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What is Perfmatters plugin?

Perfmatters plugin helps to speed up your website!The developers are constantly adding new features to the Perfmatters plugin to help you speed up your WordPress site! They use all of these optimization features on their own sites and are happy to give you an easy way to get them!

No need to interfere with the code file or functions.php. Performance optimization doesn’t have to be complicated, so everything can be turned on/off with a single click.

The main way this Perfmatters plugin helps speed up your website

– Disable unused stuff on your site.
For example, emojis are loaded on every page of your website by default. If you don’t use them, your website will slow down. By disabling, the script no longer loads and thus reduces your total number of HTTP requests and page size.

Another great way to optimize is to limit the number of versions of your posts. It can fill up your database and slow down your website. By limiting the number of recent versions, you can ensure the database is up and running quickly.

features Perfmatters Plugin

Script Manager

The Perfmatters plugin for WordPress now also has a built-in script manager. It allows you to disable scripts per post/page. This is very important and can significantly increase the speed of your WordPress site (especially the homepage).

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Perfmatters plugin Demo

The unlimited creative subscription

Perfmatters – The #1 Web Performance Plugin for WordPress Features 

setting Perfmatters Plugin Wordpress
  • Disable emojis
  • Disable embeds
  • Remove query strings
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Remove jQuery migrate
  • Remove WordPress version number
  • Remove wlwmanifest link
  • Remove RSD link
  • Remove shortlink
  • Disable RSS feeds
  • Remove RSS feed links
  • Remove Dashicons
  • Disable scripts per page/post
  • Disable scripts with Regex
  • CDN Rewrite
  • Disable Password Strength Meter
  • Add blank favicon
  • Disable Google Fonts
  • Add code to header or footer
  • Disable self pingbacks
  • Disable WordPress Heartbeat API
  • Change Heartbeat API frequency
  • Disable and limit post revisions
  • Disable REST API
  • Remove REST API links
  • Change autosave interval
  • DNS prefetching
  • Preconnect
  • Disable WooCommerce scripts and styles
  • Disable WooCommerce widgets
  • Disable WooCommerce status meta box
  • Disable WooCommerce cart fragments (AJAX)
  • Disable Google Maps API
  • Multisite support
  • Change WordPress login URL
  • Local analytics
  • Disable WordPress comments
  • Lazy load images

Perfmatters – The #1 Web Performance Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free Changelogs

= v2.2.4 – 02.05.2024 =
* Added built-in Image Dimensions exclusion for blank placeholder SVGs.
* Added excluded page builders function check to MU plugin file.
* Changed method of retrieving root directory in certain classes for better compatibility with more file structures.
* Fixed PHP warnings coming from local analytics function.

= v2.2.3 – 01.08.2024 =
* Fixed an issue where Mediavine and Modula Slider quick exclusions were not working properly.

“Download Perfmatters v2.0.0 – Plugin Developed To Speed Up Your WordPress Site Nulled Free
v2.0.0 10.18.2022
Added new system for query string timestamps for Used CSS file method to help see changes quicker in environments with caching.
Added support for ?perfmattersoff query string which gives the ability to quickly prevent the majority of Perfmatters features from running on the front end for testing purposes.
Added additional support for updating the plugin via WP-CLI.
Made some changes to admin bar menu item. There is now a Perfmatters top-level admin bar menu item that links to our plugin settings page. The Script Manager and Clear Used CSS function can be accessed by hovering over that main menu item if those features are enabled.
Added new toggle in tools to Hide Admin Bar Menu.
Disabled certain features from running on WooCommerce cart, checkout, and account pages for better compatibility.
Increased site limit in dropdowns on Multisite network settings page.
Added additional compatibility styles to the Script Manager.
Added additional built-in exclusions for Remove Unused CSS for better compatibility with Elementor, Astra, Kadence, and GenerateBlocks.
Added new perfmatters_login_url filter.
Added new perfmatters_lazyload_noscript filter.
Fixed an issue where YouTube preview thumbnails were generating a preload warning in certain instances.
Fixed an issue that was causing analytics.js not to be served over HTTPS in instances where an SSL migration had been done previously on the site.
Fixed an issue where delayed style attribute was applied to preloaded stylesheets that already existed in the DOM.
Fixed an issue where some features were being allowed to run on XML sitemap URLs in certain cases.
Fixed an issue where theme and plugin files were not falling back to a WordPress version query string when present in a dynamic preload.”

