Free Download Apex Notification Bar v2.1.5 – Responsive Notification Bar

Apex Notification Bar v2.1.5 – Responsive Notification Bar

Free Download Apex Notification Bar v2.1.5 – Responsive Notification Bar

Apex Notification Bar is a premium WordPress Responsive Notification Bar Plugin that allows you to display many visually appealing notification bars on your website.

You may use a notice on your site to inform your site visitors about new releases, offers, bargains, messages, news, and so on. This plugin is entirely responsive and feature-rich, and it was created to meet the changing demands of the customer.

This plugin allows you to create several notification bars, including date-based and scheduled notification bars that can be fully modified, as well as a variety of notice bar layouts with 15 pre-built templates and adjustable parameters. It also allows you to insert custom icons, email subscription forms, contact popups, twitter tweet feeds, posts title sliders, countdown timers, search forms, video popups, and other bar components on the right area. Choose the bar visibility type (sticky, show after a certain amount of time, hide after a certain amount of time) that best suits your needs. Not only that, but it also has all of the more interesting features.


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Changelog: Apex Notification Bar – Responsive Notification Bar Plugin for WordPress

Fixed issue related to backend settings.
Made compatible with latest WP Version.

Fixed issue related to RSS Feed.

Fixed issue with Ticker and Scroller Bar Effects.

Fixed issue with show/hide option in the settings.

Fixed js issues with settings tabs on latest WP Version.

Feature added : Hide notification bar on all category pages options added on main notification bar settings page.
Backend and Frontend CSS refinement done.

Issues on snow effect for custom template css resolved.
Mixed content error message shown for loading over https issue fixed.

Hide notification bar on category page when selected Show notification bar on specific page/post only issue fixed.
Few Frontend CSS refinement.

Tweets Feeds text truncated issue has been fixed
Few refinement on frontend responsive CSS.

Issue related with wp_query on notification bar display fixed.

Resolved Issue related with specific pages selection on backend.
Compatibility check with latest WordPress Version.

Resolved the conflict issue with Layered Popups Premium plugin.
Few Refinement Work done on frontend CSS.

Issue Fixed: Missing Bullets, missing numbers after plugin activation issue fixed.
Added Feature: Added extra custom option as Outer Background color for countdown timer template 1 layout.
Refinements: Few CSS and JS refinement works.

Issue Fixed : Removed Session on back-end to resolve the conflict issue caused on other admin section.

Added Feature : Added an option to show notification bar on whole website on our plugin’s main settings back-end.
Refinement: few refinement works on frontend CSS.

About Us Page Modified: Added More WordPress Links on backend.
Refinement: Few CSS and JS refinements done.

Added Features: For Open Panel, we have added 2 pre available image which works as trigger image as same as Christmas pre available images.
Added feature: For the open panel, custom trigger image, set custom width and height in pixel field added.
Added Feature: For the open panel, custom trigger image, set animation for the custom image.
Fixed Issue: On click outside, open panel custom image JS issue resolved.
Refinement: Few CSS and JS refinements done.

Added Feature: Feature to add button id attribute value with # tag which works as click event to open hidden specific notification bar on the frontend. This feature is added in Notification Bar Position Toggle Section.
Refinements: Few CSS and JS refinement work have done.

Added Feature: Enable to repeat countdown timer again automatically option for Notification bar > CountDown Timer Components.
Added Feature: Countdown timer with date and time both. Added timer options on date countdown.
Added Feature: Added options to display notification bar on all posts page only in Notification bar Settings page.
Fixed Issue: JS script issue on frontend resolved.
Refinements: Few CSS and JS refinement work have done.

1) Added Feature:15+ Advanced Pre-Available template images for an open panel which simply works as trigger button to show open panel on your site on this occasion of Christmas, New year celebration.
2) Added Feature: For more celebration display on your site, we can even upload our own custom trigger transparent or any other image for trigger button usability for an open panel as well.
3) Added Feature: Option to upload the background image for an open panel.
4) Added Feature: Enable snowflakes for your notification bar as well as open panel section.
5) Refining Code: Few refining works on CSS and js according to client issues fixed.

1) Fixed Issues: Fixed the issue with theme and plugin css conflict
2) Added Feature: We have added notification bar button preview on backend.
3) Refining Code: Few refining javascript and plugin code.

1) Code Modification : We have slight modified the process to select specific pages to display notification bar. In this new update, we have to modified to check the specific pages from multiple selection field and the selected pages/posts will be listed below lists section where bar will be displayed according to your choice.
2) Refining Works: Some refining of js and css file has been done.
3) Fixed Issues: We have fixed the issue related with save button not displaying on Notification Bar Settings Pages.The issue was due to client site having multiple posts for not displaying save button as described by using technique with some code modification process, we have fixed the issue.

Added Features:
1) Customization Design Options Added : Call To Action Button Hover Background Color/Hover font Color,Set Background color,Font color,Hover background color,Hover font color, font size for a tag html element.
2) Open Panel : Design Layout Changes for Open Panel Layouts
Fixed Issues: Fixed Issues related with over-riding with theme fonts, line height due to css conflict.
Fixed Issues: Responsive Design issues fixed for three column bar.
Refining Works: Some of the refining works related with javascript and css according to changes made on open panel layout.

Added Features: To display notification bar on specific single post page by choosing multiple categories of any posts, post type.
Refinement: Slight changes of back-end inner design layouts, refining on frontend 15 pre available designs as well as custom bar layouts. Refining on CSS and JS regarding few issues of header hidden by notification bar while using open panel.

Fixed Issue: Issue related with JS and CSS resolved with scroll javascript added on open panel.
Refinement: Some of the back-end as well as front-end CSS Refining.

Download Apex Notification Bar v2.1.8 Nulled – Responsive Notification Bar Plugin for WordPress

Download Apex Notification Bar v2.1.5 Nulled – Responsive Notification Bar Plugin for WordPress

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