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WooCommerce PDF Catalog

what is WooCommerce PDF Catalog?

You’ve built a fantastic WooCommerce store and want to show it off to your local customers? Then this plugin will meet your requirements: Make a WooCommerce PDF catalog from your whole store or just a certain product category. Directly inside your business, fully adjustable, and simply stunning! There’s no requirement for HTML or CSS; everything may be done right from the admin interface!

WooCommerce PDF Catalog demo

WooCommerce PDF Catalog Features:

woocommerce pdf catalog features
  • There are around 30 different layouts to choose from.
  • 5 Different Category Layouts
  • Layouts for 6 Products
  • Catalogue in PDF format
  • PDF Catalogue by Category
  • PDF Catalogue in Cart
  • Catalog of Sale Products in PDF Format
  • Include a cover page.
  • Add a table of contents to your document.
  • Include an index.
  • Include a QR code for your products.
  • Additional text can be added before or after your goods.
  • Include some sophisticated options.
  • Subcategories are displayed.
  • When displaying subcategories, exclude parent products.
  • Padding Select a container
  • Select a location for the Links.
  • Make a unique header (half or 1/2 + 1/2, or 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3).
  • Make your own footer (1/2 or 1/2 + 1/2, or 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3).
  • Colorize the backdrop
  • Make a border
  • Select a text size
  • Select a line height.
  • Select a text alignment.
  • Select a picture size
  • Select a vertical alignment.
  • Elements can be shown or hidden (Image, Title, Price, Description, SKU, Categories, Tags, QR-Code)
  • [pdf catalog text=”text” category=”full OR Category-ID”] Shortcode-Support [pdf catalog text=”text” category=”full OR Category-ID”]
    There are page numbers on each page.
  • Documented in detail

Changelog: WooCommerce PDF Catalog

“Download WooCommerce PDF Catalog Pro v2.3.0 Nulled Free
21.11.2022 – v2.3.0

  • Fixed : Price and Category layout issue.
  • Fixed : Currency name or sign issue with price.
  • Fixed : Cross mark issue if product image is not available.
  • Added : Default image if product image is not available.
  • Tested with latest WooCommerce Version 7.1.0
  • Fixed : some other minor bugs.”

– NEW: PDF Catalog Builder

– NEW: Added poppins font
– NEW: Exclude products which contain a category

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– NEW: Option to set a text on cover & backcover
– FIX: Wrong product image showed for products with no image
– NEW: Added poppins font
– NEW: Exclude products which contain a category

– NEW: Option to set a text on cover & backcover – FIX: Wrong product image showed for products with no image 1.16.3 – NEW: Move attributes below SKU

– FIX: Image background color removed 1.16.2 – NEW: Added an option to show only in stock sale products

– NEW: Added support for 3rd & 4 levels in ToC

– FIX: PHP Notice 1.16.1 – NEW: Added DIV wrappers for pdf catalog Type AND categories – NEW: Added Mulish Font – NEW: Filter Hook for Product image size: woocommerce_pdf_catalog_product_image_size – FIX: Index letter not working – FIX: German translation – FIX: PHP Error on category class 1.16.0 – NEW: Product Tag PDF Export support

– NEW: Show Products in Table of Contents

– NEW: Category Layout 6

– NEW: Custom Taxonomy PDF Export Support (e.g. Brands)

– NEW: Custom PDF category image & Text This you can use to have different PDF & normal Category texts

– NEW: Custom Product & CAtegory layouts per Categories

– NEW: Filter for MPDF Settings woocommerce_pdf_catalog_mpdf_config – FIX: Images in backend of categories size corrected

– FIX: Split chunks enabled by default now – FIX: ToC Alignment of categories & subcategories – FIX: ToC Level 1 and 2 not bold or italic anymore 1.15.10 – FIX: QR code size not working – FIX: Barcode size not working 1.15.9 – NEW: Custom Backcover image per category – FIX: Backcover always showed 1.15.8 – FIX: Custom meta keys / ACF not showing correctly or duplicate – FIX: Backend preview could not be closed – FIX: Custom tabs broke layout 1.15.7 – FIX: Send catalog not working 1.15.6 – NEW: Added support for our Ultimate Tabs plugin – NEW: Show cart quantity in cart PDF Export

– NEW: Added Translation files for Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch – NEW: Upgraded Font Awesome to 5.15.3 and added an option to disable loading – NEW: Added shortcode explanation in plugin settings > buttons – NEW: When debug mode enabled caching is turned off – NEW: Added a filter on price HTML apply_filters(‘woocommerce_pdf_catalog_product_price’, $price, $this->product ); – FIX: Exclude parent categories not showed the paret categories itself – FIX: Attributes table supports variations – FIX: Cart variations exported now also – FIX: Updated MPDF library to support PHP 8.0 1.15.5 – NEW: Support for our Single Variations plugin to export variations as own products in the PDF and leave out the variable main one

– NEW: After many hours of trial & error we finally made it possible to show the backcover without header & footer

– NEW: Custom wishlist & sale cover images

– NEW: Email Sending: When select field hidden + category catalog it sends current catalog PDF – FIX: IMPORTANT Removed the ? parameter from URL parameter in order to support variation links Please save your tracking link WITHOUT starting ?

– FIX: Email sending select field not opened when only one choice 1.15.4 – FIX: Updated POT & PO files – FIX: Sale & Wishlist catalogs not working 1.15.3 – NEW: Add link parameters like UTM Campaign parameters to track usage

– FIX: Updated POT & PO files – FIX: PHP Notice “temp not defined” 1.15.2 – FIX: Performance optimizations in backend 1.15.1 – NEW: Extra texts execute shortcodes now – FIX: Layout issue when attributes enabled 1.15.0 – NEW: Added support for our attribute images plugin

– NEW: Show custom product data (including ACF fields)

– NEW: Option to hide / Show weight or dimensions – NEW: Added 2 options for QR and Bar Code Size – FIX: jQUery load deprecated – FIX: Back to Table of content not working – FIX: Updated POT / PO files 1.14.6 – FIX: Moved updater into weLaunch framework 1.14.5 – NEW: Dropped Redux Framework support and added our own framework Read more here: This ensure auto updates & removes all gutenberg stuff You can delete Redux (if not used somewhere else) afterwards

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Download WooCommerce PDF Catalog V2.3.0 Nulled

Note : Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. Maybe

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