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what is Elite Video Player?

Elite Video Player is a high-end video player for WordPress that supports advertising (VAST, VMAP, IMA, and custom self-hosted ads) and the most popular video platforms such as YouTube (single, channel, playlist), Vimeo, self-hosting videos (only mp4 required), Google Drive videos, Dropbox videos, local videos, Amazon S3, and LiveStreaming HLS m3u8 videos.

With this one-of-a-kind and most powerful video player, you can show off your videos on your website across all browsers and devices.

elite video player wordpress plugin demo

Elite Video Player demo

Elite Video Player features

Google IMA Advertising, VAST, VPAID, VMAP

VAST (Video Ad Serving Template), VMAP (Video Multiple Ad Playlist), and Google IMA advertisements are all supported by Elite Video Player (Interactive Media Ads). With the Elite video player, you can effortlessly showcase both linear and non-linear advertising. Pre-, mid-, and post-roll videos, as well as PODS, are examples of linear advertising (back-to-back video ads in a row). Banners and texts are examples of non-linear advertisements.

All videos that Elite Video Player supports can have VAST, VPAID, VMAP, and Google IMA tags applied to them (YouTube, Vimeo, Self hosted, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, HLS m3u8 etc.)

These adverts may be shown without any programming skills. Profit from your videos and get incredible results on your website.

Customized Marketing

Elite video player enables bespoke advertising such as pre-roll (before), mid-roll (during), post-roll (after), video commercials, and pop-up ads in addition to VAST, VMAP, and IMA Ads. This means you may host your own movies on the server and deliver them whatever you want without the need for any additional xml files. You may customize the pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, and pop-up ads for each video in the playlist.

Additionally, advertising has been enhanced with the addition of a unique skip ad option, which allows you to select a distinct skip duration for each video. Each ad may be inserted to any video type supported by elite player, including single videos, playlists, and user channels on YouTube, vimeo videos, and self-hosted mp4 videos. VAST, VMAP, and IMA Ads may all be integrated with Custom Advertising.

Support for YouTube playlists, channels, and single videos

Elite video player can play any video on YouTube, as well as import playlists and user channels. You have the option of using the standard YouTube player or a YouTube player with custom controls.

Support for YouTube 360 VR and YouTube LiveStreaming

Any Youtube 360 VR video, as well as livestream videos from Youtube, are now supported by Elite video player.

Videos that are hosted on your own server

Only the mp4 format is necessary to post your own videos.

Support for Vimeo

In addition, the premium video player can play any vimeo video. Vimeo videos may be viewed using either the standard Vimeo player or the Elite player.

Support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS.m3u8)

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) is now supported by Elite video player. m3u8 files are audio files that may be played on a computer.

Videos from Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloud Drive

Any movie from Amazon’s server can be played by the elite player.

Videos on Google Drive

Any Google drive may be used to store and play videos.

Videos on Dropbox

Use Dropbox to host your movies for free and play them in Elite player across websites, which is recommended when dealing with huge files.

Videos from across the world

You may also play any video from your hard drive without having to use a web server. Dropbox videos are also supported.

Videos may be found on Openload.

Any video from Openload may be played using Elite video player.

Videos that are a mix

Make your playlist using whatever video format you choose, including YouTube, Vimeo, Self-hosted, and GoogleDrive videos.

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track

You can track how many times videos have been seen and downloaded using Google Analytics. You may also keep track of how many times your marketing video has been seen, how long it has been played (before being skipped), and even how many times it has been clicked.

For the progress bar, there are live video thumbnails.

Elite video player is the first and only video player that employs a smart thumbnail system. When the viewer hovers over the progress bar, you can set your movie to auto-generate video thumbnails and show them live in real-time.

vtt (jpeg) Progress bar video thumbnails

Elite video player may also display vtt (jpg) video thumbnails, which are single spritesheet jpg images that have been pre-made. Consider the following example.


Subtitles (captions) are supported for HTML5 self-hosted videos, Google Drive, Dropbox, HLS m3u8 Livestream, and Amazon S3 videos in the Elite video player.

Mode of clinginess

Sticky mode in Elite Player allows you to keep movies visible to your consumers on the page at all times (even when scrolling up and down). Sticky player will display at the bottom corner if the video is not in the user viewport, and it will automatically hide if the video is in the user viewport.

Fullscreen mode, responsive mode, and lightbox mode

In lightbox mode, the Elite video player may be shown. Any picture may be used to open a lightbox player. The use of numerous lightbox pictures is possible (multiple lightbox players in same page). Lightbox parameters include: image, width and height of picture, lightbox close on click outside (optional), and lightbox autoplay (optional). You may have many video players on the same page in this way.

Elite video player is created in responsive mode and fits perfectly into page or post content.

The Elite video player will cover the full page when in Fullscreen mode.

Video deeplinking

Deeplinking is supported by Elite Player, which implies that any video from a playlist may be viewed using a URL link. Users can also share live (current) video.

Video material should be protected.

You can deactivate right-click over the video to prevent “Save video” action and conceal the “src” property for self-hosted videos.
Also, utilize HTTP Live Streaming – HLS m3u8 format to secure your videos so that no one can watch them (even if they’ve been “downloaded”).
This will make it easier to understand: link. This way, no one will be able to see your video.
To safeguard your films, convert your.mp4 files to.m3u8 format.

Support for jpg, png, and gif images

Instead of a video, you can use Elite video player to display photos or gifs. This feature allows you to access Elite player features such as banners and picture sliders. In the same playlist, you may even combine photos and videos.

Option for an unlimited number of colors

The color accent on the Elite player may be changed to whatever color you choose to make your player blend in perfectly with your website.

