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What is Openpos?

Openpos – WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS) is a solution to synchronize data between your online website and your local store; Are you looking for a quick solution to manage your cafe or restaurant.

Openpos – WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS) is a point of sale (POS) plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress. OpenPOS can be used for different purposes, such as retail store/restaurant/cafe/spa. OpenPOS includes everything you need for a Point of Sale system.

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Openpos – WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS) Features

Feature Openpos
  • New feature: Progressive Web Apps OpenPOS on desktop
  • There is no monthly fee. Hosted in the same location as your e-commerce
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Support many types of businesses: retailer – grocery / cafe-restaurant / Salon
  • Cafe / Restaurant mode with table management, unified table, transfer table, Kitchen view screen
  • Rental support Business type such as: karaoke, Pool table rental, hotel/room rental
  • Real-time sync table order data between waiter’s phone/tablet and kitchen’s phone/tablet/computer
  • General/grocery mode with customer pole display
  • Multi-Store (Shop)
  • Inventory management: Stock transfer, stock adjustment
  • Stock overview
  • Multiple registers
  • Support all kinds of barcode scanning devices / Barcode device input detection automatically
  • Add products by Scan barcode or search by name / sku
  • Scan with the camera
  • Support decimal/negative stock
  • Support Digital Scales & Digital Scales Barcode…

Openpos – WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS) Nulled Free Changelogs

“Download Openpos v5.9.8 – WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS) Nulled Free

  • 19/10/2022 ( version 5.9.8)
  • ignore the conflict sync 1 table with multiple client
  • Keep pending item while refresh table / takeaway
  • Send takeaway after order immediate without wait the background process
  • clear table / takeaway by 1 click, without click to update
  • fixed bug report by customers
  • code improvement”

“Download Openpos v5.9.7 – WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS) Nulled Free

  • 04/10/2022 ( version 5.9.7)
  • fixed bug report by customers
  • code improvement”

“Download Openpos v5.9.5 – WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS) Nulled Free

  • 18/08/2022 ( v5.9.5 )
  • sync transaction, resync if got problem , restrict logout if transaction do not full synced.
  • fixed bug report by customers
  • improvement code”

– 21/01/2022 ( version 5.7.0)
– Fixed offline order time/ transaction, use order time instead synced time
– Improved order + transaction sync

– 07/01/2022 ( version 5.6.8)
– Markup product with price enter when add to cart
– Bulk barcode print with selected item

– 16/12/2021 ( version 5.6.7)
– Fee feature
– Allow cancel laybuy order with no paid
– Fixed bug order time with offline order

– 26/11/2021 ( version 5.6.6)
– Fixed bug report by customer
– Support number of receipt to print
– Support table hired with fixed price , it suitable for bussiness have special fee like VIP room, VIP table …

– 08/11/2021 ( version )
– Fixed bug report by customer
– Improve code

02/11/2021 ( version 5.6.4 )
– Refund with shipping cost
– Fixed bug report by customer
– Improve code

13/10/2021 ( version 5.6.3 )
– Add product note and show on pos as item quick note. It good for restaurant business
– Kitchen view improvement with mark done on each item in Order view
– Improvement code and fixed bug reported by customers.
28/09/2021 ( version 5.6.2 )
– Import / export receipt template, it easy to share receipt template / backup
– Done checkout screen with short payment details
– Takeaway order with Qrcode scan ( no touch solution)
– fixed customer report bug
– Transaction filter with Custom transaction

14/09/2021 ( version 5.6.1 – )
– fixed customer report bug
– Scale barcode with search bar
– Improved code

07/09/2021 ( version 5.6.0 )
– admin/pos/stock overview, add a checkbox for product at “default online store”, to show/hide this product on POS register under “default online store”
– product weight base can enter weight qty to get price or enter price to get weight qty
– fixed bug on checkout multi times , refund with option/addon
– show submit date in admin/pos/ z-report to ignore confusion.
– add restock option when refund
– optimize product price rules

24/08/2021 ( version 5.5.2 )
– Add customer at the customers screen
– Allow set password when create new customer at the customer screen
– Add a customer to table instead search, can search by email/phone
– Allow send stock low stock , out of stock notice with custom outlet
– Fixed bug reports by customers

09/08/2021 ( version 5.5.1 )

– Fixed bug report by customers
– Improvement code
– Enable laybuy for single payment with multi-times mode

 02/08/2021 ( version 5.5.0 )
– Fixed bug report by customers
– Hide cart shipping, tax, discount in customer mode
– Improvement code

 22/07/2021 ( version 5.4.9 ) + ( version )
– Fixed bug report by customers
– Improved code

 22/07/2021 ( version 5.4.9 )
– Fixed bug report by customers
– Improved code

 19/07/2021 ( version 5.4.8 )
– Fixed bug report by customers
– Play sound when adjust stock product scan event
– Improved code for refund + exchange part

 12/07/2021 ( version 5.4.3 – 5.4.4 )
– Fixed bug report by customers
– custom item can choose tax class at pos panel
– Restaurant new feature: customer can send direct message / command to waiter

 12/07/2021 ( version 5.4.0 + version 5.4.1 )
– Restaurant: guest checkout with add customer function
– Restaurant: responsive takeaway
– Improve code
– Improve design ( logoff and welcome screen)
– Refund with other payment method

30/06/2021 ( version 5.3.8)
– Restaurant: Ready dish with table filter. It help in case restaurant have logic 1 waiter manage few tables only.
– Improve Camera barcode for both grocery and restaurant( table qrcode scan)
– Improve code and style

 24/06/2021 ( v5.3.6)
– Add refresh product list in customer login with QRcode
– Download product list before display in customer login with QRcode

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Free Download Openpos v7.0 GPL– WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS)

Openpos WooCommerce Point Of Sale POS Plugin Addons

NOTES: when updating to the new version (since version 5.0), customers using short pos url like should copy back the pos directory from wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-openpos/pos next your_domai_root/pos and update again. Clear your browser cache then try downloading again do our best to share Free(GPL and nulled)WordPress Themes, Plugins and other PHP Scripts. We always try our best to search for the best Pro Version WP Themes/plugins/scripts so that you could always Download files and could remain updated with more latest updates. All files are collected from the internet, if you find that the file cannot be downloaded, please Contact us by our telegram and we will fix the links within 48 hours.If you encounter some files that cannot be installed, Perhaps you need to unzip the plugin before installing it.

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