Download LayerSlider (Kreatura) v7.9.5 GPL Versatile WordPress Slide Plugin + Templates

LayerSlider (Kreatura) v7.2.5 Versatile WordPress Slide Plugin

What is LayerSlider?

LayerSlider is a versatile multimedia animated slider plugin for WordPress.

LayerSlider is a premium multipurpose animation platform. Sliders, image galleries, slideshows with eye-catching effects, landing pages, animated page blocks or even a full website can be created with LayerSlider 6.

Every website can take advantage of this plugin’s capabilities. The intuitive drag and drop editor makes it easy to get started with the LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin.

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The unlimited creative subscription

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Premium Features Kreatura Slider Plugin for WordPress – LayerSlider

Features LayerSlider
  • Template Store: The growing selection of fully handmade, customizable, and importable slide templates are the ideal starting point for new projects, and they cover every common use case from personal to the business.
  • LayerSlider Popups: Popups are a whole new way to use LayerSlider and it greatly expands its capabilities and what you can build with plugins.
  • Revisions: Rest assured knowing that your slide edits are safe at all times, and you can revert unwanted changes or save errors at any time.
  • Origami Slide Transition: Origami is the perfect solution to share your stunning photos with the world or your loved ones in a truly inspiring way and create slides with stunning effects.
  • Play By Scroll: By using the Play By Scroll feature, you can interact with the sliders by scrolling with the mouse wheel or swiping up/down on mobile devices.

Changelog LayerSlider Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free

“Download Kreatura Slider v7.6.0 Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free
LayerSlider 7.6.0 is now available! Nov 23, 2022
NEW: Scroll Scene, a successor to “”Play By Scroll””, is here. Play your slider animations by scrolling the page.
NEW: Sticky Scene is also here, so you can pin and keep sliders in place while scrolling the page.
NEW: You can pin layers as well in the same manner.
NEW: Introducing Performance Mode, a new option that ensures your sliders aren’t consuming resources in the background. It can dramatically increase performance when there are many sliders on the same page.
NEW: Hero sliders can now track and adapt to specified elements to perfectly align with your header area in all cases.
NEW: The editor now automatically detects and offers custom fonts loaded by 3rd parties.
NEW: Added custom prompt windows that are much nicer and won’t interfere in fullscreen editing mode.
NEW: Added “”Get Scroll Position Of”” option to Scroll Transition.
NEW: “”tabindex”” now has a dedicated option field in common attributes.
Updated Gutenberg block to ensure compatibility with future WordPress releases.
Updated and improved Elementor widget, which now requires Elementor 3.5.0 or newer.
General user interface improvements throughout the plugin.
Improved compatibility with certain WordPress themes.
Enhanced Lazy Load to maximize compatibility with 3rd parties.
Lots of improvements for all preview modes.
Further performance optimizations under the hood.
Fixed Popup display issues in some instances.
Fixed muting Vimeo videos that interfered with autoplay.
Fixed modifying SVGs that inserted a duplicate before.
Fixed some dropzone issues when dragging and dropping files into the editor.
Fixed horizontal scrollbar appearing in rare cases.
Fixed pinch & zoom resizing issues on mobile devices in rare cases.
Fixed stacking order issue in Layer Preview with multiple selection.
Fixed removing layer background image in multiple selection mode.”

“Download Kreatura Slider v7.5.2 Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free
LayerSlider v7.5.2 is now available! Oct 14, 2022
Fixed popup parallax and timing issues in rare cases.
LayerSlider v7.5.1 is now available! Oct 14, 2022
The Origami special effect can now work with solid background colors.
Improvements for online services and connectivity.
Changed the default “”Initial Fade Duration”” from 350 to 0.
Increased compatibility with image lazy-loaders.
Improved “”restart slide on resize”” behavior on mobile devices.
Fixed the Allow Fullscreen Mode option in Project Settings.
Fixed miscalculated transform origin in rare cases.
Fixed text selection when text transition and background clip are used together.
Fixed background image position issues on text layers with text transition and background clip enabled.
Fixed text transition of parallax-enabled layers when navigating backwards.
Fixed transform origin and transform perspective of layers where the opening transition duration is set to 0.
Fixed font size issues on some mobile devices.”

