RackNerd VPS Black Friday Sale $10/Y

For those who are interested in cloud servers, Black Friday is an opportunity not to be missed every year. During Black Friday, it can be said that all VPS hosting providers offer significant discounts, with prices reduced by a substantial margin.

For friends who need to purchase VPS servers but are not in a hurry, Black Friday is definitely the best time to buy VPS hosting. Recently, we have been keeping an eye on hosting providers that are launching Black Friday promotions.

We have noticed that RackNerd has announced a Black Friday sale for VPS hosting, primarily focusing on data centers in the United States. Compared to previous years, this year’s Black Friday sale offers similar discounts but at much more favorable prices than usual.

PlanCPUSSD StorageBandwidthIPv4PricingOrder
768 MB RAM1 Core15 GB  SSD1TB @ 1Gbps1 Free IP$10.18 /yearORDER NOW
2GB RAM1 Core30 GB  SSD2.5TB @ 1Gbps1 Free IP$16.98 /monthORDER NOW
2.5 GB RAM2 Core50 GB  SSD5 TB @ 1Gbps1 Free IP$25.49 /monthORDER NOW
4 GB RAM3 Core80 GB  SSD8 TB @ 1Gbps1 Free IP$38.88 /monthORDER NOW
4.5GB RAM4 Core115 GB  SSD10 TB @ 1Gbps1 Free IP$52.49 /monthORDER NOW

If you are in need of purchasing a VPS server, it’s worth paying attention to this sale. However, if you are not in a rush, you can wait a bit longer. After all, prices have already been reduced, and it’s unlikely that the discounts on Black Friday will be lower than the current offer.

The data center locations may vary slightly depending on the configuration, including Los Angeles DC-02, San Jose, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York.

If you are interested, give it a try.

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