Free Download Blokco v2.4 – ICO, Cryptocurrency & Consulting Business Theme

Blokco v2.0 – ICO, Cryptocurrency & Consulting Business Theme

what is Blokco?

Free Download Blokco v2.4 – ICO, Cryptocurrency & Consulting Business Theme

Blokco v2.4 – ICO, Cryptocurrency & Consulting Business Theme
Blokco is a feature rich powerful WordPress Theme designed & developed for Cryptocurrency websites, ICO landing pages, Finance, Consulting, Corporate and other Business Websites.

Blokco Demo

Blokco Features

Page Builder

  • Theme includes “Visual Composer,” the most popular visual page builder.
  • We’ve included a few custom components to the page builder to make it easier for you to demonstrate the theme’s features. There are Team elements that may be used to display your team in a list view, grid view, carousel view, and more. The Services element allows you to display your services in a list, grid, or carousel format. The Testimonial element can be used to display a full-width story showcase or a carousel, similar to basic testimonials, while the Entries element can display all blog posts in a grid, list, or carousel. To give your website a unique design, you can define any custom thumbnail size for the article thumbnails.

Theme Options

  • The theme has a theme options panel that allows you to completely customize the look and feel of your website. The possibilities are shown below.
  • While you’re working on your website, enable maintenance mode. This is a basic module included in the theme that will prevent non-logged in users from accessing your website while signed in users, such as administrators, can still view it while making changes.
  • Show or hide the back to top button in the website viewport’s bottom right corner.
  • Before the closing head tag or closing body tag, there are places where you can add custom scripts to your website.
  • You can disable the theme’s responsive feature or enable pinch zoom for touch devices.
  • Change the width of the website content or make it boxed in the middle with a lovely background for the entire website body outside the box.
  • Control the content area’s minimum height or top/bottom spacing across all pages. You can even stretch the content area to fill the entire screen width.
  • Choose one of the three website header designs. Make it fill the entire screen, and under the header, enable or hide the search and Woocommerce cart options. In the header, include your contact information, such as your phone number and email address.
  • Set the background color or the color of the links to customize the appearance and feel of the sticky header. Set default header banner images for all post kinds, such as a distinct image for each event, blog post, and so on.
  • Set header banner headlines for static sites like custom post type archive pages, search results pages, and so on.
  • Upload a logo image for the default header, sticky header, and both logos as retina images for devices that support them.
  • For the WP admin login page, create a custom logo.
  • Easily add a favicon, iPhone, and iPad icons from the theme options.
  • With a variety of options, you can easily alter the design of your website and mobile menus.
  • Choose from a variety of footer layouts, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 columns. Change the color or image in the footer’s background. Customize the locations of the widgets in the footer area. Show a menu in the footer or your social icons using this option. With a simple drag and drop interface, you can easily rearrange the order of your social icons.
  • Set default sidebars for all custom post kinds and static pages like Qoocommerce, search results, and archive pages using the theme’s recommended pojo sidebars plugin or any other sidebar plugin of your choice.
  • Enjoy the built-in social sharing mechanism, which you can enable for every post type. There are three different forms of social sharing links to choose from. Toggle between enabling and disabling social networking websites for sharing links.
  • Choose your website’s primary color from the 12 css stylesheets that come preloaded. Alternatively, you can add your own color.
  • Choose from 600+ Google fonts for a variety of alternatives when changing the typography of your entire website with an easy-to-use interface.
  • You may easily add your own own CSS or JS.
  • Data from your theme choices can be imported or exported.

One Click Demo Import

The fastest and easiest method to develop your website is using an exclusive demo import. With only one click, you may import a completely functional website. Pages, posts, sliders, widgets, theme options, and more will all be imported. For copyright reasons, demo photos will not be imported; instead, image placeholders will be used.

Advance Page/Post Options

  • Add a personalized logo to any page or post.
  • For any page, select a boxed or wide layout.
  • These options function per page/post or any post type, and they can override the theme’s global/default style.
  • Choose from a variety of options for your inside page header, including background color, background picture, FlexSlider, and Revolution Slider.
  • Set the height of the page header to a specific value for each page.
  • Each page/post has its own top/bottom spacing.
  • Control the width of the content area on each page separately.
  • Per page, enable or deactivate social sharing.
  • When utilizing boxed mode, add a background picture for the content area or a background image for the body.
  • From the list of all sidebars, select a sidebar for any page. You can move the sidebar to the left or right. Set the width of the sidebar to one-fourth, one-third, or half-page width.

Built in Mega Menu

  • Create a full-width mega menu for each of your menu items, either for one or all of them.
  • To make the mega menu, use a VC Section or any shortcode.

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