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what is MyListing?

MyListing is a directory and listing WordPress theme that gives you the tools to build a directory website like never before. MyListing Theme pages are created with the powerful page builder Elementor. All 50+ drag and drop elements, and easy to use and customize. Absolutely no coding skills required.

Advanced list type generator, for any type of folder.

Whether you’re creating a business, event, or any other type of directory, you’ll want a different look, function, and features for each. 27collective’s advanced list type generator lets you do just that.

Choose between 20+ pre-made fields and create your own unlimited custom fields. Each listing can also have its own products for sale, events, forms, reviews, comments, and other custom tabs.

Create and explore your page customizations

MyListing helps build advanced search forms with unlimited custom filters. Choose between three pre-made discovery page templates and over 10 Google map skins

Monetize your directory site

Monetize by earning from listing submissions, as well as allowing users to promote their listings

The unlimited creative subscription

MyListing demo

Features MyListing – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Unlimited list

  • Create unlimited types of lists
  • Use preset fields and create custom fields
  • Configure the search form
  • Front-end and back-end submission forms
  • Configure the listing page for each category
  • Earn all the money
Unlimited list

Elementor page builder

Visually awesome page builder to design your pages.

Elementor page builder

Beautiful discovery page

  • Seamless ajax filtering
  • Fully customizable filters for each type
  • Google Maps or Mapbox is the map provider
  • Search by location and proximity
  • Geolocation and nearby listings
  • Priority list and more
Beautiful discovery page

Single listing page

  • Configuration for each type of list
  • Create tabs and add blocks
  • Dynamically populated content
  • Reviews and comments
  • Related list
  • Show e-commerce products
Single listing page

User rating

  • List of specific review categories
  • Star Rating
  • Upload pictures
  • Schema support
User Dashboard

Make money

  • Paid List
  • Earn more sending list
  • Rent or display fields based on packages
  • Unique package for each list type
  • Request to earn listing
  • Advertised listings
  • Allows users to push their listings to the top of the results by selling promotional packages
  • Each promotion package may have different priority in search results
Make money

Direct messages

Instant messaging between users is out of the box with no need for a third-party plugin.

Other Key Features

  • Listing Types
  • Elementor
  • Woocommerce
  • Responsive
  • Explore Pages
  • Ajax Filtering
  • Search Form Builder
  • Paid Listings
  • Promoted Listings
  • Field Visibility
  • User Dashboard
  • Listing Statistics
  • Front-end Submission
  • Direct Messages
  • User Reviews
  • Schema Support
  • Translatable (1 Language)
  • Google Maps Or Mapbox
  • Nearby Listings
  • Minified And Optimized
  • Claim Listing
  • Social Login
  • Contact Forms
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Google Fonts
  • Related Listings
  • Similar Listings
  • Seo Optimized
  • 1-click Demo Import
  • Fast And Reliable Support

Changelog MyListing – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme Nulled Free

v2.11.5 – 16 Feb 2024
After you update the theme clear any caching you have enabled in your site and regenerate preview cards cache under theme tools > performance
– Added pagination and load more to listing feed widget
– Added filter by author to listing feed widget
– Added compatibility for recaptcha v3
– Added compatibility with PHP 8.2 and 8.3
– Wp all export – added option to export custom recurring date fields
– Wp all import – added option to import recurring date field in serialized format
– Wp all import – Locations: when imprting without geocoding you can import multiple locations now
– Dashboard stats chart – added option to enable/disable views/unique views
– Added hook to prevent attachments from being deleted when you delete a listing
– Added support for webp images in account details
– Updated Vue JS to latest version
– Fix: Promotions – wrong priority after promotion expires
– Fix: Date format not working in cover details section
– Fix: Issue with exporting work hours field
– Fix: Wp all import issue with same name images
– Fix: Background carousel not working when switching listing types
– Fix: Upcoming dates block – events expiring before end time is reached
– Fix: Comaptibility issue with WC Vendors Pro dashboard
– Fix: Use available package showing even after listing type limit is reached
– Fix: Explore prev/next arrows not working on terms tab
– Fix: Show password icon showing duplicated
– Fix: Messages of deleted listings not being deleted
– Fix: New paid listing package created when you renew a subscription
– Fix: PHP error when duplicating listings that have fields restricted by package
– Fix: Default zoom not working for location field (OSM)
– Fix: Select filters, clear selection icon not showing
– Fix: Style of insert link modal in wp editor field
– Fix: Field package visibility for save as draft listings
– Fix: Add listing package invalid error if only one listing type is added in add listing page:
– Fix: Notifications not sent when you preview submitted listing
– Fix: Add listing – Get location icon issue on location field

