Download YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit –2.7.26 nulled

YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit

what is YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit?

YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit Free Download – YooTheme | YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit – 2.7.26 – 3.1.6 is the most potent Joomla and WordPress theme and page builder available. The YOOtheme Pro page builder for WordPress and Joomla is ideal for designers looking to create stunning page layouts as well as developers that value extensibility and clean, semantic code.

YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit features

The YOOtheme Pro Joomla and WordPress page builder includes a growing library of ready-to-use elements. It’s simple to add your own unique elements.

YOOtheme Pro Integration

Widgetkit will not load UIKit 3 because YOOtheme Pro also uses it, instead adapting the YOOtheme Pro style. On our demo server, you can view how Widgetkit appears with all of the different YOOtheme Pro styles. In addition, YOOtheme Pro now includes a new Widgetkit element that allows you to load any widget into the YOOtheme Pro page builder. It launches the Widgetkit administration in the usual modal where you can select and modify your widgets.

3rd-Party Theme Integration

Widgetkit 3 increases interoperability with other theme providers’ themes. UIkit will now be loaded in scope mode, ensuring that Widgetkit and theme CSS do not conflict. This means that the Widgetkit CSS is solely applied to the widgets and has no effect on the theme markup. Furthermore, its CSS specificity has increased, making it more resistant to the theme CSS.

320+ Page Builder Layouts

Import one of the pre-built page builder layouts with a single click to speed up your creation process. In minutes, you may mix and match the sections to create a one-of-a-kind Joomla or WordPress website.

Load dynamic content from anywhere into your layouts

You may load content fields into any of your layouts and even create site-wide templates for the blog, category, and single post pages using the YOOtheme Pro builder.

YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit Demo Online

Download YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit –2.7.26 nulled

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