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HostVDS is a European vendor that I have been following. I have been wanting to add a VPS in Singapore, but there hasn’t been any action yet.


Currently, HostVDS has four data centers: Silicon Valley, Dallas, Amsterdam, and Paris.

According to the plan, three more data centers will be added by the end of 2023: Miami, Singapore, and Johannesburg. The prices remain unchanged and are still as affordable as ever!

In addition, HostVDS charges on an hourly basis, and VPS instances can be deleted and rebuilt at any time to change the IP address.

Registration and Purchase

Registration link:

Click on “Register,” enter your email and password, and repeat the password to complete the registration!

After logging in, you need to complete your account information, but this information is not important. You can choose any country or region without verification and save it.


On the payment page, select PayPal on the left side and click the “Pay” button on the right side to make the payment using PayPal. The minimum payment is $10, which is enough for 10 months.


On the server page, click on “New Instance,” enter the hostname, choose the location, system, and configuration.

Regarding the password setup, I recommend adding your own key because sometimes there can be errors when selecting “Send password by email,” which can be troublesome. However, using your own key file has no errors.

Select the key, click on “Deploy,” and it takes about 1 minute for the VPS instance to be created!

Important Note

I have been a loyal fan of HostVDS. I have been using it for almost a year, and overall, I would rate it 7 out of 10.

The drawbacks are sometimes there is a shortage of VPS or IP, which can result in errors when creating instances. However, considering the price of $1, I believe most people can accept it. Also, the ping value is relatively high, and the network connection is average.

The shortage of stock is a serious issue, but if you can grab one, it’s a win!

Whether you use it as a node or for learning Linux, HostVDS is capable, and the management is also straightforward.

Recommended Configurations

For nodes: I recommend choosing the $0.99 or $1.99 options, with bandwidth of 50M and 200M respectively.

If you have minimal bandwidth requirements, choose 50M, which is sufficient for text and image transfer.

For website hosting: I recommend choosing at least the $3.99 option, which includes 2 cores, 4GB RAM, and a 40GB hard drive, with a bandwidth of 200M.

I feel that configurations higher than $8-$16 would be a waste for me.


In this case, I tested the $1.99 option in the US West region:

Global ping

Stress and speed tests

CPU Model          : Intel Xeon E3-12xx v2 (Ivy Bridge, IBRS)
 CPU Cores          : 1 @ 2699.998 MHz
 CPU Cache          : 16384 KB
 AES-NI             : Enabled
 VM-x/AMD-V         : Enabled
 Total Disk         : 18.7 GB (2.4 GB Used)
 Total Mem          : 1.9 GB (142.9 MB Used)
 System uptime      : 0 days, 0 hour 5 min
 Load average       : 0.26, 0.33, 0.19
 OS                 : Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS
 Arch               : x86_64 (64 Bit)
 Kernel             : 5.4.0-136-generic
 TCP CC             : cubic
 Virtualization     : KVM
 Organization       : AS56971 CGI GLOBAL LIMITED
 Location           : Grapevine / US
 Region             : Texas
 I/O Speed(1st run) : 578 MB/s
 I/O Speed(2nd run) : 484 MB/s
 I/O Speed(3rd run) : 457 MB/s
 I/O Speed(average) : 506.3 MB/s
 Node Name        Upload Speed      Download Speed      Latency    864.40 Mbps       163.91 Mbps         0.49 ms     
 Los Angeles, US  777.51 Mbps       158.55 Mbps         32.08 ms    
 Dallas, US       875.27 Mbps       162.58 Mbps         1.02 ms     
 Montreal, CA     797.40 Mbps       150.72 Mbps         42.80 ms    
 Paris, FR        287.95 Mbps       165.07 Mbps         139.74 ms   
 Amsterdam, NL    422.15 Mbps       159.91 Mbps         111.84 ms   
 Shanghai, CN     266.02 Mbps       147.83 Mbps         179.24 ms   
 Nanjing, CN      12.11 Mbps        161.78 Mbps         205.15 ms   
 Guangzhou, CN    1.08 Mbps         68.59 Mbps          223.33 ms   
 Hongkong, CN     3.15 Mbps         179.69 Mbps         214.73 ms   
 Singapore, SG    3.12 Mbps         166.00 Mbps         233.01 ms   
 Tokyo, JP        3.05 Mbps         161.29 Mbps         135.99 ms   
 Finished in        : 5 min 30 sec

Streaming media

============[ Multination ]============
 Dazn:                                  No
 HotStar:                               No
 Disney+:                               Yes (Region: US)
 Netflix:                               Originals Only
 YouTube Premium:                       Yes (Region: HK)
 Amazon Prime Video:                    Yes (Region: US)
 TVBAnywhere+:                          Yes
 iQyi Oversea Region:                   US                               No
 YouTube CDN:                           Chicago, IL 
 Netflix Preferred CDN:                 Dallas, TX  
 Spotify Registration:                  Yes (Region: US)
 Steam Currency:                        USD
===========[ North America ]===========
 FOX:                                   Yes
 Hulu:                                  Failed
 NFL+:                                  Yes
 ESPN+:[Sponsored by Jam]               No
 Epix:                                  Failed
 Starz:                                 No
 Philo:                                 Yes
 FXNOW:                                 No
 TLC GO:                                Yes
 HBO Max:                               Yes
 Shudder:                               Yes
 BritBox:                               Yes
 Crackle:                               Yes
 CW TV:                                 Yes
 A&E TV:                                No
 NBA TV:                                Yes
 NBC TV:                                Yes
 Fubo TV:                               Yes
 Tubi TV:                               Yes
 Sling TV:                              Yes
 Pluto TV:                              Yes
 Acorn TV:                              Yes
 SHOWTIME:                              Yes
 encoreTVB:                             Yes
 Funimation:                            Yes (Region: US)
 Discovery+:                            Yes
 Paramount+:                            Yes
 Peacock TV:                            Yes
 Popcornflix:                           Yes
 Crunchyroll:                           Yes
 Directv Stream:                        Yes
 KBS American:                          No
 KOCOWA:                                Yes
 Maths Spot:                            Failed
 CBC Gem:                               No
 Crave:                                 Yes


HostVDS is more suitable for beginners to practice with. The disk performance is good, but it is not recommended for those with high network requirements.

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