“Download MyListing v2.9.7 – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.9.7 01 November 2022

  • Fix: Search as I move the map
  • Fix: Preview card not showing fully on iOS devices
  • Fix: Author page responsive issue”

“Download MyListing v2.9.5 – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.9.5 26 October 2022

  • Explore page: Search radius is now visualized in the map as a circle.
  • Added ability to show distance of listing from searched location on preview card
  • Added ability to show distance on preview card for similar listings on listing page (proximity order)
  • Improved SEO and screen reader accessibility of MyListing widgets
  • Fix: WP All Import issue with image import
  • Fix: Similar listings error when order set to proximity
  • Fix: Verified icon not showing on quick view modal
  • Fix: Location field -> delete icon style
  • Fix: Repeater block error when currency not set”

v2.9.0 – 05 May 2022

  • Feature: Open now filter for advanced form is now available.
    You can add the filter by editing listing type > search forms > advanced form
  • Feature: Multiple locations per listing are now supported.
    You can enable the options by editing listing type > fields > location field > Max number of locations allowed
  • Optimizations: Up to 50% less CSS and JS loaded per page on average compared to previous versions.
  • Tweak: Restaurant menu is now renamed to General repeater and includes the following fields: title, price, URL/button label, image, description
  • Feature: Added Hide empty option for related listing tabs. You can enable the option by editing listing type > single page> content and tabs > click on any related listing tab and enable the “Hide tab if there are no listings” switcher.
  • Feature: Added option to choose the taxonomy you want to display on quick view modal
  • Feature: Added option to choose the taxonomy you want to show in the map marker. Make sure to regenerate preview card cache after using this option
  • Feature: You can now \upload custom icons for listing types
  • New feature: Added ability to embed YouTube shorts on the video block
  • Feature: Added switcher to work hours block to keep the block expanded
  • Tweak: Links can be disabled for terms block
    FIX: Issue with basic form styling when enabling minification. Previous JS solution replaced with CSS grid.
    Fix: General repeater field styling on backend add listing form
    Fix: (RTL) Horizontal scroll and arrows not showing for quick actions
    Fix: Replaced deprecated Elementor functions
    FIX: Gallery navigation buttons showing on the preview card when they weren’t needed

v2.8.0 – 01 February 2022
– Added tracking stats for listing quick actions and call-to-action buttons, shown in user dashboard.
– Added “Restaurant Menu” repeater field and content block in single listing page.
– Added compatibility with WC Subscriptions v4.0.
– Added ability to lock listing phone, email, and number fields until requested to be shown by visitor.
– Added “Google Ad” content block in single listing page.
– Added ability to display Google Ads in Explore listing results, with the ability to set the ad repeat interval.
– Relisting will now set the listing’s publish date to the current date.
– FIX: Issue with address coordinates in location field during listing submission.

v2.7.3 – 14 December 2021
– Fixed styling issue with Search button on homepage.

v2.7.2 – 13 December 2021
– Added “Search as I move the map” checkbox in Explore page.
– Improved flow for “Duplicate Listing” feature on the user dashboard.
– FIX: Unable to preview listing map markers on mobile when searching by dragging the map.
– FIX: Unable to hide “Form Heading” fields from the listing comparison table.
– FIX: Unable to remove profile picture from user account details after uploading.
– FIX: Missing translation strings.
– Minor design tweaks.

