Free Download Content Views Pro v6.0.1 GPL– Display WordPress Content In Grid & More Layouts

Content Views Pro v5.8.2 – Display WordPress Content In Grid & More Layouts

what is Content Views Pro?

Free Download Content Views Pro v5.8.9 – Display WordPress Content In Grid & More Layouts

Display WordPress Content In Grid & More Layouts Without Coding Easily display the blog posts, uploaded images, WooCommerce products, portfolios, events, or any custom post types. Quickly search and filter content by custom taxonomy, custom field, and more.

Quickly and Easily Display WordPress Content

Content Views Pro is a commercial expansion of our free Content Views (a popular WordPress post grid plugin that is used by 100,000+ websites) that allows you to filter and display WordPress content in three easy steps:

Step 1: Decide what content to show.

Content Views Pro comes with everything you’ll need to:

  • Choose from a single type of material, numerous types of content, or all forms of content (posts, pages, images, products, portfolios, events, team members, books, properties, and any custom post types)
  • By custom field, custom taxonomy, category, tag, date, author, status, keyword, or ID, you can search or filter content.
  • In minutes, no code is required to sort material by drag and drop, custom field, random order, title, date, and more.

Step 2: Choose a layout

Choose from a variety of attractive designs. Columns, picture sizes, colors, fonts, padding, margin, and many other helpful variables can be customized to meet your website’s style.

Step 3: Add to Your Website

The content and layout are contained in a shortcode that you can use in the following places:

  • classic editor, block editor
  • page creator (Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi, Elementor, Beaver, and more)
  • widgets, sidebars, and theme files are all examples of widgets.

as well as any other aspect of your WordPress site

Content Views Pro features

There’s no need to know how to code or design!

Easily display any WordPress content

The more content you have on your website, the more difficult and time-consuming it will be to locate and present it to your visitors.

Using the simple admin interface, Content Views Pro allows you to quickly and easily search and display any WordPress content.

Many criteria can be used to locate your material, including category, tag, taxonomy, custom field, date, author, status, keyword, and id. These criteria include a number of handy options for controlling the presented content.

Assist visitors in quickly finding what they’re looking for.

It is critical for any website to assist users in quickly and simply finding the content they are looking for.

Content Views Pro allows you to show your users several filters (categories, tags, custom taxonomies, custom fields) and let them to search for content using these filters.

Checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, range sliders, date ranges, and button groups can all be used to display filters.

You have complete control over which information is displayed.

You have complete control over whether or not any information is displayed, as well as the sequence in which it is displayed.
There are numerous options for customizing data. Consider the following scenario:

  • Thumbnail: The featured image or the first image/video/audio in the post content can be shown as a thumbnail. You can use an existing image size or create a new one. You have the option of choosing a thumbnail style (round edge, border, circle, shadow).
  • You can display the entire material, a produced excerpt, or a manual excerpt (in the Excerpt field of post).
  • You can select and display any custom fields from the WordPress core and plugins (ACF, Types, Pods, etc.)

Without writing CSS, you can design.

To quickly build the layout, there are endless colors, hundreds of font families, font-size, text-align, text-transform, and other options.

Content Views Pro core features

You can take use of it. It is possible to profit from it.

On the Blog, Shop, Category, Tag, Taxonomy, Search, Author, Date… Pages, change the layout.

Do you have a long and dull list of entries on your blog page?
How can you display a lovely post grid on your blog page?
You might have to:

  • change the theme’s code (PHP, HTML, CSS)
  • test a variety of WordPress plugins that may or may not work (and waste lots of time)
  • Rebuild your website with a new WordPress theme that supports grid (this takes a long time and can have an impact on your site’s SEO and speed).
  • If you can’t do it yourself, employ a developer.

The important Replacing Layout tool in Content Views Pro will enable you show the stunning post grid on the Blog, Category,… pages in minutes, with no code required. It saves you a significant amount of time and money.

Advertisements are a great way to make money online.

Content Views Pro aids in the monetization of your website by showing Google Adsense, affiliate banners, and other advertisements in the post grid.
Advertisements can be displayed in the grid at random or in specified positions.
You can easily set the number of advertising each page if you utilize pagination.

As an output, show the category

Do you want visitors to be able to see categories? With the built-in option, Content Views Pro will enable you show any category, tag, or custom taxonomy in a grid or list layout without writing a single line of code.

