Does free web hosting exist? Tips for choosing a free vps.

Is there a permanently free web hosting exist? There’s a user on asking this question.

Considering the cost of maintaining servers, it would indeed be cost-saving if there were cloud server providers offering free web hosting. Most cloud service providers offer a certain period of free trial.

For example, Tencent Cloud offers a 1-3 month free trial, Alibaba Cloud provides 1 month of free server usage, and Google Cloud offers a 3-month free trial, and so on. Generally speaking, most products that claim to be permanently free are not reliable because most businesses rely on fees to survive. If they offer a service for free indefinitely, it raises the question of how they sustain themselves.

If we are truly looking for a website server provider that offers permanent free hosting, I would recommend Amazon Web Services (AWS) Free Tier. For new users, AWS offers a specific cloud server package that is free for 12 months. After registering an account, you can activate the free tier and deploy your business as needed. This package includes 750 hours per month of t2.micro or t3.micro instance usage.

Things to note when applying for an AWS Free Tier server account

Only for new customers:

The free tier is available only to new customers who register on the international version of the Amazon Web Services website, not the Chinese version. The international website currently supports new customer registration and activation for free trial access to over a hundred free-tier cloud products, including servers, databases, object storage, and more. The free tier for the cloud server is limited to 12 months, while some other cloud products may have permanent free options. For example, I use S3 object storage for private storage purposes.

Free duration

The duration of the free trial varies for different AWS products. For servers, a specific package is available with a free trial period of 12 months. Some products have a free trial period of one month or a different duration. We need to check the free trial eligibility for different products and be aware that charges will apply once the free usage limit is exceeded.


For users seeking stable cloud server support, the free trials should not be considered as a permanent solution. If a provider’s services are found to be satisfactory during the free trial period, it is necessary and advisable to continue with paid support to ensure project stability and sustain the provider’s services.

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