v2.7.1 – 01 December 2021
– Fixed issue with duplicate listing action in user dashboard.

v2.6.9 – 09 August 2021
– FIX: Empty fields showing up in single listing page.
– FIX: Recurring dates: End date not displayed for events that last exactly one day.

v2.6.8 – 06 August 2021​
– GDPR: User listings and claims are now exported in a personal data export request.
– GDPR: User listings and direct messages are now deleted in a personal data erase request.
– Added support for WebP images in Add Listing form.
– Added support for bulk purchasing listing promotions through the Shop page.
– FIX: Text and number fields with value set to “0” not showing up in the single listing page and preview card.
– FIX: Preview link for draft listings not working.
– FIX: Date filters not working properly when set to show years only.
– FIX: Mobile navigation glitch when using Safari back buttton
– FIX: Elementor “Text editor” widget styling issue
– FIX: Elementor deprecation notices in recent versions.
– FIX: Explore page isotope layout bug on window resize.
– FIX: Unable to use “widget_title” hook with the Latest Posts and Contact Form widgets.
– FIX: Issue with redirection on user login and logout.
– FIX: Add Listing form: Unable to create custom tags with non-latin characters.
– FIX: Users still able to use disallowed words when updating a review.
– FIX: Subscription renewal triggers “Listing Approved” email notification.
– Updated ACF to the latest version (v5.9.9).

v2.6.7 – 02 April 2021
– “Filter By Listing Type” dropdown in user dashboard now only shows listing types relevant to the user.
– Work Hours: If current day has multiple work hour ranges, now all of them are displayed in the “Work Hours” content block.
– Work Hours: Listings now display “By Appointment Only” instead of “Closed” when the work hours for that day are set to appointments only.
– Fixed layout for “Add Payment Method” page in user dashboard.
– FIX: Received direct messages not appearing in inbox in some cases.
– FIX: Issue with multiple recurring date import using WP All Import.
– FIX: “Images” section missing for all post types in WP All Import.
– FIX: SEO tools reporting multiple “h1” tags in Explore page.
– FIX: Missing “alt” text for site logo image.
– FIX: 404 issue when translating the /promotions/ endpoint slug.
– FIX: Menu items not being marked active when using a custom user dashboard menu.
– FIX: Dashboard stats not getting updated immediately after a listing is published/edited/deleted.
– FIX: Issues with dropdown positioning in Explore page filters.
– FIX: Issue with preview card cache for newly submitted listings.

v2.6.6 – 05 March 2021
– Added “Add to iCal” button in the “Upcoming dates” block
– Added an option which allows users to add new terms like tags, categories, regions directly in the add listing form if enabled. (Works with Term Multiselect only)
– Added ability to filter listings by listing type in User Dashboard > My Listings.
– Added new email notification sent to users when a promotion package ends/expires.
– Direct messages and WP Editor fields in the Add Listing form will now check for disallowed words (set in WP Admin > Settings > Discussion > Disallowed Comment Keys).
– Added client-side validation for the listing review form.
– FIX: WP All Import: Unable to use functions in the Work Hours import field for custom parsing of import data.
– FIX: Explore: Scroll position not restored on mobile when using the location filter as primary filter.
– FIX: “Title Bar” widget not displaying term names properly.
– FIX: “Form Heading” field not showing up in the Add Listing form if it doesn’t have an icon set.
– FIX: “Direct Message” button shown on user profile page even when messages are disabled.
– FIX: Missing translation strings.

v2.6.5 – 22 January 2021
– WP All Import Image/File import, added support for setting file title, description, caption, and alt text.
– Improved compatibility with caching plugins.
– FIX: Issues with listing reviews (load more button).
– FIX: Dropdown term search not working when terms are ordered hierarchically.
– FIX: Draft listings not accessible via permalink.
– FIX: Issue in add listing form package selection.
– FIX: Translating “my-bookmarks” URL endpoint not working properly.
– FIX: Package search not working in WP Admin > Users > Paid Listing Packages.

v2.6.4 – 12 December 2020
– FIX: WP Editor fields in Add Listing form not working in WordPress 5.6.
– FIX: Cannot switch to alternate template for quick views.
– FIX: Replies to reviews not visible when clicking “Load More” in the reviews tab.