= v1.8.9 – 04.13.2022 =

  • Updated plugin settings UI.
  • Added new post meta option to Clear Used CSS for an individual page or post type.
  • Added new perfmatters_rucss_excluded_selectors filter.
  • Fixed a lazy loading issue that was preventing some images from loading properly in Safari.
  • Migrated Delay JS Timeout dropdown to a simpler on/off toggle that will default to 10 seconds. Our filter is also still available to set a custom timeout value.
  • Fixed an issue with MU plugin that was interfering with rewrite rules in some instances.
  • Added additional excluded page builder parameter for Flatsome UX.
  • Moved restore default functionality to a separate option on the tools page.
  • Code refactoring.
  • Translation updates.

= v1.8.8 – 03.23.2022 =
* Changed default setting for Used CSS Method from file to inline, as we think this will be the more compatible solution for most users going forward. If you were previously using the file method, you may need to save that option again.
* Added width and height parameters to placeholder SVGs to prevent warnings for a ratio mismatch that would happen for some images.
* Fixed an issue where the noscript tags were getting malformed for some images inside picture tags after lazy loading.
* Removed placeholder SVGs on source tags since the image tag will already have one.
* Changed settings export file name date format to be easier to organize when managing multiples.
* Updated tooltip for Blank Favicon option to be more clear.

= v1.8.7 – 03.14.2022 =
* Added new Used CSS Method option to choose whether to load used CSS from a file or inline.
* Added new perfmatters_cache_path filter.
* Updated metabox functions to restrict metabox display to administrators only.
* Made some adjustments to custom login URL function to better support 3rd party tools using WP CLI.
* Added Fusion Builder query string parameters to excluded page builders array.
* Adjusted Unused CSS regex to be more consistent when stylesheets are placed in between other link tags.
* Changes to instances where ABSPATH was used to determine a directory location for better compatibility with certain hosts.
* Fixed an issue with Remove Global Styles option where duotone SVGs were not being removed on WordPress 5.9.2.
* Fixed an issue where WooCommerce block stylesheets were not getting correctly dequeued when Disable Scripts option was set.
* Fixed an issue that was causing the CSS Parser library not to get included correctly in certain cases.
* Translation updates.

= v1.8.6 – 02.10.2022 =
* Added new option to Remove Global Styles related to duotone filters.
* Added new perfmatters_script_manager_locale filter.
* Added new perfmatters_disable_woocommerce_scripts filter.
* Added new perfmatters_page_builders filter.
* Added new perfmatters_delay_js_behavior filter.
* Fixed an issue with the unused CSS parser that was incorrectly rewriting relative URLs if there was no query string present on the original stylesheet src.
* Added additional parameter to page builders array for compatibility.
* Fixed an issue that was causing the login URL disabled 404 behavior to result in an error if a 404 template was not found.
* Added some additional checks before creating cache directories for local fonts and used CSS.
* Fixed an issue that was causing the fade-in affect to conflict with child images inside a lazy loaded container.
* Fixed an undefined index warning coming from unused CSS settings update function.
* Added a default delay JS exclusion for admin only inline customize-support script.
* Refactored entire meta.php code to be more efficient (38% smaller) and in line with current structure.
* Translation updates.

= v1.8.5 – 01.19.2021 =
* Added new feature to Remove Unused CSS (BETA).
* Added new perfmatters_remove_unused_css filter.
* Adjusted CDN Rewrite buffer priority for better compatibility with other features.
* Made an improvement to the Disable XML-RPC function to return a 403 error when xmlrpc.php is accessed directly.
* Script Manager stylesheet updates for better compatibility.
* Fixed an issue in the Script Manager where the input controls were sometimes not displaying after toggling a script off.
* Added additional style for YouTube preview thumbnail play button to fix an alignment issue with certain setups.
* Buffer adjustments for compatibility.

= v1.8.4 -12.19.2021 =
* Fixed an issue that was interfering with sitemap display in certain configurations.
* Added <a> element support for lazy loading inline background images.

= v1.8.3 – 12.13.2021 =
* Added new perfmatters_fade_in_speed filter.
* Fixed an issue that was preventing lazy loading fade in from working correctly with certain background images.
* Fixed an issue that was interfering with the display of certain inline SVG elements.
* Adjusted local analytics hook priority for better compatibility.
* Script Manager style updates for better compatibility.
* Translation updates.

= 1.8.2 – 12.08.2021 =
* New Lazy Loading option to Exclude Leading Images.
* New Lazy Loading option to add a Fade In effect.
* New option to Preload Critical Images (BETA).
* Expanded Disable XML-RPC function to also remove pingback link tag if it is present in the document.
* Added new Delay JavaScript checkbox to meta options in the post editor.
* Added additional integration with perfmatters_delay_js filter.
* Moved YouTube autoplay parameter placement on lazy loaded iframes for better compatibility with existing query strings.
* Optimizations to lazy loading inline CSS functions.
* Various optimizations and improvements to the output buffer.
* Migrated manual preload functionality to use the output buffer which will allow for easier integration with new features.
* Made some adjustments to MU plugin functions to more reliably detect post IDs when using specific permalink setups.
* Fixed an issue where some Current URL links in the Script Manager’s Global View were not pointing to the right posts.
* Fixed an issue with a certain endpoint that was redirecting to the custom login URL.
* Fixed a PHP notice that was sometimes appearing when refreshing local fonts.
* Removed BETA tag from Delay All JS option.

