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Kalles - Versatile WooCommerce Theme
Kalles theme

what is Kalles?

Kalles – Versatile WooCommerce Theme Free Download 1.0.1 – ThemeForest | Kalles v1.0.1 – Versatile WooCommerce Theme is the most renowned supplier of eCommerce themes Envato. We have over 6 years of experience with Shopify and have helped more than 20.000 retailers using optimized websites SEO standards, speedy loading speeds, and other features that boost conversion rates. With that in our minds, we are delighted to introduce the best Kalles WordPress theme and differentiate it from other WooCommerce themes available on the market.

Why to choose Kalles – Versatile WooCommerce Theme?

Kalles WordPress is packed with features that let your store look like million-dollar business with a clean mobile-first, user-friendly and user-friendly designs. We are confident that, having helped 70.000 Shopify store owners succeed and grow their business, you’ll be next when you choose to use it as your Kalles WordPress version theme. We are delighted to offer to you the most popular WordPress theme: Kalles.

Success by launching famous Shopify themes such as Kalles (7000and sales), Gecko (6900+ sale), Basel (3200 sale) We have more than 21000 transactions. Additionally, we are the creators of the top Shopify applications that have more than fifty thousand customers. Based on our knowledge of eCommerce using the Shopify platforms, we are determined to offer high-quality products on WooCommerce. We are certain that due to our expertise in the world of eCommerce, Kalles WordPress will be the next one of our top-quality themes.

The genuine WooCommerce themes for your needs

With Kalles We redefine the real WooCommerce theme. A good theme isn’t one that’s vibrant and has lots of demos, and is stunning in demo mode, but it’s difficult to use after it’s placed on your site. The best themes are simple to use, and you’ll have your website functioning in a short time. The interface is seamless and smooth and the top features help increase conversion rates. It’s not just about the design but more importantly, it’s about quality and experience..

There are a lot of Stunning Demos to pick from

Kalles comes with more than 15 specially-designed demos that each include numerous impressive features and stunning designs. It is possible to import the demo in a matter of minutes with our one-click installation and then insert your content and publish it within minutes.

The elegant threshold features

Instead of discounting products and shipping charges Everyone wants free shipping. We designed a feature that will help in boosting sales through the free delivery and effects of fireworks. It’s more than an ordinary feature by making it work with every single move to provide the best experience.

Advance Product Upsells

Some features aren’t offered on many WooCommerce themes. Based on dropship T-shirt shops It makes it simple to boost conversion rates by incorporating related products. Related products will also be displayed in this block as an aspect of cross-selling which helps you achieve the best conversion rates.

Optimized Product Pages

Everything on the page has been optimized and simplified to deliver the best possible experience for your customers. There are many components which help improve conversion rates. It appears clean, tidy and professional.

Product Filter

Your visitors will enjoy a smooth experience by implementing filters that are powered by Ajax. Ajax filters means that your pages will not need to refresh or load when filters are modified. Customers can switch several types of filter in just one click and after they’ve applied the filter the product will be updated in a fluid manner.

Stopping Lookbook

Present your style or present new lines and collections with the most striking way with Kalles’s style book. The stunning lookbook lets you to provide information on items , as well as spotlight the sales points of your best-selling items.

Multiple Color / Image Swatches

Kalles can also be used to create a variety of different interfaces for products that allow you to alter the way they appear on the product page, collection pages, home pages, etc.

Advance Ajax Search

The search feature has been enhanced and is more user-friendly for users. We’ve spent a significant amount of time studying the behavior of customers and optimizing the user interface for search capabilities on Kalles. It doesn’t just display results through ajax. It is designed to be easy to using with a simple user interface. Additionally, it lets you suggest keywords you wish to pay attention to.

10+ Versatile Product Layouts

Don’t be restricted to the traditional design layouts for your products. Kalles offers a range of customizable options that permit you to advertise your products in a way which is best for your business. You can choose whether your thumbnails are displayed in the right, left or at the bottom of a listing, or you can use an option called the Sticky function to ensure that your product’s description on the right spot as you scroll.

10+ Shop Layouts

Your visitors will enjoy a smooth experience by implementing filters that are powered by Ajax. Ajax filters means that your pages will not need to refresh or load every time filters are modified. Users can alter the types of filters they want to apply in only a few clicks. And after they’ve applied the filter, the product will change in a rapid manner.

Kalles Demo Online

Free Download Kalles V1.1.6–Versatile WooCommerce Theme

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