Newspaper – News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme v11.4


Newspaper is a responsive premium WordPress theme that is great for creating news websites, online magazines, blogs and other related websites.

Newspaper also supports YouTube videos and has a built-in rating system. The stylized theme is integrated with bbPress, BuddyPress and WooCommerce forums. Newspaper Theme WordPress uses the cleanest SEO practices and in addition, it is fast, easy to install and use. Newspaper also supports Google AdSense responsive ads.


This theme is an ideal tool for creating blogs, or online magazines, in addition, it is related to the development of a portal. Newspapers are a ready-made solution that needs to be modified with minimum and adapted to your own requirements and goals.

Changelog Newspaper WordPress Theme Nulled Free

v11.4 – December 22nd, 2021
new: 7 New one-click installable Pre-Build Websites (demos) created with the tagDiv Cloud Library, tagDiv Composer page builder, and tagDiv Opt-in Builder membership plugin:
new: The Rimont  ;
new: Living PRO ;
new: Week PRO ;
new: Publication PRO  ;
new: Rue Bailand  ;
new: Aramis ;
new: Metropolitan ;
new: Added new features in the tagDiv Opt-in Builder, such as Paywall System, Membership Subscriptions, Unlimited Plans, PayPal Payment.
new: 8 new shortcodes for tagDiv Opt-in Builder plugin, ready to use with the tagDiv Composer frontend page builder;
new: 2 new shortcodes for the tagDiv Opt-in Builder plugin ready to use with the Gutenberg editor;
new: Added the ‘Social Share’ shortcode to use on the page;
new: Added ‘Google reCaptcha v3’ on the Login/Register modal;
new: Added Date – Current Date filter on the ‘Flex Block’ element;
new: Added ‘Global Colors’ in the Website Manager panel;
new: Added the ‘Modal Popup’ shortcode;
new: Added Extra Label option on all the Flex shortcodes;
misc: Compatibility between the tagDiv Shop and WooCommerce Subscriptions plugins;
misc: Added ‘Sorting Options’ for the last popular 24-48 hours posts;
misc: Install the Required Plugins when a pre-built website (demo) is installed;
misc: Added the ‘Limit Authors’ option on the Authors Box shortcode;
misc: Added ‘Autoplay’ and ‘Controls Options’ on the Single Featured Image;
misc: Added an option to show ‘Leave a Reply’ form above the comments on the Single Post Comments shortcode;
misc: Added ‘Duplicate’ option on pages;
misc: Added short/long description option on Woo Product, Loop, and Live Search shortcodes;
misc: Submenu is visible in the More menu item;
misc: Autosave backup for the Theme Panel Settings before the theme update;
misc: Install the required plugins for each prebuilt website (demo) import;
misc: Self hosted video support for video background on Row;
fix: Modified date on the Mobile Theme;
fix: Wp-admin no templates dropdown on 404 page;
fix: Updated the API URL for the covid-related shortcodes;
fix: Unique articles doesn’t work on Mobile Page template;
fix: Dailymotion Get/Set Featured Image issue;
fix: Display the page builder templates only when the Standard Pack plugin is active;
fix: jQuery shorthand deprecation warnings;
fix: Hide sidebar option on a post when a tagDiv Cloud Template is set;
fix: Set the full size of an image for the AMP Image Size (Google requirements);
fix: Update plugins on server;
fix: Bug Article Inline Ad on Single Post Content shortcode;
fix: Add/Remove post notice for Video Standard post style format;
fix: Caption Over Image on the featured image;
fix: Woo Archive duplication issue;
fix: Out of stock issue on simple product;
fix: Other css fixes.

v11.3.1 – October 14th, 2021
fix: Unexpected token in JSON;
fix: modified date in Mobile Theme;
fix: activate the theme error;

Version 11.2 – July 29th, 2021
new: tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin – Generate leads and increase conversion rates with opt-in content lockers and subscription lists. tagDiv Opt-In Builder helps you easily create content lockers, subscribing lists and gives your visitors a compelling reason to enter their email address (opt-in) to unlock your content;
new: Leads shortcode – We know that collecting leads is essential for your business. We’ve added a new shortcode in the tagDiv Composer page builder to help you in marketing efforts. With Leads Shortcode, you can easily design a form that collects emails and place it on your website where you like it;
new: Post content locker – Newspaper Theme now can lock the content of an article and allow users to view content based on an email subscription;
new: 3 New one-click installable Pre-Build Websites (demos) created with the tagDiv Cloud Library & tagDiv Composer;
new: Revenant – View Demo ;
new: CryptoNews – View Demo ;
new: All About Parenting – View Demo ;
new: Filter option added on blocks to display the Locked articles – ‘Show exclusive posts only.’ It works as standalone or in combination with other filtering options existing on the content blocks;
new: Option to display the “Exclusive” badge on blocks to mark the locked articles;
new: Added Author on Module 1 in the Mobile Theme plugin;
fix: CSS Analyzer with the Mobile Theme;
fix: Revolution Slider compatibility;
fix: Fix item scope issue for default post;
fix: Remove JS block editor for mobile, on widgets.php section.