Content Views Pro Changelog- Display WordPress Content In Grid & More Layouts Nulled Free

“Download Content Views Pro v5.9.2.1 – The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin Nulled Free
= v5.9.2.1 =
Fix regression introduced in 5.9.2 about showing custom field image as thumbnail”

“Download Content Views Pro v5.9.1 – The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin Nulled Free
= v5.9.1 =

  • New: able to translate dynamic texts (input fields in View settings) by WPML, Polylang plugins
  • Fix: compatibility issue with The Event Calendar 6.0.0 when sorting events by start/end date
  • Fix: images’s width issue when enabling both same size and overlay features in Safari browser”

= v5.8.10 =

  • Fix: Live Filter issue when filtering by custom field value contains some specific special characters
  • Fix: remove backslash in Live Filter placeholder text that contains quotation mark, apostrophe
  • Update: add WPML language to the edit view link to ensure the correct language is applied when editing the view
  • Update: show original value of custom field when enabling Live Filter without uppercase the first character of each word in the value
  • Some other fixes and improvements

= v5.8.8.2 =
– Fix deprecation with PHP 8.1

= v5.8.8.1 =
– Fix: images are blank caused by a change in version 5.8.8 in a site enabled Jetpack plugin

= v5.8.8 =
* Fix: fatal errors with PHP 8.0
* Fix: live and backend filter issues with custom field has quote character in value
* Fix: loading icon issue with Jetpack plugin
* Fix some PHP warnings and notices
* Update: show sub fields of ACF Repeater field in rows
* Some other fixes and improvements

= v5.8.7.1 =
– Fix: images are invisible in some edge cases caused by a change in previous release

= v5.8.7 =
– Fix: pagination issue when supporting membership plugin
– Fix: filter and sort issue of a date custom field in some edge cases
– Fix: layout issue when triming post title that includes HTML tags
– Fix: prevent some unexpected issues caused by other plugins
– Some other fixes and improvements

= v5.8.6.1 =
– Fix: a Javascript error of pagination in the view with Live Filter in an edge case

= v5.8.6 =
– Fix: incorrect Live Filter pagination results on the page that shows results only
– Update: improve support for the plugin Custom Field Suite
– Tweak: remove unnecessary buttons in Live Filter Date Picker

= v5.8.5.2 =
– Fix: Ignore the “Sticky Post” setting when the Content type is different from Post
– Fix: Undefined index ‘order_options_by’ with live filter

= v5.8.5 =
– Fix: Javascript warnings with jQuery 3.5
– Fix: Live filter URL issue with non-Latin languages
– Fix: “ADA compliance: Missing Form Label” of live filter text search field
– Fix: Add option to prevent Scrollable layout issue when using with a cache plugin
– Fix: Add option to prevent the view from showing unexpectedly in the header of the page
– Update: Improve the indent/hierarchy output of the Live Filter checkbox/radio
– Update: Show live filter options in selected order when select terms manually
– Other minor fixes and improvements

= v5.8.4.2 =
– Fix PHP Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() with WordPress 5.7

= v5.8.4 =
– Compatible with the upcoming WordPress 5.6 (that uses jQuery 3.5)
– New: Add option to show Live Filter on one side, show results on another side without reloading the page
– Fix: performance issue of Live Filter Checkbox type, OR operator in some cases
– Fix: correct the count of Live Filter with the option “Move current sticky posts to the top of list”
– Update: support Live Filter text search when using the “Show terms as output” feature
– Update: update colors of the lightbox to match the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
– Some other fixes and improvements

= v5.8.3.1 =
– Fix: performance issue of Live filter of Custom field with Checkbox type
– New: add option “Parent frame” to “Open Item In” (to opens iframe in the parent frame)
– Update: automatically resize image custom field when showing it as the thumbnail
– Update: prevent changing the browser URL when changing pages with Load more, Infinite Scroll pagination. Keep changing the browser URL with Numbered pagination.
– Fix: prevent Pinterest layout issue on Firefox browser with native lazy-loading of WordPress
– Fix: post link issue when using “Plain” permalink and adding a live filter on sidebar
– Fix: Live filter result missing when filtering by a custom field whose values are stored in both normal and serialized strings
– Some small improvements

Content Views Pro Demo

Free Download Content Views Pro v6.0.1 GPL– Display WordPress Content In Grid & More Layouts

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