Playlist with complete control

The playlist may be entirely adjusted to meet the demands and trends of your website. You can manage the order of videos in the playlist, as well as which videos from the backend list will appear in the frontend playlist (which means you can have a large number of videos in your admin area, but only show a subset of them, and order them as you see fit), giving you complete control over how your videos are displayed. The location of the playlist may be modified from right to bottom. You may pick between thumbnails with texts, only texts, or only thumbnails for each item in the playlist.

embed code produced automatically

Elite video players may produce unique embed codes automatically based on their settings, allowing users to post your video player anywhere and at any time on their websites. Elite player will generate embed code automatically from articles or pages, allowing it to be used everywhere.

Support for Url Parameters

Even url parameters may be used to personalize the Elite video player. Customize the default player, for example.

It works in any situation.

Elite video player is an HTML5-ready player that works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Elite Player is also suited for touchscreen PCs.

Elite Video Player Core Features:

  • the most technologically sophisticated video player
  • a wealth of possibilities
  • Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, and pop-up advertising for YouTube videos, playlists, and user channels.
  • Advertisements that work with Vimeo videos include pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, and pop-up ads.
  • Advertising that appears before, during, and after self-hosted videos (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, and pop-up).
  • Mode of the lightbox
  • YouTube/Vimeo/Self-hosted/GoogleDrive combination of videos
  • Support for Google Drive videos
  • Support for Amazon S3
  • mobile-friendly
  • designed for laptops with touchscreens
  • design that is adaptable
  • manner of adhesion
  • Support for subtitles (captions)
  • Thumbnails for videos are available.
    • Thumbnails for live video (live auto-generated thumbnails in real-time)
    • thumbnails for vtt videos (pre-made thumbnails displayed from spritesheet image)
  • simple to use
  • Select bespoke YouTube controls or standard YouTube settings.
  • On the same page, there can be many (infinite) instances of the Elite video player.
  • width and height are resizable
  • Awesome typeface icons – ideal for Retina screens (font Awesome icons are vectors, which mean they are gorgeous on high-resolution displays)
  • Use any color scheme you like or choose from one of the 20 pre-built options (lime, green, emerald, teal, cyan, cobalt, indigo, violet, pink, magenta, crimson, red, orange, yellow, amber, brown, olive, steel, mauve, taupe)
  • Choose between two sorts of players: one with a playlist and one without.
  • full-screen compatibility
  • For a better user experience, utilize a tooltip indication.
  • right-click menu (optional)
  • ability to conceal self-hosted video sources (to prevent visitors from stealing/downloading your videos)
  • automatic playback (optional)
  • image of a logo (optional)
  • image for a poster (optional)
  • controls for autohide (optional)
  • shuffling (optional)
  • open a website, load a random video (optional)
  • information window (optional)
  • Share on social media (optional)
  • embed the video player (optional)
  • 6 built-in shadow effects for the video player
  • Use just the icons you require.
  • There are 12 different types of scrollbars available (light,minimal,light-2,light-3,light-thick,light-thin,inset,inset-2,inset-3,rounded,rounded-dots,3d)
  • substantiated
  • free assistance
  • Updates are free.

Elite Video Player Changelog:

“Download Elite Video Player v6.8.0 – WordPress plugin Nulled Free
v6.8 02.12.2022

  • option for fine seeking as FastForward and FastBackward buttons with custom seconds for each”


sticky & autoplay fix
bug fix with mp4 mute/unmute occured after code refactoring
Improved portrait mode on mobile
fixed playing next video in shuffle for self hosted videos
small fix for multiple player instaces in same page

v6.7.4 – 1.3.2022

small fix for image paths

v 6.7.2. – 2.12.2021.
– sticky & autoplay fix

v 6.7.1 – 27.10.2021.
– bug fix with mp4 mute/unmute occured after code refactoring

v 6.7.0 – 24.9.2021.
– New
Improved portrait mode on mobile
– fixed playing next video in shuffle for self hosted videos

v 6.6.0 – 26.7.2021.
– small fix for multiple player instaces in same page

v 6.5.9 – 12.7.2021.
– code improvements

v 6.5.8 – 12.6.2021.
– Player name can be numerical only

v 6.5.7 – 9.6.2021.
Self-hosted mp4 videos improvements:
– automatically skip to next video if current video has broken link
– show preloader if user presses play quickly and the video has not been loaded yet due to slow network

v 6.5.6 – 4.6.2021.
– new shortcode options if you want to manually select youtube data (not automatically through youtube API): youtubevideos_title, youtubevideos_description, youtubevideos_thumb, youtubevideos_info

v 6.5.5 – 6.5.2021.
– added VAST, VMAP and IMA support

v 6.5.4 – 2.4.2021.
– autoplay video in viewport / pause video outside viewport

v 6.5.3 – 1.4.2021.
– added option to pause sticky player when outside of viewport

v 6.5 – 15.2.2021.
– css hover fix

v 6.4 – 26.1.2021.
– mobile playlist small fix

v 6.3 – 9.11.2020.
– added option to have multiple player instances in same page with the same shortcode using shortcode parameters

v 6.2 – 26.8.2020.
– added option to choose which videos will show from playlist
– added option to choose playlist order

v 6.1 – 22.8.2020.
– wp 5.5 small fix

v 6.0 – 16.8.2020.
– HTML5 video thumbnails:
1. vtt video thumbnails
2. Live auto-generated video thumbnails
– HTML5 video thumbnails can be applied to mp4/HLS m3u8/Google drive/Dropbox/Amazon S3 videos
– update for wordpress 5.5

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Free Download Elite Video Player v6.9.3 GPL

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