LayerSlider 7.1.0 is now available!Feb 14, 2022
Added Font Awesome 6 icon family.

LayerSlider 7.0.8 is now available! Feb 8, 2022
You can now quickly rename any project from the dashboard
Added slidebar timer support for Slide and Project Preview
Multiple fixes and enhancements in Project Preview
UI and usability fixes
Countless improvements under the hood

LayerSlider 7.0.7 is now available! Dec 20, 2021
Fixed manually updating the list of LayerSlider Templates.

LayerSlider v7.0.5 is now available! Dec 3, 2021
Important fixes for UI and performance issues in the Project Editor.
Project IDs are now visible and searchable on LayerSlider’s dashboard.
Various minor fixes and improvements.

LayerSlider 7.0.4 is now available! Nov 29, 2021
Added layer alignment shortcuts to the STYLE menu of layers.
Fixed Media Library modal window in Safari.
Fixed scrolling issues in Project Preview.
Various fixes under the hood.

LayerSlider 6.11.9 is now available!Sep 28, 2021
Fixed LayerSlider’s Gutenberg block.
Various compatibility fixes.

= LayerSlider v6.11.8 is now available! Apr 19, 2021 =

Improved compatibility with older versions of LayerSlider.
Other improvements and bug fixes under the hood.

= LayerSlider 6.11.7 is now available! Apr 7, 2021 =
Fixed minor user interface issues.
Fixed layer order when using element.
Fixed linked elements.

= LayerSlider 6.11.6 is now available!Mar 3, 2021 =
Fixed image sizes & positions with certain image optimization plugins
Added WayPoint support to update scroll triggers after slider initialization

= LayerSlider 6.11.5 is now available!Feb 1, 2021 =
Prevent WordPress applying HTML-native lazy loading on slider images. LayerSlider has its own lazy loading mechanism that’s more suitable for sliders and popups.
Added “Use loading attribute” option to LayerSlider → Options → Advanced to restore HTML-native lazy loading.
Increased compatibility for 3rd party themes and plugins.

= LayerSlider 6.11.4 is now available!Jan 25, 2021 =
This release fixes an issue introduced in the last update when there are multiple sliders on page.

= LayerSlider 6.11.3 is now available!Jan 25, 2021 =
Full PHP 8 support.
Shortcodes can now be used in slide and layer linking fields to generate dynamic URLs.
Performance improvements when rendering front-end pages.
Various bug fixes, including one affecting multisite networks.

LayerSlider 6.11.2 is now available ! Aug 3, 2020
Filters and Blend modes are no longer premium features and are now available for everyone. We’ve also unlocked certain slider templates, which were only considered premium content due to their dependency on these features.
Added language chooser to LayerSlider → Options to force LayerSlider using the selected locale.
Added “Clear Groups” option to the LayerSlider → Options → System Status to clear all groups with a single action.
Added “Clear 3rd party caches” option to LayerSlider → Options → Advanced. When enabled, LayerSlider will attempt to empty the caches of the most popular plugins after editing sliders, so changes can appear on your front-end pages immediately.
Improved compatibility with 3rd party image preloader plugins.
Changes to workaround certain web server limitations.
Better skin handling and added debug message when the selected skin is not available and the slider is defaulting to another skin.
Addressing some issues that caused sliders disappearing in the Grid View in rare cases.
Fixes for WPML localization plugin when dealing with duplicated sliders, slides, and layers. LayerSlider will now treat any duplicated content as new, so you can translate them without changing the original.
Fixed a PHP debug notice that affected Popups in certain cases.
Fixed sizing issue in sliders that uses Full size layout with the “Fit to parent height” mode selected.
Small tweaks and fixes throughout the plugin to improve compatibility, functionality, and performance.

LayerSlider 6.11.1 is now available ! Apr 1, 2020
This release fixes an issue introduced in the previous update (v6.11.0) that might cause sliders not showing up in rare cases.

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