Free Download MH UrbanMag v1.3.3 WordPress Theme

Free Download MH UrbanMag WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme lets you easily create blogs on your website related to any topic like lifestyle, fashion, photography & so on.
Apart from that, you can also share blogs about your personal thoughts or experiences.
If you want to upload custom images in the header section of your theme, then this theme will allow you to do so in just a few seconds.
Also, many custom functionalities are provided with the template, using which you can edit and crop the images.
This theme allows you to add a custom menu option which is a list of common links that are usually displayed as the main navigation for your site.
The menu location can vary depending on your theme.
Also, you can add menu items like custom links, post, page, testimonials, etc.
Create an engaging website for business fields dedicated to entertainment, music, videos, events, fan page, magazines, band, studios, etc.
with the help of this WordPress theme.
Besides, this WordPress theme helps you to set up the post thumbnail in the best possible way.
The effect of your feature image is actually quite far-reaching as it will be visible in your blog, RSS feed, social media promotion, etc.
once the post goes live.
Another advantage of choosing this theme is the flexible header.
As the header doesn’t remain of the same size but it changes its height to a minimal extent that elegantly compliments your theme design.
Make your website stand out by displaying the content in full-width templates.
This template is solely created for highlighting the website’s essential data by covering the whole screen.
This theme comes with a left sidebar feature which is also knowns as a widget ready area which is situated on the left portion of the website.
You can use this area to display many informative content or elements of your website like a photo gallery, recent posts, advertisements, etc.
If you are an author, writer or blogger who likes to blog and write about fashion, music, technology, travel, lifestyle, food, videos, books, entertainment or perhaps need a personal journal, then this WordPress newspaper theme is made for you to start your own newspaper website.
With this WordPress theme, you can ensure that your content is displayed beautifully no matter what device visitors are using by adding the one-column clean layout option for your webpages.
With this WordPress theme, you can merge all your menu options into a single sidebar for a neat and compact looking website.
On the contrary, you can also deploy multiple sidebars to show informatics of a website like search bars, notification bar, and comment list, etc.
With the help of the RTL feature, your site audience will be able to communicate with you with their preferred language.
The RTL gives you the ease of writing the language of semantics other than English.
For example, Hebrew, Urdu, and more.
The WordPress theme comes with a theme options panel which helps you to make a beautiful website.
Moreover, you can also manage the logo, favicon, colors, background, etc.
via the theme options panel.
Threaded comments allow you to help your readers to follow a discussion on a particular topic of your page via comment section.
Also, it gives visitors the freedom to reply to any existing comment directly.
There is no need to mention a particular commentator like in global commenting.
A multi-language supported WordPress theme serves right for a number of websites.
For instance, it is a must-have feature for all trading websites, where a user can easily keep tracks on the international market.
This theme proffers a two-column layout that is an absolute choice for any business niche.
Reason being, you can efficiently display the content & other essentials such as a widget to display the latest/all posts in the sidebar

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Free Download MH UrbanMag v1.3.3 WordPress Theme

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