Cost of a 10G Bandwidth Server and 3 US 10G Bandwidth Server Providers

In the United States, the most common server bandwidth options are 100Mbps or 1Gbps, which can meet the needs of 90% of businesses.

However, for certain specialized applications such as game servers, short video servers, and deep computational tasks, this bandwidth may not be sufficient, and a higher bandwidth is required, such as 10Gbps.

It’s important to note that when we refer to 1Gbps or 10Gbps bandwidth, it is not dedicated bandwidth but shared bandwidth.

However, having a larger shared bandwidth means a higher allocation of dedicated bandwidth for us.

High-bandwidth servers are typically used for the following types of applications:

Gaming: Game servers require larger bandwidth to accommodate a higher number of concurrent users. Standard 100Mbps or even 1Gbps ports are inadequate for these requirements. Therefore, game server bandwidth typically starts at 10Gbps, and higher options like 100Gbps are also available.

Big Data: This includes common applications like big data processing, video transcoding, and downloading, which require substantial bandwidth to ensure fast server download and processing speeds.

Remote Office: Some businesses utilize servers for remote work purposes, where they connect remotely to the server for task operations. Adequate bandwidth is crucial to ensure smooth business operations and timely data processing.

Here are three US-based providers of 10Gbps bandwidth servers recommended by Vultrt for your reference:


SpartanHost, also known as Sparta VPS hosting, is popular among international traders and video creators. This provider offers affordable servers with 10Gbps bandwidth and includes 20GB of default DDoS protection. However, it’s important to note that once the allocated monthly bandwidth is used up, the bandwidth will be reduced to 5Mbps until the next month. They often have promotions during the Black Friday period, offering servers in the US Seattle region with free 20Gb/s DDoS protection. The servers feature E5-2690v3 processors, DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSD arrays, 10Gbps bandwidth, one IPv4 address plus a /64 IPv6 subnet, and free 20G DDoS protection.


BudgetVM is a well-established US hosting provider that offers SSD VPS, regular dedicated servers, high protection servers, and high-bandwidth servers. They provide servers with bandwidth options ranging from 40Gbps to 100Gbps. If you require a high-bandwidth server in the US, BudgetVM is worth considering.


RAKSmart primarily offers dedicated servers but has recently started providing VPS servers as well. This provider caters to users with business operations between the US and China, offering optimized network connectivity for high-quality and smooth intercommunication speeds between the two countries.

Please note that the availability, pricing, and specific offerings of these providers may vary, so it’s advisable to visit their respective websites or contact their sales teams for the most up-to-date information.

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