Free Download Tasty Recipes V3.7.3 Nulled–A Powerful WordPress Recipe Plugin for Food Blogs

Tasty Recipes - A Powerful WordPress Recipe Plugin for Food Blogs

what is Tasty Recipes?

Tasty Recipes – A Powerful WordPress Recipe Plugin for Food Blogs | Some of the most popular websites on the internet use WP Tasty plugins. You’ll be joining a group of savvy bloggers who rely on our code to power their blogs.

The people behind Food Blogger Pro, Nutrifox, and Pinch of Yum built and support the WP Tasty plugins. You can rely on us because we’ve proven ourselves time and time again.

As well as providing your readers with a seamless user experience, a beautiful recipe format, and effortless recipe scaling, you’ll also be able to provide search engines with a more detailed view of your recipes thanks to the backend power of an updated recipe schema.

By ranking highly in recipe searches, your blog will attract new readers and convert them into loyal blog readers who will come back again and again to read your posts.

Technology shouldn’t hold you back. Having your SEO and layout handled by a professional allows you to spend more time on what you love — cooking.

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Tasty Recipes

Tasty Recipes Plugin Key Features

  • Give your readers everything they need — a seamless user experience, a beautiful recipe format, and effortless recipe scaling — with the backend power of up-to-date recipe schema to provide an in-depth view of your recipe to search engines.
  • Adding recipes to your blog posts shouldn’t be so hard – If it takes more than a few minutes to set up and use your current recipe plugin. If you’re afraid to make updates because you think it’ll cause more trouble than it’s worth. You’re wasting precious time. There’s an easier way.
  • publishing collage – Tasty Recipes gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.
  • search results collage – The up-to-date structured data required to show up and stand out in search results. Set your blog apart by competitively showing up in recipe searches, drawing in new readers and converting them to happy, dedicated blog readers.
  • An easy-to-use solution that fits seamlessly into your idea-to-published workflow Don’t let tech weigh you down. Save time knowing your SEO and layout is taken care of, so you can get back to doing more of what you love — making food.
  • recipe card layout collage – Recipe card layouts that look as delicious as the food itself. Not only do you need your recipes to look professional and on-brand, your readers will see the difference (and thank you for it).

Tasty Recipes Plugin Core Features

  • SHOWCASE USER RATINGS – Showcase fan-favorite reader ratings at the top of every recipe card to provide at-a-glance proof of how great your recipes are. Learn more.
  • UNIT CONVERSION – Readers can effortlessly toggle between US customary and metric units. Nothing to set up or configure. Just flip the switch and you’re ready to convert! Learn more.
  • STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO INTEGRATION – Simply add YouTube or Vimeo links to your recipe details and Tasty Recipes will automatically generate guided recipe data that is compatible with the latest in smart home technology. Learn more.
  • COMPLETE NUTRITIONAL DATA – Tasty Recipes includes fields for complete nutritional data, from calories to saturated fat and everything in between. If you’re a Nutrifox user, you can take advantage of our seamless integration to add this data automatically. Learn more.
  • JUMP TO RECIPE SHORTCUT – By enabling our “Jump to Recipe” shortcut, your readers can skip over long, detailed blog posts. This feature quickly redirects them to the clean, simple recipe details they need — in just one click. Learn more.
  • CUSTOM SHARE, PRINT AND SAVE BUTTONS – Easily add your favorite combination of Print, Pinterest, Slickstream and Mediavine buttons to your recipe card. Learn more.
  • EFFORTLESS RECIPE SCALING – Readers can scale a recipe to 1x, 2x or 3x in one simple click. Tasty Recipes intelligently and automatically scales your recipes without requiring any extra prep work (or math) from you. Learn more.
  • INGREDIENT CHECKBOXES – Quickly and easily add ingredient checkboxes to all of your recipe cards. With the flip of a switch in your Tasty Recipes settings, your readers can be checking off ingredients as they go! Learn more.
  • COPY INGREDIENTS TO CLIPBOARD – Your readers are going to love how easily they can copy your recipe ingredients straight to their favorite list app with just a click! Learn more.
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN – Readers want your recipes at their fingertips. Be confident that your recipes look good on mobile and tablet devices, with all of the same features readers would expect on desktop.
  • PRINT OPTIONS – Print what you need, hide what you don’t! And decide just how big you want that text. Learn more.
  • ADD CUSTOM TRANSLATIONS – Translate Tasty Recipes to match your website’s primary language with a customizable translation file. Learn more.

Tasty Recipes changelogs

“Download Tasty Recipes v3.7.3 – A Powerful WordPress Recipe Plugin for Food Blogs Nulled Free
= v3.7.3 (October 6, 2022) =

  • Introduces a tasty_recipes_print_view_buttons filter for changing option buttons on print views.
  • Improves the print view to include previously selected unit and scale values.
  • Use the medium image size when converting WP Recipe Maker instructions.
  • Remove reliance on the PHP mbstring extension.”

Download Tasty Recipes V3.7.3 Nulled–A Powerful WordPress Recipe Plugin for Food Blogs

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