Free Download Beehive Pro v3.4.2 nulled

Beehive Pro v3.3.1 – WordPress Plugin

what is Beehive Pro?

Free Download Beehive Pro v3.4.2 – WordPress Plugin

Turn on the full-power of website analytics with Beehive Pro, customizable Google Analytics dashboards, statistics, and reports for WordPress and Multisite. Create better content, improve conversions, and make more profitable client sites based on visitor behavior, trends, and where traffic is coming from.

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Beehive Pro changelogs

“= v.3.4.2 ( 2022-11-02 ) =

  • Enhance: Remove unused notices.”

Download Beehive Pro v3.4.1 Dashboards and Google Analytics reports for WordPress Nulled Free
= v3.4.1 ( 2021-10-03 ) =

  • Enhance: Migrate Google OAuth.
  • Enhance: Membership status check.
  • Enhance: Performance improvements on Google Analytics API requests.
  • Enhance: Replace Google fonts with Bunny fonts for GDPR compliance.
  • Enhance: Update Shared UI.
  • Fix: Wrong value for GTM variables.
  • Fix: Unable to fetch users in permission settings.
  • Fix: GA4 streams are missing when there are more than 50 items.
  • Fix: Transients are slowing down the Dashboard.

= v3.4.0 ( 2021-07-21 ) =
– New: Google Analytics 4 statistics & tracking.
– Enhance Upgrade GA APIs.
– Enhance Performance improvements.

Free Download Beehive Pro v3.4.2 nulled

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