DesiVPS unlimited bandwidth with 1Gbps US VPS hosting $18.99/Y

DesiVPS offers unlimited bandwidth annual US VPS hosting starting at $18.99 per year with 1Gbps bandwidth

DesiVPS is an Indian hosting provider established in 2019. Their servers are based on the KVM architecture, with the Linux series offering 1Gbps unlimited bandwidth and allowing for three free IP changes per year.

The Windows series allows for one IP change per month and supports multiple language versions of the Windows operating system and other image systems.

However, it’s important to note that these policies may have changed since the time of this article.

In this article, I came across several annual unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting plans with 1Gbps bandwidth being offered this month.

1.Unlimited bandwidth VPS in Los Angeles, USA.

1 CPU Core1G25GUnmetered1$18.99/YBuy Now
1 CPU Core2G45GUnmetered1$29.99/YBuy Now
2 CPU Core4G90GUnmetered1$49.99/YBuy Now
3 CPU Core6G120GUnmetered1$69.99/YBuy Now

2.Los Angeles and The Hague, Netherlands.

1 CPU Core1.5G20G2T1$20/YBUY NOW
2 CPU Core3G40G4T2$40/YBUY NOW
2 CPU Core4.5G60G6T3$60/YBUY NOW
3 CPU Core6G80G8T4$80/YBUY NOW

3.Los Angeles NVMe disk plan.

1 CPU Core2G20G2.5T1$35/YBUY NOW
2 CPU Core4G40G5T2$70/YBUY NOW
3 CPU Core6G60G7.5T3$105/YBUY NOW

4.India data center

1 CPU Core1G15G300G1$30/YBUY NOW
1 CPU Core2G30G600G1$50/YBUY NOW
2 CPU Core3G45G900G2$75/YBUY NOW
2 CPU Core4G60G1.2T2$100/YBUY NOW

DesiVPS offers products including VPS and dedicated server rentals, with VPS supporting Docker/Custom ISO. Their data centers are located in Los Angeles, USA; The Hague, Netherlands; and India.

Promo code: XMAS10 (Updated on January 24, 2024)

Datacenter test IPs:

Los Angeles, California, USA

Test IP:

Test file:

Looking Glass:

The Hague, Netherlands

Test IP:

Test file:

Looking Glass:

Andhra Pradesh, India

Test IP:

Test file:

Looking Glass:

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