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what is DW Question & Answer Pro?

DW Question & Answer Pro is an all time favorite Question & Answer plugin for WordPress. Your WordPress site will have a full-featured question and answer section like StackOverflow, Quora, or Yahoo Answers.

DW Question & Answer Pro demo

DW Question & Answer Pro Feature List – WordPress Plugin

With DW Question & Answer Pro, we provide you with many new features as well as a special support priority for our customers. Here are some highlights to show why the DW Question & Answer Pro plugin should be a serious contender against plugins in this category.


Question list page

DW Question & Answer Pro provides you with a short code, which helps you to display all the questions on a page of your choice. Besides, the question listing page is also integrated with many features such as Filter, Sort, Pagination, Search, etc.

Ask a sample question

You can place the question form on the sidebar or on a separate page. With this feature, users can question the title, provide a detailed description in HTML or Markdown, assign it to a category, and tag it to help increase site visibility.

Manage questions on the user interface

All features (such as edit, delete, freeze, track, change question status) can be handled from the user interface. This makes it easier for users to decentralize membership on your site, allowing you to easily and conveniently manage your community.

Reply / Comment feature

The comment and answer feature is definitely indispensable in DW Question & Answer Pro. Answer templates are supported in HTML or Markdown format. Your users can submit a private entry to provide secret login information like site admin, FTP account in case you are using Question & Answer as a help desk system.


This is also a key feature in the Question & Answer system, which can be considered the biggest difference between the Question & Answer system and the traditional Forum. This feature helps people vote on other people’s questions that interest them.


No need to install any additional plugins, DW Question & Answer will automatically count views every time someone views a question. This feature of DW Question & Answer Pro helps you filter questions by popularity on your site.

Choose the best answer

The question owner can choose the best answer from his or her own opinion, which will be pasted right after the question, making it easier and faster for other readers to find the appropriate answer.

email notification

Whenever there is a new question, answer or comment, the system will send an email to the admins or followers of the question. DW Question & Answer Pro email system also supports custom HTML templates, you can easily add custom styles to your emails.

Instant Search

This is also a prominent feature of DW Question & Answer Pro. An Ajax-based solution that helps you quickly find information while entering parts of text, in a similar way you can see in Google.

Anti-spam with reCaptcha / FunCaptcha

To avoid spam, we integrated reCaptcha and FunCaptcha into the Question & Answer form (can be enabled/disabled).

2 custom shortcodes

  • [dwqa-list-questions]: Display list of questions with filter, search, pagination, order.
  • [dwqa-ask-question]: Display the question form.

7 custom widgets

  • DWQA Categories/Tags: Displays a list of categories or question tags.
  • DWQA Ask Form: Display the question form.
  • DWQA Latest Questions: Displays a list of the latest questions.
  • DWQA Featured Questions: Displays a list of featured questions.
  • DWQA Closed Questions: Displays a list of closed questions.
  • DWQA related questions: Displays a list of related questions on a single question.
  • DWQA Leaderboard: Displays a list of the most active members.

Perfectly suitable for any WordPress theme

With a light and simple design, inheriting most of the properties of the WordPress theme available in the market as TwentyTen to Twenty Sixteen, Avada, Genesis, Thesis, Divi theme, etc. We have tested this plugin with themes that are almost outstanding in the market and our plugin is well compatible with most of them. In some specific themes it may need a little tweaking to fully integrate our QA Pro plugin, however, this is only a minor customization.

Multi-language support (more than 20 languages ​​available)

This plugin is fully translatable and it has been translated into more than 20 languages ​​by our users. Includes: English (default), Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish , Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Catalan, Vietnamese, Czech, Italian, Croatian, Slovak, Norwegian, etc.

Difference between Free and Pro version of DW Question & Answer Pro

The professional version of DW Question & Answer Pro has been greatly improved because we have collected suggestions from our beloved users and added them to the DW Q&A.

You can view and demo here:

  • Free version:
  • Pro version:

If the demo isn’t enough, read these lines to take a closer look at the differences between the free and pro version of DW Question & Answer Pro:

  • Other styles: As you can see in the demos, both versions of DW Question & Answer have a unique and different style.
  • Additional Extensions: DW Question & Answer Pro is integrated with 4 premium extensions: DW Q&A Widgets, DW Q&A Leaderboard, DW Q&A Markdown and DW Q&A Captcha. Each extension costs $29, and if you buy the pro version, you’ll save at least $92 for yourself, as we’re constantly updating DW’s Question & Answer with more advanced extensions. More interesting levels.
    • Item: The free version supports 4 custom widgets while the pro version supports 7.
    • Charts: Pro version can list major contributors as well as provide friendly contests for your community.
    • Markdown:
      • The markup feature in the Pro version of DW Q&A Pro lets you edit plain text without using HTML formatting tags, now you can read and edit drafts with ease.
      • Can review before submitting.
      • Spell check.
    • Anti-spam with reCaptcha / FunCaptcha: DW Q&A Pro has integrated reCaptcha / FunCaptcha so you don’t have to worry about obnoxious spam.

Check out one of ‘s favorite questions and answers WordPress Theme

We are about to optimize our Pro version, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment here. We would appreciate that.

DW Question & Answer Pro Changelog:– WordPress Plugin

v1.3.4 ( 26 January 22 )
– Add: Send email to the manager of Categories (Addon)
– Fix: PHP Warning.

v1.3.3 ( 01 December 21 )
– Add: Thank page option
– Fix: User can’t edit question after approved

Fix: Comment Security
Fix: Validate CSRF

Fix: Pay to submit feature


Fix: Error avatar in Profile page
Compatible with WordPress 5.8

Fix: Profile page conflict with Gravatar

Fix: Site Health (performance issue)
Remove: FunCaptcha option

Update: String translation.
Update: Widgets compatible with WP 5.7
Fix: Avatar does not update for question/answer
Fix: The author link does not redirect in widgets.
Fix: Some errors about the styles.
Fix: BuddyPress error.
Fix: Load font from CDN

Update: Translate placeholder for the comment box.
Fix: Auto break height of the comment field.