Version 11.1 – July 22nd, 2021
new: WordPress 5.8 – The Newspaper Theme is now compatible with the latest WordPress version;
misc: Support for new WordPress Widget Builder;
misc: Added Image Radius option for Single Featured Image;
misc: New options image and meta for Woo Live Search, Woo Loop, and Woo Product;
misc: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
misc: Added translation for Woo strings;
misc: Redesigned activation message in wp-admin;
misc: Added meta info border-radius on the Flex blocks;
misc: Option to Deactivate/Delete panel backups;
misc: Cloud Library – Template & mobile page dropdowns now align left/right based on the screen size;
misc: Added responsive text alignment on Inline Text shortcode;
fix: Theme boxed version fix;
fix: Reset – delete just the Theme Panel settings option;
fix: Live Search with quote;
fix: Team member Lazyload effect;
fix: Background color on the Title block;
fix: Added Print for translation;
fix: Title hover color on Column Content;
fix: Inner row flex settings fix;
fix: tagDiv Composer now works with WPML option for header and footer templates;
fix: Non-numeric value error on review size and audio size params;
fix: Loop pagination when the offset is 0;
fix: Inline ads after paragraph option;
fix: Logo width and height attributes on standard footer;
fix: Assign individual cloud template to Woo product;
fix: Specific case fix for the Social Counter Instagram Service;
fix: Raw HTML cannot be selected in tagDiv Composer;
fix: Flex row vertical alignment;
fix: Fix for attribute labels on Add to cart.

= Version 11 – June 16th, 2021 =
new: tagDiv Shop plugin – We’ve crafted a dedicated plugin that brings you all the eCommerce functionality you would ever need to run an online store. This plugin delivers awesome enhancements for the WooCommerce functionality. Activate it for superpowers on your eShop website;
new: 27+ new WooCommerce shortcodes – Drag, drop, combine and customize elements for online stores straight on the frontend of your site. Selling online with your own eCommerce website has never been faster, easier, and more scalable;
new: 4 new Cloud Template types of layouts. Explore your favourite collection of templates – tagDiv Cloud Library – to find the new beautiful designs for Woo Archive, Woo Product, Woo Search, Woo Shop Base website layouts;
new: 8 New one-click instalable SHOP Pre-Build Websites (demos) created with the tagDiv Cloud Library & tagDiv Composer;
new: Shop Kids Store View Demo ;
new: Shop Audio View Demo ;
new: Shop Watches Store View Demo ;
new: Shop Vintage Choppers Store View Demo ;
new: Shop Makeup View Demo ;
new: Shop Apocryph View Demo ;
new: Shop Vaness View Demo ;
new: Shop Blog Gadgets View Demo ;
new: Art Blog View Demo ;
new: tagDiv CSS Analyzer – Get the best results for your website and increase the performance. We’ve made a general theme revision for Core Web Vitals to improve your website’s performance, accessibility, and SEO efforts. The tagDiv CSS Analyzer is ready to do all the heavy lifting for you. You can now generate the critical CSS for the tagDiv Cloud Templates and Pages and move non-critical CSS in the footer with one click;
new: ON/OFF option for pagination on the MegaMenu;
new: Option to disable the live search function on the ‘Header Live Search’ shortcode;
new: Option in the Theme Panel >Template Settings section to disable the ‘To Top’ button;
new: Option in the Theme Panel >Template Settings section to choose the Page Layout Size for Default Page templates;
new: Option to Align/Space the review stars on the blocks;
new: Instagram Connect System in the Theme Panel -> Social Networks section for personal or business Instagram accounts;
improvement: tagDiv Composer performance;
improvement: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
improvement: Theme performance on the memory allocation;
improvement: Updated title_tag options on multiple blocks;
improvement: Option to Disable Pagination on the Mega menu for the Header main menu block;
improvement: tagDiv Newsletter duplicated queries;
improvement: LazyLoad on the Single Image shortcode;
fix: TikTok Social Counter;
fix: Favicon on Mobile Theme;
fix: Background color/image Theme Panel settings for the boxed version of the theme;
fix: Dropdown mega menu with subcategories on mobile menu;
fix: Ajax Category Dropdown option in combination with the Infinite Load function on blocks;
fix: CSS fix – Image Caption on Mobile Theme and AMP;
fix: Homepage Post shortcode;
fix: Some characters like “]” that break shortcodes structure;
fix: Twitter URL – author socials;
fix: Font Awesome loading issue;
fix: Autosave backup for the Theme Panel settings;
fix: Theme Panel settings to turn ON/OFF display ads on different devices;
fix: Image thumbnail for Vimeo videos;
fix: Captions from Image Gallery appear in the excerpt;
fix: Stripe issue;
fix: Ad Inserter plugin compatibility;
fix: Yoast Premium plugin issue;
fix: Prevent sending XSS injection in block attribute – courtesy to Truoc Phan of Techlab Corporation;
fix: Exceeded storage error;
fix: Home Decor demo import without content;
fix: Automatic update doesn’t update tagDiv plugins when the child theme is active.

