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Wp Quiz Pro The Best WordPress Quiz Plugin v2.1.8

WP Quiz
The Best WordPress Quiz Plugin

WP Quiz is the #1 WordPress Quiz plugin for building powerful and beautiful quizzes. This can increase engagement for any website or blog by keeping your users glued to the page.

WP Quiz – Premium WordPress Plugin To Add Responsive & Modern Quizzes!

  • Responsive
  • Speed Optimized
  • SEO Ready

Features: Wp Quiz Pro – The Best WordPress Quiz Plugin

  • Increase the number of viral visitors: Quizzes have shown to be an untapped source of viral traffic. Create your own quiz to tap on that traffic.
  • Compile a list of email addresses: Before launching a quiz or receiving their quiz results, ask users to opt in. Before you know it, you’ll have a sizable email list.
  • Boost User Participation: By keeping consumers riveted to your pages, you can improve your bounce rate and engage your visitors on your website.
  • Bounce Rate Reduction: Users who are taking a quiz are more likely to stay on your website until the quiz is completed. This has a significant impact on lowering the bounce rate.
  • Make your own trivia quizzes: Make trivia quizzes that make your visitors scratch their heads and attempt to get all of the answers correct in one go.
  • Exams can be taken online: It’s not simply fun with WP Quiz. The plugin may also be used to produce professional-level exam papers.
  • Personality tests may be created in a variety of ways: Have a unique personality quiz on your website to help customers figure out what sort of personality they have.
  • Participate in surveys: By allowing visitors to vote on an option and participate in your survey, you can turn your quiz into a poll.
  • Make a Facebook quiz site that is entertaining: Using the unique Facebook quiz feature, you can turn your website into a full-fledged Facebook quiz site.
  • Make List Posts That Are Interactive: Create a quiz with a list of alternatives that users may vote up or down to change the quiz’s options around.
  • Subscribers should be increased: Get more subscribers by requiring them to give up their email address before taking a quiz or viewing the results.
  • Make More Money: Make money by displaying advertisements between questions and before the results, or by using the page-reload function to enhance ad views.

Changelog: Wp Quiz Pro – The Best WordPress Quiz Plugin

v2.1.8 (27th September, 2021)
– Fixed: On some mobile devices it was not possible to create new quizzes

v2.1.7 (29th Jan, 2021)
– Updated: Translation file
– Fixed: Option ‘Subscribe to Play’ quiz was not working
– Fixed: Option to show results in the popup was not working

v2.1.6 (27th Dec, 2020)
– Added support for the audio tag in the question hint
– Added `permission_callback` to `register_rest_route` calls
– Fixed the result not showing if timer for the last question expired

v2.1.5 (22nd Sep, 2020)
– Added answer explanation text in the final quiz results of the multipage quizzes
– Fixed a JS error appearing on the Facebook and Swiper quiz
– Fixed answer explanation appearing instantly even if forced action is on

v2.1.4 (3rd Sep, 2020)
– Fixed quiz migrated from version 1.0 sometimes not working
– Fixed YouTube video not working
– Fixed quiz data not saving with the large quiz

v2.1.3 (2nd Jul, 2020)
– Added option to enable payment to view the quiz result
– Added filter to change the email headers
– Fixed payment method is visible even when setup incorrectly
– Fixed WEBM video automatically plays

v2.1.2 (5 May, 2020)
– Fixed quiz email not sending in the PHP 7.3
– Fixed Vote down stats for the swipers quiz are not recording correctly
– Fixed AWeber lists dropdown not showing lists after the first connect
– Fixed quiz timer not hiding after the quiz completion
– Fixed some PHP notices

v2.1.1 (1 Apr, 2020)
– Added list dropdown in the AWeber integration

v2.1.0 (7 Feb, 2020)
– Improved AWeber integration, please connect your account again from WP Dashboard >> WP Quiz Pro >> Settings > Subscription
– Fixed autoplay issue for MP4 videos
– Fixed MP4 video not displaying in some browsers

v2.0.19 (21 Oct, 2019)
– Added Paypal payment method
– Added missing text in the localization file for translation
– Fixed quiz data is deleted when adding links to quiz results

v2.0.18 (14 Sep, 2019)
– Disabled overall timer when using reload feature
– Fixed Play Again button not showing when using reload feature
– Fixed JS error when playing Facebook quiz using Friends profile image

v2.0.17 (27 Aug, 2019)
– Added an option to use minute format in the timer
– Added some missing strings in the localization file
– Fixed force action not working after Personality quiz reload
– Fixed empty quiz after importing the content content

v2.0.16 (16 Aug, 2019)
– Fixed can’t turn off auto scroll for the last question
– Fixed subscription box title does not show correctly
– Removed the deactivate free version notice
– Removed some unused strings

v2.0.15 (29 Jul, 2019)
– Fixed the answers list not displaying when reload option is enabled

v2.0.14 (24 Jul, 2019)
– Fixed wrong results showing on in the Trivia quiz type
– Fixed missing animation effect in the Personality quiz type after subscription form submission

v2.0.13 (9 Jul, 2019)
– Fixed translation issue in the List quiz type

v2.0.12 (1 Jul, 2019)
– Fixed Admin emails were not working
– Fixed Twitter share conflict with Yoast SEO
– Fixed Answer checking runs before force action is completed

v2.0.11 (24 Jun, 2019)
– Added `quiz_url` to the `play_data` table
– Added an option to not print the Google Analytics code
– Removed `ES6` code from the frontend
– Fixed Quiz data getting erased if there is `target=”_blank”`
– Fixed unicode characters not working after list quiz voting

v2.0.10 (14 Jun, 2019)
– Added filter to change trivia delay time
– Improved GetResponse settings
– Improved Trivia delay time between questions
– Removed Support page
– Fixed reload page issues
– Fixed placeholder texts in shared Facebook quiz

v2.0.9 (21 May, 2019)
– Added delay time before redirecting to the next question to show explanation
– Removed unnecessary Facebook permission: user_gender, user_friends is used when it is required
– Fixed FaceBook quiz not working
– Fixed Personality quiz sometimes shows 2 results
– Fixed List type options do not get saved
– Fixed Reload option does not work with Randomize questions option
– Fixed Player tracking not working with the Reload option
– Fixed JS error on the Support page
– Fixed some strings with wrong text domain

v2.0.8 (1 May, 2019)
– Added ConvertKit integration
– Improved: Scroll to the quiz after refreshing
– Allowed changing title and description of share url
– Fixed Vimeo video sometimes doesn’t work
– Fixed the result does not show in Personality play data list

v2.0.7 (28 Mar, 2019)
– Added support for %%score%% and %%total%% in the result titles of Trivia quiz
– Added credit link in the embedded code
– Optimized data handling while recording the player data
– Fixed CSS conflict with few themes

v2.0.6 (20 Mar, 2019)
– Added scroll option in multiple page layout
– Added delay time before redirecting after completing the quiz
– Added new text in the translation(.pot) file
– Improved Leads page columns layout
– Fixed error when deleting an email subscriber
– Fixed trivia answers are not checked in some cases
– Fixed not able to remove all the sharing buttons
– Fixed personality quiz was not working if only personality quiz is enabled
– Fixed sharing conflict with Yoast SEO open graph
– Removed Google+ share button

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