v1.14.8 – 8 June 2021 =
Added: %account_email% placeholder for recipient for the email notifications. This placeholder will contain the email address of the linked Cloud Account
Fix: CORS issue with VAST XML urls
Fix: The set subfolder location in the shortcode configuration for manually linked Private Folders not working when using the standalone Upload Box module
Improved: Shortcode Builder will check if modules are still linked to accessible content
Updated: Chart.js library version to 3.3.2
Updated: Datatables library version to 1.10.25
Updated: Tagify library version to 4.2.0

>>> = v1.14.7 – 22 May 2021 =
Added: Option to select own branding image showing when iFrames are loaded
Fix: Click event not firing when only external preview is available
Fix: Not updating thumbnails in the root folder of OneDrive
Fix: Some actions were still available even when reCaptcha failed validation
Fix: Last edited date was not translated
Improved: added support for Private Folders for the WooCommerce File/Folder download selector
Improved: Added explanation for (personal) data usage when linking your cloud accounts

>>> = v1.14.6 29 April 2021 =
Fix: WooCommerce download integration selector not opening when using Gutenberg as page editor for your products
Updated: Gravity Forms integration now support GF version >2.5 which contains a new form editor
Improved: Increased Front-End performance by reducing the number of JS events for plugin elements

>>> = v1.14.5 22 April 2021 =
Fix: Media Player ‘Last modified’ sorting order not working
Fix: Media Player playlist not opening folder structure when first file in playlist is inside a subfolder.
Updated: Chartjs Library to version 3.1.0
Updated: Font Awesome to version 5.15.3
Updated: PHPThumb library to version 1.7.16
Updated: Replaced PHPZip library with ZipStream library

>>> = v1.13.2 – 18 February 2021 =
Fix: GravityPDF integration not loading anymore
Fix: Resolved conflict with the library
Fix: Exporting file formats to PDF not working
Fix: Bug in the OneDrive Business API search, returning results outside the searched folder has been solved
Fix: Download folder button in action menu not starting ZIP download
Fix: not sending Account ID on Upload Post Process

>>> = v1.12.15 – 7 December 2020 =
– VULNERABILITY Authorization tokens can be publicly accesible on NGINX servers and requires the attacker to know both the Account email and Account ID. Apache servers are not affected. This version implements token encryption to patch this. A re-authorization might be needed in some cases.
– Fix: Form submit buttons can disappear when triggered while plugin is still uploading files
– Fix: Bug could create ‘Guest’ Private Folders when a logged in user was for some reason logged out in the background
– Fix: Plugin not initiating properly when ReCaptcha script is loaded async/defer
– Improvement: Made a number of PHP8 compatilibility improvements.

>>> v1.12.14 13 November 2020
– Fix: Folder Description not showing up in Gallery mode
– Fix: Javascript Compatibility issue when used in combination with specific Themes
– Improvement: Can now add User Roles as notification recipients using placeholders like %administrator%, %subscriber%, %editor%, %custom_wp_role%.
– Improvement: Various javascript changes for compatibility with WordPress 5.6 and jQuery 3.x.
– Improvement: Marked as compatible with WordPress 5.6.

>>> v1.12.13
– Fix: Folder location set by form input fields not correctly filtered. Could for instance create subfolders when folder name contained a ‘
– Fix: Delete action events not correctly registered
– Fix: Preview button via File Menu doesn’t open the LightBox correctly on some devices
– Improvement: Small layout changes in File Browser
– Added: Formidable Forms integration
– Fix: Layout description box in Gallery aligning long descriptions incorrectly
– Fix: File Browser in WooCommerce Orders not starting uploads
– Improved: Added support for folder paths in shortcode dir attribute. E.g. [shareonedrive dir=”/path/to/folder” … ]
– Improved: Removed ReCaptcha from Admin Dashboard pages with plugin when ReCaptcha is enabled
– Fix: Upload Box could create folders when file name contained special characters
– Fix: Upload Form integrations was submitting Forms even if a file in the queue failed to upload.
– Fix: Conflict in WPForms Builder when having multiple WP Cloud Plugins running
– Fix: Thumbnail links for Business Accounts not rendering correctly without height value due to change in API
– Updated: Font Awesome library to version 5.15.1

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Download Share-one-Drive v1.15.2 – OneDrive plugin for WordPress Nulled:

Download Share-one-Drive v1.15 – OneDrive plugin for WordPress Nulled:

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