= Version 10.4 – March 29th, 2021 =
new: tagDiv CSS Analyzer Tool (beta, only on Chrome browser) – For the first time in the Newspaper Theme, we’re introducing a free and awesome tool that analyzes and removes all the unused CSS from the page, supporting your effort to make your website faster. The tagDiv CSS Analyzer Tool works in stages. First, it removes all the unused CSS, then, from the final clean CSS, it generates the Critical CSS and automatically moves the non-critical one to the bottom of the page;
new: 2 New one-click installable PRO Demos created with the tagDiv Cloud Library & tagDiv Composer:
new: School PRO – View Demo ;
new: City PRO – View Demo ;
new: WordPress 5.7 compatibility;
new: Smaller CSS files – We’ve moved the individual CSS on the components where it is used to make the specific elements load faster;
new: Added help video tooltips on the shortcodes options in the tagDiv Composer page builder;
new: Added the disable Google fonts for mobile option in the Theme Panel;
new: tagDiv Standard Pack is no longer required on new theme install;
new: Updated WPBakery & Revolution Slider plugins to the latest version;
misc: Web Core Vitals – We’ve made a general theme revision for Web Core Vitals to improve Performance, Accessibility, and SEO. In some cases, you’ll need to make particular revisions to get better results;
misc: We’ve removed the CSS style from the Cloud Library plugin. Now, all style is moved on the components where is used;
misc: Flex blocks – Added extra Review Stars options;
misc: Applied Animation/Lazy Load effect on the Revolution Slider images;
misc: Added Lazy Load animation on the Image Box and Inline Single Image element;
misc: Added width and height attributes on the Inline mage and Fancy image elements;
misc: New options to change the SEO Title Tag on various shortcodes;
misc: New options to add Gradient & Shadow on sticky rows;
misc: Added “Time ago” option for blocks;
misc: The Inline Text element now recognizes footer shortcodes;
misc: Removed left/right margin restrictions for the column/inner column;
misc: Smaller Newspaper font – some icons are now converted into SVG;
misc: ‘rel’ option for logo URL;
misc: ‘rel’ option for social share;
fix: Food Recipes demo fix – meta info on modules was hidden from CSS;
fix: Front page offset issue on the Mobile Theme;
fix: Some string translations on the Mobile theme;
fix: Undo/redo history in tagDiv Composer due to memory limit on local storage;
fix: WPML notices;
fix: Saving theme panel backups;
fix: Title styles on the Single Comments;
fix: Background image upload in the panel when the image has caption;
fix: Prevent sending XSS injection in block ID – courtesy to Toan Nguyen & Truoc Phan;
fix: Shadow issue on row dividers;
fix: Ad title position;
fix: Some translation strings;
fix: Open modal login from comments shortcode without the panel option;
fix: Width and height attribute on header logo;
fix: Twitter social counter;
fix: Multiple warnings and notices.

= Version – December 11th, 2020 =
misc: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
fix: featured images were not displayed on Firefox using WordPress 5.6..

= v10.3.9 – December 8th, 2020 =
- new: tagDiv Theme Welcome Page
- new: WordPress 5.6 compatibility – Newspaper Theme is now compatible with the latest WordPress version as it was tested with the RC WordPress 5.6 version;
- misc: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
- fix: save live css editor;
- fix: news ticker shortcode js;
- fix: footer template content in base64;
- fix: autoload posts iframe height.