= v1.8.0 – 10.22.2021 =
* Fixed an issue with Delay All JS that was preventing certain async scripts from fully loading.

= v1.7.9 – 10.19.2021 =
* Added new options to the Script Manager to disable assets directly by post type, archive, user status, and device type.
* Added support for dynamic preloading by handle for enqueued scripts and styles.
* Added new perfmatters_lazyload filter.
* Added new perfmatters_cdn filter.
* Added new perfmatters_delay_js_timeout filter.
* Fix to Delay All JS script for better compatibility with certain page builder animations.
* Updated class initialization for better compatibility.
* Fixed an issue where the Script Manager was interpreting certain array keys as shortcodes if they were identical.
* Added an additional check to prevent the Script Manager from being able to load on top of a page builder.
* Fixed a PHP notice coming from the MU plugin.
* Made some changes to our plugin updater function that should help with auto-updates in a multisite environment.
* Translation updates.

= v1.7.8 – 09.16.2021 =
* Added new option to Add Missing Image Dimensions.
* Added the ability to delete individual Script Manager options from the Global View.
* Added new perfmatters_delay_js filter.
* Updated EDD plugin updater class to version 1.9.0.
* Translation updates.

= 1.7.7 – 08.25.2021 =
* Fixed a PHP warning related to JavaScript deferral for specific configurations.

= v1.7.5 – 07.13.2021 =
* Added new custom login URL options to change the Disabled Behavior and set a custom Message.
* Migrated CDN, Analytics, and Extras tab data to separate sections in the Options tab for better organization and easier access.
* CDN rewrite improvements to better handle sites with multiple domain URLs.
* Regex adjustments to Local Fonts function for better reliability.
* Added exclusion checks to individual <source> tags when using WebP images.
* Added function to disable capital_P_dangit filter.
* Fixed a lazy loading warning that was showing in Microsoft Edge.
* Removed loading attribute that was getting applied to <picture> tags in some cases when using WebP images.
* Plugin UI navigation performance improvements.
* Plugin UI style fixes.
* Added a conditional check to only show WooCommerce options when WooCommerce is installed and activated.
* Fixed an MU Mode issue where the Home URL did not trigger a match if a query string was present.
* Fixed an issue where the Customizer was getting certain optimizations applied.
* Fixed an issue where the Disable Embeds toggle was interfering with responsive video styles.
* Script Manager UI fixes.
* Updated uninstall function to remove Perfmatters cache folder.
* Added readme.txt file.

v1.7.4 – 06.08.2021
Re-enabled Local Google Fonts functionality.
Refactoring of buffer-related code and various functions that were already using our main buffer filter.
Translation updates.

v1.7.2 – 06.02.2021
Added new Fonts section inside of the main Options tab.
Added new option to use Display Swap for Google fonts.
Added new Local Google Fonts option which will attempt to download any Google Font files and serve them from your local server or CDN.
Integrated new universal HTML buffer library to help going forward with plugin features that manipulate DOM elements.
Migrated CDN Rewrite feature to the universal buffer class.
Added new perfmatters_delayed_scripts filter to modify the Delay JavaScript input array before any scripts are delayed.
Added new perfmatters_preload filter to modify the Preloads data array before anything is printed.
Made some compatibility improvements to the inline lazy loading JavaScript.
Added attributes to delayed scripts to exclude them from being picked up by Litespeed Cache.
Added exclusion for SiteGround Optimizer to the main Script Manager JavaScript file.
Added CodeMirror support to all code text area inputs in plugin settings.
Removed license activation check and corresponding links from the plugins page to improve back-end performance.

= v1.7.1 – 05.06.2021 =
Added expiration date row to license tab in plugin settings.
Added support for WooCommerce shop page when setting a preload location by post ID.
Fixed an issue with device exceptions not working correctly in MU Mode.
Fixed a query string encoding issue that was affecting some email templates when using a custom login URL.

= Version 1.7.0 – 04.26.2021 =
Fixed an issue where Preload tags were still being printed on archive pages even if a location was set.
Fixed a compatibility issue with older WordPress versions when using certain functions that check for a JSON request.
Translation updates.

