Earn Money by Sharing Your Internet

The project we are introducing today can be said to be the simplest dollar project.


Registration linkhttps://pawns.app/

Click on “Sign up” to complete a simple registration.

After that, you need to download an application. Please choose the software suitable for your terminal from the “Download APP” directory and install it.

Log in using your registered email and password, and start running the software to earn money.

Payment Method

Pawns.app supports over 60 payment methods. In addition to supporting PayPal and Bitcoin payments, it also accepts more than 60 gift card payments, including Visa, Amazon, Google Play, eBay, Walmart, and more.

Let’s take binding PayPal as an example.

After logging in to the dashboard, click the drop-down button next to your email in the upper right corner, then click “Settings”.

Use the Google Authenticator to scan the QR code and complete the verification to bind your PayPal account.

The minimum payout is $5.

The computer or phone used for hanging should not use VPN software to change the IP, otherwise it will not be counted. Only one account can be logged in with a single IP, otherwise the system will prompt you!

I hung it on my computer for 12 hours and earned $0.02, which is not high. But actually, you can install the software on your regular office computer, let it automatically start with the system, with only a small icon in the taskbar and minimal resource usage.

You can install and log in on multiple devices, which allows you to accumulate earnings quickly for fast withdrawals.

Apart from using it on your computer, you can also install this software on your idle VPS to earn money.

The second method to make money is by promoting your own registration link. When your friends register using your link, you will receive $1 for every $5 they withdraw. It’s simple, direct, and very convenient.

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