= v2.6.3 – 11 December 2020 =
– Added “Behavior” setting for “Range” filters, which sets the comparison used when retrieving search results.
– Event fields: Added compatibility with rich results by making it possible to output the start and end
dates separately, using [[event-date.start]] and [[event-date.end]].
– FIX: Issue with “Range” filters where it was sometimes not possible to slide to the maximum value.
– FIX: Preview card cache not getting refreshed when related listings expire.
– FIX: Explore: Order by rating in reverse order not working.
– FIX: Term multiselect filter in Explore page not retaining all selected values when page is refreshed.
– FIX: “Get Directions” link not accurate in some cases.
– FIX: Cannot properly display WP Editor fields in Tabs and Accordion content blocks.
– FIX: Error when editing listings in wp-admin (related to recurring-date fields).
– FIX: User dashboard stats not shown specific to the current site on multisite installations.

v2.6.2 – 08 December 2020
– FIX: Header layout issues.
– FIX: Maps not working on Firefox.
– FIX: Nearby search: Geolocation popup message not shown.

= v2.6.1 – 05 December 2020 =
– FIX: “Text Search” filters not working with the Title and Description fields.
– FIX: Issue with importing related listings using WP All Import.
– FIX: Issues with modifying/translating “/my-listings/” URL endpoint text.
– FIX: Creating an account during checkout not working, even if enabled in WooCommerce settings.
– Added bracket syntax support for Table, Details, Tabs, and Accordion content blocks.
– Added “Load more” button in listing reviews to load older reviews via AJAX.
– Added notification message when user submits a listing review.
– Improved loading of fonts and styles for better performance.

= v2.6.0 =
– Support for “WP All Import” is now built-in
– Added support for “recurring-date” fields
– Added support for “related-listing” fields
– Added full support for “checkbox” fields
– Added support for assigning/switching the paid listing package during import
– Fixed issue where field options containing non-latin characters broke the import editing form
– Improved work-hours import
– Improved social-networks import with support for custom links
– Improved location import
– Added support for Mapbox as a geocoding and reverse geocoding service
– Added support for directly adding latitude and longitude (if present in the CSV file), without using a geocoding service
– New layout for single author page, showing author information and their listings.
– Added “Basic Search Form” as an Elementor widget, and included an option to display listing types as a dropdown instead of tabs.
– Added “Number of past/finished dates to show” setting for “Upcoming Dates” content block.
– After an event is finished, event status now gets set to “Ended”, and the final date occurrence is shown (preview card/single listing page).
– Added “Default map zoom level” setting for Location content block in single listing page.
– Added the sending/receiving listing’s information in the notification email for direct messages.
– Improved the subscription switch layout (WC Subscriptions).
– URL endpoints for the “My Listings”, “Promotions”, and “Bookmarks” pages are now customizable through translation plugins (e.g. Loco Translate).
– FIX: Missing form fields when editing a product of type “listing subscription” in wp-admin.
– FIX: Final occurrence of a recurring date not being displayed in some cases.
– FIX: Some browsers cause a 404 error when trying to access a listing with its permalink base including non-latin characters.
– FIX: Using pagination buttons in Explore page does not automatically scroll the window to show top of results.
– FIX: Explore: “Nearby” order not triggering search results immediately on mobile in some cases.
– FIX: Explore: Categories specific to a listing type affecting other listing types in some cases.

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