= [ Version 10.3.8 ] =
new: Create mobile header/footer templates from desktop versions;
new: Sticky row option in tagDiv Composer;
new: Video pop-up for Single Image and Inline Single Image shortcode;
improvement: tagDiv Composer history system performance;
improvement: WooCommerce 4.7 compatibility;
improvement: Install demos on low value for php max_execution_time;
improvement: We've updated the WPBakery plugin to the latest version;
improvement: We've updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
fix: Facebook oembed fix for featured videos (the thumbnail generator system is deprecated and it will not be supported anymore);
fix: Footer templates are imported as mobile templates;
fix: Title block css fix;
fix: Facebook social counter;
fix: WPML single cloud templates don't appear on specific languages;
fix: wpb_wrapper - selector used on columns;
fix: the css code for block template will load only when custom title is filled up;
fix: excerpt length;
fix: illegal string warning on font icons;
fix: translation issue for reset password message;
fix: twitter social counter.

Newspaper Theme v10.3.7 Changelog
- new: Mobile Pages and Templates System – With the Newspaper Theme, you can now create new pages and templates, especially for mobile devices. You can easily build a new version of the homepage, a single template, or a light customized header version only for mobile users using the tagDiv Composer page builder;
- new: Font Analysis Tool is now available in Newspaper Theme to help you manage and optimize the fonts on each page, post, and template. Under the Website Manager section in the tagDiv Composer page builder, you can see the analysis of all the fonts currently in use on a page/template. You can also dynamically change specific fonts on all elements to increase the consistency;
- new: Blank Mobile Templates and pages – The tagDiv Cloud Library has new mobile templates. Soon we will deliver more optimized mobile templates for homepages, headers, footers and so on;
- new: The Website Manager has a new interface available in the tagDiv Composer page builder;
- new: Install demos new interface;
- new: 3 New one-click installable PRO Demos created with the tagDiv Cloud Library & tagDiv Composer:
- new: Garden PRO – View Demo ;
- new: Arette PRO – View Demo ;
- new: Artist PRO- View Demo ;
- new: More Cloud Library templates;
- new: Flickr block;
- misc: We’ve updated the WPBakery plugin to the latest version;
- misc: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
- misc: Order Icons option on the Social Icons shortcode;
- misc: Added time to slide on the Newsticker element;
- misc: Whatsapp Web – the Whatsapp share icon now also appears on the desktop version;
- fix: Smartlist with pagination;
- fix: jQuery migrate warnings;
- fix: Background image when the image has caption;
- fix: Youtube playlist on the Mobile Theme;
- fix: Pagination issue on the Mobile Theme;
- fix: Featured image as background;
- fix: Video Ad global title;
- fix: Modal image option issue;
- fix: Archive Cloud Template bug;
- fix: Edit 404 template with the Yoast premium plugin bug;
- fix: Social Sharing buttons when a Vimeo video is set in the post;
- fix: Woocommerce settings in Theme Panel;
- fix: Other CSS changes;

Features Newspaper Theme – WordPress News Template

Performance Newspaper Theme

-> Here is the keygen php code. Just fill and edit your “your server id” in the file below, upload to your origin server and run the file. For example:
-> add ENVATO PURCHASE CODE & TAGDIV ACTIVATION KEY (located in the php keygenactivate file you edited)

Download File activate Newspaper here


$s_id = "e1202170817c55304e0c689117e65e02"; // add -> your server id
$e_id = "22f1d2c2-11b1-2222-a1cc-222cbfa1b11e"; // envato purchase code
$t_id = md5($s_id . $e_id);
echo $t_id;

->The result is nulled or activate Newspaper will be as below as success!

activate Newspaper will be as below as success

Method 2:

Go to the following link:


Find the code

if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === true) {

Replace to:

if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === false) {

Then access wp-admin in the following order Newspaper > Theme panel > Activate theme

Look down at the bottom right corner of the screen and click “Activate the theme manually

Then enter whatever you want as your envato key and tagdiv and click Activate.


Download Newspaper Theme v11.4 Nulled (Theme Only) do our best to share Free(GPL and nulled)WordPress Themes,Plugins and other PHP Scripts.We always try our best to serch the best Pro Version WP Themes/plugins/scripts so that you could always Download files and could remain update with more latest updates. All files are collected from the internet, if you find that the file cannot be downloaded, please Contact us by our telegram and we will fix the links within 48 hours.If you encounter some files that cannot be installed, Perhaps you need to unzip the plugin before installing it.

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