Fix: Show jquery ui hidden
Fix: Leaderboard query
Fix: Leaderboard add translate text attachment
Fix: Restore filter content
Fix: Notice upgrade
Fix: Email setting
Add: Translate text form MarkDown Editor
Improve upgrade answer

Fix: Attachment upload
Fix: Exceed download from envato
Fix: Select text profile page setting
Fix: Session_start error with Site Healthy check
Fix: show jquery ui hidden
Fix: leaderboard query

– Fix: Search box
– Improve: Pagination

– Integration with Woocommerce.
– New: Woocommerce Pay to submit.

– New: Tags shortcode
– New: Emoji
– Fix: Time error (if question not public)
– Fix: Auto update when wp_get_remote error

– Update User Profile
– Fix: bug filter in answer tab in BuddyPress profile
– Update language file (de_DE)

1.1.8 ( 2 November 18 )
– Fix: Search conflict
– Update: language files

– Fix: RTL style in RTL Language
– Fix: Singular error in remove default comment
– Fix: Conflict with woocomerce nonce_user_logged_out
– Fix: translate text
– Fix: Count post
– Fix: when the remote error
– Update: Human time diff
– Improve: private question/answer option

1.1.6 ( 10 July 18 )
– Fix: Conflict Divi Builder
– Update: POT file languages
1.1.5 ( 27 June 18 )
– New: Add option delay email.
– New: Speed Up system
– Fix: Search special char
– Fix: widget_title filter
– Fix: Button mark spam Akismet
– Fix: Update Evanto
– Fix: Conflict with Select2

1.1.4 ( 30 March 18 )
– New: Mention user feature.
– New: Approve a pending question from front-end.
– Update js.
– Fix: Alert success style.
– Fix: Reset content after submitting the question.
– Fix: Email Forward.
– Fix: Notify answer.
– Fix: Responsive.

1.1.3 ( 30 January 18 )
– Integrate Yoast SEO breadcrumb
– New: Shortcode: [dwqa-search-form]
– Fix: Answer not count in private question.
– Fix: The Question break style after search
– Fix: Error date/time in list question

1.1.2 ( 30 November 17 )
– Fix: Unvote Question/Answer
– Update: Compatible with the Ultimate Member plugin
– Update: Compatible with the WP 4.9+
– New: Option to Select the style in the Questions > Settings
– New: Option to enable Categories Slug First Single Question Link.

1.1.1 ( 2 November 17 )
– New: Add option approve answer
– New: Show anonymous email
– New: Option to show/hide author, the date for widget
– New: Shortcode to submit question for each category [dwqa-submit-question-form category=”catslug”]
– Fix: Widget translate
– Fix: Permission settings
– Fix: Notification email
– Fix: integrate Buddypress (post not found!)
– Fix: Slug of Q&A tab in BuddyPress

1.1.0 (10 October 17)
– New: Add answer tab to the BuddyPress
– New: Add an option to edit tab name in the BuddyPress
– New: Allow selecting the Register page instead WordPress default.

1.0.9 (8 October 17)
– New: Add Comment Captcha
– Fix: Fix error integrate BuddyPress.
– Fix: Fix Duplicate comment after refresh page.

1.0.8 (4 October 17)
– New: Allow upload files in questions & answers.
– New: Allows anonymous users to vote
– New: Add Setting time to auto close the questions
– New: Prioritize the Staff answer will show on the top list.
– New: Integrated Notify and admin bar in the BuddyPress
– New: Integrate Akismet AntiSpam
– New: Optimize speed
– New: Update languages RU, IT

– Fix: Fix blank page in the single question
– Fix: Fix plugin does not load the page.php file in child themes

1.0.7 (12 September 16)
– New: add upgrade database function
– Fix: Fix style for RTL languages
– Fix: Fix PHP Error when submit question

1.0.6 (15 August 16)
– Tweak: Anonymous cannot submit the private answer or private question anymore
– Tweak: Add some filter
– Tweak: Hide select status when user not logged in
– Fix: Some bug about notifications
– Fix: Author of question or answer can’t see their question or answer
– Fix: Time of question and answer show not correctly

1.0.5 (28 June 16)
– Tweak: Email and Name field are required field when submitting question or answer
– New: load template from the child theme
– New: Support RTL languages
– New: Short-code list question by category [dwqa-list-questions category=”question”]
– Fix: Duplicate comment when to reloading page
– Fix: Latest Activity

1.0.4 (26 April 16)
– Fix: reCaptcha
– Fix: click the link in the email
– Fix: lost comment template when to enabling Disqus

1.0.3 (22 March 16)
– Tweak: Remove some old function
– Tweak: Update language files
– Tweak: Remove Google reCaptcha lib
– Tweak: Remove some filter
– New: Integrates with Advanced Ads
– Fix: New paragraphs when to submitting question/answer when using markdown editor
– Fix: Some string can translate
– Fix: Lost style user badge when to changing the language
– Fix: Fatal error with Google reCaptcha when user PHP 5.2 or older

1.0.2 (18 March 16)
– New: Login forms in single question and asks question page
– Fix: Fatal error in question list page
– Fix: Paginate link in categories/tags page

1.0.1 (10 March 16)
– New: Update language
– Fix: wrong redirect in pagination

1.0.0 (7 March 16)
– First Released

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