Pros and Tips for AWS Free Account

Vultrt previously introduced the free trial experience offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to new users.

In comparison, AWS provides a generous free trial qualification with over 100+ free trial products available, and the trial duration is relatively longer compared to its competitors.

However, there are some drawbacks, such as potential efficiency and speed issues for specific countries’ businesses. Nonetheless, there are no issues for businesses within the United States and Europe.

Now, we will organize the advantages and considerations for applying and registering an AWS free account.

Advantages of an AWS Free Account:

1.Simple Application Process

AWS supports both individual and company applications, unlike some service providers that only support company applications. Moreover, the requirements for individual applications are not demanding. You only need to provide complete personal information and register once, and multiple services do not require duplicate registrations.

For the payment method, you only need to provide credit card verification, and the verification fee will be refunded later.

All services can be activated directly online, without the need for manual review.

However, if you are in China and applying for AWS China’s cloud services, you need to have business qualifications as individuals cannot apply.

2.Rich Variety of Free Products

AWS provides 100+ cloud products and services, including cloud servers, lightweight servers, databases, CDN, object storage, application tools, and more.

Furthermore, the free trial period is relatively long, ranging from one month or a few months to 12 months, and there are even options for permanent free usage.

Of course, the free and trial packages are subject to specific configurationsand usage limits. If usage exceeds the free resources, additional charges will apply. This allows us to fully experience the products and decide whether to continue using them after the trial period.

3.Elasticity and Flexibility

AWS offers flexible billing methods for their cloud products. We can choose to activate services based on our needs and close or delete them when they are no longer required. Closing or deleting services will stop the billing. Billing is based on usage, which allows for flexible demand and cost savings.

However, remember that usage within the free trial period does not incur additional charges.

If the free trial period has ended and you do not plan to continue using the services, make sure to delete and stop the services to avoid additional charges.

Considerations for Applying for a Free Account:

1.Prohibited Duplicate Registrations

Each user is only permitted to register one account. Registering multiple accounts and being detected as associated may result in the permanent suspension of all accounts.

2.Pay Attention to Usage Limits

Usage limits refer to the traffic size and request limits provided by the cloud services we choose to experience. To stay within the free account, the services and products we activate should fall within the free limits, including configurations and eligibility.

If usage exceeds the limits, additional charges will apply.

3.Account Expiry

If our trial account reaches one year or its expiration date, we need to promptly handle account renewal or deletion of our cloud products to avoid being billed.

Of course, the purpose of providing the AWS free trial is to attract new users. If you are satisfied with AWS products and services, you can choose to continue using their services at a cost.

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