Free Download Justified Image Grid v4.1.1 – Premium WordPress Gallery

Justified Image Grid v4.0.1 – Premium WordPress Gallery

Free Download Justified Image Grid v4.1.1 – Premium WordPress Gallery

Justified Image Grid is a powerful and responsive WordPress gallery plugin, expertly designed to showcase your images in the most beautiful and authentic way. Whether you specialize in capturing magical wedding days, creative designs and innovations, expressive portraits, extraordinary architecture, or a journalistic exploration, your photos tell a unique story and deserve to be presented in their full glory.

Furthermore, your old sources are totally compatible with this premium WordPress gallery. Using jQuery, you can easily load content from Facebook or Flickr and see it transformed into a beautiful gallery display. This flexible gallery plugin also enables totally remodeling your new or existing NextGEN galleries a breeze, resulting in dramatically improved display performance. Justified Image Grid integrates with the premium WP Real Media Library plugin to bridge the gap between albums and galleries, allowing you to access your native media library and organize your collections and folders with ease.


Features: Justified Image Grid

  • Take full control of your gallery’s visual aspects:
    • Automatic justified layout – Horizontal grid that guides the eye in the direction of natural reading (LTR/RTL).
    • Row height is flexible and dynamic, with last row handling that is imperfect.
    • Limit the number of images or the number of rows.
    • Limit the amount of thumbs but see all images in the lightbox with a hidden limit.
    • Random width, aspect ratio – Change the shape of the thumbnails for a more consistent or fuzzy grid.
    • Responsive gallery — For various devices, displays, and orientations, the gallery adapts to any width.
    • When a mobile device is discovered, particular mobile settings are applied.
    • Thumbnails are supplied in a Retina-ready format to match your device’s screen capabilities. Supports significantly greater resolutions than the retina.
    • On-the-fly special effects including de-saturation, blur / soften, sepia, and glow.
    • Overlay, border, shadow, and icon on thumbnails are all adjustable.
    • Sliding and fading motion, polaroid effect, translucent/gradient or hazy backdrop, vertical centering, and more are all options for thumbnail captions.
  • Extras from the gallery:
    • Open a specific page or movie with custom links.
    • Support for video galleries – YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted.
    • Filtering — Use tags, categories, and custom taxonomies to narrow down the gallery.
    • More to load – Increase gallery loading speed and enlarge it with a single click.
    • Scroll endlessly to add more content to the gallery.
    • Your key to lightning-fast galleries is CDN compatibility.
    • Custom presets — Make a one-of-a-kind combination of settings and reuse it.
    • On thumbnails and in lightboxes, right-click protection against theft.
    • To save the image, click the download link with the browser pop-up.
    • On the same page, use numerous instances.
    • Conditional script loading – plugin files will only be loaded when they are required, causing no disruption to other pages.
    • AJAX theme support and conditional script loading.
  • Hundreds of options with context-sensitive guidance.
  • To customize each gallery separately – and to generate template tags – use the Shortcode Editor.
  • WPBakery Page Builder addon with live preview during frontend editing is built-in.
  • Presets to apply looks right out of the box.
  • Content sources include a variety of websites and plugins that you may already be familiar with:
    • WordPress (can take over existing galleries)
      • Attached photographs in the post gallery
      • Recent posts – Grids of posts or pages
      • Taxonomic images – Categories and Tags
      • Replace native galleries with images by ID.
      • WooCommerce, Theme Portfolio are examples of custom post types.
      • Assisting at the Media Library (replace its display)
    • NextGEN Gallery (can take over existing galleries)Albums
      • Galleries
      • Search
      • Tag galleries
      • Tag albums
      • Recent images
      • Random images
      • Single picture
    • Real Media Library (can take over existing galleries)
      • Galleries – Including straight to lightbox
      • Collections – Containing galleries and collections
      • Folders – Including top level overview
    • Facebook
      • Single album
      • Overview of all albums
      • Multiple albums
      • Straight to lightbox albums
      • Latest albums
    • Flickr
      • Photostream
      • Albums (Photosets)
      • Collections (multi-level)
      • Flickr search (global)
      • Gallery
      • Favorites
      • Group pool
    • RSS feeds
      • Youtube
      • Vimeo
      • DeviantArt
      • 500px
      • Pinterest
      • Tumblr
    • Breadcrumbs for sources that support album-gallery relationships.
  • Lightboxes – bundled or mutually compatible:
    • prettyPhoto – Default desktop lightbox with social sharing using JIG Smart Deeplinking.
    • PhotoSwipe – Default mobile lightbox with individual social sharing.
    • Magnific Popup
    • ColorBox
    • FooBox
    • Jetpack Carousel
  • The theme is WPML and translation ready. It encompasses administrative areas as well as relevant settings.
  • There’s also a Spanish translation.
  • Joost de Valk’s WordPress SEO plugin adds photos to the XML Sitemap.
  • Support for animated GIFs and transparent PNGs.
  • Only members have access to the display gallery or the lightbox (optional).

Changelog: Justified Image Grid

v4.1.1 – April 2, 2021
– Thumbnail improvements, Grids interface ease of use, checking invalid Grids, PHP messages
New features:
Grids list gained a column with the copiable shortcode of each individual grid, for easier access.
Image size selector in “Maximum size for lightbox” and “Base thumbnail on an image size” now include the full unrestricted list of available sizes. These now include the Medium Large size. Their display labels are revamped to be more useful.
The “Base thumbnail on an image size” setting is now enabled for Recent Posts feature, allowing you to choose a TimThumb-less thumbnail size independent of the “Lightbox max size” setting.
Deleted or non-existing grid ID in the shortcode will no longer cause a fatal error.
Add Images / Edit Gallery button received some styling.
RML-related undefined variable PHP varning on line 15539.
Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool.
NextGEN 3.9 was hiding the galleries, they fixed with with 3.9.1, please update.
PHP 8 deprecated messages removed.

v4.1 – December 20, 2020
– Developer hooks for media library and recent posts, recent galleries for NextGEN, major fixes for RSS, YouTube, Vimeo. WP 5.6 friendly.