= Version 1.6.9 – 04.22.2021 =
New additions to preload feature, allowing specification for device type and location.
Script Manager improvements to allow for Regex disable to be used alongside Current URL disables for the same script.
Added new Script Manager exception for device type.
Add new Delay Timeout option when delaying JavaScript.
Added new wheel event to user interaction script for delay function.
Added new multisite network administration tool to apply default site settings to all subsites.
Multiple improvements to WooCommerce disable scripts toggle for increased effectiveness.
Added additional exclusions for JSON and REST requests to all asset optimization functions.
Fixed an undefined index warning coming from local analytics function.
Fixed an issue where YouTube preview thumbnails were getting a layout shift warning when using a theme with responsive embed support.
Fixed a Script Manager bug that was not fully clearing exceptions when changing disable away from everywhere.
Script Manager styling compatibility fixes.
Translation updates.

= v1.6.8 – 03.10.2021
Compatibility fixes for local analytics when using MonsterInsights.
Local analytics improvements for multisite.
Added alt tag to YouTube preview thumbnail images.
Fixed a PHP undefined index notice coming from functions.php.
Translation file updates.

= Version 1.6.7 – 03.02.2021 =
Added new tool to Purge Perfmatters Meta Options.
Added new Exclude Post IDs input for existing Disable Google Maps option.
Added new gtag.js option to local analytics script type selection.
Added new CDN URL input to local analytics options when using gtag.js.
Added new option to Enable AMP Support to local analytics.
Moved Use MonsterInsights option to gtag.js script type and updated script replacement hook. Important: If you were previously using analytics.js with MonsterInsights, please move to the gtag.js option.
Added onload function to style preloads to prevent duplicate preloads from occurring.
Added exception for WP Rocket script deferral to our lazy load script.
Added exception for site health tool to disable heartbeat function.
Fixed an issue where background images weren’t being lazy loaded if the style attribute was the first attribute declared on the element.
Script Manager styling fixes.
Fixed a PHP warning coming from settings.php.
Translation file updates.

= v1.6.6 – 01.13.2021 =
Added new Script Manager exception to select logged in or logged out users.
Added new option in Script Manager settings to Display Dependencies.
Added total plugin sizes in the Script Manager.
Added new perfmatters_lazyload_threshold filter to adjust the distance at which lazy elements are loaded.
Multiple Script Manager style and UI improvements.
Fixed an issue where MU mode script was attempting to run on wp-login.php.
Multiple page builder compatibility fixes.
Made an adjustment to prevent YouTube preview thumbnails from getting picked up by Pinterest image hover tools.
Removed deprecated plugin option to Remove Query Strings. Make sure to double-check your preloads as Google needs the exact URL when preloading.
PHP 8 compatibility testing.
Minor adjustments to lazy load inline scripts to fix invalid markup warnings.

= v1.6.5 – 12.04.2020 =
Added new option to Delay JavaScript from loading until user interaction.
Added new gtag.js v4 option to local analytics.
Added new built-in option to Exclude from Lazy Loading which can be used in addition to the existing filter.
Add new perfmatters_lazyload_youtube_thumbnail_resolution filter to adjust YouTube preview thumbnail quality.
Optimized analytics updater function.
Updated EDD plugin updater class which will now allow for WordPress auto-update support.
Removed option to Defer Inline JavaScript which is now being replaced by the new Delay JavaScript option.
Adjusted Script Manager hook priority for better compatibility.
Compatability fix to the DOM Monitoring lazy load option.
Added compatibility fix for jQuery fitVids to lazy loading function.
Fixed an issue where lazy loading was attempting to run on AMP pages.

= v1.6.4 =
– Fixed an issue that was causing the Reset Script Manager button to not work correctly.
– Fixed an issue where the Perfmatters meta box wouldn’t display if only using Lazy Loading.
– Adjusted Script Manager hook priority for better compatibility.
– Added additional checks to MU Mode plugin file to prevent it from interfering with certain REST API requests. (Fixes a bug when running the Yoast SEO data indexer.)
– Added additional checks to confirm user functions are available before verifying admin status.
– Updated translation files.
– Added new Testing Mode option to the Script Manager settings.
– Rewrote script-manager.js entirely using vanilla JavaScript to get rid of the jQuery dependency on the back-end.
– Added additional MU Mode check to help prevent certain configurations from interfering with AJAX requests.
– Improved Script Manager form handling.
– Adjusted Script Manager disclaimer text and added a close button.
– Moved the Script Manager print function from the wp_footer hook to shutdown for better compatibility.
– Fixed an undefined index warning in the Lazy Load function.
– Added a Lazy Load exclusion for Gravity Forms iframes.
– Added a Rocket Loader exclusion to the Instant Page JS file.
– Added an exclusion to the CDN Rewrite for script-manager.js.
– Script Manager styling fixes for better compatibility.

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