New features:
New NextGEN display: The Recent galleries option is best for photographers who often publish new galleries. It creates an album on the fly with the latest galleries. You should use it in “straight to lightbox” mode if it’s in the sidebar or footer.
PDF support. JIG can now show PDFs in a gallery, only when thumbnails are available for said PDFs (they can be generated with Media Library Assistant, but should be a native WordPress thing).
New ‘jig_images’ filter for developers. It lets you edit the list of images JIG is about to show and allows other creative ways to influence and create automatic captions, etc. It uses the image list, and the shortcode attributes to enable identifying a single grid.
New ‘jig_recent_posts_query_args’ filter. It allows advanced users to influence the recent posts query. For example, you could show grids based on custom post meta key and value pairs, or remove the default “only in stock” WooCommerce behavior, etc. It uses the query arguments and shortcode attributes.
New ‘jig_media_library_query_args’ filter. It filters the four media library queries in JIG with two parameters: query arguments and shortcode attributes. The queries that can be changed are the following… 1. Normal galleries with a list of IDs. 2. Galleries based on tags, categories, or custom taxonomies, including the ones from Media Library Assistant. 3. Real Media Library galleries. 4. Images from multiple posts at the same time. A helpful use case would be switching comma-separated terms (tags, categories, etc.) to the AND operator, meaning all must be present on an image for it to be displayed. Currently, all of those have IN operator (match any of the listed terms).
New ‘jig_ng_pure_request_uri_for_recent_galleries’ filter that lets you redirect the NextGEN Recent galleries feature’s links to a central page where you already show your albums or galleries, such as ”/albums/” – instead of adding the /nggallery/… parts to any page the original JIG happens to be on. This makes the Recent galleries feature usable in sidebar or footer without “straight to lightbox” mode.
Now there is a loading animation on the preview button in the Create New Grid screen. It’s helpful for initially slow-loading grids such as RSS feeds.
Recent posts: Ability to use the plus sign (+) to create AND operator between category or tag slugs (custom taxonomies can use the new filter to add an operator to the query).
Facebook App tutorial now mentions the proper App Type to use: Something Else.
In AMP mode, automatic takeovers are disabled until a further AMP-optimized display get implemented. This way, the not-taken-over gallery is at least usable.
jQuery 3 compatibility for all scripts (removed deprecated code usage, due to new WP version using 3.5.1 as default, without jQuery Migrate).
SVG support extended to those without width and height attributes but with a working viewbox.
RSS Feed feature’s example/tool URLs re-checked, old sites/pages removed, HTTPS enabled on all of them.
The shortcode editor now loads more Facebook/Flickr album covers at once, without needing to mouse over them above the first 10.
The auto takeover of Gutenberg galleries works again.
Grids screen didn’t seem to save anything or load the saved values on the latest WP.
Going from an album view to a gallery view while using multiple JIG instances: From now on, when entering a JIG with NextGEN source (ng_album, ng_tags_album, ng_recent_galleries), the first capable JIG serves the desired content; the others only get hidden if they are configured the same way. During reasonable use, this means nothing gets hidden. Previously, other NextGEN-based JIGs (those incapable of showing anything else anyway) were also hidden for no actual reason. These are NG galleries, NG pics by ID, NG recent/random images, NG search, NG tags galleries.
Related to the previous: A disappearing JIG is fixed in NextGEN tag page takeover mode where some sitemap plugins or search engine bots created longer than necessary URLs, including ”/nggallery/”, among others.
RSS feature with multiple, comma-separated feeds was not working.
Feeds from Vimeo work again, even though they are invalid/malformed. The current known issue is that their feeds have no video title/description.
YouTube scraper fixed, channels and playlists work fine again.
External image dimensions cache (wp_jig_ext_images table in the database) could have many duplicate entries. The generation of these is now stopped. You can purge your cache on the TimThumb tab if you’ve been using the RSS feeds source, especially with YouTube.
Regarding the external image dimensions cache, a WordPress database error: Duplicate entry for key ‘hash_based_id’ is fixed.
When TimThumb is off, and you are using WordPress thumbnails, “Replace site’s hostname with” now works on thumbnail URLs and more consistently on image URLs that open in lightboxes.
When pressing Enter after opening the prettyPhoto lightbox, its layout would crash. Now it just shows the next image (advances the display).
Removed references to PHP safe_mode as it was deprecated then removed from the currently required minimum PHP version (5.4).
Shortcode Editor on the Facebook tab froze on the loading screen while listing albums and had no icon.
NGG tag page takeover works again.
A “Plugin not found” error was shown in the popup after clicking the “View details” link on the plugins list (or accessing new version details). It happened for other paid plugins when they also use an automatic update implementation similar to JIG’s, for example, the Pro version of All In One SEO plugin.
PHP Notice: Undefined property: JustifiedImageGrid::$settings on the create grid screen.
PHP Notice: Undefined offset when using NextGEN breadcrumbs in a particular way.
Spanish translation.

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Download Justified Image Grid v4.1.1 Nulled – Premium WordPress Gallery

Download Justified Image Grid v4.0.1 Nulled – Premium WordPress Gallery

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